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Subaru Okiya

Subaru Okiya Profile.png

Japanese name: 沖矢 昴
(Okiya Subaru)
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Relatives: Tsutomu Akai (father, deceased)
Mary Sera (mother)
Shukichi Haneda (younger brother)
Masumi Sera (younger sister)
Occupation: Graduate student
FBI agent
Status: Fake identity
First appearance: Manga: File 622
Anime: Episode 509
Appearances: Chapters: 70
Chapters: 1
Episodes: 51
Movies: 2
OVAs: 1
Specials: 0
Openings: 15
Closings: 0
Cases solved: 5
Keyhole number: Volume 60
Japanese voice: Ryotaro Okiayu

Subaru Okiya (沖矢 昴 Okiya Subaru?) claims to be engineering student, and currently resides in Shinichi Kudo's house next to Professor Agasa. From his first appearance, he was strongly hinted to be the Black Organization member Bourbon—however, Tooru Amuro was revealed to be Bourbon.[1] Subaru is in fact Shuichi Akai in disguise after faking his death with the help of Conan Edogawa and CIA Agent Hidemi Hondou.


Gosho Aoyama's colored drawing of Subaru Okiya in the keyhole for volume 60.

Subaru Okiya is a graduate student attending Tohto University to earn a doctorate degree in engineering. He originally lived at a boarding house, where the landlord's son nicknamed him "Red Man," after a firetruck, because he frequently saw him watering the plants. After the boarding house burned down in the Red, White, and Yellow Arson Case, Conan suggested he move into Shinichi's house, explaining to Agasa and Haibara that someone living in the house would help to hide his (Shinichi's) disappearance. When Haibara protested, Conan cheerfully responded that someone who loves Sherlock Holmes cannot be a bad person - much to Haibara's consternation.[2] Nevertheless, Conan decided to keep from Subaru which persons - specifically Ran - were closely connected to Shinichi.[3]

Subaru is left-handed and greatly admires the deductive power of Sherlock Holmes. He is also an excellent detective as he was able to solve several mysteries including the paper airplane case[4], the Ikkaku Rock case[5], and the 13 red shirts mystery.[6], although he seems to possess more of Mycroftian personality when it comes to cases. He is also shown to be calm in crisis situations and quite skilled at hand to hand combat, capable of knocking a knife out of someone's hand[7] and easily KOing a kidnapper without so much as ruffling his clothing.[8] Subaru also knows how to enable the tracking function of Conan's glasses and that they track the detective boys' badges despite the fact Conan has never used the glasses in front of Subaru.[8]


Subaru is generally shown to be quiet and reserved, often seeming unfazed by normally stressful situations, such as when Ran attacked him while he was brushing his teeth, believing he had broken into Shinichi's house[9], or when a murderer grabbed Ayumi as a hostage.[7] He often tends to behave in a friendly and modest manner, smiling and rubbing the back of his head whenever someone compliments him or says anything about him. He enjoys cooking and seems ready and willing to help with various tasks. He doesn't mind interacting with the Detective Boys, is always polite to them, and listens to their theories during cases. He is often shown drinking bourbon whiskey.

Subaru becomes more serious while working on cases and enjoys revealing the truth to others similar to Conan. Sometimes he speaks mysteriously, leaving the meaning and intentions of what he said open to interpretation. Subaru has a more menacing side seen whenever he takes to the offensive or is intently focusing on something. In this frame of mind, Subaru triggers Haibara's Black Organization sense.


Haibara senses the Black Organization aura from Subaru.


Subaru is an intelligent character with observation and case solving abilities comparable to Conan's. On his first meeting with Sonoko and Ran, he correctly deduces they had been to the restaurant "Welcome Burger" and what they had to eat while they were there.[10] He tends to hold back to allow Conan or others to present their conclusions rather than take center stage himself.[11]

Black Organization aura[edit]

Subaru emits what Haibara describes as the aura of the Black Organization when he is intently focused on another person[12] or is acting as an aggressor.[13] Haibara only gets the feeling from him transiently.

