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Kohji Haneda

Kohji Haneda profile.jpg

Japanese name: 羽田 浩司
(Haneda Kōji)
English name: Koji Haneda[1]
Age: 28 (deceased 17 years ago)
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: Shukichi Haneda (non-blood brother)
Yasuharu Haneda (father)
Ichiyo Haneda (mother)
Occupation: Shogi player
Status: Deceased
First appearance: Manga: File 947 (in a silhouette) / File 948 (first full-face appearance)
Anime: Episode 850 (silhouette) / Episode 861 (first full-face appearance)
Appearances: Chapters: 14
Episodes: 9
Openings: 1
Closings: 1
Japanese voice: Hiroki Yasumoto

Kohji Haneda (羽田 浩司 Haneda Kōji?) was a professional shogi player and Shukichi Haneda's non-blood brother in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Kohji Haneda was a talented shogi player that his "not-related-by-blood"[2] brother, Shukichi Haneda, deeply respected. By the time of his death he had won four shogi titles. Many had high hopes that Kohji would win all seven of the major shogi titles.

Seventeen years ago, he died under mysterious circumstances when in the United States participating in a chess tournament, a game he also enjoyed. Ai Haibara suggests that Kohji may have been murdered with APTX 4869 since a person with the same name appeared on the list of people killed by the poison. It has been discovered that Rum may have been involved with his death due to the dying message missing letters that could be arranged to spell "ASACA RUM".


Kohji's motto was "one should stick with one's original plan" (初志貫徹 shoshi kantetsu?).[3] The same motto was written on a fan that Shukichi now owns.


Plot overview

Murdered Professor Case (Manga: 179, Anime: 129)

Haibara remembers a list of people that the drug APTX 4869 was used on in the past. She says that all of the other APTX 4869 victims were confirmed dead, except Shinichi. On that list was a name, Kohji Haneda (羽田 浩司 ?), which was not relevant to the readers at the time.

Shukichi's Envelope Case (Manga: 947, Anime: 850)

Kohji was mentioned by Shukichi to Yumi Miyamoto on the phone. Shukichi says that he respected Kohji, and Kohji's motto was "one should stick with one's original plan".

After Shukichi and Yumi's talk, Haibara asks Conan whether he knows the name Kohji Haneda. Conan answers that Kohji was a talented shogi player, but he died under mysterious circumstances when he went to the United States to participate in a chess tournament. Haibara recognizes the name Kohji Haneda as one that was on the list of people killed by APTX 4869.

Kohji Haneda's Death Case (Manga: 948-950, Anime: 861-862)

Conan investigates on the internet and finds that someone has been uploading information on Kohji's death. Kohji went to the United States to participate in a chess tournament seventeen years ago. The night before the tournament, he was attacked by someone and died at a hotel where he stayed. The room was ransacked, and he resisted. The cause of death is unknown. On the same day and at the same hotel as him, a wealthy person named Amanda Hughes died as well. She was a big fan of Kohji. Unlike Kohji's room, Amanda's room was clean when she died. Amanda's bodyguard, Asaka, went missing and still can't be found. Agasa reveals that a similar murder has happened recently so they put the investigation on hold. After Conan and Subaru solve that case, they decipher the meaning of the missing letters on the mirror of Kohji's room. Kohji's dying message from seventeen years ago was "ASACA RUM", so Rum may be involved in their deaths.

Since the dying message was "P T O N", the answer to it must contain all of the missing letters of "U MASCARA"
U MASCARA - ASACA (for Asaka) = U M R
Which can be rearranged to make RUM
making the answer "ASACA RUM"

Soul Detective Murder Case (Manga: 951-953, Anime: 863-864)

Kogoro is put in contact with a Soul Detective who wishes to reveal some information about the Kohji Haneda case. When Conan and Kogoro go to meet with him at a hotel they find him dead and that Masumi and Mary have mysteriously moved in to the next hotel room. Both Masumi and Mary seem to react to Kohji's name when Kogoro says it.

Burning Tent Murder Case (Manga: 987, Anime: 909)

Kohji's dead body.

The superintendent Hyoue Kuroda is shown looking at the article about Kohji's death and drawing a relation between Rumi Wakasa and Kohji.

Missing Maria Higashio Case (Manga: 1008, Anime: 942)

Yusaku Kudo interprets Kohji Haneda's dying message differently. He thinks "RUM" and "ASACA" form one single name: "CARASUMA". There is a connection between Renya Karasuma and the organization.

