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Momiji Ooka

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Japanese name: 大岡 紅葉
(Ōoka Momiji)
English name: Momiji Ooka (bangzoom)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Relatives: Mrs. Ooka (mother)
Mr. Ooka (grandfather, retiree)[1]
First appearance: Manga: File 962
Anime: Movie 21
Appearances: Chapters: 21
Episodes: 9
Movies: 2
Keyhole number: Volume 98
Japanese voice: Satsuki Yukino
English voice: Faye Mata

Momiji Ooka (大岡 紅葉 Ōoka Momiji?) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Momiji Ooka is a second-year student from Kyoto Senshin High School and a champion of Hyakunin Isshu karuta. She lives in the Higashiyama district of Kyoto and her family, the Ooka group, is likely wealthy, since she has a personal butler and her retiree grandfather is the former Prime Minister, third to Renya Karasuma and Suzuki plutocrats in Tokyo.[2] Momiji claims Heiji "proposed her when they were little" and thus believes that they will be romantically involved in the future. Momiji was once part of an elite karuta association called Nagoro-kai. She was the greatest student of the group's founder, Nagoro Shikao. However, after the group was disbanded, she joined another association called the Satsuki-kai.

Momiji appears to be an extremely competent detective, as she saw through a trick merely based on a sound she heard in a phone call with her butler, Muga Iori, before Conan, Heiji or Amuro did. Later, Iori says that her deduction was great as usual, implying that she regularly solves cases and also says that Heiji's great deductive skill was to be expected from the person that Momiji chose as her partner. Momiji is involved in the movie plot which will center around Heiji and Kazuha's romance. She was shown crying in the movie artwork. The movie shows her in an uta-karuta tournament and introducing herself as "Heiji's fiancé", plus there's a picture of her and Heiji's younger selves making a pinky swear.


Momiji has a close personal interest in Heiji's cases as he makes the news. For some reason, she believes Heiji will be her future husband, despite his feelings for Kazuha. She and Heiji did meet as children and apparently made a promise. Momiji is also extremely smart, especially in regards to catching details that others miss. When Iori informed her via phone some details about a case Heiji was working, Momiji actually caught other signals that Iori himself had missed and used them to reach a correct deduction that would greatly help Conan and Heiji. Iori also implies that Momiji engages in her own detective work at times, as she is no stranger to making such deductions. Momiji seems to be very girlish and a bit vain, plus fond of taking some degree of care in her appearance. She has pierced ears and small earrings, and her nails are seen painted in intricate patterns. She also has a notably larger bust size than other girls in the series, flustering Heiji in their first movie meeting, making flat-chested Masumi jealous and baffled when she first sees Momiji, and leading Okita to simply referring to Momiji as "Boobs" in a conversation with Ran. Finally, Momiji is a champion in the famous card game Hyakunin Isshu Karuta, a game that Kazuha is also proficient in. The movie plot takes place as both she and Kazuha are getting ready for a karuta tournament.


Momiji is a skilled detective as she could solve a case just from hearing voice from phone and noticing knowing names of Kyoto on code. She is also a skilled karuta player.


Plot overview

Curse of the Nue (Manga: 962, Anime: 874)

After the case, Momiji appears by reads about the case on her smartphone and calls Heiji her future husband.

Murder inside Café Poirot (Manga: 983, Anime: 886)

Momiji send her butler, Muga Iori, to observe Heiji at cafe Poirot. Later, a case happen at cafe Poirot and she saw through a trick merely based on a sound she heard in a phone call with Iori and relays a hint in form of Hyakunin Isshu poem to Heiji via Iori to solve the case. After the case is solved, Iori travels back to Kyoto and in a call with Momiji at the airport, despite his apparant affection for a different girl. Iori approves of her choosing Heiji as her future partner and tells her that he will do his best to support her.

Kendo Tournament Murder Case (Manga: 990-993, Anime: 916-917)

Momiji and Iori were present at the tournament. They were hoping Heiji would win, but he became involved in a case and was disqualified for not appearing at his match in time. Disappointed, the two fail to approach Heiji.

