Chihaya Hagiwara

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Chihaya Hagiwara

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Japanese name: 萩原 千速
(Hagiwara Chihaya)
Age: 31[1]
Gender: Female
Relatives: Kenji Hagiwara (younger brother)
Occupation: Kanagawa Prefecture Police Assistant Police Inspector
Status: Alive
First appearance: Manga: File 1073
Appearances: Chapters: 6
Episodes: 1
Episodes: 0
Episodes: 0
Episodes: 0
Episodes: 0
Episodes: 0

Chihaya Hagiwara (萩原 千速 Hagiwara Chihaya?) is an assistant inspector from the police department of Kanagawa Prefecture and the older sister of Kenji Hagiwara, who passed away before the plot of the manga started. She was mentioned in five fan questions from Wild Police Story before getting a proper introduction in File 1073 of Detective Conan.


She is an assistant inspector from Kanagawa prefecture. She is the older sister of the late Kenji Hagiwara and is also the helper of the Conan in File 1073-1075.

One time, she could not go to a concert with her friend, Shinobu Ooe because Jinpei Matsuda took apart her phone. They were gonna meet up at a venue and she can't find her without her phone. But, Kenji took her sister, Chihaya to the venue and called out to her friend. Her friend found her and Kenji tells Chihaya "See, I told you, right? There is never any need to give up!". This line was similarly quoted by Conan years later and that was the first time she finds him resembling her late brother.


Chihaya has blonde and very long hair that almost reaches her waist. She has slanted blue eyes and wears pinkish-red lipstick. She is described as very pretty and looks like a 'Goddess of Wind', as quoted by Ran Mouri when she first saw Chihaya.


She is a kind woman as she saved Conan from falling and helped him in finding Agasa. She seems to come to trust Conan and let him come with her. She also displayed a flirtatious personality towards Jugo Yokomizo and she doesn't seem to fear him. Despite this, she has shown to have an aggressive side as she used her motorcycle to hit a criminal's face to knock him out and threaten the other criminal. She is also a reckless driver, similar to Rei Furuya and her late brother, Kenji Hagiwara as shown in Wild Police Story.



Jugo Yokomizo

Both seem to have romantic feelings for each other. For example, when Jugo asked Chihaya if she wanted to go with him for dinner, she turned him down, but then reconsidered it. Chihaya doesn't seem to fear him and Jugo blushed in front of her when she flirt with him.

Conan Edogawa

She comes to trust Conan and took him with her. She compares Conan to her younger brother, Kenji. She would always say that if she could repay Conan's favour for reliving her brother’s remorse by disarming her brother's murderer's bomb that even Kenji and Matsuda couldn’t disarm, she would even put her life on the line.

Kenji Hagiwara

Kenji is her late younger brother. In File 1074-1075, she thinks Conan as her younger brother because they both won't give up.

Jinpei Matsuda

In File 1085, it is mentioned that Matsuda fell in love with her, and she calls him an idiot. In File 1075, he appeared as a flashback for fixing Chihaya's broken phone.

Shinobu Ooe

She is Chihaya's friend.

Wataru Takagi

In File 1087, Chihaya thinks him as Matsuda for doing dangerous things.

Plot overview

Wild Police Story

She was mentioned in the Extra Questions for Gosho Aoyama no. 8, 15 from Volume 1 and 18, 19, 54 from Volume 2.

Detective Conan

Hiroshi Agasa Abduction Case (Manga: 1073-1075)

Conan Edogawa was saved by Chihaya Hagiwara when the kidnappers try to force him off a highway. She symbolically gets depicted sporting an angel's wings during this act.[1]

Marriage Partner Searching Party Murder Case (Manga: 1085-1087)


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