Volume 60

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Volume 60

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Release date: January 12, 2008
Chapters: 620-630
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-121266-2
Publisher: Shogakukan
English release date: October 11, 2016
English ISBN: ISBN 978-1-4215-8386-0
English Publisher: Viz Media
Featured Detective & Keyhole
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Rintaro Norizuki
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Subaru Okiya
Aoyama's death & Conan side images
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Volume 60 was released on January 12, 2008 in Japan.




Karaoke Box Case

File 620 - The Vanished Blunt Weapon

Megure, Takagi and Chiba arrive at the karaoke box to investigate. They reveal that the name of the deceased is Tatsumi Moniwa and that he has suffered several deadly blows on the head. Since nobody has left the karaoke box after Moniwa’s arrival, the police determine that the murderer has not escaped, and thus is one of Eisuke, the clerk, Konji Arimoto, Kunio Tamai and Kyota Honma (the last three people are all clients arriving after Conan and company, and they do not know each other). Upon seeing Arimoto and his companion (who has never left their room and thus is not a suspect), Eisuke becomes horrified and starts sweating again, prompting Sonoko to ask him (impatiently) what the matter is. Eisuke stammers for a while, but eventually is able to find the courage to answer Sonoko’s question: he points at the very muscular Arimoto, and swears that he saw him make out with his companion, who is also very muscular. Sonoko, Ran, Conan, Megure and Takagi are all petrified by this account, and Takagi says that if the ones kissing were a normal couple then he would be fine with it, but in this case it was between two men. Arimoto’s companion angrily storms out of their room at this moment and accuses Takagi of being disrespectful, as she is actually a woman, and just happens to have short hair and an extremely robust build.

After this small incident, the police resume their investigation. By looking at the footage captured by the security camera, they see that Homna was the first one to leave his room after Moniwa had gone into his; Homna walked towards Moniwa’s room, but according to him only because the toilet is in the same direction. Then Eisuke left for the same place, then Arimoto, then Tamai, who clarifies that he went to the vending machine beside the toilet and not the toilet itself. Finally, the clerk and Conan went in that direction (the time difference is about one minute). Conan says that when he got to the crime scene the blood was already dry, which eliminates the clerk from the suspect list.

The police then inspect the personal belongings of the four remaining suspects to collect more clues and to, hopefully, find the murder weapon, as they have not found anything reseambling it anywhere else. Despite a detailed search, no valuable clue is found, much to their disappointment. Conan is puzzled as well, and while he re-evaluates the situation at hand, Chiba comes to Megure with the photos that Moniwa had taken before death: all of them are centered around Sonoko, forcing Conan to reconsider his assumption that the deceased is an FBI agent and not a stalker. At around the same time, a bored Arimoto suggests that he has a deck of poker in order to kill time; this inspires Conan, and before soon he knows both the identity of the murderer and the reason that the police cannot find the murder weapon.

File 621 - Eisuke's Confession


  • Major events

    Eisuke tells Conan he knows that he is Shinichi.

    Red, White, and Yellow Case

    Characters introduced

    File 622 - Red, White, and Yellow

    Conan and the DBs have to solve a case in which their schoolmate Kaito Sugiura's home was burned down by a mysterious arsonist.

    File 623 - Kuroshiro-kun

    File 624 - A New Neighbor


  • Major events

    • Haibara senses a B.O. member among the three residents, likely from Okiya.
    • Kir notifies Jodie of a new member of the B.O. - Bourbon.
    • Jodie informs Conan about Bourbon.

    Hammer Man Case

    File 625 - Hammer Man

    File 626 - Delivered Malice

    File 627 - The Hammer Man's True Identity


  • Major events

    • While Sato and Takagi are on a date, Sato suddenly asks Takagi to give her "a HOT kiss RIGHT NOW" only to be interrupted by Conan. When asked if they were pretending to be lovers as cover for a stakeout, Sato answers with a resounding "YES," to the shock of a disappointed Takagi. Later, during an investigation, Takagi discovers that Chiba and Sato would sometimes pretend to be lovers during their stakeouts as well. When Takagi asked if anything would happen during the stakeouts, Chiba mentions something that happened was "very soft".
    • Bothered by what happened between Chiba and Sato in stakeouts, Chiba eventually tells Takagi that sometimes they held hands and Sato's hands were very soft hearing that's all what happened with Chiba and Sato and what happened between him and Sato (kiss incident) he realizes that because it was him (Takagi) that Sato requested something like a kiss, only because it was him.

    Poisonous Coffee Case

    File 628 - Coffee of Murderous Intent

    File 629 - An Impossible Crime

    File 630 - The Bitter Truth


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