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Volume 90

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Release date: August 18, 2016
Chapters: 949-959
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-09-127330-7
Publisher: Shogakukan
English release date: April 9, 2024[1]
English ISBN: ISBN 1-9747-4338-4
English Publisher: Viz Media
Featured Detective & Keyhole
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The Phantom Thief Detective Yamaneko
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Vermouth as Azusa Enomoto
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The Clenched Scissors and the Clipped Letters

File 949 - Sweet Scent

As the case seems similar to the 17 years ago's one with Kohji Haneda, Conan asks Okiya/Akai the reason why he joined the FBI. Okiya replies it has to do indeed with the 17-year-old case in which his father had been involved. Okiya says his father wasn't from the FBI, but refuses to tell Conan more about it...unless the latter tells him about his true identity. Conan says he'll tell him when the case is solved and closed - even though Conan believes it's useless as Akai probably already knows the entire truth.

Kazunori Senba tells the police he wants to go back home as they don't need him anymore. But the police insists on him staying a little longer for some more questioning, and Chiba tells Okiya and Agasa Senba is the one who found out Hiyama's corpse, he injured his foot stepping by accident on shattered glass in the crime's room. Okiya asks Senba if his right leg still hurts him, and Senba replies he actually injured his left foot, though he had an accident last month during which his right leg was badly injured, and still hurts actually. Takagi tells Senba Okiya is just Agasa's assistant, the one who invented the fancy scissors Hiyama had in hand when dying. Senba refuses to tell Okiya about the events as he's not from the police, but Conan tells Senba Okiya just wants to check if the scissors' special function actually worked, because the mechanism could have been activated if the culprit has done something weird around Hiyama's body.

Senba then accepts to recount what happened : he came in Hiyama's house and was searched by the bodyguards who checked if he had metallic objects on him. Senba then went to the central lodge and opened the door, then he waited in the corridor a minute or two, but Hiyama never came. Senba called out for him but still nothing. Afterwards, he wandered around the lodge, checking the rooms one after the other, until the bathroom, only to find Hiyama's corpse there, and the room as it is now. Senba says as soon as he saw Hiyama's head was bleeding he rushed to rescue him. Okiya says then it's strange he went straight ahead without noticing the clearly visible shattered glass on the floor. Senba says he didn't notice it as he had barely cracked the door open to check the room rapidly. It wasn't directly in his field of vision, then he stepped on it by chance. But Conan says it's still weird as since the glass was shattered near the entrance, probably slung to the murderer's face by Hiyama, then if Senba had cracked the door open and immediately opened it wide afterwards to rush to Hiyama, the glass would have been swept aside by the door movement, implying Senba had really faint chances of stepping on a bit. Senba says he actually made a mistake : he now remembers the door to be open when he came, explaining why he directly saw Hiyama and ran to help him without noticing the glass.

Senba notes Conan's undeceived gaze at him and tells him he's not the murderer despite his insinuations. He says if he had killed Hiyama he would be covered in blood, his clothes would be dripping bloody. Senba shows Conan his clothes in evidence but Conan notices Senba's shirt buttons are ill-fastened, as if done in a rush. Agasa and Okiya also note Senba's shirt isn't properly tucked into his trousers in the back, and his tie is too loose, just as his clothes are globally ill-kept. Senba takes fright and assures he's not the murderer as he didn't didn't bring any blunt weapons with him. Fed up with that questioning, Senba leaves followed by Takagi who tries to hold him back. Okiya asks the forensic agents picking up the shards of glass if Senba stepped on the glass barefooted, to which the forensics answer he was actually wearing slippers. Conan and Okiya observe the exhibit slipper whose heel is pierced by a shard of glass and red with blood, just as the inner part of the slipper is, and they deduce the ploy used by the culprit.

Megure tells Okiya the broken glass is exactly the same as the other one on the sink, a Fusae-brand toothbrush glass, reminding Agasa of her first love Fusae Campbell, who became a world-famous businesswoman managing accessory-manufacturing firms. As the forensics ask people in front of the door to move aside as they're transporting Hiyama, Conan and Okiya smell a sweet fragrance coming from the corpse. Megure explains when they examined Hiyama's head injury, they found over it some peculiar substance looking like honey. As Megure is tired still not having an answer to the question he keeps asking Okiya, Agasa and Conan, which is what the link with the scissors actually is, he asks them when they intend to go home... Agasa comments on the case being so off-putting : honey on the victim's head, clenched scissors in his hand, a water tap which kept running even after the murder, etc. He wonders how Senba did manage to pass a weapon on to Hiyama's house even after being searched, if he is indeed the murderer. What's more, all windows are barred in the whole house. Okiya and Conan tell him Senba is really the culprit and they've found out his ploy, except for the weapon he used in the crime.

