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Shukichi Haneda

Shukichi Haneda Profile.jpg

Japanese name: 羽田 秀𠮷
(Haneda Shūkichi)
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Date of birth: November 12[1]
Relatives: Tsutomu Akai (father, deceased)
Mary Sera (mother)
Shuichi Akai (older brother)
Masumi Sera (younger sister)
Elena Miyano (aunt, deceased)
Atsushi Miyano (uncle-in-law, deceased)
Akemi Miyano (cousin, deceased)
Shiho Miyano (cousin)
Kohji Haneda (non-blood older brother, deceased)
Occupation: Shogi player
Status: Alive
Nicknames: Chukichi (チュウ𠮷/秀𠮷[チュウキチ][2] ?, Yumi Miyamoto)
Kichi-nii (Masumi Sera)
Aniki (Masumi Sera)
Aliases: Taiko Meijin (Celebrity name)
Shukichi Sera
Shukichi Akai (Birth name)
First appearance: Manga: File 847
Anime: Episode 731
Appearances: Chapters: 30
Episodes: 20
Movies: 1
OVAs: 0
Specials: 0
Openings: 3
Closings: 0
Cases solved: 3
Keyhole number: Volume 80
Japanese voice: Toshiyuki Morikawa
Yuki Kaida (young)
English voice: Sean Chiplock (Bang Zoom!)
Jorge Barranco (Macias Group)

Shukichi Haneda (羽田 秀𠮷 Haneda Shūkichi?) is a professional shogi player, as well as the boyfriend of Yumi Miyamoto in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan. He is also the middle brother of the Akai family, making him the sibling of Shuichi Akai and Masumi Sera.


Shukichi as a middle schooler more than 10 years ago.

Shukichi Haneda was presumably born as Shukichi Akai until some incident, perhaps the death of his father, caused Shukichi and Masumi Sera to switch to using "Sera" as a family name. The Akai family apparently lived a rather wealthy life.[3] He might have been born in England. When the family moved to Japan, Shukichi's older brother Shuichi left them to study in America. After that his younger sister Masumi was born. Seven years after moving to Japan, he and his family were briefly reunited with Shuichi, who plans to join the FBI to investigate the death of their father. In middle school he was classmates with Tamami Minegishi, Sumika Kawana, Masaie Hakuya, Jinsuke Ninda and Satoko Imoto.[4]

When Shukichi graduated from high school he began using the family name Haneda from Koji Haneda, a shogi player he admire. It is not clear what their relationship was. According to Yumi he asked to be adopted into the Haneda family. At some point he started his career as a professional shogi player.

Shukichi met Yumi Miyamoto for the first time on a train where he overslept, resting his head on Yumi's shoulder, and Yumi waited for him even though she had to miss her stop.[5] He attained the prestigious Meijin title back when he was still dating Yumi, without the latter knowing.[6]

Shukichi's main objective is to prove himself worthy as Yumi's boyfriend by secretly winning all seven shogi titles, despite having technically been dumped by her. He was widely known by the name of Taiko Meijin (太閤名人 Taikō Meijin?) in the world of shogi even before he finally achieved all seven titles in his most recent Shogi match, due to his unique skill.[7] Even though he then lost one in a revenge match with his rival Chikara Katsumata, he intends to stick with his original plan.

Shukichi currently lives in an apartment at Chateau Beika Condo (シャトー米花マンション Shatō Beika Manshon?), the same place as when he was still going out with Yumi.[8]


Shukichi has a very cheerful personality, which Yumi (to her annoyance) perceived as immature. In front of Yumi and other characters, he rarely suppresses his emotions, which can range from overly joyful when meeting his ex-girlfriend, to hilariously disapproving when the latter announces that their relationship was over. Despite this, Shukichi does show a calmer and more serious side during some situations, most notably when he is making his deductions or when he appears in front of the media.

On the other hand, Shukichi is quite confident and proud of his excellent memory, as seen when he proclaims himself the best memorizer in the world.[9] From his goal of achieving all seven shogi titles to win Yumi's admiration, he shows himself as a person with great patience and determination. The only thing which can disturb him is his intense feelings for Yumi; his belief in her love for him affects his performance at shogi immensely, making her his effective muse,he is even willing to leave an important match to save her like durning meijin title match which he left to save her.

He is also a strong detective, more skilled than Masumi. She often consulted him on cases over the phone, double-checking her deductions.

