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Rei Furuya

Rei Furuya Profile.jpg

Japanese name: 降谷 零
(Furuya Rei)
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Occupation: Detective
Café Poirot worker
National Police Agency Security Bureau Planning Chiyoda Division Investigator[1]
Status: Alive
Nicknames: Zero (Hiromitsu)
Rei-kun (Childhood nickname)
Zero-no-niichan (Conan)
Aliases: Bourbon
Tooru Amuro
First appearance: Manga: File 793
Anime: Episode 667
Appearances: Chapters: 94
Chapters: 60
Chapters: 13
Episodes: 62
Episodes: 6
Movies: 4
OVAs: 0
Specials: 2
Openings: 16
Closings: 5
Cases solved: 14 (1 as Scar Akai)
Keyhole number: Volume 76
Japanese voice: Tohru Furuya[2]
Mariya Ise (child)
English voice: Kyle McCarley (Bang Zoom!)
Kimlinh Tran (child)
Jason Kesser (Macias Group)

Rei Furuya (降谷 零 Furuya Rei?), also known as Tooru Amuro (安室 透 Amuro Tōru?) and Bourbon (バーボン Bābon?), is a National Police Agency Security Bureau Security Planning, Chiyoda Division[1] investigator working undercover in the Black Organization in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan. He is a recently dispatched operative who specializes in deduction and intelligence gathering and frequently works with Vermouth. At present, Rei poses as a private detective who works as a waiter at Café Poirot and is Kogoro's apprentice. He is also the main character in Wild Police Story manga and protagonist of Zero's Tea Time manga.


Little is known about Rei Furuya as a PSB investigator. Most of his appearances are as the Café Poirot waiter and private eye Tooru Amuro or as the Black Organization operative Bourbon.

Rei makes his first appearance as Tooru Amuro when acting as a private detective. He meets Conan and the Mouris while disguised as a waiter to help a client with a case.[3] When Sleeping Kogoro appears to solve a case relating to his client before he can, he claims he wants to learn from Kogoro.[3] Rei succeeds in becoming his apprentice by offering him a hefty tuition fee as an incentive.[3] Thus, he begins working at Café Poirot, right under the Mouri Detective Agency, to remain close to Kogoro.[3] Presently, he continues to work under this cover.

Bourbon is first mentioned when Kir reports that a new Organization member is on the move, intending to capture the escaped scientist Shiho Miyano.[4] Kir reports that Bourbon has excellent information gathering skills and keen insight.[4] However, Bourbon's first actual appearance is when disguised as Scar Akai[5] to determine the veracity of Akai Shuichi's death.

Currently, Rei's main appearance as a PSB investigator is during the Scarlet Showdown, when he orders around subordinates during the confrontation with Yusaku Kudo (who was disguised as Subaru Okiya).[6] He additionally gives an order to a PSB subordinate, Yuya Kazami, during The Heartfelt Strap case.[7]

When Rei was 22 years old he attended police academy with Hiromitsu Morofushi, Wataru Date, Jinpei Matsuda and Kenji Hagiwara. Rei was the top student at the police academy. All five friends graduate together.


Young Rei.

As a child, likely, Rei often got into fights. During The Tense Tea Party case, Rei is shown in a flashback sequence with Elena Miyano.[8] During this flashback, Elena chides Rei for fighting and implies that she has treated his injuries more than once.[8] She additionally calls herself 'sensei', suggesting that Rei had a teacher or doctor-like relationship with her.[8] During The Unsolved Cocktail Case, it is revealed that he is half Japanese, which was the main reason for him to get bullied and involved in many fights. He was introduced to Elena Miyano by his childhood friend, Akemi.

Rei's childhood nickname was 'Zero', which has been used by Hiromitsu Morofushi,[9] his childhood friend.[10]

He is known to have ties with other members of the Miyano family. In the Jet-Black Mystery Train case, he mentions that he has met Shiho Miyano's parents, Elena and Atsushi Miyano, as well as her sister Akemi.[11]

Black Organization

At some point in the past, Rei began infiltrating the Black Organization for the PSB, eventually gaining the codename Bourbon. In the Organization, he works as an agent specializing in deduction and information gathering. Gin even goes as far as to call him a 'great detective like Sherlock Holmes'.[5]

Rivalry with Shuichi Akai

During his time in the Organization, at some point Rei became the rival of Shuichi Akai (alias Dai Moroboshi), he considered Shuichi as a worthy opponent, wanted to compare his capacity with Shuichi, and thinks that he is the only one capable of defeating Shuichi. Despite the rivalry, they may have still worked well together. During the Unfriendly Girls Band case, Masumi Sera mentions that she spotted Rei, Shuichi, and Hiromitsu on the same train platform.[12] As Shuichi and Hiromitsu were holding instrument bags that may have held rifles, it's possible they were on a mission together. Rei additionally suspected that Shuichi was a spy for the FBI,[11] which turned out to be the case.