Subaru knocks a knife out of a hostage taker's hands

Hand to hand combat[edit]

Subaru knows Jeet Kune Do. He demonstrates that he is skilled in hand to hand combat when he knocks away the knife a culprit had been using to hold Ayumi hostage with one hand and rescues her from the culprit's grasp in the same quick movement. [14] He also easily KOs a kidnapper without so much as ruffling his clothing, although he later comes up with the excuse that he found the kidnapper passed out near the stairs, most likely from losing his footing.[8]

Subaru is also shown to possess great physical resilience: Upon their first encounter, Ran, mistaking Subaru for a burglar, kicked him straight in the jaw, but unlike her many other victims, that blow failed to knock him out instantly.


Subaru hacked into Kogoro's computer to see what cases he had received from his website. Later he hacked into Haibara's Phone and saw the message that Vermouth had sent her.


Jodie and Camel are shocked to learn that Shuichi can cook

Subaru is a good cook,[15] although he describes his own cooking skills modestly

He often uses cooking as an excuse to gain access to Agasa's house, or get involved in cases with Haibara, Conan, and the Detective Boys in 542-543- He promised to cook the Detective Boys fish

He was able to gain access to Agasa's while Haibara was out by cooking food for the Professor

623) - His coverup for spying on Agasa's was that he wanted to bring over some extra curry

672-674) - Subaru probably heard via listening devices Conan had been kidnapped but Agasa's car was in for repairs, so he brought over some cream stew as an excuse to get involved

Stews and soups seem to be his specialty: Cream Stew, beef stew, curry, etc.

He also learned from Yukiko to be a very capable cook. This was meant to help better keep a low-profile as Subaru.[16] At the same time, he would often uses his dishes as an excuse to interject himself into cases at Professor Agasa's house.

Pain Tolerance[edit]

As Shuichi Akai, he arranged to be hit by Akemi Miyano's car, in order to meet her in order to infiltrate the Black Organization. He was hospitalized after the hit.

He may have known how to do it, with less damage to himself, but he was still hit by a moving car.


Shuichi is a skilled driver. He can overtake many cars quickly in heavy traffic conditions and drift around a U-turn.[17]


Shuichi learned how to act and properly apply his Subaru disguise by himself thanks to Yukiko Kudo and equipment from Professor Agasa.[18]


He apparently at one point held a part-time job playing the accordion, making decent money from it.


In addition to his native language, having worked in the United States as an FBI agent for a long time, Shuichi is also fluent in English, but he is half English.


Plot overview[edit]


Main article: Shuichi Akai timeline

Non-canon plot overview[edit]

Dimensional Sniper (Movie: 18)[edit]

Subaru is first seen watching Agasa demonstrating his newest inventions to the detective boys from the Kudo resident. Later he is seen leaving the hospital, where Masumi Sera has been hospitalized. After that he is seen doing his own investigation into the sniper.

The Scarlet Bullet (Movie: 24)[edit]

Relationships analysis[edit]

Conan Edogawa[edit]

Conan trusts Subaru since he knows his real identity, and they maintain an amicable relationship. Conan easily lends Subaru the keys to his house.[2] Conan also trusts Subaru to help in cases that put him in close contact with both Ai Haibara and him, like switching out the gasoline in a container for water to solve a case,[32] or calling him to pick up everyone when Agasa’s car broke down.[33] Subaru respects Conan and his intelligence and they both can solve cases at about the same level. Conan tells Haibara he is trustworthy because he is a fellow Sherlock Holmes fan, much to her annoyance. Subaru is one of the few characters who knows Conan is Shinichi after confirming his earlier suspicions by listening to Conan make a phone call as Shinichi.

Hiroshi Agasa[edit]

Subaru and Agasa maintain a good relationship with one another. The professor often asks him for favors, like picking the detective boys up from a fishing trip. Agasa also lets Subaru come over and cook from time to time and he will make Agasa food to return the favor, like stir-fried onions and curry. Agasa also seems well informed about when Subaru has free time and is available for favors or when he is on the road.

Ai Haibara[edit]

Ai Haibara doesn't trust Subaru because he gives her the chills which she only gets from those who have been in the Black Organization. She hides from him behind Conan when they meet in person and avoids being alone in Agasa's house when he is around. On his part, Subaru is kind to Haibara and seems to look out for her.

