Volume 29

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Volume 29

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Release date: September 18, 2000
Chapters: 285-295
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-125499-3
Publisher: Shogakukan
English release date: May 19, 2009
English ISBN: ISBN 1-4215-2197-0
English Publisher: Viz Media
Featured Detective & Keyhole
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Charlie Chan
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Midori Megure
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Volume 29 was released on September 18, 2000 in Japan.



Girl Clubbing Case[edit]

File 285 - The Suspicion[edit]

Tae Aizawa worked at the Haido Store and was waiting in the parking lot for her boyfriend Noriyuki Shirakawa, a restaurant chef, to introduce her to his father, Haruyoshi, the store's owner. Noriyuki is being solaced by Yuri Konno, a waitress of his restaurant and a good friend of him. The police asks the parking lot's watchman, Yoshio Sadagane, if he saw anyone suspect around there before the murder, which is not the case. Ran thinks something's not quite right concerning the victim's appearance. The police commissioner Matsumoto comes along and asks Megure if he still remembers "that painful case". Conan tells everyone that, given that most victims of the killer were rather lightly dressed for the winter season, it's possible that they were in a car just before being in the street, and that the murderer has probably something to do with cars. Sato says last year Aizawa accidentally killed a boy, Akira Sakurai, in the parking lot, as her platform boots prevented her from braking at the right moment. Being minor at the time of the deeds, she received a conditional sentence and was released afterwards. Megure scolds Sato for constantly wishing to play the bait, recalling it's way too dangerous. Sonoko wants to go to the bathroom and asks for Kogoro's car keys. As she bends to take her handbag, the killer's dark figure is glaring at her and especially at her boots. The closest bathroom being out of service, Sonoko hurries to the upper floors' bathrooms as the store is about to close. Conan meanwhile notices the victim is wearing shoes too big for her feet. He then deduces the murderer's identity as Sonoko, on her way back to the parking lot, finds herself in complete darkness as the lights are switched off, and she's being followed by the serial killer.

File 286 - An Unexpected Motive[edit]


Bus Hijacking Case[edit]

Characters introduced[edit]

File 287 - The Unseen Horror[edit]

Gin and Vodka are sitting together at a bar. A waiter comes to them with two drinks at the table. The waiter is the disguised Vermouth. They talk about the mission of her.

The Detective Boys and Hiroshi Agasa want to make a ski trip. On the way there, they take the bus and Tomoaki Araide and Jodie Starling get on, too. Shuichi Akai is also one of the passengers. Ai Haibara suddenly feel the aura of an black organization member, this is strongly hinted to be Jodie Starling. Suddenly the bus is hijacked by two armed men. The hijacker calls the office of the bus service and demand the release of Kunio Yashima, who was arrested for robbery.

Conan is immediately clear that this must be his accomplices, who want the preys of the robbery because they are not know where Yashima has hidden them. With its inconspicuous Earring Cellphone Conan tries to inform the police, but in vain, as the kidnappers stands with a drawn weapon before him. Someone has betrayed him.

File 288 - Danger Signal[edit]

The police were informed by the bus hijacking and the demands of the kidnappers. In the bus the kidnappers dressed in ski suits lay the skis carefully into the path of the bus. Conan Edogawa tires unseen to check up the skis, but again one of the kidnappers noticed and threatened him with a gun. Tomoaki Araide rose protectively in front of him.

Conan guesses that inside the skis are bombs. Ai Haibara is so shocked by the presence of a member organization that she doesn’t notice much about the kidnapping Conan asks himself, why the kidnapper has noticed him. He reasons that they have an accomplice behind him. Unfortunately Conan doesn’t know who exactly the accomplice of the hijackers is. It will be Shuichi Akai, Miharu Tomino or Yasuhiko Machida.

The kidnappers instruct the bus driver to drive the bus in the Kobotoke tunnel and reduce the speed. Conan develops a plan. He asks in a note to Jodie Starling for a lipstick and informed the Detective Boys, what he's up to do. In addition, he has found out who the accomplice of the hijackers.