Rei's animosity towards Akai Shuichi appears to stem from the death of Hiromitsu, a fellow spy from the PSB and his childhood friend. At some point in the past, Hiromitsu was found out as a NOC and confronted by Shuichi on top of a rooftop.[9] During this confrontation, Hiromitsu stole away Shuichi's gun and attempted to commit suicide with it. While Shuichi succeeded in talking him down him temporarily, the sound of Rei's steps coming up the stairs distracted Shuichi, allowing Hiromitsu to commit suicide. And so Shuichi, not knowing that Rei was a fellow NOC, pretended that he had been the one to kill Hiromitsu.[9]

While Rei is aware that Hiromitsu committed suicide,[9] he doesn't think it is because of the sound from his steps, according to him because Shuichi did not persuade Hiromitsu not to commit suicide, even though Shuichi had persuaded him.


Rei and Ran are happy that Kogoro cracked the code in the Detectives' Nocturne Case.

Rei has a cheerful personality. He is also generous, bringing a plate of sandwiches for the detective agency bought with his money. In more serious situations, he seems to be patient, keeping calm even while others are abusing him. Although somewhat of a "cool type", he does not hide his emotions and is quite expressive. Like other detectives in Detective Conan, he enjoys presenting his deductions about cases to others. Kogoro calls him "effeminate".

Rei has a darker side. He is manipulative, tricking others into performing certain actions so he can gather information. He favors using psychological traps and catching his enemies off-guard. Rei can also be extremely cruel in the pursuit of goals. He planned to run over and hospitalize an elementary school teacher with his car to lure out FBI agents, and he would have allowed a suspect to destroy his exonerating evidence to test Kogoro. Rei alternates between going out of his way to care about the well-being of others and ignoring them when it is inconvenient. As Scar Akai, he saved Conan at the Teito bank heist but neglected to inform Ran and Kogoro later when he noticed that Conan might have been kidnapped by a murderer in Detectives' Nocturne.

Gin says Bourbon has a secretive personality like Vermouth, and that no one can ever guess what he's up to or what he will do.[13] Vodka says that Bourbon hates Shuichi Akai even more than Gin does, presumably because Rei thinks that Akai killed Scotch.[13] Bourbon believes he is the only person capable of killing Akai.[13] Gin said that if Bourbon found out Akai was alive, he would surely boast that his suspicion was correct.[13] Gin and Bourbon probably don't get along and they don't seem to communicate with one another.[13]

Despite his darker side he still has a true Japanese true spirit. He shows humanity even toward an enemy. For example, in Zero's Tea Time Chapter 12, he wanted to make Camel leave to not get into traffic. In chapter 34 he practices with him, and in chapter 44, when Camel saved chief, he thanked him and prepared a glass of water which impressed Camel. Rei is also a gentleman like Takagi, as stated by his friend Wataru date.


Colored drawing by Gosho Aoyama

Rei is a good-looking man (claimed by Sonoko and Ayumi) with dark skin, lighter than, but closer to Heiji's color and has light blonde hair. He wears glasses at first, but it is unknown if he needs them because he was using them to conceal his identity at the time and takes them off midway through the case and has not had them on since. Unlike other Black Organization members, he mostly dresses casually in little black.



Rei is a good detective with excellent information-gathering skills. He is noted by Kir as a threatening member of the Black Organization with keen insight.[4] As Rei remains undercover as Kogoro's apprentice, he is not as flashy in showing his true deduction skills, instead of leading Kogoro with hints to reach conclusions. His friend, Wataru Date, said Rei was the smartest student at the police academy.[14] He claimed that he always knew that Akai was an 'FBI Dog,' which shows that he may have the observation skills to detect fellow NOCs, who infiltrated the Black Organization. From his investigations, he was able to determine that Conan was the puppeteer behind Sleeping Kogoro. His observation skills also allowed him to see that Conan planned everything in Akai's Fake Death instance, including the conclusion of his sentence, stating that Conan predicted everything perfectly as it played out at Raiha Pass.[15]


Rei is a capable driver, capable of precisely swinging his car in front of another during a high-speed car chase to stop it with a controlled collision.[16] In movie 22, Zero the Enforcer, his awesome (but also crazy) driving skills are revealed better.