He is also a little careless and carefree shown in file 1043-1046 when he found out culprit's identity he went to talk with him and ask him to surrender but he get himself caught

He only loves Yumi and didn't betray her. Even after she dumped him, he doesn't want to tell Yumi about his shogi profession to surprise her and didn't tell her about the practice group. For example, there are women in it so she won't be jealous.


Shukichi Haneda's different looks.

Shukichi Haneda is perhaps the most characterized by his hair, which sticks up in the back like a bed head. He is often shown wearing glasses, usually except when he is playing shogi or is being interviewed as a professional shogi player.

Unlike his two siblings who resemble their mother, Shukichi is most similar to his father.[10]

He apparently dresses in slouchy clothes like jerseys fairly often. In Shogi matches he wears traditional attire.

Abilitites and skills


Shukichi Haneda has won numerous shogi matches and earned himself the title Meijin, which, along with Ryu-oh, is the most prestigious title in the professional shogi titleholder system.[11][12] In Taiko Meijin's Match of Love, he managed to attain all seven titles. During the events of the Missing Envelope Case, Shukichi loses his title defense match for the Osho title against Chikara Katsumata and subsequently only holds six titles at the moment.


Shukichi is extremely skillful at memorizing, as shown when he managed to remember the code written on Sakurako Yonehara's paper despite having only seen it for a very short amount of time. He also claims to be the best in this field.[9]

Deductive abilities

Shukichi Haneda is very intelligent, something his skill in memorization appears to help. His intelligence seems to be well-known among the students from his high school, as he apparently has solved some mysteries in his class during his time studying there.[13] It is possible his intelligence may even outstrip his older brother Shuichi's since Sera characterizes the already intelligent Shuichi as "strong" in contrast to the middle brother's "smart". Shukichi often advises Masumi on cases via cellphone.[10] He was able to correctly deduce over the phone that Masumi's deduction was unreliable in a bathroom murder case. He was able to solve a murder case next to his house, where he effectively figured out the trick behind the victim's suicide note, as well as the culprit's identity. His intelligence might even surpasses Conan's; In the events of the Shogi Player Serial Murder Case, he managed to figure out the culprit's identity much earlier than Conan.


Plot overview

Missing Classmate Case (Manga: 506, Anime: 427)

Shukichi was first mentioned by Yumi to the Detective Boys when the children were looking for a missing schoolgirl. She described him as someone with a good-looking face but childish personality. She also mentioned having "dumped him in a bad way", so she was buying a facemask so he wouldn't recognize her, since she was going to a place not far from where he lived.[27]

Sera's phone call during Detective's Nocturne (Manga: 798-800, Anime: 672-674)

After Sera took down the kidnapper with her motorcycle she either made or received a call from an unknown person. Given her pattern of contacting her brother regarding cases, she may have called him concerning this one. Another possibility is Mary.

Yumi's Love Story (Manga: 847-849, Anime: 731-732)

Yumi recalls her moment with Shukichi before they broke up. When she proposed that they should end their relationship as she would become a police officer, Shukichi handed her an envelope and told her not to open until he "collect all seven", referring to the shogi titles. However, he hasn't contacted her ever since then, so she officially broke up with him.

When a murder takes place at his neighboring apartment, Shukichi becomes one of the prime suspects as he knows the code to acquire the spare key. That is when he finally meets his ex-girlfriend again after all those years. He cheerfully introduces to everyone about their relationship, only to be denied by Yumi.

As the investigation progresses, Shukichi perceives the true nature of the victim's suicide note, calling it "a well prepared move", which turns out to be an important clue. Later, when asked about his own alibi, Shukichi refuses to answer, much to Yumi's annoyance. However, he mentally tells her not to be worried, while confidently looking at Conan, who's already figured out the truth about the case.

Conan, with Shukichi's helps, points out that the culprit is the victim's husband. Shukichi explains that the suicide note was actually written four years ago, on an airplane that almost crashed; the culprit used it to fake her death as a suicide. He also reveals that he has suspected the husband since he saw the note, and his theory was confirmed when he overheard his conversation with his son.

At the end of the case, it is revealed that Shukichi is in fact the famous shogi player called "Taiko Meijin", and was having a match when the crime occured. He kept quiet about it so Yumi couldn't find out about his occupation. It's also revealed that the reason he's so determined in winning all seven shogi titles is because when the two were still dating, Yumi used to express her admiration for a sumo champion who had won six tournaments in a row.

