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Cars are often involved in cases.

Detective Conan features many trucks motorcycles, and classic cars.

Protagonists' vehicles

Agasa's Volkswagen Beetle

Hiroshi Agasa drives a classic yellow Volkswagen beetle Type 1, and has owned it for at least ten years. The car has been produced after 1968, because it has front light in 90 degree angle.[1] Agasa's license plate is 新宿 500, ひ 1-64 (Shinjuku 500, Hi 1-64).[2] The plate kana and number are a pun on "Hiroshi" (Hi-i-ro-shi). Possibly the most frequently appearing car in Detective Conan, Agasa often takes the Detective Boys in the beetle to various interesting places or on camping trips, which are inevitably spoiled by a mystery of some sort. A recurring joke in Detective Conan is that Agasa's beetle frequently breaks down, often while he and the Detective Boys are on a trip, and then a case occurs wherever they stop. Cases where the beetle has broken down include:

Real life[3]
Agasa's Beetle in front of the Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory[4]
Agasa and Conan in the yellow Beetle
Agasa's Beetle
Agasa's Beetle

Yukiko's Jaguar E-Type

Yukiko Kudo drives a Series 2 Jaguar E-Type in Shinichi Kudo's New York Case. According to Yukiko, it has a 256 horsepower engine and a Le Mans winning chassis(Jaguar D-type won the 24 Hours of Le Mans three consecutive years 1955–1957 and E-type is based on it).[5] Shinichi jokingly refers to it as a "British Princess." Yukiko is a fast and reckless driver, which is perhaps the reason it was sent in for serious repairs that lasted for almost a month a year before the current timeline. She also got pulled over for going 40 mph (64.37 km/h) over the speed limit soon after she got it back. It has a New York state license plate with the number YUK-910 which is a pun on her name Yuk(iko) Ku-do (9-10). Notably, it is right-hand-drive, which means it must have been privately imported to America. It's possible that Yukiko brought it with her from Japan.

Real life[6]
Yukiko's Jaguar E-Type
Front View
Side View
Back View
Yukiko in the Jaguar E-Type
Detail on license plate

Jirokichi's Harley Davidson Electra Glide

Jirokichi drives what is likely a navy blue and silver Electra Glide Harley Davidson motorcycle with a sidecar, as seen in the Blue Wonder heist. His dog Lupin typically rides in the passenger sidecar. The exact year and model is undetermined. However, due to his wealth, it's possible that he had one custom made.

Real life[7]
Jirokichi's motorcycle 1.PNG
Jirokichi's motorcycle 2.PNG

Masumi's Yamaha Artesia XT400

Masumi Sera rides a Yamaha Artesia XT400 motorcycle. The Artesia is a reference to Masumi's Mobile Suit Gundam namesake, Sayla Mass, whose real name is Artesia Som Deikun. The bike explodes and is destroyed in movie 18: Dimensional Sniper. The plate number in Dimensional Sniper is 2 新宿, ま 5-31 (2 Shinjuku, Ma 5-31). Either a continuity error, or she simply just bought a new identical bike; Sera is seen riding the same model bike in movie 24: The Scarlet Bullet, for the duration of the film.

Real life[8]
Front view
Manga version
Masumi on her bike

Okiya's Subaru 360

Subaru Okiya fittingly drives a Subaru 360. The Subaru 360 is a very small and cheap car, and features suicide doors. Okiya claims his car has some unique quirks that make it difficult to handle, but he may have been lying because he wanted to be the driver. The license plate number is 88 新宿 す 20-80. In the manga, his car's color remains white in all of its appearances, but in the anime it changed from white to red, likely referencing his real name (Akai).

Real life[9]
Subaru 360's front view with visible suicide door
Subaru 360's back view
The Subaru 360 was formerly white-colored in the anime (Episode 509)
Manga version
Okiya prepared to draw a gun and disable the kidnapper's car

Eri's Mini Cooper

Eri drives a Mini Cooper 1.3i Mark VII. Her license plate number is 新宿 77 せ 77-73 (Shinjuku 77, Se 77-73). It is left-hand-drive, meaning that it must have been privately imported to Japan.

Full view
Full view
Front View

Baya's Cobra

Saguru Hakuba's caretaker, baya, picked him up from the airport and drove him to a Kid heist in a Cobra, likely an AC Cobra. The license plate is not visible.