File 289 - Concealed Beneath The Truth[edit]


Dog Lovers Case[edit]

File 290 - The Dog Lovers[edit]

In order for Haibara to take her mind off things after the bus hijacking case, Agasa suggests they all go and visit the son of an old friend who keeps pets and is organising a yard sale as he's about to depart to England. Teruya Kano introduces his dogs Arthur and Doyle to the kids, commenting on the fact that his father's dog, Conan, died recently. Some acquaintances come to visit Kano for the the sale : Yoshio Tsunashima, a dog lover, Aki Tosabayashi, who loves dog sports events, and Shino Hazuki, whose dog Christie loves Arthur. But Haibara fails to smile or even feel comfortable when being with some animals. She starts having morbid thoughts and Agasa wonders what to do to help her. Conan replies he told her everyone in the bus made his statement at the police and nothing particular happened. Though Haibara is terrified to the point of losing appetite and sleep, Conan maintains that if Haibara had really been spotted by the Org, none around her would have stayed alive within the 10 days following the events. Conan believes it's just a mere coincidence. The DB mutter something about Haibara and Conan that intrigues the latter. Teruya wants to show the kids something : whenever the clock rings noon, Doyle the Papillon dog automatically goes and sits on a blue cushion near the clock, waiting for his favourite cheese dish. But this time Doyle is to be found nowhere. Fearing the small dog might have gotten stuck somewhere, everybody searches for him. Conan notes the kiln in the garden is firing while it wasn't at all a few minutes ago. He rushes there and discovers Doyle's burned collar inside it.

File 291 - A Tiny Trace[edit]

Conan reassures Teruya : there's no corpse in the kiln, apparently someone played a bad trick on him, and Doyle must be somewhere else. Conan suspects Doyle may have been abducted as it is worth a lot of money, probably by the people who came visiting Teruya today. He doubts about the fact dog lovers would dare to burn alive a dog. The gate left open is accoridng to Conan a trick to have us believe a thief took Doyle and ran away, which is materially impossible. Shino Hazuki's shoes are found in the garden near the kiln, but she can't explain why. Everyone starts searching again for Doyle. Haibara once again plays the killjoy and scares the DB by saying she knows terribly well the feeling of being hunted down and hiding, in fear to be found one day or another. Conan takes her apart and Haibara tells him again she is 100% sure a Black Org member was in the bus on that day. Conan tells her he is 100% sure that it's absolutely not the case, none suspects anythings, because Conan, as a detective, has developed a nose for criminal and murder intents wherever he stands. Just as Haibara feels the Org members, Conan feels the criminals. Habiara seems to believe him when he says so, when he ensures that none had such feelings in the bus except the hijackers. But Haibara seems not to want to show it, and the DB keep on muttering. Eventually, Conan finds some sound-absorbing material in the kiln and declares he knows where Doyle is.

File 292 - The Disappeared Evidence[edit]


K3 Murder Case[edit]

File 293 - K3[edit]

Heiji invites Conan, Kogoro and Ran to Osaka to a restaurant's official opening evening party, on the initiative of three world-famous American sport champions : the boxer Ricardo Barreira, the baseball pitcher Mike Norwood, and a celebrity Shinichi/Conan surely loves : Ray Curtis, the "European Steel Gate" football player. Kazuha believes there's another girl in Heiji's life as he keeps hanging up the phone whenever she catches him in the midst of an important conversation. Conan knows that he is "the girl" actually. The three sport celebrities want to call the restaurant "K3" as K stands for Ricardo's Knock out, for Mike's strike out - aka K in professional baseball terms, and for Ray's goal Keeper. But Ed MacKay, an infamous American sports reporter, comes along saying the K of Kitanai ("dirty") is missing, as the three champions were all mixed up in shady bits of business. Ed MacKay is hated by most athletes as he keeps writing fake but very well drafted articles about supposed scandals on such or such champions.