Haibara's opinion changes, however after Subaru consoles her when Conan is being abducted by a culprit in a crime. It is revealed afterwards that this is because what he said was similar to what Shuichi Akai had once told her when he was the lover of Haibara's sister, Akemi Miyano. Because of this, Haibara gains trust in Subaru and starts calling him by his first name.[34]

Rei Furuya[edit]

They have not directly met, though Subaru has seen Rei Furuya many times. In most instances, Subaru is the one to notice Rei but avoids Rei seeing him for some reason. During the thirteen red shirts case, both Subaru and Rei (as Scar Akai) are present with the hostages. When Subaru is about to send his deductions about the bomber's identity to Kogoro's phone, he sees Rei, and before Rei can see him, disappears from the area. During the Conan Edogawa kidnapping case, Subaru leans out the door to shoot at the tires of the car Conan's in, but Rei's car passes by him, prompting Subaru to close the door to avoid Rei. At the end of the Bell Train Mystery arc, Subaru is shown observing Rei and Vermouth from a distance with a smirk, opening one of his eyes which looks like Shuichi's and giving a strong hint that he is Shuichi. If it is true then based on what has been said about Shuichi and Rei's relation, it's likely he sees Rei as an enemy, though not to the extent that Rei views him.

Masumi Sera[edit]

Masumi Sera is Shuichi Akai's younger sister. To avoid disclosing his identity, Subaru tried to avoid acting conspicuously in front of her. But one time, during the Mystery Train case, he carried the unconscious Masumi back to her room. As he was about to leave, Masumi mumbled 'Shuu-nii' in her sleep, and that made him smile.

Yukiko Kudo[edit]

Yukiko teaching Subaru

Yukiko Kudo taught Subaru disguising and cooking. She would stop by every week to check on him.

Hints that Subaru Okiya was Shuichi Akai[edit]

Pre-Bell Tree Express[edit]

