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Elena Miyano

Elena Miyano Profile.png

Japanese name: 宮野 エレーナ
(Miyano Erēna)
Age: 29[1]
Gender: Female
Relatives: Akemi Miyano (first daughter, deceased)
Shiho Miyano (second daughter)
Atsushi Miyano (husband, deceased)
Mary Sera (older sister)
Tsutomu Akai (brother-in-law)
Shuichi Akai (first nephew)
Shukichi Haneda (second nephew)
Masumi Sera (niece)
Occupation: Black Organization member
Status: Dead
Nicknames: "Hell Angel" (Black Organization)[2]
First appearance: Manga: File 398
Anime: Episode 329
Appearances: Chapters: 7
Chapters: 2
Chapters: 1
Episodes: 8
Episodes: 2
Specials: 1
Openings: 1
Japanese voice: Hiroko Suzuki (eps. 341-771)
Megumi Hayashibara (eps. 953+)
English voice: Vivian Lu (Zero's Tea Time)

Elena Miyano (宮野 エレーナ Miyano Erēna?) was a British biochemist in the Black Organization. She was married to Atsushi Miyano and had two children, Shiho Miyano and Akemi Miyano.[3] Together she and Atsushi started the APTX 4869 research according to Vermouth.[4] Both Elena and Atsushi died during a research facility fire that Pisco called an accident. Later the project was taken over by her daughter Shiho.


Atsushi Miyano moved out of his father's house thirty years ago to go "somewhere" for his research, most likely the Black Organization[5]. He got married in this time period to Elena, a foreigner of British origin. Vermouth hints that they worked on an existing project upon joining,[6] which is probably part of the one Shiho implied was at least fifty years old.[7] While researching, they worked on a project they called Silver Bullet, which their lab mates refereed to as a "dream drug".[8] Elena was nicknamed "Hell Angel" while in the Organization, which Haibara translates into Japanese as "the angel which fell into hell".[2] She may have earned the nickname because of her nice personality which set her apart from the darkness of the rest of the organization. She and her husband met Hiroshi Agasa at a science conference at some point. Agasa remembers that Atsushi was a very polite person who complimented his inventions, but that Elena was a very quiet person who you couldn't tell what she was thinking.[9] Around twenty-five years ago Elena gave birth to Akemi and then twenty years ago, the couple and a 4~5 year old Akemi visited Atsushi's father's house then occupied by Atsushi's childhood friend and playmate Sohei Dejima.[10] Rei Furuya revealed that he had met Elena some time before she died.[11] She appears in one of Amuro's flashbacks, where she asked him not to pick fights anymore as she wouldn't be able to tend his wounds the next time he comes, because she will go to somewhere "very far away".[12]

Elena and Atsushi died in a fire at their research facility[13] shortly after Shiho was born.[14] Most of their work was destroyed, and their deaths were claimed to be an accident by Pisco, who apparently was close with the couple. However, Elena and Atsushi seemed to know that something was going to happen to them. Elena took the time to leave four tapes for Shiho meaning that she knew she was about to do something that she might not survive, and entrusted those tapes to Akemi, who was around seven at the time.[15] The four tapes are numbered 1-20 with the numbers split into groups of five. But the first two tapes are blank. The numbers correspond to a message left by Elena for Shiho's same-numbered birthday. On the fourth tape (15-20) message number 18 meant for Shiho’s 18th birthday, Elena talks about if Shiho will regret what she is about to do, she was working on a remarkable drug she called "Silver Bullet". She added that it was "terrifying" and the research would require them to leave Shiho and Akemi behind.[16] Shiho was able to resurrect their project from the salvaged remains, and was already working on it around five years ago.

Appearance and personality

Elena is British and has long blonde hair. In every instance so far she has been shown wearing glasses which cover her eyes. She has also been shown wearing a lab coat. Since Elena has not appeared or interacted with other characters much on screen, much of her personality has been described by others. Elena seems to have been a very quiet person which has lead to people thinking she didn't understand much Japanese. However we know that she is fluent. Agasa seems to think that she is more suspicious than her "mad scientist" husband, Atsushi.[17] Elena seems to have had a generally nice personality, which has earned her the nickname "Hell Angel" inside the Black Organization which implies her niceness on the backdrop of the criminal organization. Given the tapes she left behind, Elena seems to have loved her daughters. That said, Elena left her daughters at the mercy of the Black Organization even though she knew that she was going to "disappear" in advance.

