Volume 59

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Volume 59

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Release date: October 18, 2007
Chapters: 609-619
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-121199-2
Publisher: Shogakukan
English release date: July 12, 2016
English ISBN: ISBN 978-1-4215-8385-3
English Publisher: Viz Media
Featured Detective & Keyhole
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Kansuke Yamato
Aoyama's death & Conan side images
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Volume 59 was released on October 18, 2007 in Japan.




Foreign Suspect Case

File 609 - Wedge of Steel

Major events

  • Gin begins to suspect Rena.
  • Andre Camel becomes one of the three suspects in a murder case.
  • Gin has a private talk with Kir and orders her to eliminate Akai.
  • Jodie arrives at the scene to help clear Andre Camel from suspicion.
  • Shuichi agrees to meet Kir in private.
  • Jodie and Conan have figured out the culprit of the murder case.
  • Kir kills Akai and she returns to the Black Organization.
  • Jodie is the one most affected when Shuichi was killed.
  • The FBI loses Shuichi.

Witness Eri Kisaki Case

File 610 - Sound

File 611 - The Flying Corpse

File 612 - Mechanics and the Alibi


  • Furinkazan Case

    Characters introduced

    File 613 - Centipede

    File 614 - Armored Warrior

    File 615 - Art of War

    File 616 - Furinkazan

    File 617 - War

    File 618 - Shadow and Lightning


  • Major events

    • Ran consoles Kazuha when Heiji goes to investigation saying that he didn't want to put Kazuha in danger, as they are always in danger of being targeted by criminals and after being kept in suspense he (Heiji) will tell you the real story with a prideful look on his face, just like Shinichi just then Yui Uehara tells Ran and Kazuha "Be as swift as the wind" and says it's ok to be calm and wait patiently like a mountain, but while feelings are strong acting as swift,like the wind is another choice you have, because if you grow careless before you can tell him your feelings the other person might vanish before your eyes because there are some things that can't be brought back.
    • Ran and Kazuha discover the strategy for love is "Furinkazan" and both try to confess their love to Shinichi and Heiji respectively only to end up being "as Quiet as the Forest". Meeanwhile Shinichi's thought bubble says to "Be immoveable like the Mountain".

    Karaoke Box Case

    File 619 - Suspicious Eisuke

    The Detective Boys encounter Ran, Sonoko and Eisuke in a bookstore in an unlikely coincidence. Conan tells Eisuke that given Eisuke’s prolonged absence from school, he is surprised to see him back (note that Conan knows exactly where Eisuke was but pretends otherwise so that Eisuke would not suspect that Conan was involved in Kir’s transport case), and Eisuke responds that he has been sick (another lie). Haibara, on the other hand, meets Eisuke for the first time (Eisuke does not seem to notice that there is anything special with her); Conan thus tells her about his experience, including why he transferred to Ran’s class, who his sister is and his relationship with the Black Organization.

    After having bought the books, Conan and Haibara part with the other Detective Boys and head towards home with the three highschoolers. They notice that a man is tailing them, but neither is concerned, as they assume that he is an FBI agent secretly protecting Eisuke.

    Ran suggests that in order to celebrate Eisuke’s return to school, they should go somewhere special; it is because of this suggestion that the three highschoolers and Conan end up in a karaoke box (Haibara is uninterested in such things and goes home directly). Soon after their arrival, the stalker (or FBI agent?) also enters, and tells the clerk that he wants to be notified of the time when Sonoko and company leave. At around the same time, Eisuke goes to the bathroom, and he is gone for thirty minutes; when he finally returns, he is sweating heavily and apparently traumatized by something, but before he has a chance to explain what happened the clerk screams out loud in the corridor. Conan rushes to the room in front of which the clerk stands, and finds that the stalker has been brutally bludgeoned to death. Due to Eisuke’s traumatized look and his earlier comments on wanting to be as free as possible, Conan suspects that Eisuke has killed this man - whom he still believes is an FBI agent - so that he will not be watched anymore.


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