# title hosts guests released length hits wiki
1 Episode 0 CarpetCrawler 28/08/10 18min 4917 Wiki
An experimental podcast. This episode features CarpetCrawler talking about the then latest Conan news, as well as some more information.
2 Episode 1 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan 24/09/10 1h 2min 4825 Wiki
Topics include: Magic Kaito, weird pairings, how we got interested in Detective Conan, news, ConanTV, Movie 14, Sherlock Holmes, and more things.
3 Episode 2 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan 08/10/10 1h 5min 2701 Wiki
Topics include: Merchandise that we own, a non-spoiler look at Movie 14, Detective Conan video games, including a look at the game released for the Wii, "The Mirapolis Investigation", John Lennon (Wait, what?), news, Clue, and more things. Also, we reveal who our very first podcast guest will be!
4 Episode 3 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan KKSlider (from DCTP) 15/10/10 1h 2395 Wiki
With special guest, DCTP forum member KKSlider!! Topics include: News, Movie 14, OVA's, Yaiba, Conan's beautiful singing voice, "Nightmare Inspector" manga, slider discovers a gorilla, as well as a nice discussion on OVA 9.
5 Episode 4 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan 29/10/10 1h 8min 2180 Wiki
Topics include: News, DCTP's work on Movie 14, Sherlock Holmes 2, Favorite characters, character deaths, Dr. Agasa, CarpetCrawler's blasphemous comments about Kaitou Kid, Numb3rs, and more.
6 Episode 5 Southpaw, skyechan KKSlider (from DCTP) 12/11/10 44min 2361 Wiki
With special guest, DCTP forum member KKSlider. Topics include: News, The anime's 15th anniversary, Movie 14 discussion, including comments and criticisms, M. Night Shyamalan directing Detective Conan, Southpaw's quest at the KuroKiiro Festival, "Read or Die", and more!
7 Episode 6 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan 03/12/10 55min 2253 Wiki
Topics include: News, Movie 15, 600 episodes of Detective Conan, The Avengers, Waning fan interest, loose ends that need to be tied up once the series ends, Charles Nelson Reilly, Haibara and the antidote, Do the police know about the Black Organization?, Ran's reaction when Shinichi reveals he was Conan, What did Haibara's Mother say on the audio tape?, Get Smart, and more.
8 Episode 7 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan Icka M. Chif 17/12/10 1h 3min 2421 Wiki
With special guest, Icka M. Chif!! Topics include: The new opening and closing songs, Icka's fanfiction history, the Back to the Future video game, our mailbag, Shiho's name in the book in the Mermaids case, Detective Conan on FOX/ABC Family?, The Fourteenth Target, how Gosho Aoyama has "pet characters", Haibara's role in the Clash of Red and Black (and how nonexistant it was), amount of time in the Detective Conan/Magic Kaito canon, the live-action Detective Conan films, TWO-MIX, Why won't Conan give the police or FBI the number of the Black Organization?, Trigun, and more.
9 Episode 8 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan Icka M. Chif 14/01/11 1h 22min 2696 Wiki
Topics include: Latest news, the terrible new Detective Conan opening, a look at the Blu-Ray of Movie 14, the possibility of Agasa being the boss of the B.O., the Detective Boys, their future lives, and how their parents feel about them, Japanese culture, what is the connection between Gin and Sherry?, Eisuke Hondou, Square One, and more interesting items!!
10 Episode 9 Southpaw, skyechan, Icka M. Chif magicbulletgirl 25/02/11 51min 2467 Wiki
With special guest, magicbulletgirl!! Topics include: Latest news, DCW updates, including IRC room news and mobile news, Ramen, magicbulletgirl herself, Subaru Okiya, 100 volumes of Detective Conan, as well as DC's original shelf-life, Gosho Aoyama's Short Stories, Ran singing, Haibara's suspicions about Okiya, conventions, A Wrinkle in Time, Shonen Sunday polls, and more!!