After the incident, Ran asks for Ray to autograph a card for Shinichi, but Ray proposes her something better : a signed football shirt with his number, 8. Conan explains Kazuha Ray was still attributed the 8 number despite the 1 being normally given to goal keepers, as Ray was at first playing in the midfield, then the 8 number, but he was discovered with another skill for goal keeping, therefore he kept his former number. Mike wears a 99 shirt to hint at the 99 miles per hour, his pitching speed. As for Ricardo, the 4 on his gloves means his fights he would always win in 4 rounds. Ray also gives Ran a ticket to go and see him playing in Japan soon, a ticket Ran gives Conan.

After that, Ray gives Ran a walkie-talkie : she has to help him, Ricardo and Mike to switch on the lights of certain rooms of the hotel, in order to make a huge K that could be seen from the outside. As it is a surprise, the three champions are alone in the hotel. As the K is finished, a gunshot is heard, shattering a window to pieces. The three men rush to the balconies to check what happened. Conan and Heiji hurry to the corresponding room and find Ed MacKay shot dead by a gun. Conan notices MacKay left a dying message by gripping his belt and showing on his other hand a strange sign as if he had had previously a round item in the hand.

File 294 - The Last Possibility[edit]

Otaki from Osaka Police is called for investigation. Everyone wonders who could have murdered the reporter, and it's certainly not one of the three champions, as showed by Ran that it's impossible for any of them to move from their rooms, kill McKay, and then come back right after, as it would take at least more than 1 minute, and all three went on the balcony immediately after they heard the gunshot. Conan astounds Heiji by saying it's probably not one of the three players, maybe someone from the outside who pretended to belong to the media present tonight, or one of the guests. Otaki proceeds to the gunpowder checking of every guest and person, as a basic and non-automatic gun, without silencer, was used to murder McKay, and it spreads a lot of powder. Otaki even checked the athletes but their respective managers refused a complete body checking.

The three athletes had indeed been the target of MacKay scandal allegations : Ricardo was accused of playing fixed matches, Ray was accused of drug doping, Mike was accused of adultery and divorced. But all three married a Japanese woman after that and all three won their cases against McKay, Conan insists on that point, saying that they're probably not the culprits. Heiji rather keeps investigating the three men, the only one really resenting McKay and being alone in the hotel at that time. Conan tells Heiji not to bother searching tricky mechanisms, as himself went to check rooms and found none, no traces at all. Conan tells Heiji it is materially impossible for the three men to do the return trip over such a very short span of time. What's more, Ray suffers a knee injury, Ricardo isn't a rapid racer and Mike suffers from Achilles' heel pain, which makes accordingly their moving even slower.

Heiji finds strange that Shinichi is trying to find alibis to everyone as he usually does the complete opposite. Conan avoids answering and adds that knocking at the door and waiting for McKay to open takes even more time. Yet, Heiji and Conan find brooms and dustpans in a closet, and make a connection with the light switch. They suddenly realise something having to do with a certain person expert at using a certain object, who could be the murderer. Conan again doesn't answer and tries to put forward the fact that this object must have been found and it's not the case. When Heiji hints at the fact it's easy to conceal, Conan gets infuriated and tells him he's wrong and should just shut his mouth up. He runs away and tells Heiji he'll prove him he's wrong. Heiji remembers Conan telling him during the last Bikuni Case (Vol. 28) that even if something looks horrible to admit or just beyond human comprehension, if it's the truth it should be tackled directly and coldly, and not avoided, what Conan is actually doing with that person.

Conan comes across the three men coming out of the washroom. Conan sees Ray is still suffering from his knee injury, and suddenly decides to search the washroom's bin, where he finds the item he expected. He also hears Kogoro talking about certain restaurant chefs saying strange words having nothing to do at all with food. Conan lowers the gaze and thinks angrily to that person he calls a bastard.

File 295 - Red Card[edit]


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