Martial arts

Rei is good at boxing,[17] shown when a single punch to an attacker's gut causes him to spray blood from the mouth and collapse.[18] At his introductory case, Rei displayed agility as he swiftly dodged a swinging punch from a customer. Rei also likely knows some Jujutsu from his time in the police academy; Jujutsu is routinely taught to Tokyo police officers to aid in suspect immobilization and arrest. Wataru Date said Rei was the strongest student at the police academy.[14]


Rei is noted to be a good chef and baker in his work at Poirot as Hiromitsu teach him some cooking skills.[19] He often invents new recipes for the café, perfecting them to the point where Conan often jokes that he is taking his waiter job too seriously.[20]

Other skills

Rei is an excellent tennis player. He claimed he was a junior champion in middle school, but quit after he injured his shoulder.[21] He is proficient in first aid as when Conan received a concussion from an errant tennis racket, Rei "carried out the procedures pretty efficiently" before the doctor even arrived.[22] He is a proficient lockpicker. Rei has pro-level guitar skills.[23] He has a high capability to ski and even replaced Kogoro Mouri for professional ski lessons in Gunma. He can easily do off-track skiing also and jump off cliffs to save lost people.[24] In the non-canon movie The Darkest Nightmare, he was able to defuse a bomb and he remembered Jinpei Matsuda who taught him that. In Wild Police Story manga he was able to defuse a bomb with Matsuda's help.



Bourbon's primary mission was to search for the escaped scientist Shiho Miyano, which the CIA spy Kir heard about and informed the FBI of. He also had a second secret mission fueled by his hunch that his archenemy Shuichi Akai should not have died so easily;[13] he received the boss' permission to verify Shuichi's death. He approached the FBI as a Shuichi lookalike by using Vermouth's disguise help hoping to see if Akai was truly dead.[47] He later apprenticed himself to Kogoro Mouri because Bourbon suspected the detective may be connected to Sherry.[48] (Kogoro was previously suspected of being linked to Sherry because the tracker, microphone, and gum combo Gin found on Kir's shoe after the Ding Dong Dash case was the same style as the one Gin discovered in his car and assumed that Sherry planted it).

Currently, Bourbon thinks Shiho has been killed,[49] and had come to believe Shuichi was dead as well until a suspicious man shrouded by smoke threw a grenade by him on the Mystery Express.[50] The sighting caused Bourbon to second guess himself and request that Vermouth show him the detailed files from before and after Shuichi's death again.[50] Bourbon has also decided to continue as Kogoro's apprentice because he noticed Conan is the real brains behind "Sleeping Kogoro" and is curious.[48]

One of the most important missions of Bourbon, however, is implied that he infiltrates and undermines the Black Organization like Kir. Shuichi Akai has revealed that Rei has been persevering to turn in Shuichi to the organization to earn higher ranks to approach more closely to the boss.

After the Shinichi Kudo's uproar has been calmed down by the blogger who claims that the Shinichi he saw was an illusion, and Heiji Hattori who claims that the one they saw was Soshi Okita instead, Rum sends an email to Bourbon giving him his new mission; to gather information about Shinichi Kudo, telling him to hurry up stating that "Time is money". Bourbon eventually accepts his new mission.

Plot overview


When Rei was a child he got in fights with other children. When this happened he would get bandaged up by Elena Miyano. It is revealed later that he would consistently pick fights so that he could see her and receive care. At one point she told him that she had to move far away and would not be able to bandage him up again. Because of his affiliation with Elena, he also met Akemi Miyano, Elena's first child, as a kid as well. The extent of their relationship is not yet revealed. As a child, Rei had the nickname "Zero". In a chapter in Zero's tea time, Elena seems to be the one who taught him how to ride a bike.

National Police Association

Black Organization

With Hiromitsu Morofushi

Shuichi Akai (Rye), Rei Furuya (Bourbon), and Hiromitsu Morofushi (Scotch) were all members of the Black Organization at a point four years ago. Between four years ago and two years ago, Shuichi was found by Rei, standing over Hiromitsu's dead body holding a smoking gun. Ever since then Rei has blamed Shuichi and has sought out to kill him.