11 Episode 10 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan, Icka M. Chif 25/04/11 46min 2052 Wiki
This episode is a mish-mash of a few recordings that we did. Think of it as a "Best Of". Topics include: Latest news, Sera, convention things, and more. Oh, and Icka arrives late!!
12 Episode 11 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan, Icka M. Chif 20/05/11 1h 5min 2175 Wiki
Topics include: The latest news, file 776, Sera in her underwear, Akai in drag, Fan service in Detective Conan, Sera as Akai's sister?, The inspiration behind Kaitou Kid, Sato and Takagi's wedding, Sera vs. Haibara, Lie to Me, and more!!
13 Episode 12 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan, Icka M. Chif 18/06/11 54min 1899 Wiki
Topics include: Gosho Aoyama's earliest work, with a PROTOTYPE Kaitou Kid, Heiji and Conan's deduction battle, "Danny's", the Live-Action television series, Gosho's childhood, DCTP's releases, The London Arc, BECOME A SLAVE, Shinichi and Ran, Murder at the ABA, and more!!
14 Episode 13 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan, Icka M. Chif 01/07/11 1h 26min 2860 Wiki
Topics include: a London Arc wrap-up, Detective Conan Meme Faces, Shinichi's confession to Ran, Master Troll Gosho Aoyama, Shinichi learns everything in Hawaii, Kazuha has friends!!, Live-action news, including the announcement of two NEW characters, Conan's gadgets, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, thoughts on OVA 11, Twin Signal, Peter Falk, news, and more!!
15 Episode 14 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan gabapple 01/07/11 1h 24min 2287 Wiki
With special guest, gabapple!! Topics include: Latest news, Gin the pop star <3, Kazuha confessing to Heiji, New ending and opening, Wooo bringing the world closer together <3, Yamamura's reality show, Kaitou Kid takes over the entire month of August, new Kaitou Kid specials, episode 622, Live-Action television series discussion, Could Sera be Bourbon?, Big O, and more~!
16 Episode 15 Southpaw, skyechan, Icka M. Chif 12/08/11 1h 33min 2225 Wiki
Topics include: Latest news, Kazuha's confession to Heiji, Conan Radio, Convention stuff, Doctor Who, Kogoro cosplay!!, B'z live concert, Kaitou Kid Special 2 discussion and recap, Phantom Lady, Live-Action series discussion, a tribute to Satoshi Kun, discussion of his work, Icka discusses her trip to England, Kaitou Saint Tail, and more!!
17 Episode 16 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan 09/09/11 1h 27min 2257 Wiki
Topics include: Latest news, Sato's manga return, Heiji and Kazuha's live-action debut, Mr. Feeny, latest opening and closing, DCTP's official subbed-release timeframe for Movie 15, Phantom Lady, Wondering if Kaitou Kid has figured out Conan's true identity yet, The Muppets, and more!!
18 Episode 17 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan, Icka M. Chif Chekhov MacGuffin 23/09/11 1h 9min 5035 Wiki
With special guest, Chekhov MacGuffin!! Topics include: Latest Conan news, Chiba's love life, Chek's fandom history, The polarizing viewpoints of movie 6, Sera's true motive, Sera being Akai's sister, Chek's theories on Bourbon and Okiya, Hidden hints by Gosho Aoyama, Ran vs. Makoto, Why does Vermouth hate Shiho/Ai so much?, Could Vermouth have been experimented on by the Miyanos?, Would Haibara betray Conan?, Lady Gaga and Conan, Monk, and more!!
19 Episode 18 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan, Icka M. Chif 04/11/11 1h 20min 1625 Wiki
Topics include: Chiba on a treadmill, new character Tooru Amuro and speculation on his identity, his possible Black Organization connection, an in-depth discussion on Movie 15, our thoughts and opinions on the movie, The rumors about Movie's 16 and 17 being the last movies, skyechan's sudden descent into insanity, Myst, and more!!
