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Challenge Letter to Shinichi Kudo (工藤新一への挑戦状 Kudō Shin'ichi e no Chōsenjō?) is a live-action drama series starring Junpei Mizobata as Shinichi Kudo that takes place before the events that begin the story of Detective Conan. The series began airing on July 7, 2011 and ended on September 29, 2011. Prior to the series three live-action specials were produced, with a fourth special produced afterwards.

Main cast[edit]

The following is a listing of the main cast of the drama series according to the Chart section of the official series website.

Character Actors
Picture Name Picture Name Notes
Shinichi Kudo 60px.jpg Shinichi Kudo Junpei Mizobata 60px.jpg Junpei Mizobata Mizobata is the 2nd actor to portray Shinichi in live-action following Shun Oguri.
Ran Mouri 60px.jpg Ran Mouri Shiori Kutsuna 60px.jpg Shiori Kutsuna Kutsuna is the 2nd actress to portray Ran in live-action following Tomoka Kurokawa.
Kogoro Mouri 60px.jpg Kogoro Mouri Takanori Jinnai 60px.jpg Takanori Jinnai Jinnai has portrayed Kogoro in all live-action adaptations.
Sonoko Suzuki 60px.jpg Sonoko Suzuki Sayaka Akimoto 60px.jpg Sayaka Akimoto Akimoto is the 2nd actress to portray Sonoko in live-action following Mayuko Iwasa.
She was also a member of the AKB48 idol group.
Eri Kisaki 60px.jpg Eri Kisaki Nene Otsuka 60px.jpg Nene Otsuka
Miwako Sato 60px.jpg Miwako Sato Natsuhi Ueno 60px.jpg Natsuhi Ueno
Wataru Takagi 60px.jpg Wataru Takagi Yuichi Tsuchiya 60px.jpg Yuichi Tsuchiya

Other notable cast[edit]

Character Actors
Picture Name Picture Name Notes
Heiji Hattori 60px.jpg Heiji Hattori Tori Matsuzaka 60px.jpg Tori Matsuzaka
Kazuha Toyama 60px.jpg Kazuha Toyama Rei Okamoto 60px.jpg Rei Okamoto
60px Presiding judge 60px [[|]]
60px Side judge A 60px [[|]]
60px Side judge B 60px [[|]]
60px Detective Ida 60px [[|]]
Juzo Megure 60px.jpg Juzo Megure 60px [[|]]
Yusaku Kudo 60px.jpg Yusaku Kudo 60px [[|]]




Correlation chart for Special 2
Correlation chart for Special 3

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