Atsushi Miyano

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Atsushi Miyano

Atsushi Miyano Profile.png

Japanese name: 宮野 厚司
(Miyano Atsushi)
Age: 35[1]
Gender: Male
Relatives: Elena Miyano (wife, deceased)
Akemi Miyano (first daughter, deceased)
Shiho Miyano (second daughter)
Mary Sera (sister-in-law)
Tsutomu Akai (brother-in-law)
Shuichi Akai (nephew-in-law)
Shukichi Haneda (nephew-in-law)
Masumi Sera (niece-in-law)
Occupation: Black Organization member
Status: Dead
Nicknames: Mad Scientist[2]
First appearance: Manga: File 1011
Anime: Episode 340
Appearances: Chapters: 2
Episodes: 4
Keyhole number: Volume 96
Japanese voice: Yuichi Nakamura

Atsushi Miyano (宮野 厚司 Miyano Atsushi?) was a biochemist in the Black Organization and apparently Akemi and Shiho Miyano's father.[3] Atsushi Miyano and Elena Miyano started or continued on the APTX 4869 research according to Vermouth.[4] One or both of them worked on the project before Shiho took over. Both Elena and Atsushi died for some reason which Pisco called an accident while Shiho was young.


Atsushi Miyano was a "mad scientist" who was unpopular in the scientific community because his work and theories were not mainstream.[5] Agasa was a distant acquaintance of Atsushi and had met him and his wife at conferences. Atsushi complimented Agasa on his inventions.[6] Atsushi Miyano's true appearance was unknown as he hadn't appeared in the manga until file 1011 in a flashback. He was shown in shadow in the anime. He moved out of his father's house in Kōenji[7] thirty years ago to go somewhere for his research; he had found someone to sponsor his theory, and was moving to join a large research facility.[8] Conan and Haibara think this is the Black Organization. He got married in this time period to Elena and then visited his father's house then occupied by his childhood friend and playmate Souhei Dejima later with Elena when Akemi was 4-5 years old. It was said that he seemed to have something important to discuss with his friend.[9] The visit occurred 20 years prior to the current timeline.[10] Rei Furuya said he met Atsushi some time before he died.[11]


Contrary to the personality generally associated with the phrase "mad scientist", Agasa describes Atsushi as having been "a very polite man" and that he doesn't think Atsushi was suspicious.[6]


Plot overview

Bathroom Murder Case (Manga: 423-425, Anime: 340-341)

Black Bunny's Club Case Case (Manga: 1011, Anime: 953)

TV Drama Filming Site Murder Case (Manga: 1025, Anime: 995)


30 years ago

  • Atsushi Miyano moved out of his father's house to go somewhere for his research. Souhei Dejima takes up residence in it.[12]
  • Atsushi joins the Shirohato Pharmaceuticals' drug development team.[13]

?? years ago

  • Elena comes from England to study in Japan. Atsushi and Elena meet.[14]
  • Atsushi and Elena get married and send a wedding invitation to Dejima.[15]

~25 years ago

  • Shirohato Pharmaceuticals bankrupts. Miyano Clinic opens.[16]
  • Akemi is born (present day age is given as 25).

19 years ago

  • Elena is three months pregnant with Shiho while working at Miyano Clinic. Furuya Rei appears at Miyano clinic.[17]
  • Atsushi and Elena decide to take the Karasuma Group's offer.[18]
  • The Miyanos join a research facility sponsored by the Karasuma Group.[19]
  • Vermouth states the Miyanos "took over this foolish research"[20]
  • Atsushi, Elena, and a 5 year old Akemi visited Atsushi's father's house then occupied by Dejima. They seemed to be frightened.[21]
  • Elena records tapes for Shiho, calling her drug project "Silver Bullet". Elena fears she and Atsushi will have to leave their children behind to complete the project.[22]

~18 years ago

  • Shiho is born.

~17-18 years ago

  • The Miyanos get dragged into an accident and die.[23]
  • Haibara specifies they died in a lab fire which destroyed the lab and the research[24]

17 years ago

  • Kohji Haneda case occurs in the US. His name later appears on the ATPX list.[25]
  • Haibara assumes he was killed with a drug made by her parents.[26]

?? years ago

  • Shiho is sent to study in the US while Akemi remained in Japan.[27]

~5 years ago

  • Shiho is known to be working for the Black Organization as a scientist at the age of thirteen. She may have started to work even earlier.
  • Haibara has stated she gathered the surviving data from the fire at her parents lab to try to recreate the research they worked on.[28]

<1 year ago

  • Akemi returned to Atsushi's father's house to hide Elena's tapes for Shiho.
  • Shinichi is fed APTX4869 by Gin.
  • Akemi is killed by Gin.
  • Shiho willingly takes APTX4869 and escapes the BO.

Name origin

His given name "Atsushi" comes from an animator, Atsushi Aono.

Different looks

Episode 340
Episode 953


  • The Miyano couple met in the medical college according to the LOVE PLUS Super Digest Book.

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