Conan asks the two bodyguards what they found in Senba's pockets when they searched him. He actually had toys in plastic packets, along with little paper leaflets with pictures of other toys and dolls featured on them. He said these were presents for some children he knew, even though he had already shut up his dagashi shop (where toys and candy are usually sold). He also had a wallet and a key, along with a peculiar big yellowish toy ball, just like dagashi shops sell. They gave it to the police, but actually as they had found it on the ground and knew there is a big park next to the house, they thought it wasn't Senba's but rather a toy which was probably flung in the air and lost by a child playing in the park, though none went to retrieve it. Conan asks them to show him where they found it, which is actually just next to the lodge. A bodyguard went there and found it after hearing a strange muffled sound coming from the lodge's roof. Just next to the place the ball was found, Conan spots a small non-barred bottom window which is actually the washroom's one, in order to get more fresh air inside as all the other windows are barred, and actually even a child couldn't slip through it, which is why bars are useless here. The washroom isn't very far away from the bathroom where the murder took place, and from the cloakroom. The guard remembers the noise on the roof to be quite loud, like a double hit or so.

As Conan and Okiya think about it and realise what the weapon might be, Agasa shouts in fear and tells them he was just startled by hundreds of ants walking a straight line towards the house. Conan doesn't get it why he shouted as Agasa' bookshelf is filled with books about bugs. Agasa answers bugs are cute on pictures but not so much in real life. Conan and Okiya suddenly understand something and follow the ant line up to the house under which landing they glance at something really interesting : the mysterious murder weapon being overrun by dozens of ants.

File 950 - The Clipped Letters

Agasa tells Megure Conan and Okiya have figured out who the murderer is and how he managed not to be suspected at all.


  • Major events

    • Kohji Haneda was killed 17 years ago after he went to USA to participate in a Shogi competition.
    • We know a new detail about Rum.

    Soul Detective Murder Case

    File 951 - The Soul Detective

    Conan believes that the bodyguard Asaka was the black organization member Rum. The website with the information about the murder has been taken down. Then Kogoro gets a phone call from a TV-producer who invites Kogoro to a talk-show with the Soul Detective Gaito Hotta, who claims that he is going to solve the Koji Haneda murders by calling Koji Haneda's spirit. Conan joins along with an excuse of wanting to eat in the restaurant in the hotel, where a meeting with Hotta is going to take place. They meet Kokuri Sanpei, Touto TV Director, who accompanies them to the hotel room of Hotta Gaito, only to find no one answering it. Sanpei checks the mail, and realizes that Hotta had send one an hour ago to him, saying his life is threatened. He calls the bellboy to open the door, and apparently gets a call from a wrong number. Upon opening the door, they hear a glassware shatter on the floor. Hotta is found lying on the bed, stabbed to death. Kogoro spots a blackish shadow vanishing in the veranda. Thinking that it must have entered the adjoining room, they go and knock on its door, only to see Masumi Sera staying there.

    File 952 - In the Suspicious Next Room

    Kogoro tells Masumi that the culprit fled into her room, to which she denies and says there is no one inside besides herself, hiding the presence of the 'sister from outside the domain' (Mary Sera) . Masumi and Mary show hint of recognition at the name of Haneda Kouji, when Kogoro tells her the case details.

    When Sera allows them to enter, Conan rushes to the veranda, but finds no one. He observes that Sanpei's car is parked right underneath that veranda and is a posh car, having retractable roof. Conan takes a picture of it, as well as underneath the veranda, where Mary is hiding. After being called inside, he unknowingly drops his bow-tie which is later picked up by Mary.

    Megure thinks the glasses were shattered, because of the vibration of the repair works starting sharp at nine, when Kogoro entered the room. Takagi simulates the scene with smartphones by banging the table with his fist but is unsuccessful in dropping all of them. But he realizes that a salt like substance is spread on the table.

    Megure notices that the room is hot and also the heater is on. But the bedroom is cold because of the open window. Conan and Masumi check above the veranda door, and find the surface sticky. When Kogoro mentions of the toilet seat opening on its own due to the sensors, Conan realizes the truth of the case and pulls aside Kogoro and tranquilizes him, only then to realize that his bow-tie is missing.

    File 953 - As If Connecting with a Demon in the Darkness


  • Major events

    • Mary is shown to have unusual athletic skills, swinging from under a balcony to land on the railing with ease.
    • Mary is reaveled to be Sera's mother.
    • Gin and Vodka appear. Gin expresses interest in the "Sleeping Kogoro".

    A song named ASACA

    File 954 - Sanction of the Betrayal

    Rei Furuya is shown remembering the day agent Scotch died. Rei failed to make it in time, and saw Scotch killed by a bullet through his heart and Rye (Akai Shuichi) holding the gun. Vermouth snaps Rei back to reality and tells him that the target is a big fish and 'it' must be found and destroyed.

