Volume 80

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Volume 80

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Release date: July 18, 2013
Chapters: 840-850
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-09-124324-9
Publisher: Shogakukan
English release date: October 12, 2021[1]
English ISBN: ISBN 1-9747-2115-3
English Publisher: Viz Media
Featured Detective & Keyhole
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Shioriko Shinokawa
Keyhole 80.jpg
Shukichi Haneda
Aoyama's death & Conan side images
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Volume 80 was released on July 18, 2013 in Japan.



Vampire's Mansion

File 840 - The Serial Killer's Plan


  • Delivery Service

    Characters introduced

    File 841 - Undelivered Goods

    File 842 - A Cat's Home Delivery Service

    File 843 - A Parcel for Kudo-samakata


  • Major events

    • As he has given Haibara his jacket, Mitsuhiko faints from coldness. In order to warm him, Haibara puts him inside the jacket. When he wokes up and realizes that he's sharing a jacket with Haibara (knowing that she's only wearing a shirt and her underwear under the jacket), he blushes.
    • Bourbon saves Detective Boys from the delivery men, and Subaru is shown watching him suspiciously.

    Our Territory

    File 844 - Today's Fruits

    File 845 - Our Territory

    File 846 - The Magic Lock


  • Major events

    • Conan tries to ask something secretly from Sera.
    • Conan asks Sera if they ever meet before but refused by Sera to answer, until the time comes.

    Yumi's Love Story

    Characters introduced

    File 847 - Until I Collect All Seven

    Naeko's friend Sakurako called Naeko that someone is dead inside the apartment and Yumi met the apartment resident next-door named Shukichi Haneda who was her boyfriend and revealed that to the Detective Boys and Yumi looking at him with a not-him-again face.

    File 848 - A Well-prepared Move

    File 849 - Taiko's Optimal Moves


  • Major events

    • It is revealed that Naeko and Sakurako are childhood friends, though Naeko asserts that she is a year older than Sakurako.
    • Yumi's ex-boyfriend is explored in this case.

    A Shrine to Remember

    File 850 - Bourbon's Objective

    Conan arranged a secret meeting with Jodie to reveal to her that the true identity of Bourbon and Scar Akai was actually a man called Tooru Amuro, who was working at Poirot. Conan asked the FBI to investigate why Amuro was still working at the Poirot even though he had achieved his goal. They met one of the flower viewers, named Touhei Benzaki, who said that he was the husband of the woman who was going to tape Jodie's eyes and mouth back in the Bank Robbery case. He also said that he had seen Scar Akai a few days ago. Conan wondered why Amuro still disguised as Scar Akai even though he thought that Shuichi was already dead. Haibara asked Conan who Shuichi was, because she had the feeling that he was like someone she knew: Dai Moroboshi. Conan awkwardly evaded the topic by telling her that the person called Shuichi had already died, however, a murder occurred before he could finish his words.


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