Real life[10]
Cobra Front View

Jii's Vanden Plas Princess 1100

Konosuke Jii drives a 1965 Vanden Plas Princess 1100 in Kaitou Kid's Busy Date and The Secret of the Red Tear. His license plate is 港 532, ね • •16 (Minato Ward 532, Ne ‧ ‧ 16).

Real life[11]
Top view
Front view
Side view

Fusae's Jaguar Mark 2

Fusae Campbell's car is a white Jaguar Mark 2 in Gingko-Colored First Love. The driver was Billy, Fusae's stepfather's friend.

Japanese law enforcement vehicles

Sato's Mazda RX-7

Miwako Sato drives a red colored series 6 Mazda (Ẽfini) RX-7 that used to be owned by her father, Masayoshi Sato, making it over 18 years old.[12]. She uses it for police work, but it is unmarked; when she needs to use police lights, she attaches a roof mounted rotating beacon to the top of the car. The RX-7 used to be white, but she repainted it to make it more visible in foggy conditions after some accidents occurred in a popular drag racing area. It features prominently in the Silver White witch case. A combination of the tire squealing and Sato's shrieking gives her car a characteristic eerie sound when she drifts. Sato's license plate is 新宿 300, ゆ 9-01 (Shinjuku 300, Yu 9-01).

Real life[13]
Sato's RX-7
Sato's RX-7 back view

Takagi's Nissan Tiida Latio

In the manga, Wataru Takagi drives a silver 2008 Nissan Tiida Latio.


Takagi's Skyline ER34

In the original anime and movie, Takagi drives a Skyline ER34 His license plate number is 新宿 33, た 7-25(Shinjuku 33, Ta 7-25).

Front view
Back view
Side view

Chiba's Fiat 500

Kazunobu Chiba drives a Fiat 500, in a convertible form or a hardtop model but with the option of painted roof. His license plate number is 新宿 501, 6-26 (Shinjuku 501, Chi 6-26).

Full view
Full view
Full view
Full view

Chiba's Nissan GT-R R35 (2017)

Since file 1006, Chiba drives a 2017 Nissan GT-R R35. His license plate number is 新宿 351, ち 6-26 (Shinjuku 351, Chi 6-26).

Full view
Full view

Uehara's Honda Inspire

Yui Uehara drives a fifth generation Honda Inspire. At one point, Ai Haibara and Hiroshi Agasa thought they were criminals because they saw some bullet holes and dried blood left behind from a firefight that Yui and Kansuke Yamato participated in.

Side view
Front view
Back view
Front view
Side view

Black Organization vehicles

Gin's Porsche 356 A

Gin drives a black Porsche 356 A. The 356 A is an old classic German car (produced 1955–59) and is quite rare. Both Conan's allies and the FBI know that Gin often drives this model, and that its presence signals danger. According to Haibara, it is Gin's favorite car and he refers to it as a "German black rain frog" in reference to the Opel Laubfrosch. The Porsche features a flat engine that makes a characteristic idling noise which Conan has used to identify it over his listening devices. Earlier in the manga, Gin often drove it personally, but as the series has progressed more often Vodka chauffeurs Gin around. The license plate has never been shown in the manga, but in the anime it has the license plate numbers 新宿 34, あ 48-69 in its first appearance, and then 新宿 54, み 43-69 (Shinjuku 54, Mi 43-69)[14] or 43-68 [15], and 新宿 54, み 48-69.[16]

Real life[17]
Gin's Porsche
Gin's Porsche
Gin's Porsche

Chianti's Dodge Viper

Chianti drives a blue Dodge Viper with two white stripes. Korn often rides with her as a passenger. The license plate is 新宿 300, す(?) 9-25 (Shinjuku 300, Su 9-25)

Real life[18]
Dodge Front View
Dodge Rear View

Vermouth's Harley-Davidson V-Rod

Vermouth rides a burgundy 2003 Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSC.

Real life[19]
Vermouth's motorcycle

Rei's Mazda RX-7

Rei Furuya drives a white colored Mazda FD RX-7. The RX-7 was T-boned when Rei intentionally maneuvered it in front of another car being driven by a hostage taker in order to stop her.[20] While the side doors were badly damaged, it otherwise seemed to survive the impact without too much other damage. His RX-7 is a reference to the white[21] Gundam that the Mobile Suit Gundam character Amuro Ray piloted, the RX-78-2. His license plate number is 新宿 330, 73-10.