Scar Akai

Scar Akai.jpg

Before Rei Furuya appeared as Tooru Amuro, he disguised as Shuichi with a large burn with Vermouth's help. In this disguise, he approached the close friends of Shuichi Akai to gauge whether he was truly dead. Rei first used the disguise to approach Jodie Starling at Teito Bank, then Andre Camel at Beika Department Store, he also sends Kogoro a text message on his deduction of the current case using a borrowed phone from a bystander. Whether he did this out of concern for the hostages or his well-being is not mentioned.

Tooru Amuro

Amuro gets knocked over by a case suspect

After that Rei Furuya appeared as a private investigator on a case, where he runs into Kogoro and Conan. Through this interaction, he became Kogoro's apprentice and monitored his actions by working at the Poirot Cafe below the Detective Agency. During this monitoring, he saw a video of Shiho Miyano with a Mystery Train Pass ring, resulting in a Black Organization attack in an attempt to kill her on the train. Later, through information gathered from Jodie, Takagi, and Camel, he managed to discover the truth behind Shuichi Akai's death. Now that he knows that knows he is alive, he wishes to kill Shuichi himself as a way of getting revenge for Shuichi killing Scotch.

Non-canon plot overview

The Shadow Approaching Amuro (Anime: 813)

This episode is a pre-story to Movie 20

The Darkest Nightmare (Movie: 20)

The Melting Cake! (Anime: 898)

This episode is a pre-story to Movie 22

Zero the Enforcer (Movie: 22)

The Bride of Halloween (Movie: 25)

Black Iron Submarine (Movie: 26)

Hints that Amuro was Bourbon

Relationships analysis

Family and friends

Hiromitsu Morofushi

Hiromitsu Morofushi and Rei Furuya were friends since childhood. Rei helped him overcome the suffering of Aphasia due to his parents' deaths.[55] He also teaches Rei some cooking skills.[56] They attended the police academy together, along with Date, Hagiwara, and Matsuda. He works undercover as an undercover agent in the Black Organization under the codename Scotch, along with Rei. However, Hiromitsu got killed undercover. His death appears to be caused by Shuichi Akai, which is the reason behind Rei's vendetta against him and puts a much deeper perspective on Rei's hatred toward Akai.

Wataru Date

Amuro deleting Date's message.

Wataru Date and Rei Furuya were friends in the police academy; Rei was the top-ranked student, while Date held second place. While Date went on to become an officer, Rei went somewhere else and fell out of contact with Date for unknown reasons. Date's last text to Rei asked him where he was and chided Rei to communicate once in a while. Rei was shown visiting Date's grave, and likely left a toothpick out of respect for Date; Date used them habitually. Date had called Rei for a gentleman like detective Takagi.

Jinpei Matsuda

Rei remembers Matsuda.

Jinpei Matsuda and Rei Furuya were friends in the police academy. In The Darkest Nightmare, Matsuda was recounted by Rei that he is the one to teach him how to deactivate a bomb.

at first of wild police story, they fight with each other but then became close friends

Kenji Hagiwara

Kenji Hagiwara and Rei Furuya were friends in the police academy. Gosho also stated that Hagiwara is the one who taught Rei his driving skills.

Conan Edogawa

Rei seems to respect Conan's intelligence and also seems to look out for Conan as well before he attached himself to the Mouri Detective Agency as Kogoro's "apprentice" (Aliases as Tooru Amuro). He wound up protecting Conan while disguised as Scar Akai at the Teito Bank, and as Rei helped Conan get out of a kidnapping situation and doctored him when Conan took a racket to the head. Conan initially treats him in a somewhat friendly manner, though he privately thinks "another annoying person has shown up" when he learns Rei will be joining Kogoro on cases. However, after he finds out Amuro's membership in the Black Organization, though, Conan has been relatively nervous about him being near Ran. This was made even worse when Rei caught him attempting to tranquilize Kogoro, but due to Rei's attentiveness, he was unable to and had to give hints to Kogoro instead. Although Amuro may not have seen the trick, he became convinced that Conan was the puppeteer behind Sleeping Kogoro, and began investigating Conan, which only made Conan more nervous of him. Their relationship later seemed to improve in The Scarlet Return when Conan learns that Rei is an undercover operative from the Japanese Secret Police when the two exchange smiles in Café Poirot. Conan even used his Voice Changing Bow Tie in front of Rei in The Heartfelt Strap.

