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Aquavit Profile.png

Japanese name: アクアビット (Akuabitto)
Age: unknown (deceased)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Black Organization member
First appearance: Anime: Movie 20
Appearances: Movies: 1
Japanese voice: none (he is an english-speaking only person)
English voice: Kurt Common

Aquavit (アクアビット Akuabitto?) is a Black Organization member who appears in The Darkest Nightmare.


[edit] Background

Aquavit is a Canadian CSIS who infiltrated the organization in order to help the country fight against criminality. He is listed on the PSB's list of dercover agents of NOCs and his data was stolen by Curaçao along with the data of other agents. Due to this leaking, the Black Organization was able to send Chianti to kill him. In his everyday life, he lives in Toronto and works as a CN Tower tour guide.

[edit] Personality

He is a normal North-American and lives normally. He is really talkative and has good memory in order to present the city to tourists.

[edit] Appearance

He has redish-brown hair and is not tall.

[edit] Appellations

[edit] Relationships analysis

[edit] Black Organization

[edit] Chianti

She is the one ordered to execute him and it is possible she volunteered herself since she hated him and wanted to finish him.

[edit] Curaçao

She was the one who leaked out information about his whereabouts.

[edit] Gallery

Aquavit dying covered in blood.
An Aquavit's picture from the PSB.

[edit] Trivia

  • Aquavit is a name of spices/herbs based spirit, primarily made of caraway or dill. It originates from nordic countries and since Canada is a nordic country, his codename does make sense.

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