Real life[22]
Rei's RX-7
Back view
T-Boned RX-7

Vodka's Porsche 914

Vodka drove a black Porsche 914 to meet with the person he thought was Itakura in On the Trail of a Silent Witness.

Side view
Side view

Chianti's Ducati 1098

Chianti rides a Ducati 1098 during the Clash of Red and Black case.

Manga version
Anime version

Araide's Toyota Prius (XW10)

While disguised as Tomoaki Araide, Vermouth drove a 1st generation Prius while following Jodie Starling and Ai Haibara to the shipping yard. This car was destroyed when Vermouth blew up its gas tank with a well placed shot. It is unclear whether this car belonged to Tomoaki Araide or Vermouth; if so, this may not be their only car because Vermouth, still disguised as Araide, drove a different car while passing a restaurant where Sato was having an omiai.

Front side
Assorted views

Vermouth's De Tomaso Pantera

Vermouth drove a yellow De Tomaso Pantera in the Raven Chaser. The license plate is "新宿 33, さ 7727" (Shinjuku 33, Sa 7727). It has reappeared in The Darkest Nightmare.

Rear view

American law enforcement vehicles

Shuichi's Chevrolet C-1500

Shuichi Akai drives a black Chevy C-1500. In the anime, it has the license plate 新宿 800, 12-02 (Shinjuku 800, Ta 12-02). It was destroyed by an explosion at the end of the Clash of Red and Black.

Real life[23]
Shuichi's Chevy

2007 Ford Mustang GT500, displayed at Detective Conan World At Universal Studios Japan in Osaka (Jan 2020)

Shuichi's 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

Since movie 20: The Darkest Nightmare, Shuichi has started driving a red 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 with two white racing stripes down the center his plate is 新宿 300, た 12-02(Shinjuku 300, Ta 12-02).

The car was on display at Detective Conan World at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, and it was heavily featured throughout movie 24: The Scarlet Bullet, and again during the movie's ending theme rolling credits with the car driving on the road in real life. The model that was on display at Detective Conan World is a prototype Ford Mustang GT500, complete with among industry's first standard carbon-fiber wheels.

Shuichi sniping from the hood of his red Mustang in movie 20

James' Mercedes CLK320

Although James Black is the owner[24] of this silver-white Mercedes CLK320, Jodie Starling often uses it as a replacement for her car which was stolen by Vermouth in the Halloween Party Case. The roof is retractable. If featured prominently in Black Organization vs. FBI where it and other FBI cars were used to box in Kir, and was driven wildly but skillfully by Andre Camel to reach a waterway in order to dispose of a bomb in Clash of Red and Black. In the anime and movies, his plate is 新宿 300, 80-23 (Shinjuku 300, Sa 80-23)[25]

Real life[26]
James's Mercedes
Roof retracted
Top view

Jodie's Peugeot 607

Jodie Starling's Peugeot 607 was stolen by Vermouth after the end of Head-to-Head Match with the Black Organization: A Dual Mystery on a Full Moon Night.

Roof retracted
Top view

Hidemi's Citroën BX

Hidemi Hondou drives a silver GTi version Citroën BX. Hidemi's license plate is 新宿 500, み 12-08 (Shinjuku 500, Mi 12-08).

Real life[27]
Kir and Gin's Cars.PNG
Kir's Car 1.PNG

FBI's Toyota HiAce/Regius Ace

In the anime, the three vans (Toyota HiAce/Regius Ace) have the license plate numbers 新宿 400 や 5-10 (Shinjuku 400, Ya 5-10), 新宿 400 さ 13-07 (Shinjuku 400, Sa 13-07), 新宿 400 た 20-04 (Shinjuku 400, Ta 20-04). Is some scenes, the letters and numbers are inconsistent, as is the license plate of the van transporting Rena.

Side View
Rear view
Front view

FBI's Volvo S40

In the anime, there are two cars used to box in Kir's motorcycle. One is a light blue Volvo S40, license plate number 新宿 300, そ 10-34 (Shinjuku 300, So 10-34).

