Ryusuke Higo

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Ryusuke Higo

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Japanese name: 比護 隆佑
(Higo Ryūsuke)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: Rikuo Endo (older brother)
Occupation: Soccer player
First appearance: Manga: File 344
Anime: Episode 279
Appearances: Chapters: 17
Episodes: 17
Movies: 4
OVAs: 1
Openings: 2
Keyhole number: Volume 84
Japanese voice: Takahiro Sakurai

Ryusuke Higo (比護 隆佑 Higo Ryūsuke?) is a soccer player in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Ryusuke Higo and Rikuo Endo at the time they encountered Shinichi Kudo.

Early in life, Ryusuke Higo was an aspiring young soccer player who wanted to play in the J1 League for his dream team Noir Tokyo. He wanted to do this side by side with his older half-brother Rikuo Endo, to whom he was very close despite the fact that he was the result of his (Ryusuke) father's indiscretion with a mistress (Rikuo mother); a fact which was withheld from the public at large. Just after they joined the Noir Tokyo team, the two brothers encountered Shinichi Kudo during a soccer match for his middle school team and became impressed enough with his abilities to invite him to join them.[1]

However, two years after they had joined Noir, Rikuo was forcibly evicted from the team because he was merely used as an enticement for the talented Ryusuke and his own soccer skills were below average, making him of no further use for them. Bitterly disappointed, Higo quit Noir and joined their major rival Big Osaka, who had hired Rikuo as a team coach. At first viciously scorned and derided by both the Noir and Osaka fans, he finally scored the winning goal in a decisive match against Noir, catapulting him back to celebrity status.[1] Because of the huge similarity of their respective life stories (betrayed by their "black" team and fleeing from its greedy clutches), Higo has become a role model for Ai Haibara, formerly "Sherry" of the Black Organization.



Plot overview

Soccer Suporter Case (Manga: 344-346, Anime: 279-280)

Higo's backstory with Tokyo Noire and his brother Endo is explained. Haibara switches allegiance to Big Osaka because she was sympathetic to Higo's difficulties.

Kazuha's Charm Case (Manga: 693-695, Anime: 573-574)

Tomorrow Is There (Manga: 699, Anime: 578)

Another Kogoro (Manga: 787-789, Anime: 661-662)

Delivery Service (Manga: 841-843, Manga: 722-723)

Kite-Flying Competition Murder Case (Manga: 885-887, Anime: 765-766)

Ryusuke and Takahiro appeared in the interview of Yoko Okino. Takahiro said that Ryuske recently listened Yoko's Dandy Lion.

A Secret of the Big Couple (Manga: 925-927, Anime: 822-823)

Ryusuke and Yoko Okino were rumored to be dating. They visit a senpai's namedT eiya Asuka restaurant together. After the murder case of Teiya Asuka, Higo and Yoko are not dating each other; the watch they were looking at on the cover of the tabloid article was a mutual gift for a retiring high school teacher of theirs, and they were meeting with Asuka dedication on the watch.

The Heartfelt Strap (Manga: 998, Anime: 925-926)

While they were in a soccer game opposing Tokyo Spirits and Big Osaka, the Detective Boys (without Agasa) were assisting the match and Haibara had bought a Higo strap for her phone. Then, Higo himself was in the stands walking and talking to fans because he couldn't play because of an injury he had gotten in a previous game. He went to Haibara and talked to her while remembering that she was there in a previous case involving him and Yoko Okino and he touched the strap she had bought and gave her back and said that he appreciated her.

Non-canon plot overview

The Eleventh Striker (Movie: 16)

When Higo attends an open day soccer event in which the Detective Boys participate, and sees Conan using his well-developed soccer skills, he is instantly reminded of his past encounter with Shinichi Kudo and asks Conan the awkward question whether he is acquainted with Shinichi. After Conan provides the answer that he learned his soccer tricks from Shinichi, Higo ruffles his hair appreciatively, which draws jealous responses from his fellow Detectives, particularly Haibara.

Relationship analysis

Takahiro Sanada

Takahiro is Ryusuke's teammate.

Yoko Okino

Ryusuke and Yoko both graduated from Kohnan High School. Higo likes using one of her songs, "Dandylion" for warming up. One day they go shopping together and are caught by the media, which creates the rumour of them dating. But it turns out that they are just looking for a present for their old retiring teacher.

Name origin

His name comes from Luís Figo.


  • He currently plays for Big Osaka and wears the number "9" jersey.
  • In File 1043 it’s revealed that both he and Hide are known as Double H nowadays.
  • According to Higo he, Yoko and Teiya were taught by the same teacher.[8]

Different looks

Phone strap souvenir (episode 925 and opening 48).
Episode 925

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