Katsumasa Ogura

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Katsumasa Ogura

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Japanese name: 小倉 功雅
(Ogura Katsumasa)
Age: 49
Gender: Male
Relatives: Sayo Ohashi (employee)
Occupation: Ramen shop owner
First appearance: Manga: File 765
Anime: Episode 644
Appearances: Chapters: 6
Chapters: 10
Episodes: 4
Episodes: 1
Cases solved: 0
Japanese voice: Ken Uo

Katsumasa Ogura (小倉 功雅 Ogura Katsumasa?) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Katsumasa Ogura is a ramen shop owner that lives in Beika Town. He works every weeks and doesn't take any vacation, since he really loves his work. He owned the shop since Sayo Ohashi, her present employee, was young and usually saw her with her father eat there until he died. His shop suddenly went popular after Kogoro and Conan went there to taste the ramen to die for. He is the inventor of the "Death Lord Ramen", which soonly became popular after the murder that occured there. He was one of the suspects in that case, but wasn't really suspicious and an eventual culprit was caught. He is not skilled in publicity, since there wasn't a lot of clients that went there before it went reknowned.


He is a pretty chubby man who doesn't care being a bit overweight and big eyebrows. He wore a big black bandana and yellow sweatshirt in his first appearance, in his second appearance his bandana was white and his shirt was navy blue. He wears an apron while he's cooking to stay clean, and has a brown skin and big eyebrows.


The owner of Ramen Ogura is a really nice person, who likes to greet correctly his clients and doesn't become frustrated when Tokumori Saizu, an evil real estate agent, threatens to tear down his building and disturbs the clients. He likes to tease his friends, and make bets and jokes to keep the atmosphere joyful. He always out detailed information in his descriptions, so the interlocutor won't be deceived.


Plot overview

Ramen So Good (Manga: 765-767, Anime: 644-645)

After relentless efforts to find an appropriate dinner, Kogoro and Conan arrive in Ramen Ogura and quickly thought it to be an old ragged shop, but still gave it a try. It was revealed Ogura and Sayo's skills were really fitted for the tastiness of the "Death Lord Ramen", but soon a murder occurs as the owner of the shopping district, Tokumori Saizu, dies from poison. They find out at the end the culprit is none of the workers of Ramen Ogura, but in fact Atsushi Taninaka, a barber shop owner who resented him.

A Killer in Ramen Ogura (Manga: 928-930, Anime: 827-828)

Masumi and Conan decides to invite Ran and Sonoko to Ramen Ogura, since they watched a show about ramen cooking and, just as they wished, it moved in Beika district, so they met again with Sayo and Ogura at their shop. As they were eating the "Death Lord Ramen", Yumi and Naeko arrive, saying that a possible killer is hidden amongst the three guests other than them. They finally found the culprit after investigations and the jewels they had stolen from the victim.

Relationships analysis

Sayo Ohashi

He is the one who employed Sayo Ohashi and also an aquaintance of hers since her childhood, since he was the owner when she was young. She likes to tease him and make bets with him when they have nothing to do in the shop, and she really lives close to him. She cooperates with him and obey to his tasks.

Name origin

Like the other suspects in the case he first appeared in, his name is related to "ramen sizes"[1]. Katsumasa Ogura (小倉 功雅) comes from "small portion" (小盛り komori?). Additionally, it is the name of Shonen Sunday editor Katsumasa Ogura (小倉 功雅, same kanji).

Different looks

Episode 644
Episode 827


  • There is a real place in Tokyo named "Ramen Ogura", but it is located in Minato district.


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