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Rei is confirmed to be half-Japanese. When he was a child, he often got into fights with other children because he was bullied for his mixed ethnicity. Whenever this happened he would get bandaged up by Elena Miyano. At one point, she told him that she had to move far away and would not be able to bandage him up again.

As a child, Rei had the nickname "Zero", based on his first name and given to him by his childhood friend Hiromitsu Morofushi.

National Police Association

Rei attended police academy with Hiromitsu Morofushi, Wataru Date, Jinpei Matsuda, and Kenji Hagiwara. According to Wataru Date, Rei was always ranked first in his year. Following his graduation, he went on to join the Public Security Bureau as a member of the Zero division, and at some point received the assignment to become an undercover agent in the Black Organization along with Hiromitsu.

Black Organization

With Hiromitsu Morofushi

Shuichi Akai (Rye), Rei Furuya (Bourbon), and Hiromitsu Morofushi (Scotch) were all members of the Black Organization at a point four years ago. Three years ago, Shuichi was found by Rei, standing over Hiromitsu's dead body holding a smoking gun. Ever since then Rei has blamed Shuichi and has sought out to kill him.

Scar Akai

Scar Akai.jpg

After learning that Shuichi Akai had been killed by Kir, Rei began disguising as Shuichi with a large burn with Vermouth's help. In this disguise, he approached the close friends of Shuichi Akai to gauge whether he was truly dead. Rei first used the disguise to approach Jodie Starling at Teito Bank, then Andre Camel at Beika Department Store, he also sends Kogoro a text message on his deduction of the current case using a borrowed phone from a bystander. Whether he did this out of concern for the hostages or his own well being is not mentioned.

Tooru Amuro

Amuro gets knocked over by a case suspect

After that Rei Furuya appeared as a private investigator on a case, where he runs into Kogoro and Conan. Through this interaction he became Kogoro's apprentice and monitored his actions by working at the Poirot Cafe below the Detective Agency. During this monitoring, he saw a video of Shiho Miyano with a Mystery Train Pass ring, resulting in a Black Organization attack in an attempt to kill her on the train. Later, through information gathered from Jodie, Takagi, and Camel, he managed to discover the truth behind Shuichi Akai's death. Now that he knows that knows he is alive, he wishes to kill Shuichi himself as a way of getting revenge for Shuichi killing Hiromitsu.

Plot overview

On the Move (Manga: 622, Anime: 509)

CIA infiltrator Kir manages to sneak away from the people watching her and report to Jodie Starling that a newly activated member called Bourbon has been dispatched to look for Sherry and that he is very good at deduction and intelligence gathering. Jodie passes this information onto Conan. After hearing that Bourbon is on the move, Conan looks concerned, but doesn't tell Haibara about him.[1]

Scar Akai

For the chronology of Scar Akai, please see Scar Akai's timeline

Amuro's Introduction (Manga: 793-795, Anime: 667-668)

Rei (under the alias Tooru Amuro) is hired by to-be-bride Hatsune Kamon to investigate whether her to-be-husband, Raita Banba, is cheating on her. As part of the investigation, Rei tells Kamon to have their pre-wedding celebration at the restaurant, Ristorante Sundayrino, where he works as a waiter. He purposefully drops some cake on Banba's pants trying to make Banba too embarrassed to approach women later. Banba complains about Amuro's "mistake", but Kamon tells Amuro it's alright to protect him. Banba later gets drunk, and Amuro has to point out his phone is ringing.

Banba goes to the bathroom to meet the person who called him, the detective Sanji Haruka, who Banba hired to find out if Kamon was cheating on him. Sanji had been following the wife and discovered her meeting with Amuro, so Sanji mistakenly reports Kamon is having an affair with Amuro. Sanji confirms Amuro has a matching voice by asking Amuro to repeat his order, a bourbon on the rocks.