20 Episode 19 Southpaw, skyechan, Icka M. Chif Chekhov MacGuffin 18/11/11 1h 12min 2471 Wiki
With special guest, Chekhov MacGuffin!! And her mic sounds awesome this time!! Topics include: Latest Conan news, 16th movie's title being announced, another Conan crossover?, Chek knowing more about the series than Gosho does, "yeah, that Black Org. guy... he brought me sandwiches...", Chek's drinking game (Yes, really!!), an extensive (and awesome) discussion on Tooru Amuro and the recent manga files, Conan's outfit, Magic Kaito and the Black Organization, Conan and his hatred of raisins, BBC's Sherlock series, and more!!
21 Episode 20 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan, Icka M. Chif gabapple 02/12/11 2h 8min 2427 Wiki
A very special holiday edition of the podcast, over two hours long!! Episode 20, with special guest, gabapple!! Topics include: Latest news, Gin on Facebook, File 800 and Movie 16 predictions, The next Magic Kaito special and more information about the new Magic Kaito character "Spider", the boss of Snake's organization, Eisuke as Sera's love interest (what), the art-style in Detective Conan, Gosho Aoyama's art-style, The Great Mouse Detective, and more!! Also includes a bonus omake!!
22 Episode 21 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan, Icka M. Chif Chekhov MacGuffin 03/02/12 1h 37min 2462 Wiki
With special guest, Chekhov!! Topics include: Latest news, Sera's anime debut as well as her official VA, including sound clips of what she may possibly sound like, the new opening and closing, a catch-up on recent manga happenings from the last time you heard from us, a really stupid ending to a recent manga case, Takagi's kidnapping, Takagi's backstory, does Takagi still suspect Conan's identity?, our favorite cases and tricks, Kamen Rider W, and more.
23 Episode 22 Southpaw, skyechan, Icka M. Chif Shineko 02/03/12 1h 27min 1670 Wiki
With special guest, Shineko!! Topics include: Latest news, Shineko's fandom intro, Conan Nendoroid figurine!!, manga adaptation of The Last Wizard of the Century, a new live-action special featuring Heiji and Kazuha, as well as a new live-action special about Shinichi's first case, Sato's panties, Skyechan cosplaying as Kaitou Kid, Sera's anime debut, Detective Conan popularity polls, SeraxRan, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Skyechan alienates everyone in the world by hating on Scooby Doo, seriously, I think she's a Commie, and more!!
24 Episode 23 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan 16/03/12 1h 35min 2453 Wiki
Topics include: Latest news, Okiya and Haibara, the plot of the new Magic File, Are Yusaku and Yukiko bad parents?, Is Yusaku's constant one-upping of Shinichi an overall detriment to Shinichi's personality?, are all AO's bad AO's?, how important are AO's to the overall series?, Tom Clancy, and more!! Also includes a bonus omake with a bit of news that we forgot to talk about on-air!!
25 Episode 24 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan Gabapple 30/03/12 1h 30min 1815 Wiki
Topics include: Latest news, The FBI knowing who Sera is, Conan's Kansai-ben, Movie 16 predictions, Sera and Okiya meeting for the first time, Skyechan not caring about the podcast </3, pickle jars, sports in Detective Conan, multi-arc episodes, Cooking with Gabapple!!, Get Backers, and more!!
26 Episode 25 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan, Icka M. Chif Kyuu 27/04/12 1h 49min 1961 Wiki
Topics include: Latest news, a return to classic Detective Conan!!, Could Conan be returning as Shinichi once again?, the early word on Movie 16, Movie 1 being possibly canon, a recap of the latest live-action, Kyuu discusses his forensic science research, Isaac Asimov, Gin as a lolita, The Human Centipede, Icka goes down with the ship, and more!!
27 Episode 26 Southpaw, skyechan, Icka M. Chif 25/05/12 1h 26min 2653 Wiki
5/25/12: Episode 26. Topics include: Latest news, Southpaw's love of tokusatsu shows, English release dates for Volume 44 and 45, B'z concerts in the US!, Heiji continues to be an idiot, Conan statues vandalized!, FILE 818 OMGWTFBBQ, Where is the series gonna go from here?, predictions for how many more years Aoyama is gonna continue the manga, HOUSE, and more!!