She was always shy and a poor talker.[18]


Due to her work on drug related projects for the Black Organization she would have to be skilled at biochemistry. She made significant advances on her research project working with her lab mates on creating a "dream drug" that they were calling "Silver Bullet". It is unknown how much progress was made, only that her daughter Shiho Miyano was able to make further advances on a project called "APTX 4869". Despite her quiet nature and foreign appearance, Elena can speak Japanese fluently. This was called into question by one of the workers living at Atsushi's house. In the anime he later sees Elena talking with Akemi quietly.


Plot overview

Hotel Party Murder Case (Manga: 242, Anime: 178)

Pisco tells Haibara that he is an old acquaintance of her parents and knew that they were working on a drug project. He is surprised on how far she has come with the project. He also mentions that the parents died in an accident.

Moving Dolls Case (Manga: 384, Anime: 312)

The first look at Elena we get, courtesy of Agasa's flashback.

When Conan questions Haibara about why she doesn't know much about the Doll sets, the topic shifts to her past. She mentions that the Black Organization told Akemi that her parents had died in a lab accident, but Haibara is skeptical despite Pisco's earlier words. Haibara mentions that she doesn't know much about her mother, but that her father "Atsushi Miyano" was often called a Mad Scientist, and his projects were often boycotted.

The Torn Friendship (Manga: 398, Anime: 329)

On the way to a camping retreat Agasa comments that he does know the scientist, Atsushi Miyano. He says that he was a very friendly man who complimented his inventions. He reveals that his wife was named "Elena Miyano" and that she was quiet and he could never tell what she was thinking. Rumor has it that she met Atsushi when she came from England to study in Japan.

Bathroom Murder Case (Manga: 423-425, Anime: 340-341)

Elena and Haibara.

Approximately thirty years ago Atsushi moved out of the house he inherited from his father to go do research. He left the home to a childhood friend of his to open a design company. A short time later he sent a wedding invitation to his friend. At a point twenty years ago Atsushi and his wife, Elena, and his daughter, Akemi, came back to the house with something very important to tell the friend and stayed overnight, however the friend who was living there was busy and away for a few days. The other members of the company remember Elena being very quiet. They thought it was because she didn't speak Japanese very well, but Akemi spoke it perfectly. Atsushi had been looking out the window frequently and a black car with grey windows was parked nearby quite often. The three of them left without leaving any message behind. Akemi returned at a much more recent point of time (approximately one week before dying) to use the bathroom and hid something in the water tank. Twice someone had broken into the house and broken the lock on the bathroom door, possibly to find the item and spy on the occupants. Haibara reveals that her mother's nickname in the organization was "Hell Angel" (ヘル エンジェル Heru Enjeru?) and she translates it into Japanese as "jigoku ni ochita tenshi" (地獄に落ちた天使 ?, the angel that fell to hell). At the end of the main case, Conan reveals that the items that Akemi hid in the bathroom were cassette tapes sealed in a plastic bag. The four tapes are numbered in 5 intervals ending with 20. Conan says that the first two tapes were empty and began to listen to the 11-15 tape. He stops and hands the headphones to Haibara saying that its something he shouldn't hear. The tape begins with "To the 11-year old Shiho, happy brithday!" The tapes are recorded messages from Elena to a more grown-up Shiho who she would have not been able to meet.

Convenience Store Case (Manga: 427, Anime: 343)

In the middle of this case we have Haibara sitting in Agasa's basement listening to the tapes that were recovered in the previous case. "Shiho, won't you regret what you are about to do? If so, I am totally on your side. I'll never loose faith in you. Do your best. Well, it'll be your 19th birthday next time... bye-bye honey, oh, by the way... maybe you are old enough to hear this... I'm really..." However this is all we get to hear of the tape. (Later in the series we get the continuation of the quote.)