Banba is furious at Amuro and begins to harass him; like shouldering him and knocking Amuro over in front of the other waiters. Later Kamon dies in a car fire that is ruled an arson, and Banba accuses Amuro of starting it because he is Kamon's lover. Amuro denies this and says that Banba may have been trying to disguise wounds he received while fighting with Kamon by tripping Amuro. Amuro then takes off his glasses and reveals himself to be a private detective hired by Kamon, not her lover.

Amuro becomes Kogoro's apprentice

After Amuro correctly gives his deduction that Sanji was a detective hired by Banba, Kogoro accuses Amuro of driving Kamon to suicide by telling her about her husband's shameless flirting, but Amuro denies contacting Kamon by phone. Amuro accuses Banba of being the murderer, which antagonizes Banba into to rushing him. Amuro dodges and trips Banba and asks Kogoro to hold Banba's legs. From the condition of the bottom of Banba's shoes and Amuro's detailed background investigation of Banba and Kamon, Conan is able to deduce that Kamon's death was really a suicide. Amuro continues to accuse Banba after more DNA evidence comes in, but Conan prevents his arrest by using Sleeping Kogoro to ask Banba a critical question that reveals he never stepped outside. Amuro challenges Kogoro's deduction, suggesting that maybe Banba used a knit cap and long windbreaker to disguise himself, but Sleeping Kogoro counters by pointing out the condition of Banba's shoes. Defeated, Amuro demands Kogoro explain the matching DNA, which he does, revealing that Kamon and Banba are identical twins, but Kamon had a chromosomal abnormality that resulted in her being phenotypically female. Humbled, Amuro explains the abnormality condition to those present which Inspector Megure confirms.

One day later, Amuro has started work as a waiter at Café Poirot below Mouri Detective Agency. He asks Kogoro if he can be Kogoro's apprentice and whispers some unheard amount of money per case that he is will pay if Kogoro brings Amuro along with him. The amount thrills Kogoro into accepting Amuro's offer immediately. Conan mentally moans about how yet another bothersome person has appeared.

Murder at Mouri Detective Agency (Manga: 796-800, Anime: 671-674)

Amuro brings some sandwiches hoping to join Kogoro on a case.

While Kogoro and the gang are watching a news report on a recent bank robbery, Amuro stops by with sandwiches from the Poirot after finishing his part time job for the day. After commenting on the robbery, Amuro reveals that he wants the scoop on Kogoro's newest case request after deducing from Kogoro's appearance and habits that Kogoro had a case. Kogoro gets a text from the client requesting that Kogoro switch the meeting location to the Café Columbo, and Amuro goes with them after changing out of his work clothes. At the Columbo, Kogoro explains to Amuro the request was to find the locker a key belongs to. The client fails to show, so Amuro, Kogoro, Conan, and Ran go back to the Detective Agency to make sure the client didn't actually turn up there instead. When Amuro arrives at the agency, he and Conan notice someone had broken in and appeared to have intercepted the client while they were out. Stepping outside, Amuro explains his deductions to the rest of the gang and that the culprit is hiding in the restroom.

Amuro and Conan heard the gunshot

Before Amuro can open the bathroom door, a gunshot rings out, and Conan rushes in to find a dead man who apparently committed suicide with a gun and a taped-up crying woman. The woman's story is that the now-dead guy was interrogating her about the key and locker and committed suicide when Kogoro returned early, but Amuro and Conan suspect she is lying and may have murdered the man.

Amuro questions the woman a little, and Megure comments to Kogoro about he has yet another detective hanging around him. Curious, Amuro asks about the other detective and hears she is a young girl. Amuro offers to drive the formerly tied up woman to her home after questioning was postponed until the next day. Conan, Ran and Kogoro come along for the ride. At the woman's house, Conan, Amuro, and Kogoro announce they need to use the restroom and go inside. Ran turns on her cellphone and immediately gets a call from Masumi, who was worried after seeing the news of the murder. The call is full of static, and Amuro suddenly shuts Ran's phone and announces the place is bugged, which is interfering with the cellphone signal. Amuro gets out a bug detector and begins sweeping the house. Ran, Amuro, and Kogoro find several bugs before coming across a large suitcase under a bed that is emitting a horrible smell. They opened the bugged suitcase and find a corpse inside.

