Criminal Tracking Glasses

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Criminal Tracking Glasses

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Japanese name: 犯人追跡メガネ
Romaji name: Hannin Tsuiseki Megane
Created by: Professor Agasa
Used by: Conan Edogawa
Professor Agasa
First appearance: Manga: Volume 2 - File 4
Anime: Episode 13
Appearances: Chapters: 0
Episodes: 26
Movies: 8
OVAs: 2
Openings: 11
Closings: 1
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The Criminal Tracking Glasses is the ninth gadget created by Professor Agasa for Conan.


A close-up of the display as seen in Mushrooms, Bears, and the Detective Boys.
Glasses Specs

These glasses use radar, enabling Conan to track down criminals and locate his transmitters within a 20km radius. The glasses can also be used to track down the location of the Detective Boys badges.

To activate the radar on the glasses, Conan presses a small button on the left-hand side. Pressing this button extends an antenna and turns the main screen on, displayed on the left lens with North, South, East, and West compass directions at the edges. Locations of transmitters (or the Detective Boys badges) appear as dots on the screen.

To go along with the glasses, Agasa gave Conan small sticker-like transmitters that resemble the yellow button on Conan's jacket, allowing Conan to hide the transmitter in plain sight and still have it handy when he needs it.

Recently, Agasa has also added a night-vision & zoom feature for the glasses as well.[1]

Unique uses[edit]

  • In Reunion with the Black Organization Conan loans Haibara the Criminal Tracking Glasses to disguise her face and help put her mind at ease.
  • During The Desperate Revival, Conan uses the sticker transmitters on rocks in the cave he and the Detective Boys wander into and then leaves the Criminal Tracking Glasses on the ground. When Haibara discovers them later and widens the radar's view she discovers that the transmitters on the rocks form the number "110", the emergency telephone number for the police in Japan.

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