For the former theory, please see Subaru is Shuichi Theory
Subaru and Shuichi have similar faces
  • Subaru and Shuichi have similar appearance and habits.
  • Subaru and Shuichi are both left handed.[35]
  • Conan, who knew Subaru was Shuichi and was therefore an ally, uncharacteristically broke with his normal untrusting tendencies by allowing Subaru to be close to Haibara despite multiple warnings from her. Not only did Conan continue to brush off her warnings, he came up with excuses as to why he trusted Subaru. One such excuse, "A Holmes fan can't be a bad person!" was an obvious lie as there was an entire murder case where all the suspects were Holmes fans[36] and the Black Organization has used Sherlock references before.[37]
  • Ran felt like she has seen Subaru from somewhere.[38] Ran has met Shuichi three times that she can remember: once in New York City,[39] in a restaurant,[40] and another time after the "Sugaru Itakura" arc.[41] Shuichi had frightened and deliberately intimidated her in their first meeting[39], so she felt uncomfortable and decided she shouldn't talk about Shinichi with Subaru.
  • Haibara began suspecting Subaru to be Dai Moroboshi. During a car chase, Subaru said the line "Don't make that kind of face"[42] which caused Haibara to remember that Dai Moroboshi said something similar to that in the past.[43] Subaru triggering Haibara's Black Organization sense also fit with this as Dai had been in the Black Organization. She even tries removing his scarf while he is sleeping but he blocks her and says "beyond my area".
  • Subaru and Shuichi use similar expressions. Subaru at one point admonishes Haibara "not to make that kind of face."[42] Shuichi has used that line twice before, once to Conan in Clash of Red and Black[44] and once as Dai Moroboshi in Haibara's past.[43] Both Shuichi and Subaru refer to the Black Organization members as wolves.[45][46]
  • Subaru was often shown drinking bourbon, which Camel had earlier stated was Akai's favorite alcoholic drink.[47]
  • In the "Red, White and Yellow" case,[48] Conan recognized the address Subaru was staying at despite never having met Subaru before.
  • In the Thirteen Red Shirts case, Subaru keeps out of Scar Akai's sight. Scar Akai at this time was Tooru Amuro who has a major grudge against Akai. Later, Subaru mocks the Black Organization who were mistakenly waiting for Scar Akai to appear. Subaru also knocks Jodie down, preventing her from chasing Scar Akai and keeping her out of sight of the Black Organization sniper that Subaru had spotted earlier. After apologizing, he tells her, "The division of fault is 50/50. You also bear some of the blame for neglecting to pay attention to your surroundings." As he blocked her from chasing the fake Akai, one can surmise that Subaru's intention may have been to hint that he was the Akai she was looking for. Eventually, this phrase led to Jodie realizing that Subaru was Akai, since Camel noted this was a phrase he frequently used.
  • On the Bell Tree Express, when Subaru returned the unconscious Masumi Sera to her room, Sera whispered 'Shu-nii' (-nii being the Japanese honorific for older brother) in her sleep and Okiya smiled, implying that he is her brother, Shuichi Akai. Subaru was also revealed to be collaborating with Yukiko and Conan.
  • "Subaru Okiya", "Dai Moroboshi", and "Shuichi Akai" are all references to Mobile Suit Gundam character Char Aznable. The “Akai” (meaning red) part of Akai’s name refers to Mobile Suit Gundam character Char Aznable’s nickname “Red comet.” “Shuichi” is a reference to the voice actor of Char Aznable, Ikeda Shuichi (who incidentally became Akai’s voice actor too). Dai Moroboshi, the alias Akai used while he was undercover in the Black Organization, comes from part of Char's real name, Casval Rem Deikun, with "Dei" pronounced as "Dai" (ダイ) in Japanese. In Moroboshi (諸星), the first kanji can be broken up into 言者 which when pronounced as げんしゃ (gensha) sounds very similar to the word for "phenomenon" (genshō). The second character (星) means "star". Moroboshi, read as "Star phenomenon" references falling stars or maybe comets. “Subaru Okiya” is a pun on Char Aznable’s real name which is キャスバル “Kyasubaru” (romanized as 'Casval').[49]
  • When Subaru was introduced in the "Red, White, Yellow and the Detective Boys" case, he was given the nick-name "Red Guy" (akai hito) by Kaito Sugiura, hinting at his identity as Shuichi Akai
  • Subaru is very protective of his neck area, where the voice changer is. He stopped Haibara from removing his scarf. The very next chapter Ran, Sonoko and Sera ran into him while he was grooming in the bathroom and left his collar open, Subaru signaled them to Conan's location without whispering a word. He did not want any of the girl to hear his Shuichi voice, especially Sera, his sister.

Post-Bell Tree Express[edit]

  • The real scarless Shuichi Akai who distracted Bourbon with a grenade appeared wearing Subaru's clothes and Masumi's hat, which was last seen in Masumi's room while Subaru was laying her down.
  • When Subaru put Masumi in her cabin, Subaru reacted when Masumi said Shuu-nii (Brother Shuu) in her sleep.
  • When Akai appears (Manga: 894-897) behind Jodie Starling while they were in pursuit by Bourbon's men and Yusaku Kudo is disguised as Subaru as Conan instructed.
  • In the movie Dimensional Sniper, it is revealed that Subaru is in secret communication with James Black. In addition, he surreptitiously leaves a bouquet of flowers in Masumi's hospital room after she is shot. As the movie closes, he speaks with James and after hanging up he responds with "Roger," but is voiced by Shuichi Ikeda as opposed to Ryotaro Okiayu.

Hints that Subaru Okiya was not Bourbon or another character[edit]

Pre-Bell Tree Express[edit]

