Toshiro Odagiri

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Toshiro Odagiri

Toshiro Odagiri Profile.jpg

Japanese name: 小田切 敏郎
(Odagiri Toshirō)
English name: Superintendent Osterman
Age: 56
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: Toshiya Odagiri (only son)
Occupation: Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Chief Superintendent
First appearance: Anime: Movie 4
Appearances: Movies: 4
Cases solved: 1 (partially)
Japanese voice: Kouji Nakata
English voice: Kent Williams

Toshiro Odagiri (小田切 敏郎 Odagiri Toshirō?) is a character in the movie franchise Detective Conan.


Toshiro Odagiri is a Chief Superintendent in the Tokyo Police, and is the Chief of the Criminal Investigations Division. Not much is known about him, but he has an only son, Toshiya Odagiri.


Toshiro Odagiri seems to be a very strict person which may be because of his strict upbringing. He spares no hesitation to suspect his son of murder, which shows he is very dedicated to his job. He is also a good swordsman as Conan notices his sword style.


Even though he seems old, he still has a very strong body built and sharp movements. He has brown hair and relatively big eyelashes. He has a big mustache and always seem frowning.

Plot overview[edit]

Captured in Her Eyes (Movie: 4)[edit]

Conan and Odagiri.

After police officers Osamu Narasawa and Yoichiro Shiba were murdered, the wedding ceremony of Sara Shiratori and Kotaro Haretsuki takes place a little later on which many police officers are present, including Odagiri. When his son shows up, he makes clear to him that he is unwanted, whereupon he leaves the celebration. After Sato is shot in the bathroom, Odagiri orders an ambulance to call and block all exits. He also causes every person, including him and all police members, to check for powder residues.

When the perpetrator is known to be Doctor Kyosuke Kazato and convicted by Conan and Ran in Tropical Land, all the police officers go there. Shortly after the arrest, Odagiri has his son interrogated, as he rolls up an old case and therefore knows the murderer of the police. He learns that his son was involved in a blackmail case. Finally, he thanks and salutes Conan, because he first finds out the truth.

The Lost Ship in the Sky (Movie: 14)[edit]

When a microbiological laboratory is attacked, Odagiri calls a press conference. During it, the perpetrators with the name "Red Siamese Cats" commit to this offense and simultaneously pronounce another threat.

Through his colleague Nakamori, who is on the airship of Jirokichi Suzuki, Odagiri can learn that the gang is on the ship and threatens with bacteria and bombs, which irritates him. He instructs to observe the ship from a safe distance while he informs the police in Osaka and the surrounding area. Together with Heizo Hattori, he advises whether the Bell Tree Tower, the symbol of the Suzuki Group, could be the target.

Quarter of Silence (Movie: 15)[edit]

Zero the Enforcer (Movie: 22)[edit]

He plays only a minor role by being in the police assembly. He sits in the four most prestigious places along with Megure, Kuroda, and the PSB's superintendent. It should of have been logical to have made him talk a bit since he is the Chief Superintendent and has the last word on it but he was probably just supervising. When the HQ was targeted by the criminal, he was evacuated to safety with the other officers and detectives.


Relationships analysis[edit]

Toshiya Odagiri[edit]

Odagiri family.

Toshiya Odagiri is his only son, a 30-year-old rock singer and Guitar Wolf's band leader. Left-handed as him, Toshiya is a boy who at first glance looks problematic and disobedient, always discusses with his father although they are in front of many people. He is usually selfish and ambitious, always looking for more money even if he has to be involved in drug problems.

A year ago, he had a good relationship with Doctor Tamotsu Jinno, since both were involved in very dangerous drug issues. When Jinno died, Toshiya was suspicious of his death because they had before a great discussion, but finally the case was closed and declared as suicide. Odagiri continued to investigate in secret and, due to the discussions they had stayed away, he snatched the lighter his son possessed with the surname of Jinno.

At the wedding of Shiratori's younger sister, he gets angry with Toshiya because no one had invited him. Toshiya's intention is to continue fighting but Sato manages to stop the discussion and ends with his son getting very angry. After the several attacks to police, Toshiya becomes one of the suspects, but Conan, next to Tamaki Jinno who loves him, discovers that he is not the assassin. Finally Odagiri arrests his son for having problems with Jinno and drugs.

Different looks[edit]

Movie 4
Movie 14
Movie 15
Movie 22

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