Volume 97

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Volume 97

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Release date: December 18, 2019[1]
Chapters: 1026-1036
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-09-129449-4[1]
Publisher: Shogakukan
Featured Detective & Keyhole
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Keita Kurokochi
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Kanenori Wakita
Aoyama's death & Conan side images
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Volume 97 was released on December 18, 2019.




TV Drama Filming Site Murder Case

File 1026 - Because It's A Precious Thing...


  • Major events

    • Sonoko and Makoto are on a date.
    • Sera catches Conan off guard by calling him Shinichi with him responding to it normally at first.
    • Flashback of The Desperate Revival event are mentioned as Shinichi and Conan appeared at the same time.

    Nagano Snowy Mountains Case

    File 1027 - The Eyes of a Detective

    Kogoro, Conan, Amuro, and Wakita are on a train to the Nagano prefecture, where Kogoro was requested to investigate an apparent suicide at an old church. Conan recalls the events that led the four to embark on a trip together. It's revealed that originally, Ran and Sonoko were meant to accompany Kogoro and Conan, but Sonoko catches a cold causing Ran to stay back and take care of her. The client had requested Kogoro to bring three others along with him, so the two open slots must be filled. Ran proposes that Amuro should go, while Wakita suddenly arrives with Sushi, then soon added to the company. Upon reaching the church they are joined by some people. It is soon revealed that someone has assembled all of them together keeping their identity secret. Next the cars are destroyed and everyone is trapped in the church.

    File 1028 - Mountain Villa in the Snowy Mountains

    File 1029 - Capable Of Making Crying Children Sleep

    Kogoro sends a picture to Komei, who notices something. Conan and Amuro are doing something about the case in the toilet. The glasses guy is the next who should die.

    File 1030 - Just Like You...

    File 1031 - A Dangerous Feeling


  • Major events

    • We learn that Komei knows Amuro.
    • Conan asks Bourbon about Rum.
    • Komei remembers his brother Hiromitsu being friends with Amuro.

    Edible Wild Plants Collecting Case

    File 1032 - Collecting Edible Wild Plants

    Conan, Haibara, the Detective Boys, Kobayashi, and Rumi go to Gunma Prefecture to pick up wild vegetables, but there might be some trouble there.

    File 1033 - Good Luck Charm

    File 1034 - Since You're Clumsy


  • Major events

    • Rumi recalls Kohji Haneda's dead body and something that he said.
    • Rumi learns the secret of Sleeping Kogoro when she sees Conan use his tranquilizer dart on Yamamura. She also throws away Ayumi's four-leaf clover as a gift of lucky charm when Ayumi turns away.

    Antique Facet Case

    File 1035 - The Carved Black Lacquer Tray

    At Professor Agasa's house, a facet looking very antique has been found. Next to Agasa's domain, Sera, who is doubting Conan and Haibara's true identity, is showing suspicious movements.

    File 1036 - An Adult-Like Child


  • Trivia

    • This volume will be the first one released in the Reiwa period and reach the 100th volume in Spain only.


    Settings featured in this volume:


    Abandoned Church

    The abandoned church Conan Edogawa, Kogoro Mouri, Rei Furuya and Kanenori Wakita go to is modeled after the Kusuhara Church, actually located in Gotō City of Nagasaki Prefecture.

    Nagano Prefecture

    The train Conan Edogawa, Kogoro Mouri, Rei Furuya, and Kanenori Wakita ride at the beginning of the Nagano Snowy Mountains Case is a limited express Azusa train that plies between Shinjuku Station in Tokyo to Matsumoto Station in Nagano (like it's told in the case), with the model number changed from "35" to "36" for some reason.

    In the background of the panel one can spot the Yatsugatake Mountains, while the train passes a real segment of the line in Yamanashi Prefecture between Nagasaka and Kobuchizawa Stations, which is a popular place to take photos of these trains (like the one on the left).

    Minanokami Station

    The Minanokami Station in Gunma the Detective Boys arrive at together with Sumiko Kobayashi and Rumi Wakasa in FILE.1032 is actually the Minakami Station in the town of the same name (also in Gunma in real life).

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    • Indonesia
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