Edible Wild Plants Collecting Case (Manga: 1032-1034, Anime: 1011)

Rumi Wakasa remembers back to when Kohji said, "With the watchtower bishop, you can be sure of making a good move", while holding up a shogi bishop. Then he says, "So you/they're going to kill me despite that?" She then remembers him dead, with some sort of fluid (blood?) pouring out of his mouth, and she calls him a "foolish person".

Trapped at Hatoyama Farm (Manga: 1051-1054, Anime: 1053)

Amuro picked up the shogi piece that Rumi dropped by accident, which is a bishop and recalled that the murdered Kohji always kept it as a good luck charm, which was missing at the crime scene of the murder.

Chess Tournament Murder Case (Manga: 1103-, Anime: TBD)


Relationship analysis

Shukichi Haneda

Shukichi is a non-blood brother of Kohji, either by adoption, marriage, or some other means. Shukichi deeply respected him and likely changed one of his name characters slightly to honor Kohji. However the story of their relation is unknown. It's possible it's related to Tsutomu's involvement in Kohji's death.

Shuichi Akai

A relationship between Kohji and Shuichi Akai is unknown, but the case of Kohji's death made Shuichi an FBI agent.[4]

Tsutomu Akai

Tsutomu Akai is related to Kohji's death. He was a friend of Kohji's father, who asked him to investigate his son's death[8]

Masumi Sera

Masumi Sera was very surprised when Kogoro said the name Kohji Haneda.[5]

Mary Sera

Mary Sera was very surprised when Kogoro said the name Kohji Haneda.[5]

Amanda Hughes

Amanda Hughes was a fan of Kohji and has been in contact with him. She was murdered the same day as Kohji, and evidences proves that she had been in his hotel room before the murder. Haibara suspects that it might have been their relationship that led to Kohji's death.

Rumi Wakasa

It's hinted that there is a connection between her and the murders of Kohji and Amanda, suspecting that there is a mysterious relationship between the two. She carries the shogi bishop, Kohji's good luck charm, which was missing at the crime scene of the murder, hinting that Rumi might be related to Kohji Haneda's Case.

She has memories of either talking to Kohji or at least being in the same room as him before he was killed. In her flashback to seeing him and his dead body, she thought of him as a "foolish person". Her memory of his dead body has what appears to be blood or some other fluid coming out of his mouth.

Hyoue Kuroda

It's hinted that Kuroda might have been involved in the death of Kohji seventeen years ago, as he was shown very pensive, looking at Kohji's death in an article.

Name origin

Maybe the name Kohji Haneda (羽田 浩司 Haneda Kōji?) comes from Yoshiharu Habu (生 善治 Habu Yoshiharu?) and Kōji Tanigawa (谷川 浩司 Tanigawa Kōji?), real-life shogi players.

Shukichi Haneda (羽田 秀𠮷 Haneda Shūkichi?) may have changed his name slightly to honor the late Kohji Haneda. Kohji's given name is 浩司, and the first character's radicals are (氵 ノ 土 口). is earth's do. Shukichi's given name is spelled 秀𠮷, with the final "kichi" kanji also including the radical for earth's do. This 𠮷 for kichi is a very rare variant; 99% of the time kichi is written as with (man/samurai's shi) instead.


  • In episode 129, furigana (Japanese reading aid) of his surname is Hada (ハダ ?).
  • Gosho Aoyama mentioned there was "red herring" in volume 18[9], the same volume the list of APTX 4869 victims appeared in.
  • A (so far unconfirmed) source gives the names of his father and mother as Yasuharu and Ichiyo, respectively.
  • His character design is very similar Gohan's in the manga and anime franchise Dragon Ball.
  • In File 1052 the bishop that Kohji always kept it as a good luck charm was the last piece he moved the first time when he won against his teacher. It has a cut on it's lower left.

In other languages

Language Given Name Family Name
Flag of Japan Japanese 浩司 Kōji 羽田 Haneda[3]/Hada[10]
Flag of Catalonia Catalan Kohji Haneda
Flag of China Chinese 浩司 Hàosī 羽田 Yǔtián
Flag of Denmark Danish Hiroshi Haneda
Flag of US English Koji Haneda[1]
Flag of Italy Italian Muneo ??-neda[11][12]


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