Halloween Party Case (Manga: 434, Anime: 345)

In the confrontation between Jodie and Vermouth at the dock once the main case had finished, Haibara arrived and said that she would willingly give herself over to Vermouth in exchange for sparing everyone else. Vermouth told her "If you want to blame anyone, blame your parents who took over this foolish research."

Mystery Train (Manga: 821, 823-824, Anime: 702, 704)

Amuro has a flashback with Elena.[20]

After receiving a message from Vermouth on her phone while on the train, Haibara freaks out and ditches the main group and hides around the corner as to not be detected. She then has a flashback to the words that her mother left her on the tapes (that were recovered 400 chapters ago). This version was translated slightly different than the original: "Alright, so the next time will be your 19th birthday... bye-bye see you soon... oh yes, maybe its about time I told you... the truth is, your mom is making a truly terrifying drug at the moment... my lab mates are getting really excited about it, they say it's like a "dream drug"... your dad and I are putting our hopes on it and calling it... the silver bullet! But in order to complete the drug, your dad and I will have to leave you and your sister... please understand Shiho..."

At the end of the case Bourbon's identity is revealed and he tells the person he believes to be Shiho that she looks very much like her mother. He reveals that he has met both of the Miyano parents as well as Akemi. However that Shiho happened to be Kaitou Kid in a mask with Haibara feeding him lines.

Tea Poisoning Murder Case (Manga: 889, Anime: 771)

Rei Furuya has a flashback to when he was a kid and his wounds were being treated by Elena. However she tells him that soon she may have to go far away and will be unable to continue to treat his wounds from when he was picking fights.

Department Store Stabbing Case (Manga: 939-941, Anime: 843)

When a makeup counter sales associate asks Haibara where her mother was, she commented that her mother had died shortly after she was born.

Kohji Haneda's Death Case (Manga: 948-950, Anime: 861-862)

Haibara gives further details about the deaths of the elder Miyanos. They died in a fire at their research facility. Many of their drug data documents were also destroyed but Shiho was able to recreate their drug based on the parts that survived. It is also revealed that their drug was used for killing like Shiho's APTX 4869. Kohji Haneda and Amanda Hughes who were killed in their hotel rooms seventeen years ago may have been killed by that drug. However, only Kohji was listed on the APTX 4869's victims' list.

Black Bunny's Club Case (Manga: 1011, Anime: 953)

Elena reveals that she is pregnant to Atsushi.

In a flashback from nineteen years ago, Rei is badly injured due to fighting with his bullies. Akemi brings him to her parents' clinic to get him treated. In contrast to her serious and mind-your-own-business behavior towards her patients, Elena seems very frank with Rei. The reason behind this is she can relate to him being a half-japanese herself. She advises him against fighting and tells him that he shouldn't come if gets into another fight. But if he hurts his pride by explaining to bullies why he is no different to them, she will surely put a bandage on it. It is revealed that during the flashback, Elena was three months pregnant with Shiho.

TV Drama Filming Site Murder Case (Manga: 1025, Anime: 995)

Relationship analysis

Atsushi Miyano

Elena and Atsushi.

With in a short time of meeting (a few years) they fell in love and got married. Sohei Dejima, Atsushi's childhood friend, reports that he received an invitation to their wedding only a few years after Atsushi had left his home in Dejima's hands.

Akemi Miyano

Elena, Atsushi, Akemi, and Rei.

She had to trust Akemi enough to have left her tapes for Shiho in Akemi's hands. Akemi was also taken with Elena and Atsushi to visit Atsushi's home twenty years ago. However it must be noted that they were distracted enough by the fact that the Black Organization was following them that they let Akemi roam free and hide the resident's belongings.

Shiho Miyano

She cared enough to leave messages on tapes for the grown-up Shiho for all of the birthdays that she would miss witnessing. She even left some information about the drug project that she was working on called the "Silver Bullet" using that as an explanation as to why she had to leave Shiho and Akemi behind.


Vermouth seems to blame the Miyano parents for her own situation. When she was ready to kill Haibara during the showdown at the docks she told her that she should blame her parents for this predicament.

