Inspector Shiratori, Memories of the Cherry Blossom

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Episode 568-569

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Title: Inspector Shiratori, Memories of the Cherry Blossom
Japanese title: 白鳥警部、桜の思い出
(Shiratori-keibu, Sakura no Omoide)
Broadcast rating: 8,50%
Manga case: #200
Original airdate: March 13, 2010 (Part 1)
March 20, 2010 (Part 2)
Season: 19
Manga source: Volume 66: Files 2-4 (687-689)
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Ninzaburo Shiratori
Wataru Takagi
Juzo Megure
Miwako Sato
Detective Boys
Ai Haibara
Sumiko Kobayashi
Isokichi Kamoi
Tomomi Sakaguchi
Detective Shimizu
Case solved by: Ninzaburo Shiratori
Conan Edogawa
Next Conan's Hint: Monster movie (Part 1)
Hat (Part 2)
Director: Koujin Ochi
Organizer: Nobuharu Kamanaka
Storyboard: Nobuharu Kamanaka
Episode director: 568 Minoru Tozawa
569 Nobuharu Kamanaka
Animation director: 568 Chiemi Hironaka
569 Nobuyuki Iwai, Tomomi Kamiya
Opening song: As the Dew
Closing song: Hello Mr. my yesterday
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Part 1[edit]

At night, Sato congratulates Shiratori and Takagi on a case well-resolved (even when Shiratori gives the credit to Takagi's stubborness) and brings them canned coffee as thanks. Shiratori, however, has a memory of a little girl who looks a lot like a younger Sato offering him a paper cup with flowers made out of straws, and hesitates before taking his can. Then he refuses a dinner invitation since tomorrow is his day off and he intends to do other things; Sato and Takagi leave to a ramen restaurant, and Shiratori looks at them sadly.

At the theatres, the Detective Boys run into Shiratori, who is still depressed after it has sunk in that Sato's affection is definitely being directed at Takagi. Shiratori tells the kids that he hasn't fully given up and then tells them the actual reason behind his love for Sato: he believes that he's bound to her through destiny, because of an encounter he had with her in the past. He says that when he was a little boy, once he was in a bookstore and walked into Sato as a young girl, who stood up to two thieves by herself; Shiratori helped her stop the thieves and in return received from her a drink with a paper folded sakura ring around it, made of paper straws. Before leaving, she told him why she added the ring: because these paper sakura look like the symbol of the Tokyo Police Force, which she admires very much,. That meeting is what made him desire to become a policeman instead of a lawyer.

Ai listens to this story, and she question whether that girl was actually Sato since her words sound as something too "girlish" for a tomboy like her, who is tougher than most men. Not to mention, even when Shiratori is sure that Sato is the girl from his past, in reality he didn't know her name; he's mostly going by the physical similarity and her starry-eyed admiration for the police.

Due to a mistake, Shiratori is stuck watching a movie with the children rather than the one he intended. He then runs into a young woman named Nami Kasakura, who accidentally spills his drink but quickly offers him one with paper folded sakuras, just like those from the girl from the past, which causes Shiratori to consider the possibility Kasakura was the girl instead of Sato. The kids also recognize her, since they returned her her wallet few before the start and promised to treat them to lunch as thanks. Shiratori and Kasakura seem to get on well, and Ai and Conan wonder if this will go further.

The screening itself goes without hitch, save for an incident towards the end that scares even Ai. When it's all done Shiratori apologizes for having fallen asleep in the middle of the movie, but Kasakura doesn't mind and Ayumi says it's because of work. Upon hearing that he's a police inspector, Kasakura tells Shiratori she is being stalked and asks him to investigate. She adds that she asked her boyfriend Yoshirou Soumei to stay over at her place to help her, but when they go inside her apartment, they find Soumei dead.


EP568-569 Case.jpg

Location: Apartment
Victim: Yoshiro Somei
Age: 30 years old
Cause of death: Blunt-force trauma
Suspects: Unknown stalker, Nami Kasakura

Takagi and Megure arrive to help Shiratori with the investigation. It's established that Soumei was killed around 2 PM, during the movie that they all went to, and that his murderer probably took Soumei's spare key and locked the apartment to try fooling the police. Megure says that the killer was most likely Kasakura's stalker, who beat Soumei to death to get him out of the way, but then he turns and says that the other possibility is that Kasakura herself killed him. Shiratori mentions how she was sitting next to him, but Megure says that the apartment is less than five minutes away by car or taxi so it's not unplausible to have her as a suspect since she could've easily pretended to go to the restroom. Having dozed off at some point, Shiratori's testimony isn't foolproof.

Takagi says he checked on Soumei's cellphone, and it has a call from around the time of his death. Kasakura admits that she got a call from him, but she cut it off since she still was in the theater. Shiratori can't confirm it, but Ayumi does since she saw something lit up and it could have been Kasakura's phone. Genta and Mitsuhiko also mention seeing Kasakura's hat-covered head, but Ai wonders if this is an all-too good alibi for her. The talk is somewhat derailed by Genta and Mitsuhiko talking about "something scary"; Kasakura mentions a specific scene of the Gamera movie - but Ai says what happened after that was the really scary deal, and Kasakura talks about it too. Her reply puzzles Conan, however.

Shiratori checks on his notepad to check on the time and the movie's length, and a small paper sakura falls off. Conan sees it but Shiratori picks it up and keeps it, then asks Takagi to go to the theater to check on other details. Once Takagi is gone, Shiratori and Megure ask Kasakura if they can check on her place, to see if the stalker left any clues or cameras around; Conan does his own search, until Megure tells him to wait in the corner. As Shiratori takes a look in a cupboard, his eyes go wide at something, but he denies finding anything when asked...

