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Our goal at "Detective Conan World" is to create the Number ONE Detective Conan resource on the net. To achieve this goal, we need to constantly update and maintain the website and server to ensure we have the freshest content about DC as well as a great level of stability and "surfing comfort". We also wish to move the site to a dedicated server as soon as we receive enough funds so that the website runs as smoothly as possible at all times (and mainly under heavy traffic). We're currently paying a monthly fee for the current server but as soon as we go dedicated, that fee may increase to a few hundreds dollars per month.

Therefore, if you wish to keep this site alive and also contribute to our ultimate goal of making it the number ONE DC site on the net, please feel free to donate any amount (or recurring amount) via Paypal (which also allows you to pay with Credit Card). Even 1 or 2 dollars would be great!

Thank you in advance for your generosity and enjoy the site! :)


If you would like to donate, please contact me via PM on the forum. Thank you!