Man in bar (Black Organization)

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Mysterious Man (Special 6) Profile.png

Japanese name: バーの男 (Bā no otoko)
Age: unknown (deceased)
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: unknown
Occupation: Black Organization member
 Intelligence agent
Status: Dead
First appearance: Anime: TV Special 6
Appearances: TV Specials: 1
Cases solved: 0
Japanese voice: Kunihiko Yasui

The man in the bar (バーの男 Bā no otoko?) is an unnamed Black Organization member from the anime franchise Detective Conan.


He has been working from years for the Black Organization and was used to steal files for them in exchange of money. They usually met at Black Widow, a remote bar in the harbor, and were acquainted with the barman. Before his death, he owned an expensive Lexus RC 350 Sport, which means he was probably well paid. Accused of being a spy and leaking information for other parties, the organization decided to suppress him by bombing his car with him.


Even when he knows he will die, he still tries to look merry and cheerful.


The man is tall and is good looking, with lightly arranged brown hair. He is seen wearing a black knitted turtleneck, with a jean jacket. He also has beige cargo trousers.


Plot overview[edit]

The Great Detective Turned Small (TV Special: 6)[edit]

Gin found him out.

On a day like others, the man arrives at Black Widow soaked in rain and sits next to Vodka. He exchanges the files for money and counts it before asking the barman for a drink. Gin arrives. at the man's surprise. and tells him that rats should be killed. The man understands he talks about him and finishes his drink before Gin ultimately telling him that the drink is a Rum Cointreau named XYZ, the end. Although the drink announces his death, he enjoyed it quite well. He then runs away from the bar and sits in his car. As soon as he turns the key in, the car explodes and he dies.

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