Rei sees Masumi

Soon afterwards, it was revealed that the culprit was indeed the woman, who sent Kogoro a message claiming that she was having Conan in her hands. During the investigation, they have found out a video recording summary, which contains many news about the robbery, inside the TV. Amuro then quickly gave out the speculation that the apartment might actually belonged to one of the robbers instead. Ran didn't understand how a detective of such level of intelligence could willingly become her father's apprentice. However, Amuro modestly answered that Kogoro was just testing him, and that he still had got much to learn.

Later, they decided to check up the house's computer, which was protected with password. Amuro discovered that the password was hidden under the desk, but instead of revealing the fact directly, he chose to hint Kogoro and Ran about it. After having gained access to the computer, they have all found out the identity of the third robber and her location, where Conan's kidnapper would most likely pay a visit. They followed the address and drive to that place, Masumi approached them closely from behind. However, while still on the road, they suddenly learned that the third robber had been overwhelming both Conan and the killer, and they were in serious danger. Right after determining the exact car that those three were in, Amuro purposely crashed his own car into theirs in order to stop it. In the end, the robber was defeated by Masumi, Conan was safe. Amuro, Masumi, Subaru (who was driving Agasa and Haibara to the scene) were all shown to receive a mysterious call. Vermouth called Bourbon and commented that he had gained some trust[2] and that she expected him to keep his (unstated) promise to her.

Won't Forgive Even One Milimeter (Manga: 801, Anime: 675)

Amuro has a day off of work. After Amuro had his encounter with Masumi in the previous case, he notices that she looks like Akai, so Amuro once again disguises himself as Shuichi to gauge her reaction. However, like Jodie and Camel before her, Masumi was just as shocked by his appearence.

Overnight Deadline (Manga: 804-808, Anime: 681-683)

Amuro walks away from Date's grave.

Conan and the Detective Boys encounter Amuro who was coming from the police station due to the event of the "Online Client" case. Because he had crashed his car into the car of the woman who kidnapped Conan, he was called to come there and finish some procedures so the police could determine whether his action had been overkill. He expresses his disappointment at not being able to meet Professor Agasa with them. He also states that he had another purpose for coming to the station, but when asked by Conan what it is, Amuro claims that it "has already disappeared".

Later, when Takagi is still trapped, he reminisces about a time with his mentor Wataru Date and he said that Date was the top student at the police academy. However, Date rebutted this and told Takagi that he had always been number 2. He also said that neither his brains nor his brawn was anything compared to that guy who was like a gentleman. Later, it's revealed that the person whom Date was talking about is Amuro. He leaves a toothpick by Date's grave and watches Takagi and Sato pay their respects. Before leaving, he deletes a text message that Date sent him, while thinking "Rest in peace, my friend..."

Amuro hacking Kogoro's PC

Cabin Trap (Manga: 815-817, Anime: 699-700)

Ran and Kogoro are being served by Amuro at the Poirot. Presumably in reponse to being asked about Conan's absence, Kogoro tells Amuro that Conan and the Detective Boys went camping in Gunma, and they will be sending pictures to Kogoro's computer later. When Masumi calls Ran to ask about what sort of vehicle Agasa drives, Amuro listens suspiciously. Late that night, Amuro furtively sneaks into the empty Mouri Detective Agency and logs onto Kogoro's website using the password Kogoro inadvertently told him in an earlier case. Instead of pictures from the Detective Boys' camping trip that he was expecting, he sees a video sent by someone (Mitsuhiko) that shows Shiho Miyano rescuing Ayumi from a cabin fire. He is shocked, and then he zooms in on her hand and notices she is wearing a pass ring for the Bell Tree Express mystery train. Amuro then notices that Kogoro's computer was being hacked by someone and wonders who did it. Amuro passes over the information that Shiho appeared in Gunma and will be boarding the mystery train to Vermouth who will relay it to Gin.