    While cleaning the Kudo mansion, Okiya asks Sonoko and Ran whether they have noticed anyone athletic and watchful around Masumi, whose name is Asaka. Sonoko mentions about the musician Hado Rokumichi's upcoming song titled 'Asaca'. He made the melody 17 years ago and has finally decided to release the song. Sonoko also points out that the 'ka' in Asaka was replaced by 'ca'. Upon learning that they will go see the rehearsal of the song in person, Okiya decides to tag along.

    Upon heading there, they learn from Hado's manager, Enjou Kanae, that the rehearsal is postponed due to Hado not finishing the lyrics yet. The record company president, Fuse Okuyasu, tells them that the performance could be Hado's last one, as he is retiring. Kajia Hirokazu alleges that the president might file a law-suit against Hado for retiring before their contract ends. He also alleges that the manager is Hado's lover. They chance upon Azusa Enomoto and Amuro Tooru (Rei Furuya), who tells them about having asked Sonoko to arrange a visit to the rehearsal. Conan soon figures out that Vermouth is disguised as Azusa. He warns Okiya that they should retreat. But soon Hado is found, hanged to death above the stage.

    File 955 - Whereabouts of the Betrayal

    Amuro, Okiya and Conan rush to the stage, while Ran is stopped by Vermouth from going after Conan. She calls her angel.

    Case Details.

    Amuro comments that massive strength must've required to pull up the body by the rope. A small hole is found on one end of the rope tied to a chair. At the side of the stage a folding chair, excess rope and a tool-box is found. A baseball with a kite string attached is found amongst the seats. In the police questioning, Okuyasu says he was in the rest-room because of ill-stomach. Enjou says she was busy managing the staff in the hall. Hirokazu says he entered only once during the previous encounter and was subsequently thrown out. To Conan's question of anyone being a baseball player, Okuyasu says he played Rugby, Enjou played tennis and Hirokazu was a mountain climing club member. He mentions Hado being a baseball player. Enjou mentions how Hado always carried a baseball that he received as a memento. The police ask about Hado's missing phone.

    Amuro remembers the day of Scotch's death and Rye telling him that Scotch was a member of the PSB. A handwritten note is found in Hado's pocket, which reads 'I'm sorry'. Takagi asks everyone to write that phrase and their name for handwriting analysis. Vermouth confesses to Amuro that she came with him because she grew anxious whether he would upheld her promise of not harming Ran and Conan. While Amuro notices Okiya being a lefty, and comments how he holds a deep grudge against a certain someone who is also lefty.

    File 956 - Brunt of the Betrayal

    The forensic report confirms that the 'I am sorry' note was written by Hado himself. Enjou mentions that Hado had inferiority complex. Hirokazu mentions about a rumor that Hado had plastic surgery, but Enjou shoots it down as false.

    Amuro recalls the Scotch incident to himself. Scotch's right hand was smeared in blood, but not the thumb and the palm. Thus Amuro concludes that Scotch committed suicide, but Akai made it look like he shot him dead. Yet, Amuro still feels that Akai could have avoided Scotch's death, but he didn't.

    It is found out that Hirokazu was secretly taking pictures of Hado, and was told off by him. Conan asks an officer and learns that work gloves and a wire from the tool-box are missing. They observe the back side of the folding chair and notice a small hole through it.

    Meanwhile Ran recalls that a lady (Vermouth) had called her as angel, back when she tried to save Haibara. She wonders why Azusa called her angel now.

    File 957 - Truth of the Betrayal


  • Major events

    • Bourbon, Akai Shuichi, Scotch, Ran and Vermouth flashbacks.
    • Ran recalls Vermouth yelling "Angel".

    Curse of the Nue

    File 958 - The Monster of Yadori Village

    Heiji is invited to a village in Shizuoka Prefecture to investigate rumors of Tokugawa-era golden treasure buried there. Ran, Conan, and Kazuha tag along. They hear about the death of a local man named Charles Abel, whose last words were "Nue", a creature from Japanese mythology. While staying in a decrepit hotel in the area they hear the "Cry of the Nue" from outside.

    File 959 - The Night in which the Nue Screams

    As the cry ceases, they all go to their respective rooms. Suddenly, Heiji notices a blaze outside and orders everyone to evacuate the hostel. Once out, they wonder what's going on as, all of a sudden, a huge Nue cries and emerges from the corner of the hostel. The monster bites a sign and takes it away, escaping. Heiji and Conan run after him while the others go and fetch water to put out the fire. The two detectives find nothing at all, except the sign with huge bite marks on it. They notice blood traces around and follow them, only to find out Someji's corpse, killed by the Nue which left enormous claw marks on his back.


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    2. ^ Dagashi (駄菓子): Japanese cheap sweets.

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