Volume 99

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Volume 99

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Release date: April 14, 2021
Chapters: 1048-1058
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-09-850513-5
Publisher: Shogakukan
Featured Detective & Keyhole
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Mao Mao
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Yuya Kazami
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Volume 99 was released on April 14, 2021.




Sisters' Birthday Party Murder Case

File 1048 - Why Are You Crying...?

Vermouth disguises as Mary's husband to lure Mary out.

File 1049 - It's Unbelievable!

Vermouth feeds Mary the drug with her mouth directly, which is created by her sister. Mary then jumps into the river due to the effect of the drug being very instant. After that Mary shrank tries to go back to Sera.

File 1050 - Apprentice & Wizard


  • Major events

    • Masumi finds the APTX antidote from Conan and tells Mary, who tells her to steal it if possible.
    • Mary cries when she realizes her husband might be gone for sure.
    • Vermouth disguises as Tsutomu to lure out and murder Mary for the infiltration of MI6.
    • Mary's flashback of meeting Tsutomu at Vauxhall Bridge.
    • Masumi fails to steal the APTX antidote from Conan since he put the antidote elsewhere.
    • Mary's flashback of being shrinking by Vermouth with APTX 4869 at Vauxhall Bridge and Conan's apperance during Minerva's match on TV.
    • Vermouth confirmed that Elena is Mary's younger sister.

    Trapped at Hatoyama Farm

    File 1051 - The Eerie Farm

    Amuro receives a call for help from Kazami. Detective Boys along with Kobayashi and Wakasa are heading to Hatoyama Farm to learn how to take care of chickens. They are joined by three other fellows along with Amuro on the bus. Upon reaching, they learn that the farm appears closed and no hens are to be seen. Ayumi spots a chicken and gets lost in the forest in an attempt to grab it. She finds herself among a bunch of trees, to which a bag of explosives is tied. Meanwhile, the rest split up and start searching for her. Amuro picks up a shogi piece lying on the ground. They come across Umisuke Hatoyama, the younger brother of Gisuke Hatoyama, the owner of the farm, who shows them Ayumi stuffed in his bag and threatens her life with a knife. He locks them in a basement, where Kazami is being held captive as well. Conan points out the dead body lying on a bed.

    File 1052 - Clumsiness and Suspicions

    The dead figure is Gisuke Hatoyama. Conan figures out that it was death by suicide, and that the victim was researching something considering the highlighter marks on his hands. Kazami informs about his presence on the farm. They contact the other group, Haibara, Genta and Rumi via the detective badge and make them aware of their situation. Having no means to call the police, they end up entering the farm by breaking the window glass. Genta points out to Rumi that her back pocket has a hole, and wonders about Amuro picking up some wooden pieces. Ayumi gains consciousness and recounts what she saw. Conan pieces two and two and arrives at the truth.

    File 1053 - Light

    It turns out that the three men are searching for a meteorite. The film that Mitsuhiko saw on Kanou's phone was a report of a falling meteorite. In the farm office Wakasa, Haibara and Genta find papers proving that the late owner was researching meteorites. They find traces of ink from a broken yellow highlighter and traces of a hiking boot stepped on it. Conan remembers that the three men were all wearing hiking boots. They also find a pallasite meteorite that is broken in half due to having been throwing onto the floor. Haibara suspects that the farm owner, Gisuke, may have attempted to fake a meteorite due to his financial situation, but Genta notices a stack of magnets on the table and wonders why have them if the owner knew that they wouldn't stick to the pallasite meteorite. Kazami guesses that Gisuke entrusted the real meteorite to someone he thought could appraise it, but when the appraiser returned the stone with a negative result, they had a fight which ended with the yellow highlighter being dropped to the floor and stamped upon. Later Gisuke figures out that the appraiser had taken the real meteorite for himself and given back a pallasite. In despair over having been scammed, he killed himself. Conan and Amuro agree to Kazami's theory and figures out that Umisuke locked them down, not to kill them, but to keep them out of his way so he could avenge his brother's death by killing the scammer.

    Conan comes up with a plan to single out the scammer who drove Gisuke to suicide.

    File 1054 - The Strong One is...


  • Major events

    • Rumi accidently drop the bishop shogi piece, which is picked up by Amuro.
    • Amuro recalls the bishop shogi piece is Kohji Haneda's good luck charm, which was missing at the crime scene of the murder.
    • Rumi knocked out Amuro to retrieve the shogi piece.

    Kogoro in a Dilemma

    File 1055 - Kogoro, Caught in a Dilemma

    Kogoro ends up eating an expired piece of sandwich, which leads to stomach problems. He has to leave the conversation with Yoko Okino, who was describing the case she had witnessed in detail. She had been on a location scout at a villa, along with her producer, Wanya Heijima. They were met there with three others, who were former residents of the villa. Heijima’s sister was married into this villa, and she had mysteriously disappeared years ago there. Yoko recalls the incident that night at the villa when she heard footsteps. She went to check and found a blood trail leading down the passage. She followed it and found that it stopped mid-way. By that time, the rest of them arrived, except Nukiyasu Baba. They searched for him, but he was nowhere to be seen. But a picture of a laid-out playing card was sent to Fuugo Baba’s smartphone. Later the police broke in through the attic window, and found Nukiyasu cold dead, with a crossbow bolt lodged in his back.

    Wakita overhears the case from outside and shows interest in the case.

    File 1056 - A Locked-Room Murder in the Attic

    Yoko shows them the group photo of the four who were present with her that day. She mentions the past the brothers shared about playing card games in the attic, hiding from their strict parents. And also that Nukiyasu called his brother Fuggo Ace, despite him not being a pitcher in the past. She shows a photo of Hejima’s sister, wearing long sleeves dress and sunglasses, who also went missing two years ago. She recollects one odd thing that Hejima said about the number of pine trees being less and also that Fuggo called Heijima the real Ace.

    Meanwhile, Kogoro prepares a coded message to ask for tissue paper and sends it to Conan, who along with Wakita see through the code immediately.

    File 1057 - The Reason for the Cipher


  • Major events

    Wakita is seen concerned about the missing Shogi piece. Amuro is seen concerned about Rumi.

    Yusaku Kudo's TV Show Case

    File 1058 - A Deduction Show on TV?!

    Yusaku decides to solve a serial murder case in a TV show. Unfortunately, both Yukiko and Yusaku got food poisoning before the TV shoot. Conan decides to turn down the TV shoot. However, a mysterious person, looking like Yusaku Kudo, appears in front of the Kudo Residence.


  • Trivia


    Settings featured in this volume:




    Baglioni Hotel

    The hotel Masumi and Mary Sera stayed at in London is the real 5-star luxury Baglioni Hotel at the Hyde Park Gate, overlooking Hyde Park.

    Hatoyama Farm

    The Detective Boys, Sumiko Kobayashi, Rumi Wakasa and Rei Furuya boarded a Toei Bus to get to Hatoyama Farm, which means that the farm has to be located somewhere in Tokyo or the Tama Area (Western Tokyo). This is later reinforced by the Metropolitan Police being in charge of Umisuke Hatoyama's arrest.

    Villa in Karuizawa

    The villa in Karuizawa Yoko Okino tells about is modeled after the Bansui-sō, which is located in the Ehime Prefecture on the island of Shikoku. The same mansion also already served as the model for Akako Koizumi's residence in Magic Kaito 1412.


    • To Prologue - Roller Coaster Murder Case (Manga: 1): It's revealed that by the time of Holmes' Revelation, half a year has passed since Shinichi Kudo shrunk.

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