Mystery Train (Manga: 820-824, Anime: 701-704)

Amuro introduces himself as Bourbon.

Amuro appears on the train where he runs into Ran and the others. When asked what he is doing there, Amuro claims he won his tickets in an online auction and that he coincidentally met Kogoro in the dining cart where he learned of the case. When Masumi Sera runs off to find Scar Akai (Vermouth), Amuro is seen with his phone out contacting Vermouth that she was heading her way. He then comes when Conan (through Kogoro) starts his deduction on the murder culprit and reveals that three mirror plates were stuffed in a painting which was used for the locked room murder trick.

However, after the culprit confesses, Vermouth activated smoke canisters throughout the train in order to lure Ai Haibara (who supposedly transformed back to Shiho Miyano) out. After that is successful, Amuro introduces himself to her by calling himself Bourbon. He goes on to ask Shiho if she knows who he is to which she claims that he was a rival to her sister's love Dai Moroboshi (Shuichi Akai). Amuro starts to gloat saying that he knew Shuichi was FBI and that he couldn't believe that he was killed. He then says he decided to disguise as Shuichi in front of those close to him, although he asked Vermouth to disguise as him on the train. From that, he could only conclude that Shuichi really died. Putting Shiho at gunpoint, he tells her to go into the eighth cart so he can detach it with C4 explosives and bring her back to the organization. However, Shiho reveals that there are more C4 explosives in the train, when Amuro realizes that Vermouth put them there and that she plans to have Sherry killed. However, before he can do anything else, the real Shuichi (whom Amuro mistook as Vermouth) comes behind him and throws a grenade to detach the eighth cart. Amuro dodges the explosive relatively unscathed and the eighth cart explodes, but Shiho (who was really Kaitou Kid in disguise) is able to escape. Amuro then regroups with Vermouth and asks her to give him the files on before and after Shuichi's death. He thinks to himself that he'll have to start from square one, while Subaru, who is revealed to be Shuichi Akai watches on silently.

Tennis Meetup (Manga: 825-827, Anime: 705-706)

Amuro suspects that Conan is "Sleeping Kogoro".

After the events of the Bell Tree express, Amuro went on sick leave which Conan took as a sign that he wasn't planning to return. However, to Conan's horror, Amuro had asked Kogoro if he and Sonoko wanted tennis lessons. He meets them at a tennis court and reveals he will be coming back to work at the Poirot next week. When a tennis racket accidentally slips from a player's hand, Amuro tries to warn Conan that it will hit him, but Conan is unable to dodge it in time. Conan is knocked unconscious, and Amuro rushes over and does everything to make sure Conan is assisted medically before a real doctor arrives to check Conan's condition. When Conan awakens, he finds out he was moved to the house of the person who hit him with the racket. After an apology, the group asks if Amuro, Sonoko, and the Mouris would like to play doubles tennis with them. Conan goes off to take a nap, but a loud noise wakes him up, and he discovers one of the players has been murdered and the body is locked in the room with him. Worried about the noise, Amuro picks the room's lock and tries to open the door, but Conan yells at him to stop as there is a beaten body next to it. When the police come to investigate, Amuro helps in the investigation. As Conan prepares to tranquilize Kogoro, Amuro, starting to get suspicious, bends down to examine Conan aiming his watch, which prevents Conan from using it. Conan is instead forced to give out hints to lead Kogoro and the police to the right answer. After the case is over, Amuro and Vermouth have a phone conversation. Vermouth asks why Amuro is still sticking around the Mouri Detective Agency when there is no need to because Sherry has been dealt with, and Amuro responds that he is interested by Sleeping Kogoro. As he says this, he thinks of Conan instead, implying he suspects Conan is the real Sleeping Kogoro.

Delivery Service (Manga: 842-843, Anime: 722-723)

Amuro punches the delivery man's chest.