When Shinichi Kudo is exposed on the media due to Kyoto Field Trip, he receives an email from Rum, ordering him to gather information about Shinichi. After he helped to solve the Bunny Girls Case, Amuro broke into the Kudo home, so that he can find out information about Kudo Shinichi. He had the altercation with an unmasked Akai, and both of Shinichi's parents turned on the light, so that the four of them can have a meeting. Currently, it is unknown what was discussed in that meeting, other than Conan planned it.

It seemed to become strained again in the movie: Zero the Enforcer, however that is due to Amuro had his subordinate, Yuya Kazami of the Japanese Secret Police- Public Security Bureau, plant phony incriminating evidence against Kogoro Mouri for a bombing incident. However, it turns out that the framing was to use Conan as a Collaborator and to rely on his strength so that Conan can do what he was unable to do for his investigation. This way, he was able to use Conan as a Collaborator and to rely on his strength.

Kogoro Mouri

Amuro wants to go on a case with Kogoro.

Rei tends to act ingratiatingly whenever Kogoro Mouri is around, and is especially fawning over his "Mouri-sensei". Kogoro is alternatively flattered by Rei's praise and annoyed with his effusive personality. Overall Kogoro tends to treat Rei flippantly despite being paid a handsome sum for the apprenticeship. When among members of the Black Organization, Rei doesn't speak too badly of Kogoro despite Kogoro's obvious incompetence. Rei is becoming more skilled at herding Kogoro through cases without having the older man realize that Rei is a far superior detective and is manipulating him for information.

Yuya Kazami

Yuya Kazami.jpg

Yuya Kazami is Rei's direct subordinate who first appeared in the movie 20,The Darkest Nightmare. Recently, he has officially appeared in the manga, as Rei's subordinate as well.

Hyoue Kuroda

It was revealed in Movie 22 that Kuroda is Zero/Rei's superior in the Public Security Bureau. It was shown when he received orders from him through a phone call. Kuroda is also aware of his involvement with the Black Organization; addressing him by his codename "Bourbon".[57]

Black Organization

Shuichi Akai

Akai and Amuro

Since joining the Black Organization, Rei has always considered Shuichi Akai as a worthy rival, he wants to compare his capacity with Shuichi and thinks he is the only one who could defeat Shuichi. Shuichi always shows respect towards Rei, he admits Rei's capability and feels interested every time he faces Rei, he also makes Rei feel quite confused sometimes. Their relationship is becoming more bitter and dramatic when Rei misunderstood Shuichi killed his best friend - Scotch, but actually, the one who indirectly caused Scotch to die was Rei himself. Shuichi chooses to keep a secret, continues to let Rei misunderstand him instead of letting Rei know that painful truth. Over time, Shuichi appears to help and protect Rei in some cases, he gradually wants to compensate for the losses which Rei has experienced, he also reveals that he doesn't want to be Rei's enemy. For now, Rei is temporarily lowering his hatred to working well with Shuichi and Conan in destroying the Black Organization.


Vermouth threatens Bourbon for holding hostage a critical secret of hers as insurance.

Vermouth and Bourbon keep close contact with one another and seem to be closer to one another than, say, Bourbon and Gin. Bourbon specializes in intelligence gathering, so he likely belongs to the same reconnaissance division of the Black Organization as Vermouth. While it is still uncertain whether Bourbon is working directly under Vermouth, she seems to keep track of his actions during his missions at times,[58] and he also often informs her about his discoveries or his plans.[59] Vermouth helped Bourbon create a disguise that looked like Akai so he can investigate his enemy's death. Later, she somehow helped him approach Kogoro because he suspected that the detective was in contact with Sherry. Bourbon made a promise to Vermouth not to let any harm comes to Conan and Ran no matter what happens, and she calls to ask him if he will be upholding it after the car chase in Detectives' Nocturne.

The two have shown to be working together, not unlike Gin and Vodka, though the bond and trust between them are somewhat lacking. In addition to Bourbon's promise to Vermouth, he is also aware of her secret relationship with the boss, as noted at the end of the Scarlet Showdown. Bourbon utilizes this information to enlist Vermouth's assistance in his investigations, arranging for her secret to be released to the other members of the Organization if he is killed by her.