Rei Furuya

While the true relationship between them has not been revealed yet, we know that they knew each other when Rei was younger. Rei got into many fights and it seems that Elena would bandage him up after the fights. However, one day, Elena had to move and could no longer bandage him. In the flashback in The Unsolved Cocktail Case, it is shown that Elena was very friendly with Amuro, which was unlike her behavior. It was because she could relate to him being a half-japanese herself. She advises him against fighting and tells him she will surely put a bandage on his wounded pride if he explains to his bullies that he is no different from them. It is revealed that Rei entered the police academy in order to find Elena who disappeared without his knowledge, hoping to find her.

Mary Sera

In File 1049, the flashback shows that Vermouth forced Mary to drink APTX-4869 and said "How is it? The feeling of leaving this world with this poison your younger sister created", which is officially confrim Mary and Elena are sisters.

Name origin

"Elena" comes from the German reading of the Irene of Irene Adler.[21]


  • In Just Like a 17 Years Old Crime Scene Haibara mentioned that Akemi has a Put On Mascara mirror that originally belong to Elena.
  • The Miyano couple met in the medical college and Gosho believe Elena fell in love first according to the LOVE PLUS Super Digest Book.


Shiho, won't you regret what you are about to do? If so, I'm totally on your side! Well, it will be you nineteenth birthday next time. Bye-bye, honey. Oh yes, maybe it's about time I told you... The truth is, your mom is making a truly terrifying drug at the moment. My lab mates are getting really excited about it, they say it's like a dream drug. Your dad and I are putting all our hopes on it and calling it the Silver Bullet! But in order to complete the drug, your dad and I will have to leave you and your sister. Please understand, Shiho.

— Part of Elena's message on Shiho's 18th tape.[22]

Even if people look different, when you peel back our skin, we're all just lumps of blood and flesh. To prove it, every race in the world has red blood flowing through them, just like yours.

— Rei's memory of Elena Miyano treating his wounds.[23]

Different looks

Episode 340 remastered's hint.
Episode 953
Episode 1029 (Wild Police Story Episode 1)
Zero's Tea Time Episode 5


Elena Miyano and Mary are sisters

Conan makes a connection between Mary and Haibara due to some remaining makeup.

In 2014 Gosho Aoyama did an interview with the Da Vinci magazine in which he revealed that "Two mothers will be revealed to be sisters". Many people jumped in with the idea that Mary, the Akai family mother, would be one of them since she is a recently introduced character of the arc that was happening at the time. Additional speculation began to link Elena as the other sister due to her being mentioned in the same question of the same interview. Furthermore, the two are both British.

In November 2015, the manga Department Store Stabbing Case, Conan noticed some left over make-up on Haibara's face that made it look like she had the Akai family eye bags. Conan immediately began to suspect that Haibara may be related to Mary. At this stage in the series we have not seen Elena Miyano's eyes for comparison.

In an interview in Singapore in 2016, Gosho confirmed that Shuichi Akai and Akemi Miyano are cousins. It is stated at 34:23 in the audio link.[24] This would imply that one of Shuichi's parents is a sibling of one of Akemi's parents.

In April 2018, Elena Miyano's face was fully revealed in the manga Black Bunny Club Case. She does not have the Akai family eye marks, however she does mention having an older sister. In combination with the statements above this feels like one step away from being proven.

Other commentary on sisters speculation

Gosho has given three different Super Digest Books Q&A answers on the subject.
SDB 70+
Q67: Are Yukiko and Sera's mother sisters?
A: Yukiko is not the sister...
SDB 80+
Q5: Are Elena Miyano and Shuichi Akai's/Sera's mother sisters?
A: Eh? Why's that?
Q62: Are Sera-san and Haibara cousins?
A: Stop asking in a roundabout way, I'm not going to get tricked! (laughs)

Gosho has also talked about it in Postcards
Elena and Mary, sisters? ...please look forward to it~~ (laugh)
Relationship between the ryōiki-gai no imōto (sister from outside the domain) and Haibara... please look forward to it (laugh).

See also


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