The Detective Boys become trapped in a refrigerated delivery truck with a cat, a dead body, and two murderous workers. Unable to call for help and out of other options, Conan decides to try to get a message to Amuro using the cat and a doctored receipt. The receipt initially blew away, but after realizing it was from Conan, Amuro tracks it down using a specialized app on his phone that can simulate wind conditions between the buildings in Beika city. Amuro locates the delivery truck in his repaired Mazda RX-7. The Black Organization agent decides to pretend like he came by chance instead of decoding the message on the receipt, and asks the two delivery men to make way because the street is narrow. When the kids see him and cry for help, Amuro, playing dumb, asks why they are in that truck. One of the murderers then orders Amuro to get in the truck by threatening the safety of the children. Amuro immediately punches the man's chest so hard that he coughs up blood. The remaining kidnapper backs down and Amuro ties him up and tells Conan to call the police. The children then reveal that they are outside of Agasa's house, which Amuro takes interest in. Haibara manages to stay behind the other kids and goes unnoticed by Amuro, and Subaru watches the unfolding scene from Shinichi's house's window.

A Shrine to Remember (Manga: 850-852, Anime: 734)

Suspecting that they may hold more valuable information for his investigation, Amuro follows Conan and Jodie to a sakura viewing scenic spot and attempts to approach them using someone else's appearance. He, with Vermouth's assistance, impersonates a random man named Touhei Benzaki, after having knocked him unconscious. Unknowing to Amuro, the real Benzaki has just been pickpocketed by a female thief.

In front of Conan and Jodie, Amuro claims to be the husband of the woman who taped Jodie back in the bank robbery case, where he was also one of the victims himself. He also says that he saw Scar Akai a few days back, to which both of them react strongly. Jodie immediately grabs Amuro's arm and questions him where did that happen, while he takes advantage of the chance and secretly plants an eavesdropping device inside the sleeve of her jacket. Suddenly, the female thief approaches them in an attempt to steal Jodie's money. She recognizes Benzaki's face and worries that he may figure out about her action, but Amuro pays no further attention to her. After that, he declares not remembering the place that he saw Scar Akai due to his cold; and during a conversation with Jodie, Amuro learns that Shuichi Akai likes drinking canned coffee and has dropped one back when the Organization was trying to attack Haido Central Hospital. Jodie also implies that she knows Scar Akai and the real Akai are not the same person. She hands to Amuro her phone number and asks him to contact her if he happens to recall anything.

Conan with a Disguised Bourbon in background

In the above picture in the episode of Jodie's Memories, when Conan was using Agasa for his deduction, Conan was standing behind Agasa. A disguised Bourbon was standing in front of the crowd, although he may have repositioned himself slightly see Conan speaking behind a wide awake 'Mouthing" Agasa.

He told Vermouth that Conan is a terrifying man.

Amuro removes a Benzaki face latex mask.

Later, the female thief is murdered by one of her victims and Amuro (as Touhei Benzaki) unwillingly becomes one of the suspects. Through the eavesdropping device planted earlier, Amuro is able to listen to Jodie's conversations with Conan, where she mentions how Conan assisted the FBI in unmasking Rikumichi Kusuda as the spy from the Organization using his cellphone.

After the case is closed and the culprit gets arrested, Conan expresses his surprise at Benzaki not being able to recognize the thief the second time he met her, and wonders if he has bad eyesight. Amuro awkwardly evades the question by saying that he was there to buy a good-luck charm and not to see the flowers. Much to his luck, Vermouth, imitating the appearance of the woman who taped Jodie, walks towards them and answers that the good luck charm was for their baby. She pretends to have a morning sickness in order to remove the eavesdropping device from Jodie and create an excuse for Amuro to leave the crime scene immediately. Amuro then returns the stolen purse to the real Benzaki and drives Vermouth away.

Inside the car, Amuro and Vermouth discuss about the case a little. She wonders whether he has got hold of something interesting from Jodie. Amuro states that he has learned a "surprising inside story", but won't share the details with Vermouth until he's got the proof. He only comments that Conan is a "terrifying man".

Cocktail of Sorrow (Manga: 853-855, Anime: 738-739)

Steamy Relations (Manga: 856, Anime: 740)

Amuro observes Conan as he makes a phone call to Haibara.

