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Muga Iori

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Japanese name: 伊織 無我 (Iori Muga)
English name: Muga Iori
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Nicknames: 和田 進一 (Wada Shin'ichi; name given to Takagi)
Aliases: Sakakibara
First appearance: Manga: File 981 as "Shinichi Wada"
File 983 as himself
Anime: Movie 21
Appearances: Chapters: 20
Episodes: 9
Movies: 2
Keyhole number: Volume 105
Japanese voice: Daisuke Ono
English voice: Grant George

Muga Iori (伊織 無我 Iori Muga?) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


He seems to have extensive knowledge of European history. He is a butler of Ooka family in Kyoto. It's was revealed that he's a former Public Security Bureau officer.[1] Iori met Momiji three years ago on a mission and decided to become her butler then. He graduated from the Police Academy, the same year as Kazami and was assigned the same division of Furuya.[2]


Iori's face seems to be designed very similarly to Shuichi Akai and Shukichi Haneda, however the eyes have marks that are similar to Curaçao and various minor case characters. He is wearing a hat that is identical to the hat worn by Tsutomu Akai in Shuichi and Mary's flashback images of him. What hair can be seen from under the hat on the back of his head is similar to that of Ethan Hondou. He wears glasses with thick black rims similar to Kohji Haneda's and a button up coat. Later, when Iori is at the airport, he removes the glasses, the scarf and the hat and reveals that he has long, curly hair.


Iori is a loyal butler of Momiji, who vows to do his best to support her and her romantic endeavor with Heiji Hattori. He is confident that Heiji's primary love interest, Kazuha Toyama, won't be an obstacle for Momiji. Momiji relies on Iori for second opinions. For instance, she asks Muga's opinion on Heiji and even sent him to Tokyo so that Iori could see him with his own eyes. Iori approves of Heiji as the choice for her future partner. Iori is also analytic and careful about planning for Momiji, making him a trustworthy butler. During the first encounter with Heiji and Conan where he fell under suspicion of a murder at the Cafe Poirot, Iori easily improvised believable answers for Conan, Heiji, and the police's questions. Iori is apparently also stealthy because Conan and Heiji "could not feel his presence" and even the police didn't notice when he later leaves the crime scene.


Iori has strong martial arts skills, which are shown when he knocks down someone trying to scare Momiji and Sonoko, it is most likely his martial art is muay thai because the technique he used was a flying knee. Iori is also stealthy like Heiji and Conan didn't notice him when he came to cafe and when he leave police didn't either.


Plot overview

Murder inside Café Poirot (Manga: 981-983, Anime: 885-886)

Conan and Heiji meet at cafe Poirot and are served by Amuro when Iori enters the conversation. The two detectives didn't even notice he was sitting at a nearby table drinking tea. Conan and Heiji look surprised, while Amuro gives him a serious stare. Iori is present when the attempted murder takes place and makes sure that no one could've escaped through the front door. He introduces himself to the police as Shinichi Wada, borrowing the Japanese name of Dr. Watson. Later, he receives the solution of the case from Momiji through his earphone and relays a hint in form of Hyakunin Isshu poem to Heiji, Conan and Amuro, with which they manage to solve the case. After the case is solved, Iori travels back to Kyoto and in a call with Momiji at the airport, he approves of her choosing Heiji as her future partner and tells her that he will do his best to support her.

Kendo Tournament Murder Case (Manga: 990-993, Anime: 916-917)

Iori and Momiji were present at the tournament. They were hoping Heiji would win, but he became involved in a case and was disqualified for not appearing at his match in time. Disappointed, the two fail to approach Heiji.

Crimson School Trip Case (Manga: 1005, Anime: 927-928)

Iori has made brief appearance in the entire case. He showed up shortly after Momiji was present. During the Tengu chaos, he protected Momiji by knocking out a person behind a Tengu mask. His brief presence, however, surprised Sonoko.

Lover Code Case (Manga: 1039-1042, Anime: 1024-1025)

Iori and Momiji meets Heiji and Kazuha to convinced Heiji to solve the code. They hinted to Heiji that Shinichi will also try to solve it and if Heiji loses the challenge then he must do as Momiji wishes. After Heiji and Shinichi crack the code they arrive at the scene to find a man dead. He states that the first person to find the culprit is the winner. They also find that Heiji wants to confessing his feeling to Kazuha and decide to help Shinchi. However, Heiji is able to solve the case and grabs Kazuha in order to confess to her. He whispers something to Kazuha and she runs off when Heiji is in the middle of speaking to prevent his confessing.

Detective Play Director Murder Case (Manga: 1088-1090, Anime: TBD)

Iori is Ran and Kazuha's driver to travel arround Kyoto for sightseeing. After they return to Momiji, he encounters with Hyoue Kuroda, who calls him Sakakibara, a codename when he was undercover as a Public Security Bureau officer in the past.

Murder on the Shinkansen (Manga: 1113-1115, Anime: TBD)

During the case it is revealed how he and Momiji met 3 years ago.

Non-canon plot overview

The Crimson Love Letter (Movie: 21)

Iori only appeared briefly. He was shown following Momiji around and serving her such as: driving her, serving tea and helping her. He was also shown talking to Heiji and Inspector Ayanokoji for a brief time.

The Million-dollar Pentagram (Movie: 27)

Name origin

His name, Muga Iori, comes from Iori Sakakibara (榊原 伊織 Sakakibara Iori?), a doctor and close friend of Ooka Tadasuke in the series Ōoka Echizen, and Muga Takewaki (竹脇 無我 Takewaki Muga?), the actor who plays the role of Iori Sakakibara in the series.

The name "Shinichi Wada" (和田 進一 Wada Shin'ichi?) that he introduces himself with sounds identical to the first name of Shinichi Kudo, however, for Iori it is written with the kanji for "progress" (進) instead of the one for "new" (新) used in Shinichi's name. The last name "Wada" is written with the same kanji as the last name of Hina Wada. Shinichi Wada was also the localized name of Dr. Watson in one of the first translated releases of A Study in Scarlet in Japan.

Different looks

Episode 927
Movie 27


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