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Curaçao Profile.jpg

Japanese name: キュラソー
Age: unknown
Gender: Female
Occupation: Black Organization member
Status: Dead
First appearance: Anime: Movie 20
Appearances: Movies: 1
Japanese voice: Yūki Amami

Curaçao (キュラソー Kyurasō?) is a Black Organization member who appears as the main antagonist in The Darkest Nightmare.


Curaçao worked for the Black Organization under Vermouth. In the past, because her brain recorded facts inconvenient to the organization, Vermouth was about to execute her, but Rum decided to appoint her as her right-hand agent. She has color-grapheme synaesthesia, which allows her to associate a color to a concept she must remember such as the names of spies. She saves Haibara as the latter is about to fall to her death and quickly figures out that she's in fact Sherry, the scientist who betrayed the organization.


Curacao has a very calm attitude towards everything.


Curaçao has silvery hair which she ties in a ponytail while infiltrating the police records, at the beginning of the movie. Later in the movie, though, when the protagonists find her, her hair is down. In this appearance, she has two strands of hair that stick out from her head like bangs, and her hair above her forehead is pulled back. She is odd eyed, as stated in the movie, with her left eye bright blue and her right eye a light silver blue, almost transparent. She tries to hide her right eye's color by wearing brown color contacts. Curaçao wears waitress like clothing, with a white top and a black ribbon at her collar. Her skirt is knee length and black, and she wears high heels. She had a cardigan in the car chase, but got rid of it in an alley.


Curaçao possesses a great physical skill. During her escape from the National Police Agency office, she fought Tooru Amuro with neither is able to knock each other down. It was shown, after the escape, that she was able to throw the darts to the inner bullseye (the very center point of the dart board) for three times, scoring a perfect 150 points. She also demonstrated a swift jump and dash skill when she saved Genta from falling from high places without any injuries, and for grabbing Haibara from falling at later point of the movie. She is also a competent driver and engage in a car chase with Amuro and Shuichi Akai, to the extent she drove in reverse to avoid being arrested.

Her most prominent ability is to memorize things and associated them with particular shading of colors. In the opening scene of the film, she is seen holding a sliding card holder arranged into five different colors (those of which are the colors that is often seen in Curaçao liquor, her namesake) when she infiltrated the Public Security Bureau Office. The combination of those colors are seen again as the color projected to the sky that is visible from the ferris wheel of Touto Aquarium, which cause Curaçao to slip the name of the NOC agents in front of the Detective Boys on the first time she saw them and still under amnesia, and to regain her memory on the second time. It is implied that when she recovered from the amnesia she also regained her memories from before Rum brainwashed her causing her shift in personality and desire to escape the organisation.




Maya Tachibana
  • Curaçao is a constituent country of the Netherlands, near the coast of Venezuela. It is also the namesake for alcoholic beverages made of Laraha Citrus, a kind of orange. Curaçao is one of few codenamed members of the organization who do not follow the pattern of codenaming female agent after wine-based alcoholic beverages.

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