Conan suspects that the couple who approached him and Jodie was in fact Bourbon and Vermouth in disguise. While panicking, Conan realizes that the slip in Bourbon and Vermouth's story that allowed him to recognize their lie might have been intentional, so that he would realize the truth, panic, and then make a critical mistake. Conan calms down and calls Haibara to confirm whether she has felt any members of the Black Organization lately, not knowing that Amuro is watching him closely from a corner nearby.

Taii's Owner (Manga: 865-868, Anime: 751)

Amuro observes Conan solving a case involving the ownership of a rare cat. He mentions to Azusa that Conan intentionally made up a fact so that he could do his test on the suspects; Conan is like a cat hiding his claws.

Tea Poisoning Murder Case (Manga: 888-890, Anime: 770-771)

A conversation between Amuro and Elena Miyano in his childhood.

Bourbon goes to Haido Central Hospital looking for information about what happened to the spy Rikumichi Kusuda. Unfortunately, Conan lies badly when Amuro asks him if he knew Rikumichi, and Amuro learns that Conan really did know Rikumichi. Later, a child saying "Zero" prompts Amuro to remember a conversation during his childhood between him and Elena Miyano.

I told you not to do that, didn't I? Fighting, of all things. The next time you get hurt I won't be able to treat you since I'm going to a far away place. Bye Bye, Rei-kun"

— Elena Miyano speaking to an injured child Amuro

At the end of the case, Takagi tells Amuro that the police found the damaged car of Kusuda Rikumuchi with lots of blood but the owner was not found.

Teacher Assault Case (Manga: 891-893, Anime: 779-780)

When Conan questions if Amuro was "an enemy of the bad guys", Amuro claimed that Conan has misunderstood his intentions.

Scarlet Showdown (Manga: 894-898, Anime: 781-783)

Amuro confronts Subaru at the Kudo's house.
Subaru reminisces about the past between him and Amuro.

Bourbon, having deduced the trick that Shuichi Akai used to fake his death, confronts Subaru Okiya at the Kudo house, believing him to be Shuichi in disguise. His colleagues attempt to corner Jodie and Camel in Raiha Pass to make sure Shuichi wouldn't resist capture, only to be foiled by Shuichi himself who has been hiding in the back seat of the car Jodie and Camel are in. It was then explored that Bourbon's real name was Rei Furuya and he is a member of the Japanese National Police Agency Security Bureau Security Planning Division infiltrating the Black Organization. His colleagues in this case also come from the same agency and Shuichi's and Rei's hostility come from an incident involving an unspecified man, about whom Shuichi says he regrets.

Scriptwriter Murder Case (Manga: 906-908, Anime: 792-793)

Girls Band Murder Case (Manga: 936-938, Anime: 836-837)

Bourbon's Mission (Manga: 954-957; Anime: 866-867)

Akai shoots Scotch

During a case, Rei noticed that Subaru was left-handed, and remembered that the Subaru he met at the Kudo Mansion (who was actually Yusaku in disguise) was right-handed. This reignited his suspicions of Subaru being Akai. At the end of the case, he tells Subaru that he would like to pull down his high collar but will save it for another day.

Murder inside Café Poirot (Manga: 981-983, Anime: 885-886)

An attempted murder case happens inside the café. This is the first time that Heiji has met Amuro.

Haibara's Lost Phone Strap Case (Manga: 997-999, Anime: 925-926)

While monitoring Subaru Okiya in his car, Amuro runs into Detective Boys, and assists them in finding the phone strap that Haibara lost during their way home. He witnesses Conan's use of the Voice-Changing Bowtie ands the Power-Enhancing Kick Shoes.

Missing Maria Higashio Case (Manga: 1008, Anime: 942)

Amuro receives an email from Rum, ordering him to gather information about Shinichi Kudo.

Black Bunny Club Case (Manga: 1009-1012, Anime: 952-954)

Akai vs. Amuro showdown

Rei, along with the Mouri family, visits a Black Bunny Club in order to investigate a threatening letter received by their client. A case occurs when one of the club's employees gets poisoned and Rei helps solve the case with Conan.

