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Japan's national police organization is made up of the National Public Safety Commission (NPSC) and the National Police Agency (NPA). The NPSC holds administrative supervision over the NPA and appoints the Commissioner General. As head of the NPA, the Commissioner General (警察庁長官 Keisatsu-chō?) Chōkan holds the highest position in the Japanese police, but his title is not a police rank.

The NPA oversees the seven Regional Police Bureaus (RPB) and the prefectural police organizations. Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department (警視庁 Keishichō?) and Hokkaido Prefectural Police Headquarters are excluded from the jurisdiction of RPBs. Police stations in a prefecture are under the command of the prefecture headquarters. Tokyo MPD headquarters are located in the government buildings area beside the Imperial Palace in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.[1]

National Police Agency Organization[edit]

The National Police Agency is the central coordinating agency of the Japanese police system. It is divided into the following bureaus and organizations:[2]

  • Commissioner General's Secretariat (長官官房 Chōkan Kanbō?)
  • Community Safety Bureau (生活安全局 Seikatsu Anzen-kyoku?)
  • Criminal Affairs Bureau (刑事局 Keiji-kyoku?)
  • Traffic Bureau (交通局 Kōtsū-kyoku?)
  • Security Bureau (警備局 Keibi-kyoku?)
    • The Public Security Police force (公安警察 Kō'an Keisatsu?)[3], led by NPA Security Bureau, is formed from MPD Public Security Bureau (which Scotch was a part of) and prefectural security bureaus and departments.[4] Rei Furuya, meanwhile, is working directly under the NPA Security Bureau in the Security Planning Agency (警備企画課).[5]
  • Info-Communications Bureau (情報通信局 Jōhō Tsūshin-kyoku?)
  • Regional Bureaus
  • Attached Organizations

Metropolitan Police Department Organization[edit]

See also: MPD organization structure and divisions

Police Station personnel are divided into nine departments or bureaus[6]:

  • Administration Bureau
  • Personnel and Training Bureau
  • Traffic Bureau
  • Security Bureau (Security for domestic and foreign dignitaries; also subversive activities and counterintelligence[7])
  • Community Police Affairs Bureau
    • Police Boxes (Koban)
    • Residential Police Boxes (Chuzaisho)
    • Patrol cars
  • Public Security Bureau
    • It was mentioned that Scotch belonged to the Public Security Bureau before infiltrating the Black Organization.[9]
  • Criminal Investigation Bureau (刑事部 Keiji-bu?)
    • Division 2: Handles gangster-related and white-collar crimes[10]
    • Division 1: Handles everything else[10]
    • Criminal Identification[10]
  • Community Safety Bureau
  • Organized Crime Control Bureau

Within departments, there may be specialized units, such as the Identification Division that collects crime scene evidence.[11]

Prefectural Police Organization[edit]

Police Ranks[edit]

There are nine legal police ranks and one honorary rank for all positions within the police force.[12]

Superintendent General (Rank 1)[edit]

Superintendent General Insignia.jpg

Superintendent General (警視総監 Keishi-sōkan?) is the highest police rank and the head of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the largest prefectural-level jurisdiction in Japan. This position is currently held by Saguru Hakuba's father.[13]

Superintendent Supervisor (Rank 2)[edit]

Superintendent Supervisor Insignia.jpg

Superintendent Supervisor (警視監 Keishi-kan?) is equivalent to:

  • Deputy Superintendent General
  • Director General of a Regional Police Bureau or an NPA Training Department Bureau
  • Chief of a (large) Prefectural Police Force
    • Heizo Hattori is the Director General of the Osaka Prefectural Police (大阪 府警 本部長 Ōsaka fukei honbuchō?).[15]

Chief Superintendent (Rank 3)[edit]

Chief Superintendent Insignia.jpg

Chief Superintendent (警視長 Keishi-chō?) is equivalent to:

  • Chief of a (smaller) Prefectural Police Force or Tokyo Headquarters
  • Director in the NPA
    • Toshiro Odagiri is the Chief (部長 buchō?) of the MPD Criminal Investigations Department (警視庁 刑事部 Keishichō keijibu?).[16] He is Tadayoshi Uno's direct superior.[17]
    • Ginshiro Toyama is the Osaka Prefecture Police Chief Criminal Investigator (刑事部長 keijibuchō?)[18]