In the meantime, Ayumi is on her own doing something. Genta and Mitsuhiko ask her what's going on and she shows them she's been using the paper straw wrappers to make sakura flowers, which are just like those the "girl of destiny" and Kasakura made. In the meantime, Conan tells Ai that Kasakura said she was a big fan of movies with special effects, but has no memorabilia related to such stuff; they also discuss how, for a super popular movie showing, the seats around Kasakura and Shiratori were empty. Conan is also bothered by how easily the group became Kasakura's witnesses and concludes that Shiratori has his own thoughts about the case.

Part 2[edit]

Megure and Shiratori can't find any actual signs of a stalker in Kasakura's apartment. Takagi cannot find evidence in the theater either, since it's extremely crowded and those who work there can't recall who left the place in the middle of the movie. Shiratori asks Takagi to check on the garbage bins that are about to be replaced and look for a specific piece of evidence that should have fingerprints and certain contents on them. Then he stops and seems to be feeling ill, but recovers and finishes the call; after that, he walks to the kitchen to wash his hands, still looking very dejected.

Ai and Conan follow Shiratori, asking him why he left out some details that could've been vital evidence. He hesitates heavily, but with some more prodding from Conan, he recovers his spirits and calls Takagi again, asking him to provide details on something which he would use as critical evidence. Conan and Ai then look at the cupboards and see exactly what made Shiratori so pale in the face.



Manga to anime changes[edit]

  • In the anime, instead of throwing her hat at Takagi's face, Kasakura takes it off calmly and tells him to take it. Then, she tosses it at him and admits that she's the killer.
  • In the anime, when Shiratori offers to take Sumiko and the children back home, Megure is seen standing behind the two with a comically exasperated expression. It's followed by a short scene where, as they drive away, she apologizes to him for letting the Detective Boys causing trouble and making him drive them back; Shiratori says it not a problem and adds it's just a simple task.

BGM listing[edit]

Part 1[edit]

# Song Title Romaji Translation OST
0:10 - 1:08 ?????
3:13 - 4:22 ?????
4:47 - 4:53 ?????
5:10 - 6:12 ?????
6:43 - 7:23 ?????
7:26 - 8:14 ?????
8:27 - 8:44 ?????
9:52 - 10:49 包み込む湯気の中から Tsutsumikomu Yuge no Naka Kara Coming From the Wrapping Steam Detective Conan "The Raven Chaser" Original Soundtrack
12:07 - 12:34 ?????
13:21 - 13:31 ?????
13:40 - 13:48 エスケープ! Esukēpu! Escape! Detective Conan "Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure" Original Soundtrack
13:54 - 14:54 ?????
15:23 - 16:46 ?????
17:24 - 18:32 ?????
18:41 - 19:32 ダークな予感 Dāku na Yokan Foreboding Darkness Detective Conan "The Raven Chaser" Original Soundtrack
19:35 – 20:09 犯人のアジト (忍び込みver.) Hannin no Ajito (Shinobikomi ver.) The Culprit's Hideout (Creeping In ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
20:10 - 21:04 ?????
21:07 - 21:51 ?????
21:55 - 22:37 現金輸送車(回想) Genkin Yusōsha (Kaisō) Bank Transport Vehicle (Flashback) Detective Conan "The Private Eyes' Requiem" Original Soundtrack

Part 2[edit]

# Song Title Romaji Translation OST
0:01 - 0:15 ????
0:18 - 0:39 ????
0:42 - 0:50 赤い光のスナイパー1 Akai Hikari no Sunaipā 1 The Sniper's Red Light 1 Detective Conan "The Last Wizard of the Century" Original Soundtrack
0:51 - 1:06 古城の探索 Kojō no Tansaku Exploration of the Old Castle Detective Conan "The Last Wizard of the Century" Original Soundtrack
3:09 – 4:24 犯人のアジト (忍び込みver.) Hannin no Ajito (Shinobikomi ver.) The Culprit's Hideout (Creeping In ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
4:56 - 5:30 ????
6:35 - 7:22 ????
7:31 - 8:42 緊迫 Kinpaku Tension Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
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10:12 - 11:35 包み込む湯気の中から Tsutsumikomu Yuge no Naka Kara Coming From the Wrapping Steam Detective Conan "The Raven Chaser" Original Soundtrack
11:37 - 12:12 ????
12:34 - 13:46 ????
14:17 - 14:48 ????
14:50 - 16:24 事件解明 (オリジナルver.) Jiken Kaimei (Orijinaru ver.) Case Clarification (Original ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
17:03 - 17:21 悪のテーマ1 Aku no Tēma 1 Theme of Evil 1 Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
17:26 - 17:38 事件のドア Jiken no Doa Door to the Case Detective Conan "The Raven Chaser" Original Soundtrack
17:41 - 18:19 黄色い直感1 Kiiroi Chokkan 1 Yellow Instinct 1 Detective Conan "The Raven Chaser" Original Soundtrack
18:24 - 20:05 ひし形の感情 Hishigata no Kanjō Diamond Shaped Feeling Detective Conan "The Raven Chaser" Original Soundtrack
20:11 - 21:25 夕暮れ色のメロディ Yūgure Iro no Merodi Melody of the Evening Colours Detective Conan "The Raven Chaser" Original Soundtrack
21:36 - 21:58 ????
23:22 - 23:31 アンズな気持ち Anzu na Kimochi An Apricot Feeling Detective Conan "The Raven Chaser" Original Soundtrack
23:32 - 23:54 陽気な仲間 Yōki na Nakama Cheerful Friends Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 4 ~Isoge! Shōnen Tanteidan~


  • Inspector Shiratori's vehicle is a Silver 2004 Toyota Crown [S180].


In other languages[edit]

Language Title Translation
Flag of Catalonia Catalan L'inspector Shiratori; els records de les flors de cirerer

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