During the case, after hearing the word "injury", Rei began to remember his childhood when his injuries were often treated by Elena Miyano. It is revealed that Rei is half-Japanese, the reason behind his frequent fights with bullies in the past.

Nine hours after the case, while searching for information about Shinichi with the extra key he stole from Ran's wallet, Amuro infiltrates the Kudo house and is confronted by an unmasked Akai. The two point guns at each other and have a short, tension-filled conversation. However, they are suddenly interrupted by the appearance of Yusaku and Yukiko, who invite Rei to sit down and have some tea.

Policewomen Serial Murder Case (Manga: 1015-1017, Anime: 972-974)

Amuro gives major informations to Conan about the three suspects involved in the murder of policewomen. When Azusa noticed how Conan acts as a real detective, Amuro; recalling his meeting in the Kudo house, told her that he is an amazing private eye; aware that he was the one who set up the whole plan for the meeting.

At the end of the case, he is seen talking with Kuroda on the phone about the meeting with the Kudos, with latter calling him by his codename "Bourbon".

Nagano Snowy Mountains Case (Manga: 1027-1031, Anime: 1003-1005)

Amuro, along with Kanenori Wakita, joins Conan and Kogoro to Nagano after receiving a request about investigating a suicide case in an old church. Upon reaching the church they are joined by some people. It is soon revealed that someone has assembled all of them together keeping their identity secret. Next they are trapped inside the church and two of the people were killed.

They team up with pairs to investigate the case and Amuro pairs with Conan. Conan secretly asks Amuro if he knows Rum. Amuro refuses to answer, but describes Rum as being "exceedingly impatient".

Unknownst to him, he is recognize by one of the Nagano Prefecture Police Inspector from the video footage, Taka'aki Morofushi, Hiromitsu's older brother which they met before. He suspect that the envelope he received before could be send by Amuro.

After they are rescue from the church, Morofushi come to them and pretended he didn't know Amuro by greeting with Kogoro only, asking him the identity of Amuro and Wakita were. And as he was called away to continue his work, he passes through Amuro and says "Every moment is precious. Not a moment should be wasted." With a inner monologues that "Time is money, as the saying goes."

Trapped at Hatoyama Farm (Manga: 1051-1054, Anime: TBA)

Amuro receive a call from Kazami and decide head to Hatoyam Farm rescue him. He meet up with Detective Boys, Kobayashi and Rumi whose going to the fram for picking up chicken. However, he gets trapped inside the farmhouse's cellar along with Conan, Mitsuhiko and Kobayashi as he uses Ayumi as a hostage by the farm's owner brother and meet up with Kazami.

Before he gets trapped, he picked up a shogi piece, which is a bishop and recalled that the murdered Haneda Kohji always kept it as a good luck charm, which was missing at the crime scene of the murder accoeding to his PSB training files. He suspect the murderer of Haneda Kohji is also on the farm.

After they are rescued, he is lured back into the cellar and concealed by the darkness and knocked out by someone. Rumi mentioned she lost her grip and let go for the trapped door cutting all the light, which cause him missed a step on the stairs. However, he start wondering whether the person knocked him out was an illusion or not while Haibara notice Rumi retrieve back the bishop shogi.

Kogoro in a Dilemma (Manga: 1057, Anime: TBA)

Amuro is seen concern at Rumi by looking a picture on her which is taken from the Hatoyama Farm case.

Kaitou Kid and the Queen's Bangs (Manga: 1076-1078, Anime: TBA)

Wataru Date's Notebook (Manga: 1079-1081, Anime: TBA)

Non-canon plot overview

Episode 813: The Shadow Approaching Amuro

This episode will be a pre-story to movie 20.

Movie 20: The Darkest Nightmare

Episode 898: The Melting Cake!

This case is the pre-story to movie 22.

Movie 22: Zero the Enforcer

Movie 25: The Bride of Halloween


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