Bathroom murder case's failed deduction (Manga: 856-858, Anime: 740-741)

Sera had called Shukichi regarding the "adultery case" she was about to investigate and was overheard by Eri. After the murder was discovered, Sera relayed her brother the facts of the case and her deduction by phone call. He told Sera her deduction was unreliable.

Bowling Alley drowning murder (Manga: 859-861, Anime: 744-745)

The middle brother's hand and cellphone

Conan asks Sera who she called during the last case, and she tells Conan about the existence of her second older brother who is very smart. Confronted with another murder case, Sera texts Shukichi about the situation and her logic. Sera also informs her brother than Conan seems to have figured out the case, but she isn't sure of her answer since her confidence has been shaken as of late. Her brother texts Sera asking who she keeps talking about. Sera sends him a picture of Conan and Shukichi replies that "it is no problem" if it is Conan doing the deducing, after all Shukichi had a good experience with Conan's deductions in The Ex-Boyfriend Living Next to a Crime Scene.

Masumi is very surprised and wonders how her brother knows Conan. Her suspicion makes sense because she knows that Conan didn't exist prior to Shinichi shrinking.[28] The brother later sends another text to Masumi which most likely said something about how he met Conan during a case before. This makes Masumi react "Ah, I see. So that's how it is."[29] At the end of the unseen message is a PS asking if she has "already met the wizard." Sera looks over at Conan and thinks "You could say so..." while sending a reply.

Shogi Tournament (Manga: 899-902, Anime: 785-786)

Shukichi won important matches to help him win his 4th, 5th and 6th titles. Before he begins his title match to become only the 2nd Nanakan-ō shogi player with all 7 titles) in history, he receives a letter. He opens the letter only to find out that Yumi was kidnapped and is trapped in a well. The letter contains clues pertaining to the whereabouts of Yumi. He arrives at the location but cannot find the well. Upon the arrival, he bumps into Conan and the Detective Boys who immediately ask the real purpose of Shukichi. The match is postponed as Shukichi attempts to win both the battle of shogi and love.

A Killer in Ramen Ogura (Manga: 928-930, Anime: 827-828)

Shukichi and Masumi's second-older brother (later revealed to be Shukichi himself)'s favorite phrase is the same: I'm skillful at memorizing such things. I'm the best in Japan... No, maybe even the best in the world. Shukichi said the phrase in Episode 731. Yumi and Sera call Shukichi at the same time, Shukichi answers Yumi's call first, put it on hold as he receives the call from Masumi, telling her that he's on the phone with someone important and to call later.As soon as he hangs up on Masumi, he resumes his conversation with Yumi. It turns out Shukichi knows some important facts about the case culprit and became helpful to Yumi and the investigation.

Shukichi's Envelope Case (Manga: 945-947, Anime: 849-850)

Parts of Shukichi's family information appeared on Shukichi's marriage registration form:

  • The father's name appears to be Tsutomu Akai (赤井 務武 Akai Tsutomu?).
  • The mother's given name is Mary Sera (メアリ 世良 Mary Sera?).
Shukichi's marriage registration (File 947)
Englargement of Shukichi's marriage registration form, showing the section for parents.
Anime version (1).
Anime version (2).

Shukichi loses one of his Shogi titles against his rival Chikara, making him only with six titles.

It also came out that Shukichi has a non-blood-related brother named Kohji Haneda (羽田 浩司 Haneda Kōji?).

A Chance Meeting at the Beach (Manga: 972-974, Anime: 881-882)

10 years ago, Shukichi, Masumi and their mother Mary, reunite with Shuichi who did not take the test yet to become an FBI agent in the Beach. They also encountered Shinichi, Ran and Yukiko who also happened to be there. All of them end up being involved in a case where 2 two robbers robbed a watch shop with one of them accidentally got killed in an accident, and the other was still on the run.

Policewomen Serial Murder Case (Manga: 1015-1017, Anime: 972-974)

After the murder of the second female police officer, Shukichi calls Yumi, worried about her safety, advising her to go home. It is revealed that Shukichi is secretly in contact with his older brother Shuichi, as he sent the latter an email; asking him to protect Yumi.

Shogi Player Serial Murder Case (Manga : 1043-1046, Anime: 1033-1035)

Shukichi was holding a Shogi practice session with younger Shogi players. However, Yumi suspects that he was having an affair, which causes her to bring Conan along to tail him. Unfortunately, one of the Shogi group members got killed while arriving at the apartment. Shukichi realizes that the culprit is one of the members before the police arrive. He goes to the culprit's place to tell him to turn himself in but got kidnapped afterwards. Eventually, he is saved by a double effort of Conan and his brother Shuichi. Shukichi reveals to his brother that he wanted to introduce Yumi to his mother, but is unable to contact her. After Shukichi revealed to his brother that he didn't tell their mother that he is still alive yet, Shuichi reassures that he'll meet her eventually, once the mist of the Black Organization that covers the truth, has been cleared up.

