Tamekichi Matsushiro

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Tamekichi Matsushiro

Tamekichi Matsushiro Profile.png

Japanese name: 松代 為吉
(Matsushiro Tamekichi)
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: unknown
Occupation: Police detective
Status: Alive
First appearance: Anime: Episode 349
Appearances: Episodes: 2
Cases solved: 0
Japanese voice: Hitoshi Horimoto

Tamekichi Matsushiro (松代 為吉 Matsushiro Tamekichi?) is a character in the anime franchise Detective Conan, created by filler scripwriter Junichi Miyashita.


Tamekichi Matsushiro is a detective from Gifu Prefecture Police and a humble admirator of Kogoro Mouri. He was born in Onizawa Village, which appears to be modelled by Shirakawa-go[1], officially registered as a World Heritage site in Gifu Prefecture two months later. He speaks the Gifu dialet.

He is surprised by Conan, Haibara, and the Detective Boys, but Kogoro pleases him to pay them no mind: what they've said, even an amateur could have figured out, and Ran asked the guys don't get in the way. However, at their second meeting, he asked them as a good friend to give him the details of the case again.

He has head about Professor Agasa, who solve cases with deductive abilities on par with Detective Mouri's, and is impressed. Conan boasts they're both him, though, and Haibara warns him they'll hear him.

When the police were able to arrest a suspect and he doesn't have to continue with the investigation, he has a ritual to have a drink.


Even though his village is going to be registered as a World Heritage site soon, for an accident like that to happen, he'd like to resolve that case as soon as possible. He has already obtained permission from the higher ups, then, by all means, pleases Kogoro to help Gifu Police with their investigation. To be asked such a thing so passionately, Kogoro pleases him to allow himself to offer his utmost assistance. He can count on him, pleasing everyone to calm down, leave that matter to the police, and return to their homes.


Matsushiro is a detective still in perfect health and has grey eyes. He is not tall and has light skin and always wear his same brown suit and green necktie. The thing which makes him different from other detectives is his hairstyle made of slicked-hair sent on the sides.

Plot overview[edit]

Love, Ghosts, and World Heritage (Anime: 349)[edit]

The Nobunaga 450 Case (Anime: 871)[edit]

Matsuhiro is sent by the Gifu Police to investigate Mitsuhiko's kidnapping. He's surprised to meet Conan and the others again. He asks them why Kogoro Mori is not there and is glad the reknown Professor Agasa is here. He willingly cooperates with the Detective Boys and holds Conan in high regard. When investigating, the Detective Boys ask him to check the cctv of the museum. He contributes to other advancements in the investigation such as arresting the culprit.


Different looks[edit]

Episode 349
Episode 871


  • Tamekichi Matsushiro appears to be based on Hitoshi Shinkai, the pathetic Kagekuwa Village substation officer in Nishitama from The Tenth Passenger, who is one of Kogoro's most avid admirers.


  1. ^ All Gifu police cars have indeed Shirakawa (白川) as license plate.

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