  • Subaru knew about Conan's tracking glasses and the detective badges.[50] Conan has never used the tracking glasses in front of Subaru before. Bourbon or a third party would not be privy to Conan's gadgets. The mechanism to operate Conan's glasses isn't obvious, so only someone who knows about their existence beforehand could recognize the glasses at Agasa's and figure out how to activate the tracking function. Shuichi Akai could have heard about the glasses in several ways. The first source is when James Black was kidnapped while he had Ayumi's detective badge. Conan used the badge to track down James Black. James was waiting to meet with Akai before he was kidnapped and drove away with Akai after he was rescued. Akai could have also heard about the tracking function from Jodie when Conan chased after Kir to prevent an assassination. Finally, Akai may also know about them from when Haibara borrowed the glasses to find Conan at the shipping yards at the climax of the Vermouth arc. He was present at the time and would have seen Haibara wearing them even though she has never worn glasses when Akai had seen her previously.
  • Subaru was unlikely to be loyal to the Black Organization because he did not take action against Haibara after meeting her, even when she was alone or vulnerable. Bourbon's stated mission was to look for Sherry. Conan trusted Subaru around Haibara, ignored her warnings about him, and allowed Subaru to live in his house close to her despite supposedly meeting just that afternoon. Subaru also mocked the Black Organization in the Thirteen Red Shirts case. Subsequently, Haibara herself gradually overcame her fear and stayed around Subaru.
  • Subaru had "the scent" of the Black Organization, which meant he was not one of Conan's other allies who has no history in the Black Organization. So far, Haibara has been correct about everyone who has "Black Organization smell"; although she sometimes does not detect certain Black Organization agents, she has never had a false positive.

Post-Bell Tree Express[edit]

People who know Subaru's real identity[edit]

The only people aware of Subaru's identity as Shuichi Akai are Conan, Agasa who made the voice changing choker, Yukiko who came up with the disguise, Yusaku and the members of the FBI. Haibara and Masumi are also more suspicious about Subaru's secret identity.

Name origin[edit]

Subaru's name comes from Casval (キャスバル Kyasubaruキヤスバル Kiyasubaru) Rem Deikun, the real name of Mobile Suit Gundam character Char Aznable, whom Shuichi Akai is also named after.


If I had to choose, I'd say black because it is a color that covers things inside me that I don't want known. Well, I hate the color black for the same reason as well.

— File 623 page 7, Subaru Okiya responding to Inspector Yuminaga's question about what is his favorite color.

0.12%... That would be the probability that a criminal will succeed in escaping. That's about 1 in every 1000 people; however, of those that fall under the devil's influence, many grow tired of leading a false life and living in fear. If we eliminate those who eventually surrender to the police and those that opt for suicide, the amount that do successfully escape amounts to nearly zero. Are you prepared to endure the feelings of loneliness and pressure as a result of your actions?

— File 666 page 14, Subaru Okiya speaking off the top of his head trying to provoke a culprit holding Ayumi hostage into turning his knife on him instead. It worked.

Although... I would like to serve that lot some hot and bitter coffee... that lot waiting so anxiously in the heat for their prey...

— File 703 page 5, Subaru Okiya talking to a waitress about the Black Organization staking out the Beika Department store.

Remember how there was a robbery at that bank? There was someone I knew in the footage from that robbery, so I was trying to find out if they use that bank. If that person uses it, they must live nearby. I was hoping to run into them.... Well, coincidentally they were also on this floor, but it turned out to be a look-alike, so I didn't say anything. I know that person from a long time ago, so there is no way I would mistake them with a look-alike.

— File 704 page 16, Subaru Okiya talking to Conan about his encounter with Scar Akai.

I’m not too keen on thieves. Well, thieves that steal physical objects I mean. As for thieves that steal lives well…

— Episode 887

In other languages[edit]

Language Given Name Family Name
Flag of Japan Japanese Subaru 沖矢 Okiya
Flag of Arab League Arabic سوبارو Sūbāru أوكيا Ōkiya
Flag of Catalonia Catalan Subaru Okiya
Flag of China Chinese Mǎo 沖矢 Chōngshǐ
Flag of France French Subaru Okiya
Flag of Italy Italian Subaru Okiya
Flag of North KoreaFlag of South Korea Korean 수현 Soohyun Choi
Flag of Malaysia Malay Subaru Okiya
Flag of Thailand Thai สึบารุ โอกิยะ



  • Subaru Okiya is left handed.[51]
  • Subaru likes to drive on Namiki road by the Teimuzu River because the green trees and foliage are calming. He also likes to water plants for this reason.[52]
  • Subaru's favorite color is black.[52]
  • Subaru's Subaru 360 is depicted as white in the manga version. In anime version, the car is colored red, which could be a hint about his real identity as Shuichi Akai.

See also[edit]


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