Elena Miyano

Rei was probably close with Elena Miyano as a child before she died. Elena would doctor Rei after he got into fights. She is also aware of his true name, calling him "Rei-kun, however, this is shown to be before her husband went to work for the Carasuma Group when she was 3 months pregnant for Miyano Shiho/ Haibara Ai/ Sherry."

Amuro remembers Elena Miyano

In wild police story, Rei revealed that he joined the police academy in order to find Elena who has disappeared without his knowledge. He even calls her she was very dear to him.


Gin dislikes Bourbon's personality and finds him annoying for being secretive and always doing what he pleases. At the same time, Gin respects Bourbon's detective abilities. The two do not seem to be in contact with one another, as Gin has no idea what Bourbon is doing.

Akemi Miyano

Akemi Miyano and Rei seem to have met at some point because Akemi told Shiho that Bourbon has a rivalry with Akai. The moment where they met for this time, although not specified if it was, in the flashback of The Unsolved Cocktail Case, they are shown together when a younger Akemi tries to bring Rei to her mother's office to heal up his wounds.

Shiho Miyano

Rei doesn't seem to have any hostility towards Shiho unlike other Black Organization members. He attempted to capture the person he thought was alive instead of trying to kill her, regretting he might have to resort to violence to do so. Rei says he had met Elena and Atsushi Miyano while they were alive. Rei does not know Shiho is Ai. During a car chase in Detectives' Nocturne‎, Shiho gets a strong feeling that a member of the Black Organization was behind her, but she doesn't seem to pinpoint it to Rei's pursuing Mazda FD RX-7.


Masumi Sera

Rei first saw Masumi at a train station four years ago. He approached Hiromitsu (under the aliases Scotch) while he was teaching Masumi several notes on a bass guitar. It is unknown whether he saw that she was connected to Shuichi at that time.

Much later when Conan gets kidnapped by a murderer they cross each other's paths again. After both of them save Conan, he becomes very surprised to see her and wonders why she is there and presumably notices that she looks similar to Shuichi Akai. The next day Rei takes the day off from his job at Poirot cafe. To confirm his theory, Rei once again disguises himself as Scar Akai to gauge her reaction. Suddenly, Masumi sees him in the crowd ahead, and just like Jodie and Camel, Masumi becomes just as shocked by his appearance. She runs after him, but he disappears before she can catch him. Ran wonders who Masumi was chasing, but Masumi replies she thought it was someone she knew. Masumi silently appends in her mind that it would be impossible for the man she was chasing to be the person she thinks it was. While Rei watches her from a little ahead, confirming his suspicion that Masumi is related to Akai.

During The Unfriendly Girls Band, Masumi recalls a time that she saw her brother in a train station four years ago with Hiromitsu (under the aliases Scotch), who taught her the basics of a bass guitar. Masumi believes that the man who approached them at that time wearing a hat that hid his face must have been Rei. However, each time she asks him if they have met before, he avoids the question. When she announces aloud that her brother's name is Shuichi Akai, Rei inwardly comments that her brother had killed Scotch.

Despite his hatred toward Akai, it doesn't seem like he is letting it cloud his judgment toward Masumi.

Azusa Enomoto

After Rei comes to work at the Café Poirot with his alias Tooru Amuro, he and Azusa develop a simple professional friendship and see each other as ordinary colleagues.


Gin has revealed that Bourbon is as secretive as Vermouth. Bourbon has shown a friendly relationship with Vermouth but not with other members so far. Bourbon even hid some details from Conan. It is possible that Bourbon, as well as Kir, is a member who doesn't like the Organization. Date himself revealed that Bourbon was the best man at the police academy and that Bourbon was a gentleman like Takagi, too. Besides, at the end of Takagi's Kidnapping Case, Bourbon refers to Date as "my friend", which means he had no option but to cut all means of contact with him for his safety.

Name origin

Tooru Amuro has a Mobile Suit Gundam inspired name. He is named after the main protagonist Amuro Ray, and Amuro's voice actor Tohru Furuya.[60] Amuro is also played by Furuya in the animated series. His real name, Rei Furuya, shares the same source.

Different look

Zero's Tea Time Episode 4



Well, a child's curiosity and a detective's spirit of inquiry... Do have much in common, after all...