Family Restaurant Murder Case (Manga: 1091-1093, Anime: TPD)

Non-canon plot overview

The Scarlet Bullet (Movie: 24)

Shukichi is shown having a date with Yumi at Nagoya. When Yumi gets terribly drunk, She says she accepts Shukichi’s proposal. They meet Shuichi when Yumi dashes in front of his car. He guides the FBI to pursuit the culprit by his memorizing skill. At the end of the movie, Yumi denies on accepts Shukichi's proposal as she was sober, much to Shukichi's disappointment.

Hints that Shukichi was the Akai family's middle brother

The middle brother's hand and cellphone
  • Shukichi was in the right age range for the middle brother. The middle brother's former high school classmates are currently 28 and 29 years old, suggesting that the middle brother is similarly aged.
  • Shukichi is very intelligent as the middle brother was described. When Conan and Shukichi encountered each other during a case, Shukichi noted that Conan is an excellent detective. Later Shukichi asked Masumi about the detective she was always talking talking about, not realizing he had already met this person before. Masumi shows her brother Conan's picture thinking he will be surprised. Shukichi replies back that "if it's him, then there's no problem"; he had met Conan previously after all.
  • Shukichi is right handed and has pale skin, matching the phone-holding hand of the middle brother.
  • Both Shuichi Akai and Mary took special interest in the outcome of Shukichi's Shogi matches. Masumi, who had earlier stated that she had no idea where the middle brother is or what he is up to did not recognize Shukichi in his match.
  • When Yumi and Sera together described Shukichi and her brother respectively, they were identical. Both wear round glasses, have stubble, wear 'messy jerseys', have excellent memories, and share the exactly same favorite saying.

Relationships analysis

Yumi Miyamoto

Main article: Shukichi Haneda and Yumi Miyamoto


Shukichi Haneda and Yumi Miyamoto first met when the latter was still in college, and had begun dating since then until Yumi eventually broke up with him because she thought he was immature. Shukichi is completely oblivious to Yumi breaking up with him and he still thinks of her as his girlfriend as if nothing has happened. Yumi, on the other hand, refers to him as an ex and doesn't show much interest in his personal life. Despite this, it appears she still has some feelings for him.

Their relationship began to relapse after Shukichi was caught up in a murder case in his apartment complex. Despite Yumi acting standoffish most of the time, they start using pet names for each other once again. They even exchanged a kiss before Shukichi continued his shogi match to win the seventh title. By the time Yumi figured out Shukichi's real identity, Shukichi was regularly meeting with her. All of this time, Yumi still insisted on calling him an ex.

Yumi was unaware of Shukichi being a famous shogi player for a long time, mostly due to her lack of interest in investigating, and an apparent personal disinterest in shogi (she is more of a Mahjong type). She assumed Shukichi was a "meijin" at some minor game like shiratori or fishing. She eventually saw Shukichi on television and figured it out. After realizing that meijins can make 100,000,000 yen in salary, she desperately tries to reclaim the letter he left for her, which her ornery building manager had seized.

After Shukichi lost the decisive match against Chikara Katsumata,Yumi rips the letter on Shukichi's favour as it became invalid due to his loss. Disappointed by his loss, Yumi encouraged Shukichi that she will wait for him to re-gather the seven Shogi titles once again and that she will listen to any one of his wishes. She also motivated him to never lose to anyone, improving the romantic relationship between the two.

After that she spend more time with shukichi in his apartment and shukichi was worried for Yumi and anytime something might happen to her like durning traffic police murder case which she might be murdered.

In file 1043-1046 Yumi suspected of having an affair and show jealousy which she tailed him but it was revealed it was just a practice group for shogi.

Masumi Sera

Shukichi was 10-11 years old when Masumi was born, and he was, unlike Shuichi, close during her childhood until she was seven and finally introduced to their older brother. Despite the ten year age separation between Masumi Sera and her moving abroad, nevertheless she and Shukichi kept in touch by phone. Masumi Sera frequently calls him to ask about case solutions.[10] Shukichi appears to have avoided telling Masumi anything about his Shogi skills or what he has been up to. She has no idea where he is living.[10]

Kohji Haneda

Kohji was a talented shogi player that his "not-related-by-blood"[30] brother, Shukichi Haneda, deeply respected. Many had high hopes that Kohji would win all seven of the major shogi titles, but Rum killed him preventing it. It's likely that Shukichi changed one of his name characters slightly to honor the late Kohji.

