Akemi Miyano's Time Capsule

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Episode 1093-1094
(Int. Episode 1151-1152)

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Title: Akemi Miyano's Time Capsule
Japanese title: 宮野明美のタイムカプセル
(Miyano Akemi no Taimu Kapuseru)
Original airdate: August 5, 2023 (Part 1)
August 12, 2023 (Part 2)
Broadcast rating: 4.7% (Part 1)
4.7% (Part 2)
Manga case: #307
Season: TBD
Manga source: Volume 101: Files 1-3 (1070 · 1071 · 1072)
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Ai Haibara
Detective Boys
Sumiko Kobayashi
Rumi Wakasa
Akemi Miyano
Kohji Haneda
Shiho Miyano
"Skeleton" Kunigami
Kanenori Wakita
Case solved by: Conan Edogawa
Next Conan's Hint: Class reunion (Part 1)
Keyboard (Part 2)
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Nobuharu Kamanaka
Organizer: Nobuharu Kamanaka
Storyboard: Nobuharu Kamanaka
Episode director: Nobuharu Kamanaka
Animation Director: 1093:
Akio Kawamura
Masatomo Sudo (supervisor)
Kenichi Otomo
Marie Nagano
Yoshitsugu Hatano
FALCO Suzuki
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo
Nariyuki Takahashi (sub-character)
Hiroshi Ogawa (design works)
Production Cooperation: 1093: BIG BANG
Opening song: RAISE INSIGHT
Closing song: …and Rescue Me
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Akemi Miyano's Time Capsule (宮野明美のタイムカプセル Miyano Akemi no Taimu Kapuseru?) is the 1093rd and 1094th episode of the Detective Conan anime.





Part 1

Haibara got frightened.

Face, dark, Sherry, organisation, betrayal, Gin, pursuers, and Rum... These words came from aimless conversations liaising together within Haibara's mind, which struck her with fear, worry, and timidity. Slowly, one hand from the abyss of darkness approached her shoulder. Haibara was horrified after the hand landed on her shoulder, it was in fact Conan. The Detective Boys were out on a morning, planning to see the new black rabbit that did not seem as energetic as they last saw it. After they arrived at the Teitan Elementary School, they saw that the black rabbit was feeling much better in comparison to their last visit. After greeting the two teachers who also appeared at their school on a Sunday, someone reached Haibara and inqured of her if she was Shiho Miyano, the younger sister of Akemi Miyano, This caught both Conan and Haibara off guard. After confirming, the person who asked about Haibara's name was actually a graduate of the school, who got there to celebrate a class reunion. There were three people in front of the Detective Boys: the man who asked about Shiho, Murata Sho, who used to be the class president, Gaku Yanagimachi, who used to be the class vice-president, and lastly, Seiko Ichihashi, who used to be the class secretary. It was obvious that they were Akemi's former classmates, they recognised Haibara as Shiho right away as Haibara matched the brown-hair girl who was standing beside Akemi in a photo that Akemi showed them. However, considering that it was thirteen years ago, they concluded that they must have mistaken Haibara for her.

The three of them decided to leave the rest of the old alumnus behind in classroom 6-A, who were organising everything for the reunion party. The three of them wanted to dig out the time capsule they buried before their graduation. They told the two teachers that Akemi was the one who buried those time capsules, and Mrs. Kobayashi said that she wrote the location on a piece of paper, which she handed to their teacher, Mr. Kunigami. When she took out the paper, the three of them reacted in astonishment. It was nothing obvious but a sophisticated code that said the following:

The code left by Akemi.
Librarian Miyano Akemi
  • Show me a Monet
  • Plane attack
  • Artist don't go
  • Doctor don't lie
  • Don't burn charm 89

Before handing the note to Mr. Kunigami, Akemi claimed that there was a message for everyone and, most importantly, a message for her younger sister as well. The trio then insisted on going to look for the time capsule themselves, without the assistance of their other classmates who were inside the classroom. Conan also spoke for the Detective Boys, saying they would also help find the time capsule with them. Conan's intent was to find the message left by Akemi for Haibara before the others and secretly deliver it to her. They divided themselves into three searching groups: Haibara, Ayumi, and Conan would go with Murata; Mrs. Kobayashi and Mitsuhiko would go with Ichihashi; and Mrs. Wakasa and Genta would go with Yanagimachi. Conan thought that "Show me a Monet", must be connected to a Monet painting, and precisely, their principal loves the work of Monet. So they headed towards the principal's room, as there was usually a replica of Monet's work hanging on the office wall. Nevertheless, the painting on display that day was not Monet's work but instead Murata's work, which won the award. Conan did not find anything written on the back of the painting. In the nurse's office, Mitsuhiko was searching for clues in the sink because he surmised that "tell a lie" from "doctor don't lie" sounded like "tearai", which is the word sink. Unfortunately, he did not find anything near the sink. In the home economics room, Genta was admiring how cool Yanagimachi was for being a firefighter and having saved numerous lives, just like a hero. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wakasa was searching around the cookstove to find a match for the phrase "don't burn charm 89". Mrs. Wakasa mentioned that the music room was nearly caught on fire once, 14-15 years ago, which even resulted in the thousands of cranes in the room that were folded for the choral contest getting slightly burned. Yanagimachi recalled the scenario in which Akemi witnessed himself igniting the fire in the backyard of the school at that time.