Volume 76, File 799, Page 14


As Expected of Hell Angel's daughter... You look very much alike... Pleased to meet you... Bourbon... That's my codename...

File 823, said to the person whom he thought was Sherry

There are two men out there who are far scarier than me. And one of them... is still a child.

Movie 22, Rei talking to Kazami about Shuichi Akai and Conan

Quotes about Rei

Gin: Heh, Always doing as he pleases... that bastard irritates me as usual

Kir: Who do you mean?
Gin: Like you said, one who you wish only existed in novels. A detective like Sherlock Holmes.

Volume 67, File 8, Pages 13-14: "Silent Clash"

Well, it seems you've gained some trust for the time being... You will abide by the promise you made to me, right, Bourbon?

File 800, Pages 15-16: "When Objects Collide"Vermouth spoke to him on the phone

You're frightening, Furuya-san

Zero the Enforcer, When Kazami responded to Rei.

In other languages

Rei Furuya

Language Given Name Family Name
Flag of Japan Japanese 零 Rei 降谷 Furuya
Flag of Catalonia Catalan Rei Furuya
Flag of China Chinese (Simplified) 零 Líng 降谷 Jiànggǔ
Flag of North KoreaFlag of South Korea Korean 준영 Jun Young 강 Kang
Flag of Thailand Thai เรย์ ฟุรุยะ
Flag of Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia Rei Furuya
Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Rei Furuya

Tooru Amuro

Language Given Name Family Name
Flag of Japan Japanese 透 Tōru 安室 Amuro
Flag of Arab League Arabic تورو Tōro أمورو Amōro
Flag of Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia Toru Amuro
Flag of Malaysia Bahasa Melayu Tooru Amuro
Flag of Catalonia Catalan Tooru Amuro
Flag of China Chinese (Simplified) 透 Tòu 安室 Ānshì
Flag of France French Touru Amuro
Flag of Italy Italian Tooru Amuro
Flag of North KoreaFlag of South Korea Korean 기준 Gi Jun 안 Ahn
Flag of Spain Spanish Tooru Amuro
Flag of Thailand Thai โทโอรุ อามุโระ
Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Toru Amuro


Language Name Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese バーボン Bābon
Flag of Arabic Arabic بوربون Bōrbōn
Flag of Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia Bourbon
Flag of Malaysia Bahasa Melayu Bourbon / Babon
Flag of Catalonia Catalan Bourbon
Flag of China Chinese 波本 Bōběn
Flag of France French Bourbon
Flag of Italy Italian Bourbon
Flag of South Korea Korean 버본 Bourbon
Flag of Spain Spanish Bourbon
Flag of Thailand Thai เบอร์เบิ้ล
Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Bourbon


Rei's RX-7
  • Rei is a right-handed person.
  • During an 2010 interview with Shuichi Ikeda, Gosho Aoyama said it would be interesting if a character from the Black Organization was named after Amuro Ray because Shuichi Akai was named after Char Aznable.[61][62][63]
  • Rei owns a white RX-7, the same car as Miwako Sato. The RX-7 is a reference to the white[64] Gundam that the Mobile Suit Gundam character Amuro Ray piloted, the RX-78-2.
  • Technically, Rei's first appearance in the anime was in the new opening theme song during the Kaitou Kid special in August 2012.
  • His last name “Furuya” (降谷) is written with the Kanji for “descent, precipitate” and “valley”. “Rei” (零) means “zero”. “Amuro” (安室) can be translated as “quiet room”, and “Tōru” (透) means “transparent”.
  • Rei Furuya's voice actor, Tohru Furuya, was the former husband of Vermouth's voice actress, Mami Koyama.
  • In a poll held on June 5, 2020, by asking women age 20 to 40 who were their favourite Detective Conan character, Rei ranked seventh.[65]
  • According to Gosho in Super Digest Book 90+, Amuro lied said that he hurt his shoulder while doing a tennis service in a tournament, but in truth, he can play tennis perfectly.
  • According to Gosho in Super Digest Book 90+, Amuro's first love was Elena.
  • According to Gosho in Super Digest Book 80+, Amuro likes boxing.
  • According to Gosho in Super Digest Book 80+, Amuro is popular with the girls in his job at Poirot.
  • According to Gosho in JUSTICE PLUS Super Digest Book, when Amuro infiltrated the Kudo house he drank black tea with lemon that Yukiko served him.

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