Crimson School Trip Case (Manga: 1002-1003 & 1005, Anime: 927-928)

Momiji showed up by meeting Ran, Shinichi, Sonoko, Masumi, and Nakamichi on a part of the Kyoto school trip. Masumi and Nakamichi is jealous and baffled of her having a notably larger bust size. They encounter the Tengu chaos, leaving Momiji and Sonoko behind. However, they were protected by Iori and Heiji which surprised her. She saw through the code which is similar to Kyoto's streets' and districts' corresponding to the position, which help Shinichi, Heiji, and Masumi to solve the case. It is also revealed that she and Okita are classmates.

Lover Code Case (Manga: 1039-1042, Anime: 1024-1025)

Momiji and Iori meet Heiji and Kazuha to convinced Heiji to solve the code. She hinted to Heiji that Shinichi will also try to solve it and if Heiji loses the challenge then he must do as Momiji wishes. After Heiji and Shinichi crack the code they arrive at the scene to find a man dead. Iori then states that the first person to find the culprit is the winner. They also find that Heiji wants to confessing his feeling to Kazuha and decide to help Shinchi. However, Heiji is able to solve the case and grabs Kazuha in order to confess to her. Iori whispers something to Kazuha and she runs off when Heiji is in the middle of speaking to prevent his confessing.

Detective Play Director Murder Case (Manga: 1088-1090, Anime: TBD)

Momiji is the sponsor for a detective show and invited Kuroda as the advisor, since he is well known to her family. She also take a chance to kiss Heiji, only to be disrupt by Conan.

Non-canon plot overview

The Crimson Love Letter (Movie: 21)

At the end, Heiji corrects Momiji's assumption that he promised to marry her by saying that he instead said: "But next time we meet, I'll be even stronger, so hone yer skills and wait for me". In Japanese, the word for stronger is "tsuyome" and the one for bride is "yome", so Momiji must have only heard the second half of the word and thought he was going to make her his bride.

The Million-dollar Pentagram (Movie: 27)


Heiji Hattori

Momiji and Heiji made a promise years ago, which she still remembers and was revealed to be that Heiji proposed to her. She immediately recognized him, but Heiji at first didn't. She has a love interest for Heiji and even calls him her "future husband". This promise was proven otherwise in the movie.

Kazuha Toyama

Because of this love interest, Momiji and Kazuha consider one another as rivals and their interactions are laced with one or another degree of passive-aggression.

Muga Iori

Iori is Momiji's butler and loyal servant. She values that he approves of Heiji as her future husband.

Soshi Okita

Momiji and Okita are classmates. While talking to Ran, Momiji is annoyed at the mere mention of Okita, whom she calls "that kendo boy", though she is willing to deliver a message from Ran to him. When he later comes over to the crime scene with some kendo buddies to hunt down tengus, Momiji only has sarcastic comments and further annoyance to offer. In turn, Okita doesn't want Momiji to learn of the girl he has a crush on, fearing he would never hear the end of it if she heard of his crush. Somewhat rudely, Okita only refers to Momiji as "Boobs" in a conversation with Ran, in reference to her overly large breasts.

Ran Mouri

Ran and Momiji have met in the past: see below. They're mostly polite to one another.

Manga vs. anime

In the movie, Ran and Momiji met at Nichiuri TV Station in Osaka, while in file 1002 Ran says they met the last time she and her father travelled to Kyoto. Files 33-35 are the first and only time when Kogoro goes in train to Kyoto for his best friend's wedding. Ran came along to see Kyoto for the first time, and brought Conan rather than leave him alone in Tokyo. Then, Ran meet Momiji during that off-screen travel, since the movies are not canon.

Name origin

Her first name means "red leaves", and it's the name for the Japanese maple tree. In Japan, the custom of viewing the changing colour of maples in the autumn is called "Momijigari", and Kyoto, the city where Momiji is from, is known for its good momijigari spots.

Her surname means "large hill", and it comes from Ooka Tadasuke (大岡 忠相). Not only he was a real-life samurai and magistrate in the service of the Tokugawa shogunate, but has been featured in jidai geki series like Ōoka Echizen and Meibugyō! Ōoka Echizen, among others.

Different looks

Movie 21
Episode 874


  • Due to being from a privilege family she never ate pizza and doesn’t know how to cook when she holds a knife improperly.[3]

See also


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