Akemi's witness.

After the search for time capsules failed, Mrs. Kobayashi proposed showing the code to the rest of the class for help. But they all acted very nervous after hearing the proposal and kept claiming that they were able to find it themselves. Therefore, their second investigation started off. They went to the principal's room once again for the sentence "Show me a Monet". The two teachers phoned the principal and informed him to check if there was anything written on the Monet painting that he had taken home. But the principal said there was nothing. Ichihashi thought that the clue might also be written on the wall, if it was not on the back of the painting. Finally, they really found a character on the wall. Which recorded the hiragana symbol "よ" (Yo), they got picked up and were determined to solve the rest of the code.

Part 2

For the second sentence, "plane attack", Yanagimachi led everyone towards the auditorium, as he explained that a plane attack has the same meaning as hijacking, hence, the clue might be hidden somewhere with a high altitude. He placed a ladder under the clock hanging high up the auditorium and decided to climb up to check if any clues remained. It would be a piece of cake for a firefighter like him to do all these kinds of things. Despite the fact that it was all covered with dust, he was still able to see that there was a letter "u" on top. Combining with the first clue, which was "yo", they got "yo-u". Next up, for the third sentence, "artist don't go", Murata led everyone towards the art room. While searching, Conan found a symbol written on the side of the clock edge, right under the seven. Which recorded the hiragana symbol "ぐ" (Gu), he only took a photo and said nothing. Murata suddenly got reminded of the roof, as they were prohibited from drawing landscapes on top of the school roof. When they arrived there, they immediately found the hiragana symbol "ぐ" (Gu) as well, on the bottom of the doorknob that leads to the roof. Everyone exclaimed that it was amazing that the note did not wear off after 13 years. For the fourth sentence, "doctor don't lie", Ichihashi deduced the meaning and led everyone towards the nurse's office, where they found something written under the bed. It recorded the hiragana symbol "し" (Shi). Since most kids fake being sick and lie on a bed. At the same time, Conan also found another hiragana symbol "し" (Shi) behind the scale for measuring the student's height. With the clues they had, "yo-u-gu-shi", they were totally capable of knowing that the answer Akemi wanted to convey was "yougusitsu", namely the tool shed, without the need to search for the last sentence, "don't burn charm 89".

The old keyboard in the library.

However, Mrs. Kobayashi said that the tool shed was already removed ten years ago due to deterioration and was replaced with a bathroom. Everyone got really discouraged for learning that the time capsule might have been gone along with the tool shed, but Conan sensed a sort of fishy going on here. Later, Mrs. Wakasa inquired of Mrs. Kobayashi why she would look up information on a computer from the library, she justified that it was the only computer loaded with school information that she could access without a password. Moreover, although it may seem quite old now, it was brand new when she was a school librarian. "I see. That's why 'Librarian Miyano Akemi' was oriented that way." Conan understood everything. When Conan realised the actual place where Akemi had hid the time capsule, he contacted the Detective Boys, and told them to find the time capsule.

Among the chitchats within the alumnus reunion, the culprit sneakly walked out of the classroom, gently closing the classroom door, and quickly ran towards the yard. With their maximum speed, the consecutive foot steps indicated his anxiety. They instantly grabbed the shovel and headed towards the actual time capsule hiding place... The animal shed! While they were hesitating and did not know where to start, Conan interrupted them: "I knew it was you." 


  • Resolution

    Manga to anime changes

    • The anime add some original flashback about Akemi that is not in the manga:
    • Akemi changing her shoes at shoes locker room
    • The boys silently observe Akemi from far, and got noticed by her friend
    • Akemi reading Japanese Language book
    • Akemi walked away while talking to her friend
    • The anime add the scene where Conan shows the group photo clearly, while in the manga only the silhouette of the people is shown in the photo.
    • In the anime, when Murata and Yanagimachi mentioned about pizza and sushi delivery guy, they say it clearly. In the manga, they only say it in their mind.


    • The names of the suspects come from the "municipal system in Japan" and also make up the word "elementary school student" (小学生 shōgakusei?)[1] :
      • Shō Murata (村田 匠) makes the "shō" sound and comes from village ( mura?) ;
      • Gaku Yanagimachi (柳町 岳) makes the "gaku" sound and comes from town ( machi?) ;
      • Seiko Ichihashi (市橋 聖子) makes the "sei" sound and comes from city ( ichi?).



    Wakita riding his electric bicycle.
    • Conan Edogawa (describes Akemi Miyano):

    There's no way she'd do any of that! She was kind, considerate, and popular with the whole class. She'd never leave a negative message like that!

    • Kanenori Wakita:

    Miyano Akemi was part of Teitan Elementary School's 19th graduating class. But the dead don't attend parties.

    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of France French (Subbed) La capsule temporelle d'Akemi Miyano Akemi Miyano's Time Capsule


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