Volume 95

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Volume 95

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Release date: October 18, 2018[1]
Chapters: 1004-1014
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-09-128560-7[1]
Publisher: Shogakukan
Featured Detective & Keyhole
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Yukimasa Yugami
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Fumimaro Ayanokoji and Maro
Aoyama's death & Conan side images
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Volume 95 was released on October 18, 2018.




Crimson School Trip Case

File 1004 - The Light Crimson Answer

The police ask the three remaining suspects to stay in their rooms, guarded by police agents. Keiko, Agata and Mayama think about Dekuri's dream of seeing his name in the movie's credits, and his tears when realising it wasn't the case. They suddenly all receive a text message and Mayama leaves his room, supposedly to go to the washroom near the reception desk as his room's is out of service. Mayama actually escapes the hotel and goes to Kiyomizu. He expects to meet Agata there, and phones him, but Agata says he's not the one who sent that mail reading "I'm the murderer, I want to surrender, let's meet one last time at Kiyomizu". Agata says the sender's mail address is Dekuri's, and Mayama gets panic-stricken as he sees blood-red footprints walking in his direction, and Dekuri's voice telling him he's indeed the one who sent the mail, he came back from the dead to accomplish his revenge.

File 1005 - The Dark Crimson Omen


  • Major events

    • Haibara surrenders and gives Conan the antidote after hearing his effort in saving her Higo strap.
    • Masumi learns of the APTX antidote and tells Mary, who order her to immediately find out who developed it.
    • Sonoko sends Shinichi a picture of Ran talking to Okita and he gets jealous. Shinichi asks for an answer to his confession, leading to Ran kissing him on the cheek. They're about to kiss on the lips but Shinichi's body starts to revert back into Conan. Heiji thinks Shinichi is setting the bar high since he still hasn't confessed to Kazuha. Ran and Shinichi are officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

    Missing Maria Higashio Case

    File 1006 - Stay Put!

    Maria Higashio hasn't come to school today and Kobayashi sends Haibara, Ayumi, Mitsuhiko and Genta to her home to see how she's going and if everything's all right. Meanwhile, Conan, bed-ridden with a cold, enjoys Ran's agreement to officially start dating each other. He goes to see Agasa and reads in the news that someone saw Shinichi Kudo at Kyoto and on TV. He starts being very nervous and asks Haibara and Heiji about it while Ran, Sonoko and Masumi read it as well. The media overrun Heiji's and Shinichi' high schools, and Shinichi's house, though Okiya can't let them in. The Detective Boys believe Maria went to her late grandparents' house and took part to the scavenger hunt they organised for her. Haibara helps the Detective Boys to follow the arrows and understand the messages. Suddenly, they arrive in a room where a bookshelf was knocked over, and fear Maria might be stuck under it. But it's not the case and there is instead another code to decipher.

    File 1007 - That's Just How Nervous I Am

    The Detective Boys understand Maria went downstairs and they try to find out the other arrows. Shinichi has still trouble finding who is the "Kudo Family Freak" blog owner and how to stop all that mess. Ran tries to figure out what happens and why is Shinichi considered like a ghost. Heiji tells Conan he'll try to settle things on his side. The Detective Boys finally arrive to a bathroom but the only arrow points to the shower, and there's nothing inside. They convince Haibara to ask Conan's help, and the latter tells them to give some water to the drinking bird next to the arrow.

    File 1008 - See? ♡

    The Detective Boys give the drinking bird a glass of water and the bird starts bending and unbending. They then notice the glass's water has reversed the arrow's direction, which now points towards the opposite direction of the bathroom, another room the kids fail to open. Kanenori Wakita rings at Agasa's door and asks what's is the hustle and bustle in front of their neighbours' house all about, he can't do his deliveries.

    Conan tells the Detective Boys that the door isn't locked but the difference in temperatures between the cold corridor and the warm room where Maria is, creates a pressure gradient that can be dispelled by pushing the door strongly and opening a vent. Maria is indeed inside, asleep. She had come to watch some videos of her grandparents but was then unable to open the door to leave the room, and thought she had to watch every video for the door to open.


  • Major events

    • Hyoue Kuroda, Rumi Wakasa, and Kanenori Wakita discover that Shinichi solved a case. Rumi has scars over much of her body.
    • We learn that Rumi has access to the Black Organization's APTX-4869 victims list.
    • Yusaku learns that the words Rum and Asaca should be form the word in one word "Carasuma". He reveals that the boss is named Renya Karasuma.
    • Rum issues Tooru Amuro (Bourbon) an order to collect info on Shinichi Kudo.

    Black Bunny's Club Case

    File 1009 - At Black Bunny's Club

    Kogoro is invited to a club by his client. Amuro mentions Shinichi's involvement in the previous case to Ran, who says that they were instructed not to talk about the case by their teacher. To avoid any further discussion on Shinichi, Conan invites Amuro to the club. Kogoro agrees.

    At the club, the client Gunzou Morooka explains and produces a threatening letter that reads he will be killed if he enters the Black Bunny Club. He also enters the club with his bodyguard waiting outside since their stern faces would spoil the environment. Everyone is amused that the bravado of Morooka. He seems overly friendly with a particular worker, Yuri Asakura and offers free food to her and drinks to every worker of the Black Bunny Club. Kogoro, Amuro and Conan do not notice any suspicious figures. However, there is a club worker, Sana Murakami, who seems to be angry with her colleague Yuri. She intentionally spills drink on Yuri's cuffs and tells her to get spares from the changing room. Morooka accidentally steps on his butler's spectacles and goes outside with Kogoro to fetch a replacement from the car. When they try to leave, Yuri collapses after drinking a certain beverage.

    Nine hours later, after leaving for the Black Bunny's Club and encountering a murder there, Amuro and Akai come face to face, their guns pointed at each-other.

    File 1010 - So this is Goodbye...

    Ran notices her wallet is gone and Murakami gives it back to her. She says Amuro gave it to her, claiming to have found it in front of the bathroom. Conan seemingly doesn't notice this exchange.

    Amuro has a sudden flashback to Elena Miyano treating his wounds and telling him goodbye—he wonders why he suddenly remembered her.

    File 1011 - Memories of That Woman

    File 1012 - You've Messed Up


  • Major events

    • Atsushi was originally going to decline joining the Karasuma Group, but reconsidered once learning his wife was pregnant with Sherry.
    • Bourbon continues getting texts from Rum to investigate Shinichi.
    • Amuro's flashback as a child being treated by Miyano and a young Akemi.
    • Shuichi realizes that Bourbon saw through his disguise as Subaru.

    Policewomen Serial Murder Case

    File 1013 - Even Though We're The Same Age...

    File 1014 - Attendance


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