Kobayashi-sensei's Love

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Episode 583-585
(Int. Episode 634-636)

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Title: 583: Kobayashi-sensei's Love
584: Inspector Shiratori's Lost Love
585 (First Half): Timeless Sakura's Love
Japanese title: 小林先生の恋
(Kobayashi-sensei no Koi)
(Shiratori-keibu no Shitsuren)
(Toki o Koeru Sakura no Koi)
Original airdate: August 14, 2010 (Kobayashi-sensei's Love)
August 21, 2010 (Inspector Shiratori's Lost Love)
August 28, 2010 (Timeless Sakura's Love)
Broadcast rating: 8,10%
Manga case: #206
Season: 19
Manga source: Volume 67: File 9 (705) ~
Volume 68: File 1 (708)
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Sumiko Kobayashi
Ninzaburo Shiratori
Detective Boys
Ai Haibara
Wataru Takagi
Miwako Sato
Juzo Megure
Kazunobu Chiba
Yumi Miyamoto
Case solved by: Conan Edogawa
Ninzaburo Shiratori
Next Conan's Hint: Pickup truck (Kobayashi-sensei's Love)
Bellowing (Inspector Shiratori's Lost Love)
Giraffe (Timeless Sakura's Love)
Director: Koujin Ochi
Organizer: 583 Yasuichiro Yamamoto
584 Yasuichiro Yamamoto
585 Yasuichiro Yamamoto, Masaharu Okuwaki
Storyboard: 583 Yasuichiro Yamamoto
584 Yasuichiro Yamamoto
585 Yasuichiro Yamamoto, Masaharu Okuwaki
Episode director: 583 Masakazu Yamazaki
584 Minoru Tozawa
585 Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Animation director: 583 Kana Miyai and Yumiko Ishii
584 Keiko Sasaki and Chiemi Hironaka
585 Nobuyuki Iwai and Tomomi Kamiya
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo
Seiji Muta (sub-character)
Kumiko Shishido (design works)
Production Cooperation: 583 Kagura Co., Ltd.
Opening song: SUMMER TIME GONE
Closing song: Hello Mr. my yesterday
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Kobayashi-sensei's Love (小林先生の恋 Kobayashi-sensei no Koi?) is the 583rd, 584th, and 585th episode of Detective Conan anime. It spans two and a half episodes, with the latter half of 585 being dedicated to The Kirin's Horn That Vanished into the Dark.




Detective Takagi comes back to the police department after an all night stakeout and gets reprimanded by Detective Sato for his poorly appearance. She then starts fixing his necktie, only for him to get flustered when he notices a group of other male policemen (save for Shiratori) giving him death glares out of jealousy.

The other policemen start gossiping in the hall about how Sato and Takagi kissed and had lunch together, and then Shiratori arrives. As the "Sato Miwako Defense Line" group, they try to rope Shiratori into their antics, but he doesn't take the bait and walks out by saying he's resigning to the group. One of the policemen says he's found out that Shiratori has a girlfriend, and adds how she looks exactly like Sato - said girlfriend is Sumiko Kobayashi.

Shiratori calls Sumiko at work and tells her to be careful at night, since there's a purse snatcher in the area. She asks him why he's so concerned and is flustered when he mistakenly thinks she's bothered. The Detective Boys, Ai and Conan are there since they're on cleaning duty, and the younger kids are happy to find out the call's from Shiratori and try to clue her in the supposed encounter she and Shiratori had in the past. While she feels that they've met before, she can't exactly recall when or where.

Later that day, the Detective Boys and Sumiko go to see a summer festival's fireworks display: Agasa can't take them there because he's helping out a friend who has just movbed to Tokyo, Ran is in a summer camp, and Kogoro will go drinking with some friends. Sumiko gets left behind since she arrived late, started kinda talking to herself in the middle of a conversation with them and the fireworks had already started, but as she's looking for the children she overhears a quarrel. She walks into the alley the voices come from, briefly thinking of whether she should call Shiratori or not. Then she sees the figure of the culprit run away in the shadows and finds a person who has been stabbed to death.

In the middle of the fireworks display Conan realises that Sumiko hasn't arrived. He tells the others to stay put before he goes look for her and arrives to the alley, where he hears Kobayashi scream. With her hands covered in blood, Sumiko looks at her side and sees the culprit again; then Conan arrives and he or she is gone.


EP583 Case.jpg

Location: Alley
Victim: Akira Sumida
Cause of death: Stab wound
Suspects: Kikuna Kagitani, Ryoko Takimoto, and Ryusuke Kodama

The next day, the kids and Sumiko are in the police station. Upon her arrival Sumiko is mistaken as Sato by Yumi (who teases her and even slaps her butt playfully), and later by Chiba. Shiratori arrives and explains the situation, leaving the two dumbfounded about the physical similarities and the completely different behavior of both women. Takagi arrives and says he was just as shocked when he met her, and is scolded by Sato though he's a bit late to see her.