Shuichi Akai

Shuichi Akai keeps track of Shukichi Haneda's shogi matches. During a reunion ten years ago Shukichi shows concern over his brother's choice of path in life. During the Policewomen Serial Murder Case, when Yumi is accosted by drunkards, Shuichi as Subaru incapacitates them and has them leave her alone. It is shown when he is alone he received a text by Shukichi to protect Yumi, indicating the brothers are in contact.

Mary Sera

Mary Sera is Shukichi's mother. While stuck in the body of a middle schooler, she is shown keeping track of Shukichi Haneda's shogi matches. She smiled when he became the seven-crowned king. Shukichi is shown to be unaware of his mother current circumstances and hasn't been in contact wanted to introduce Yumi to her and asked Shuichi what their being doing to which Shuichi reassure him that he would see their mother sooner or later.

Miyano Family

In File 1049, the flashback conversations between Vermouth and Mary confirmed that Mary and Elena are sisters. So that Shukichi is blood relatives with Miyano family.

Conan Edogawa

Shukichi seems to have noticed Conan's intelligence and trusted his deductions the first time they met. He even writes to his sister, that it's all right if Conan make the deductions. Shinichi has met Shukichi in the past as a child, so it's possible that Shukichi might recognize him as Conan because of his memorization skills, and also due to Shukichi calling Conan a Wizard, the same nickname that Masumi attributed to Shinichi when they met 10 years ago. It's also possible that his brother Shuichi told him about Conan given that Shukichi knows of Akai having faked his death.

Chikara Katsumata

Chikara Katsumata is Shukichi's only shown Shogi rival and the holder of the one of the seven main Shogi titles. He claimed the seventh title from Katsumata in Taiko Meijin's Match of Love. Shukichi then lost a revenge match to Chikara in The Marriage Registration's Password, leaving him with only six titles.

Name origin

According to Gosho, the full name Shukichi Haneda (羽田 秀𠮷 Haneda Shūkichi?) and the in-story nickname Taiko (太閤 Taikō?) are both references to Hideyoshi Toyotomi (豊臣 秀吉), who was previously named Hideyoshi Hashiba (羽柴 秀吉).[31] Additionally, Haneda's "Hane" () also comes from Yoshiharu Habu (生 善治), a real-life professional shogi player who has won all seven titles.[32] Gosho also revealed that the "kichi" part of his name comes from Sankichi Sakata (阪田 三𠮷) in an Animal Crossings Promotional Hint on January 18, 2016.

There is one wrinkle in the above information. Because of Shukichi's backstory related to Kohji Haneda, then the true source for Haneda (羽田) is likely the list of people killed by APTX 4869, and Gosho's shogi source explanation was ex post facto. There are only two ways for both Gosho's shogi source explanation and the List of APTX 4869 victim source to be true. One is that Gosho decided on the name Haneda, and then noticed the name on the list and came up with additional backstory for Shukichi on the spot, or that Gosho planned out Haneda's backstory in Volume 18, 15 years before he was actually introduced. That second explanation is perhaps a bit of a stretch, as Masumi Sera was only created in response to the positive fan reaction to female detective Natsuki Koshimizu, some eight years after volume 18 was published.

Shukichi's prior surname Sera (世良 Sera?) is from the Mobile Suit Gundam character Sayla Mass (セイラ・マス Seira Masu?).[33] Shukichi's oldest surname "Akai" comes from the Mobile Suit Gundam character Char Aznable, whose nickname was the "Red Comet" (赤い彗星 Akai Suisei?).


I'm skillful at memorizing such things. I'm the best in Japan... No, maybe even the best in the world.
Well, I guess the story just turned into me gushing about Yumi-san... But I live in the shogi world, where making people wait is unacceptable.

— Shukichi, after telling his story about his first meeting with Yumi to Detective Boys, File 900 pg 8

In other languages



  • Shukichi is right-handed.
  • In file 946, Yumi reveals that she nicknames him 'Chukichi' because he keeps eating cheese like a rat which makes a noise that sounds a lot like 'Chu'. He is shown to like cake.
  • Shukichi can speak English.

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