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Japanese name: ジュネリック
Age: 17
6 as Honda
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: True parents
Mr. Honda (adopted father)
Mrs. Honda (adopted mother)
Aliases: Honda
First appearance: Conan Special: Volume 26
Appearances: Chapters: 2

Generic (ジュネリック Junerikku?), is a Black Organization member that was exclusively in the Special Manga of Detective Conan, the series that is not written by Gosho Aoyama.


Generic was abandoned by his parents while he was a young child and the Black Organization, seeing his incredible intelligence, adopted him at the age of 13. While in the organization, he was often picked on due to his cowardly personality but Sherry, while still in the organization, saved him a couple of times. After this he always come and help Sherry with her experiments.

However, he was given orders by the boss to leave Sherry alone and to make a new drug that controls memories. The boss planned to use this drug on all the most important people in the world, in particular to make the US president think who is one of the organization members, ergo having complete control of the world.

After Sherry ran away, he followed suit and began tracking her down. He stole APTX 4869 before Sherry's lab was destroyed and took it, therefore turning into a six year old child named Honda (本田 Honda?), a Teitan Elementary student of class 1-A. He then searched all elementary schools and found out where she was in hopes they can live together in a new life by altering the memories of a couple who had lost their child in a accident.

When Haibara objects, saying she will fight the organization, Honda threatens her and Conan with the memory erasure drug. However, Genta shoots a slingshot to Honda, causing the drug backfire on Honda, who lost his memory.

In the end, Conan and Haibara forgive Honda, hoping he could find peace with his new childhood life.


While in the organization he was often picked on by the other members due to his cowardly personality. However, Sherry protected him a few times, and he soon began to look at her as more of an older sister than a coworker. It is also possible that he has developed romantic feelings for her when he states that he wants to run away live together with her and even goes as far as trying to erase her memory to do so.



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