Volvo S40 Real Life[28]
Volvo Front View
Volvo Rear View

FBI's Lexus GS

In the anime, there are two cars used to box in Kir's motorcycle. One is a dark blue Lexus GS, license plate 48-62.

Lexus Front View

FBI's Mercedes CLK320

In Dimensional Sniper, Jodie, Camel, and James cornered the titular sniper in a black Mercedes CLK320 convertible, and the car was shot numerous times for their trouble. The license plate was the same as the usually-seen white Mercedes CLK320 that James owns (新宿 300, さ 80-23 (Shinjuku 300, Sa 80-23), suggesting the FBI switched the plates temporarily (the white CLK320 has the plate later in the movie).

Front view


Isuzu Cubic bus

In episode 230-231, a hijacked Isuzu Cubic bus runs through Beika and has a stop that includes Beika Park. In the anime it is enroute to the Beika City Building. The bus number appears to be W707, and the license plate number is 53-91.

Top View
Front View
Side View

Nissan X-Trail

In The Lover Gone Missing in a Snowstorm, Masahiko Fujita owns a red second generation Nissan X-Trail.

Fujita's X-Trail

Toichi's Car

Toichi Kuroba has a car (presumably a 1985 Alfa Romeo Spider Series 3) inside of the secret room used for storing Kaitou Kid's items.

Toichi's car
Real life[29]

Not yet identified

Hidemi's Motorcycle

The license plate is 96-07 which is a Black Organization related pun: "Black Rena" (Ku-ro Re-na).

Side View
Rear View

Heiji's Motorcycle

(Suggestions include Kawasaki and Suzuki RMX, SMX, or DRZ)

Heiji's motorbike 2.png
Heiji's motorbike 3.png
Heiji's motorbike 1.png

Heiji is a dangerous driver, and has almost got run over a couple times. Movie 3 and 7 are the main appearances of Heiji with his vehicle. Its revealed Heiji own Kawasaki KDK in Movie 21.

Snake's car

Snake used this car to spy on Jody Hopper in The Secret of the Red Tear. Suggestions include a Benz from around the 60's like the W111 or W112.

Side view

Shiratori's car

Suggestions include Toyota Crown JZS155 and Lexus LS400 Toyota crown.

Kusuda's Nissan

Is silver grey and has the license plate number 12 17 in the anime. The Tokyo Metropolitan police took it into custody and analyzed it when they found the bloodstain made by Kusuda committing suicide.

Yukiko's Motorcycle

Yukiko drove this motorcycle to take Conan to her friend's house in Gunma. Later, Yusaku rode it to drive the two back to Tokyo.[30]

Yukiko's motorcycle
Side view
Front view
Back view

Minor character/suspect or oneshot vehicles

Episode/Movie Character Car Model
Murderer, Shinichi Kudo Kogoro Mouri White Toyota Crown Royal S180 (2005)
Murderer, Shinichi Kudo Gunpei Furuki Silver Mercedes Benz CLS Class (C219)
Murderer, Shinichi Kudo Riko Mizuhashi Yellow Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V (CT9A EVO5)
Murderer, Shinichi Kudo Atsuo Chuda Blue Subaru Impreza (GDB-C)
Murderer, Shinichi Kudo Futoshi Shimodori White Subaru Legacy B4 (BL5)
The Raven Chaser Tsutomu Ryuzaki Alfa Romeo Brera
Dimensional Sniper Hitoshi Moriyama Blue BMW Series 3 (F30)

Cases featuring cars as a central element

Many cases center around cars. These include:


  • The majority of the cars in Japan have the steering wheel on the right side because Japan is left-hand traffic country; however, many of the vehicles driven by the FBI and the Black Organization have the steering wheel on the left. While this might be expected for the FBI because they originate from the United States which is a right-hand traffic country, this does not make sense for the Black Organization which has a significant base of operations in Japan. This is probably because left-hand drive vehicles are considered more prestigious than right-hand drive vehicles in Japanese culture because they are typically privately imported (like Gin's car, which was said to have been brought from overseas). In fact, many foreign manufacturers from LHD countries that sell their wares in Japan have officially sold the LHD version of the car there for that added prestige, even if they made a RHD version. Some Mercedes-Benz vehicles, for example, can even be ordered in the buyer's choice of either LHD or RHD.[31]

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