Tsuyoshi Shikatsuno

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Tsuyoshi Shikatsuno

Tsuyoshi Shikatsuno Profile.png

English name: 鹿角 剛士
(Shikatsuno Tsuyoshi)
Age: Middle 50s
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: unknown
First appearance: Anime: Movie 14
Appearances: Chapters: 0
Episodes: 0
Movies: 1
Cases solved: 5
Japanese voice: Masashi Hirose

Tsuyoshi Shikatsuno (鹿角 剛士 Shikatsuno Tsuyoshi)?) is a character in the movie and game franchise Detective Conan.


Tsuyoshi Shikatsuno is an inspector from Nara Prefecture Police - Homicide Division. He is one of the head inspectors and is involved in important cases such as the Buddha statue shrine theft case in movie 14 and a huge murder spree that occurs as Heiji, Conan, Ran and Kogoro travel to Nara probably upon discovering its beauties in movie 14 and wanting to know more. There, they solve a lot of cases and always encounter Shikatsuno who is the main inspector in charge of the cases. He has gained pretty much experience from the police and has probably stayed at least twenty years in police. He gains the confidence of the Nara superintendents since they allow him to have huge teams of patrolling officers like the one seen at the end of movie 14.


Shikatsuno is a pretty serious inspector and right in his work. He is famous for his extremely successful ability to handle though cases which is known from his superiors. He is friendly with his acquaintances like Heiji or Conan and allow them to have more freedom of moving in crime scenes. He has a really low and big voice but mysteriously still uses a megaphone to speak.


Shikatsuno is a chubby inspector who works in civilian clothes. He has a huge styled mustache and a special waved hair hairstyle. He also has buddha styled ears which could associate him to a reincarnation of the god trying to seek justice.


Plot overview[edit]

The Lost Ship in the Sky (Movie: 14)[edit]

Heiji and Kazuha hear her sibling Satoshi Kawaguchi's deduction about the truth between the goal of the Red Siamese Cat, a terrorist group, and he deduces that they threathened to spread the virus in Nara from upon the Airship (Jirokichi Suzuki's airship with Conan, Sonoko and the usual crew) they had taken over so Nara citizens would escape to Osaka and that the city would be quickly deserted making the way clear for them to steal the buddha statues at a shrine which were worth millions of yen and could be sold easily overseas and difficultly retraced because the monks would have left the shrine escorted by fake policemen who were in fact members of the terrorist group. Understanding the truth and figuring it himself, Heiji decides to call Inspector Shikatsuno, a close acquaintance from previous cases he solved in Nara so he could be there at time and heads by himself on his motorcycle with Kazuha and Satoshi to the shrine. There, they meet the fake policemen who were trying to bring the statues inside a van but stop them. They say they are real policemen and that they are just securing the statues but Shikatsuno appear from nowhere with a majestuous appearance with headlights blowing on the culprits telling them that if they'd be real officers, he'd recognize them and that they couldn't escape through his megaphone which makes the criminals surrender.

Nara Traveling Mystery ~The Manyo Travelers~ (Cell phone: Game 4)[edit]

Upon traveling to Nara to discover its diversified culture, Conan, Ran and Kogoro meet Heiji who decide to introduce them to Nara using his personal knowledge. But all is not happy and they come accross a couple of though cases involving murders and decide to crack them along with Inspector Shikatsuno, who is assisting the case under the police.

Name origin[edit]

Tsuyoshi Shikatsuno has a name fitting Nara, because "shika" means "deer", and Nara is known for its deer.

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