The group is questioned as witnesses by the police. Sumiko tells them all she can remember of the encounter last night, including how she believes the suspect to be a woman due to the figure's long hair and apparent large breasts. Conan and Shiratori fear that said suspect will go after her, and when the Detective Boys offer to stay over, Shiratori says it won't be needed and then tells a flustered Sumiko that he will protect her even with his life. Ai says he might be getting over his head, and then Sumiko adds that she saw a truck around. Other details go to the surface: namely, the victim Akira Sumida's manly looks, and she looks so manly in the picture given to the kids that Conan can only distinguish her gender by how she wears a blouse rather than a man's shirt, and her incredibly unpleasing and ruthless business manners, as well as how Sumiko heard a voice right before the murder.

Three suspects are interrogated, and all three had personal motives to murder Akira Sumida. The first one is the former gang leaderess Kikuna Kagitani, who hated Sumida for having callously called her late mother's very expensive ring that she pawned as a "worthless item" and claiming she had sold it, when she was actually wearing it. The second is the restaurateur Ryouko Takimoto, who was angry because she was tricked by Sumida into buying a fake antique plate for half a million yens, which was revealed to be a cat's plate worth only 300 yens. The third and last one is the ex-baseball player and now host club worker Ryousuke Kodama, who says that Sumida repeteadly and menacingly ordered him to return the money that she loaned him. None of them have fool-proof alibis: Kagitani says she was home alone watching a soccer match, Takimoto tells she was sleeping off her huge cold, and Kodama says he was drinking heavily at his apartment, but no one else can confirm it.

In the middle of the investigation, Sumiko goes to the rest room with Ai and Ayumi. While waiting for the girls to be done, Sumiko briefly sees Satou and Takagi walking by and is very giddy by how similar they are in looks. Before she can do anything, however, she also overhears the male policemen from the beginning saying that Shiratori was part of the "Miwako Sato Ultimate Defense Line" head and that they believe Sumiko is a replacement for Sato. Sumiko, who was starting to develop a huge crush on Shiratori, slumps to her knees in disappointment and sadness, much to the worry of the girls when they see her.

Shiratori has Sumiko listen to the three culprit's voices, and she says that none of them was the voice that shouted out. For worse, Chiba hasn't been able to find the truck that was supposed to be around. When done with the interrogation, Sumiko says she cannot do anything else to help and storms out of the police station, coldly refusing Shiratori's offers to escort her. Chiba does so, under Shiratori's request, so she won't be attacked by the actual culprit. Shiratori doesn't understand why is she so angry, so Ai tells him that she and Ayumi saw Sumiko depressed all of a sudden; she deduces that she surely saw Sato and heard the rumors that Shiratori is only settling for her in place of Sato, which must have hurt her deeply. Shiratori is shocked since he's completely sure that Sumiko is his "girl of destiny" and not Sato, and the kids try to convince him to speak up. The situation is made even more awkward when Sato and Takagi arrive to the scene, because Sato has just learned about Kobayashi, is very happy to find out Shiratori is in love, and now she wants to show her support to his "bid" to Sumiko's affections.

The next day, the kids keep company to the still depressed Sumiko after class and switch from discussing the deals with Shiratori to discussing the backgrounds and probable motivations of the culprits. They conclude that the voice Sumiko heard may have been altered by a mask, but Conan and Ai aren't certain about it being the voice of the only culprit who wore a mask (Takimoto, who had a huge cold and thus wore one to not spread her illness). Mitsuhiko and Ayumi add that the culprit may have been a woman, thanks to the figure that Sumiko saw, and Conan wonders if Sumiko heard the victim talk rather than the culprit. Mitsuhiko adds that Agasa told him that his friend had hired a truck from the Osaka Nikko Nikko company when he moved, but it lingered around the streets for a while and arrived late to the friend's new home because the driver was unused to Tokyo's street layouts and got lost in his way.

Shiratori arrives and tries to have Sumiko listen to the recorded voices again, but when she asks if he believes her to be a liar, he says he's the one lying since he has come to see her. He attempts to rectify the misunderstanding by properly revealing to her how they met many years ago in a bookstore when confronting a pair of thieves, but Sumiko claims to be unable to remember the event and replies it must have been Sato after all, running away into the school grounds. The children realise some changes in his version, and Shiratori admits that he made slight modifications to reinforce his pre-existing claim; since this backfired, they tell him not to give up, and then Conan says that if Shiratori catches the culprit, Sumiko might open her heart to him again. In the middle of this, however, someone is seen lurking around the school grounds; Conan checks around and then tries to convince everyone that there's nothing to talk about anymore.