Senior Superintendent (Rank 4)[edit]

Senior Superintendent Insignia.jpg

Senior Superintendent (警視正 Keishi-sei?) is equivalent to:

  • Director of a department in a prefecture police headquarters
    • Previously a Superintendent (警視 keishi?), Kiyonaga Matsumoto now has the rank of keishi-sei, being referred to as such by Hyoue Kuroda.[19]
    • Tadayoshi Uno is the Senior Superintendent in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.[20]
    • Masayoshi Sato held this rank in the Tokyo MPD before he passed away, presumably in C.I. and replaced by Uno.[21]
  • Chief of a larger police station.

Superintendent (Rank 5)[edit]

Superintendent Insignia.jpg

Superintendent (警視 Keishi?) is equivalent to:

  • Director of a division/section in a prefectural police headquarters
    • Hyoue Kuroda was transferred to Tokyo to replace Kiyonaga Matsumoto, and he introduces himself as the Director (管理官 kanrikan?) of the Criminal Investigations Division 1 (捜査 一課 Sousa itsuka?), so he presumably is a keishi.[19]
    • Shintaro Chaki, MPD C.I. Division 2 Superintendent (警視庁 捜査 二課 警視 Keishichō sōsa nika keishi?).[22]
  • Chief of a police station

Police Inspector (Rank 6)[edit]

Police Inspector Insignia.jpg

Police Inspector (警部 Keibu?) is attainable in the early 30s via successive promotion tests and is equivalent to:

Assistant Police Inspector or Police Lieutenant (Rank 7)[edit]

Assistant Police Inspector Insignia.jpg

Assistant Police Inspector (警部補 Keibu-ho?) is attainable via promotion tests. Officers at this rank and potentially below can be referred to as 'keiji'.[33]

  • When Conan impersonates Takagi, he calls Miwako Sato keibu-ho.[34] Given that she and Shiratori both believed the impersonation, it must be accurate.
  • Yumi Miyamoto refers to Wataru Takagi once as keibu-ho, possibly as a future reference.[35] After Takagi allows a criminal to be killed under his watch, he is definitely a junsa-bucho, but whether he received a pay dock only or a demotion as well is unclear.[36]
  • Yumi Miyamoto, MPD HQ Traffic Division, wears the official uniform rather than plainclothes but is an Assistant Inspector.[37] Either the traffic division is required to wear the uniform on patrol, or she prefers the uniform for personal reasons.
  • Detective Takano
  • Yuya Kazami

Police Sergeant (Rank 8)[edit]

Police Sergeant Insignia.jpg

Police Sergeant (巡査部長 Junsa-buchō?) is attainable via promotion tests.

  • After the bullet train fiasco where Takagi was lucky to not get fired, Miwako refers to Takagi as junsa-buchō.[36]
  • Naeko Miike, who transferred to the MPD HQ Traffic Division from Haido Station, is a patrol officer who wears the uniform but who has also achieved Police Sergeant status due to the bars on her uniform badge.[38]
  • Kazunobu Chiba[39]

Senior Police Officer (Honorary)[edit]

Senior Police Officer.jpg

Senior Police Officer (巡査長 Junsa-chō?) is not a legal rank, but is bestowed on officers with years of experience and excellent work. These officers are often responsible for training and mentoring junior officers.

Police officer (Rank 9)[edit]

Police Officer.jpg

Police officer (巡査 Junsa?) is the most junior rank.

Unconfirmed Ranks[edit]

  • Yui Uehara of Nagano Prefecture is a lower rank than Kansuke's Inspector status, but as a keiji she is likely an Assistant Inspector.
  • Jinpei Matsuda was a keiji, but a given rank has yet to be found.
  • Scotch

Forensics Police Ranks[edit]

Apart from the National Police, forenscis crime scene investigator have own ranks and do not work in the same system although collaborating together. There are two ranks:

Senior Crime Scene Investigator (Rank 1)[edit]

The most distinguished of the two ranks that can be owned after at least 15 years of service.

Crime Scene Investigator (Rank 2)[edit]

The rank that most CSIs have.

  • Miss Tome hasn't yet done 15 years of service so she is still rank 2.

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