28 Episode 27 Southpaw, skyechan Kyunyo 08/06/12 1h 4min 1828 Wiki
Episode 27, with special guest, Kyunyo!! Topics include: Latest news, the mission to get Volume 42 on the top 10 manga bestseller list!, Kappei Yamaguchi's voice acting career, death by chocolate, Aoyama the Gundam fanboy, OMGTHERE'SPLOTINMYDETECTIVECONANMANGA, Kyunyo's intro to the DC fandom, movie 11 is still the worst movie EVER, the state of affairs in the fandom, advice on what should be done, DCTP and DCW community pride!!, Keyhole TV, The Last Enemy, and more!!
29 Episode 28 Southpaw, skyechan Chekhov MacGuffin 22/06/12 1h 14min 1938 Wiki
With special guest, Chekhov!! Topics include: Latest news, Viz manga translation changes, skyechan's DC Rewatch, Ran and Shin'ichi's blood type, Detective Chiba continues to be an idiot, will Yumi ever get her chance at love?, Amuro: Sexy Waiter, AO Hell, Magic Kaito story adaptations, All Aboard the Mystery Train!, Chekhov's theories, sonoci's 4koma comics, cream stew for everyone, predictions on what will happen when Ran finds out, I Support Team Shin-chan!, Kami-sama no Memo-chou, Professor Layton, and more!!
30 Episode 29 CarpetCrawler, skyechan Gabapple 28/07/12 1h 56min 1922 Wiki
Topics include: Welcome back, CarpetCrawler!!, latest Conan news, how to eat a Cheez Doodle 101, the new direction of the Magic Kaito anime specials, new opening and ending themes, Bourbon, Vermouth fanservice and the latest manga case, Shin'ichi's actions during the Ski Lodge Murder Case, the eventual fate of Bourbon, anime recap, crossovers we'd love to see with Conan <3, nananananananananananananananananana-BATMAN!, DC Rewatch update, picking up on the clues that Araide was Vermouth, cooking with gabapple, and more!!

31 Episode 30 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan Parkur 14/09/12 1h 16min 1883 Wiki
Episode 30, with special guest, Parkur!! Topics include: Latest news, latest manga developments, the announcement of another Magic Kaito special, more Magic Kaito specials on the way?, The Eleventh Striker, Agasa's yellow beetle is for sale, CarpetCrawler is going to Comic-Con, weird Detective Conan merchandise, Gosick, and more!! Length: 1 hour and 16 minutes

32 Episode 31 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan yamiangie 07/12/12 1h 31min 1538 Wiki
12/7/12: Episode 31, with special guest, yamiangie!! Topics include: Latest news, Skyechan is frighteningly detailed, Everyone discuss conventions!!, Southpaw and Skyechan's experiences at the B'z concert, Kaitou Kid, Movie 17 early thoughts, Gosho using incorrect science, MATLOCK, and more!! Length: 1 hour and 31 minutes
33 Episode 32 CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, skyechan Melkior 15/03/13 1h 26min 2502 Wiki
On the premiere episode of 2013, special guest Melkior fills-in kinda last minute for Chekhov and does a fantastic job for being a first-time guest. Everyone explains what they did during the Winter, and Southpaw reads her resume on the air. We call Gosho Aoyama out on various issues, including how inexcusably long the Bourbon arc was, as well as how much of a poor romance writer he is. But the entire thing isn't anti-Gosho!! We swear!! Melkior talks about her fandom history, as well as running an Ask Gin and Vodka RP blog on Tumblr, and we all get into an interesting discussion about Gin and Sherry's relationship (and even a discussion about the APTX). Also, Southpaw has Tokumei Sentai GoBusters feels and Skyechan discusses the latest with her rewatch. She's in the 500's, so... yeah, feel sorry for her. We also talk *a lot* about pairings, so if you're a shipping fan, this podcast is the one for you!!

Manga spoilers from 4:32-5:43