Later that night, at the school, Sumiko receives a phone call from a mysterious police member. S/he claims that the truck was found and that s/he is coming to see her since s/he wants to show her photos of it; s/he adds s/he's an ex-pupil of Teitan Elementary and asks Sumiko to meet up at the music room, since s/he felt "nostalgic" around it. As the only teacher around the grounds, Sumiko accepts, but then she recalls that the person didn't tell her his/her name and that the music room was remodelled few ago so this person can't be "nostalgic" for it, and then a presence behind her shocks her.


  • Resolution

    Manga to anime changes

    • Right after Sumiko and the girls go to the bathroom, the anime inserts a short scene wherre a confused Shiratori tells them to take their time and both Genta and Mitsuhiko say he was very rude, which greatly embarrasses him.
    • In the manga, there's a short scene where Takagi and Sato talk about the case in the hallway and Takagi tries to discourage Sato from meeting up with Sumiko for the moment, right before Sumiko sees her from afar and realises how similar they look. The anime switches Sato and Takagi's POV with Sumiko's own: as she's waiting for Ayumi and Ai next to the door, she cheerfully remembers that as a kid she wanted to be a police woman and fantasizes about it until she catches glimpses of Takagi and Sato and realises how similar she and Sato look.
    • The moment where Sato meets up with Shiratori and the kids and tries to ask them about Sumiko is less than a page long in the manga, but it's expanded in the anime to a sequence where Shiratori gets increasingly dispirited as she talks to him and the children end up giving her borderline death glares.

    BGM listing

    Kobayashi-sensei's Love

    # Song Title Romaji Translation OST
    0:01 - 0:20 ディスティニー アイランド Disutinii Airando Destiny Island Detective Conan "Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure" Original Soundtrack
    0:23 - 0:50 ????
    1:36 - 2:14 ????
    4:17 - 4:23 記憶の色 Kioku no Iro Colour of Memory Detective Conan "The Raven Chaser" Original Soundtrack
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    8:43 - 9:05 ドルチェ サウンド Doruche Saundo Dolce Sound Detective Conan "Full Score of Fear" Original Soundtrack
    9:06 - 9:33 ????
    9:56 - 10:49 古城の探索 Kojō no Tansaku Exploration of the Old Castle Detective Conan "The Last Wizard of the Century" Original Soundtrack
    11:11 - 12:03 ????
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    21:25 - 22:09 ????
    22:15 - 22:39 ライク セレナード Raiku Serenādo Like Serenade Detective Conan "Full Score of Fear" Original Soundtrack

    Inspector Shiratori's Lost Love

    # Song Title Romaji Translation OST
    0:01 - 0:16 アレグレット Areguretto Allegretto Detective Conan "Full Score of Fear" Original Soundtrack
    0:17 - 0:57 現金輸送車(回想) Genkin Yusōsha (Kaisō) Bank Transport Vehicle (Flashback) Detective Conan "The Private Eyes' Requiem" Original Soundtrack
    3:00 - 5:27 ????
    6:10 - 6:40 小さな巨人 Chiisa na Kyojin A Small Great Person Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 1
    7:03 - 7:30 ライク セレナード Raiku Serenādo Like Serenade Detective Conan "Full Score of Fear" Original Soundtrack
    8:25 - 9:40 ????
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    22:22 - 22:37 古城の探索 Kojō no Tansaku Exploration of the Old Castle Detective Conan "The Last Wizard of the Century" Original Soundtrack

    Timeless Sakura's Love (1st Part)

    # Song Title Romaji Translation OST
    0:01 - 0:47 悪のテーマ1 Aku no Tēma 1 Theme of Evil 1 Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
    0:48 - 1:26 ????
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    5:12 - 5:50 ????
    5:59 - 6:53 ????
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    13:09 - 14:38 黄色い直感2 Kiiroi Chokkan 2 Yellow Instinct 2 Detective Conan "The Raven Chaser" Original Soundtrack
    14:49 - 15:29 ????


    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan (Catalan dub) L'amor de la senyoreta Kobayashi
    El desengany amorós de l'inspector Shiratori
    El temps no esborra l'amor del cirerer
    Teacher Kobayashi love
    Inspector's Shiratori wounded heart
    Time doesn't delete the cherry tree love
    Flag of Italy Italian L'amore della maestra
    Un cuore infranto
    L'amore dei ciliegi
    The teacher's love
    A smashed heart
    The cherry tree love
    Flag of Thailand Thai ความรักของคุณครูโคบายาชิ
    Teacher Kobayashi's Love
    Inspector Shiratori is heartbroken
    Sakura of the Timeless Love
    Flag of Indonesia Indonesian (subbed) Kisah Cinta Bu Kobayashi
    Patah Hati Inspektur Shiratori
    Kisah Cinta Bunga Sakura Abadi
    Ms. Kobayashi's Love Affair
    Inspector Shiratori's Heartbreak
    Timeless Cherry Blossom Love Affair
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Tình yêu của cô giáo Kobayashi
    Tình yêu đã mất của Thanh tra Shiratori
    Tình yêu vượt thời gian của hoa anh đào

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