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Manga assistants[edit]

Voice cast[edit]


Character Voice actors
Picture Name Picture Name Notes
Shinichi Kudo 60px.jpg Shinichi Kudo Kappei Yamaguchi 60px.jpg Kappei Yamaguchi He also appeared in Gosho Aoyama's prior series Yaiba as the kappa Kerokichi.
Conan Edogawa 60px.jpg Conan Edogawa Minami Takayama 60px.jpg Minami Takayama Also voiced Yaiba Kurogane in Yaiba.
Briefly married to Gosho Aoyama from 2005 to 2007.
Ran Mouri 60px.jpg Ran Mouri Wakana Yamazaki 60px.jpg Wakana Yamazaki
Kogoro Mouri 60px.jpg Kogoro Mouri Akira Kamiya 60px.jpg Akira Kamiya From episodes 1 to 548
Rikiya Koyama 60px.jpg Rikiya Koyama From episodes 553 onwards
Hiroshi Agasa 60px.jpg Hiroshi Agasa Kenichi Ogata 60px.jpg Kenichi Ogata
Ai Haibara 60px.jpg Ai Haibara Megumi Hayashibara 60px.jpg Megumi Hayashibara
Ayumi Yoshida 60px.jpg Ayumi Yoshida Yukiko Iwai 60px.jpg Yukiko Iwai
Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya 60px.jpg Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya Ikue Otani 60px.jpg Ikue Otani
Ai Orikasa 60px.jpg Ai Orikasa Episodes 425 to 436 and movie 10
Genta Kojima 60px.jpg Genta Kojima Wataru Takagi (voice actor) 60px.jpg Wataru Takagi Also voices Detective Takagi and the Next Conan's Hint announcer.
Sonoko Suzuki 60px.jpg Sonoko Suzuki Naoko Matsui 60px.jpg Naoko Matsui
Juzo Megure 60px.jpg Juzo Megure Chafurin 60px.jpg Chafurin
Wataru Takagi 60px.jpg Wataru Takagi Wataru Takagi (voice actor) 60px.jpg Wataru Takagi Character was named after his voice actor.
Miwako Sato 60px.jpg Miwako Sato Atsuko Yuya 60px.jpg Atsuko Yuya
Ninzaburo Shiratori 60px.jpg Ninzaburo Shiratori Kaneto Shiozawa 60px.jpg Kaneto Shiozawa Movies 1~4, Episodes 146~157
Kazuhiko Inoue 60px.jpg Kazuhiko Inoue Starting Episode 205

Main recurring[edit]

Character Voice actors
Picture Name Picture Name Notes
Gin 60px.jpg Gin Yukitoshi Hori 60px.jpg Yukitoshi Hori
Vodka 60px.jpg Vodka Fumihiko Tachiki 60px.jpg Fumihiko Tachiki
Vermouth 60px.jpg Vermouth Mami Koyama 60px.jpg Mami Koyama
Eri Kisaki 60px.jpg Eri Kisaki Gara Takashima 60px.jpg Gara Takashima
Heiji Hattori 60px.jpg Heiji Hattori Ryo Horikawa 60px.jpg Ryo Horikawa
Kazuha Toyama 60px.jpg Kazuha Toyama Yuko Miyamura 60px.jpg Yuko Miyamura
Ginzo Nakamori 60px.jpg Ginzo Nakamori Unsho Ishizuka 60px.jpg Unsho Ishizuka Movies 3~19, Episodes 76~888
Koji Ishii 60px.jpg Koji Ishii Starting Movie 23
Kazunobu Chiba 60px.jpg Kazunobu Chiba Isshin Chiba 60px.jpg Isshin Chiba
Yumi Miyamoto 60px.jpg Yumi Miyamoto Yuu Sugimoto 60px.jpg Yuu Sugimoto
Naeko Miike 60px.jpg Naeko Miike Rie Tanaka 60px.jpg Rie Tanaka
Officer Tome 60px.jpg Officer Tome Toshihiko Nakajima 60px.jpg Toshihiko Nakajima
Sango Yokomizo 60px.jpg Sango Yokomizo Akio Otsuka 60px.jpg Akio Otsuka
Jugo Yokomizo 60px.jpg Jugo Yokomizo
Eisuke Hondou 60px.jpg Eisuke Hondou Junko Noda 60px.jpg Junko Noda
Subaru Okiya 60px.jpg Subaru Okiya Ryotaro Okiayu 60px.jpg Ryotaro Okiayu
Masumi Sera 60px.jpg Masumi Sera Noriko Hidaka 60px.jpg Noriko Hidaka
Rei Furuya 60px.jpg Tooru Amuro Tohru Furuya 60px.jpg Tohru Furuya
Hyoue Kuroda 60px.jpg Hyoue Kuroda Yukimasa Kishino 60px.jpg Yukimasa Kishino
Shukichi Haneda 60px.jpg Shukichi Haneda Toshiyuki Morikawa 60px.jpg Toshiyuki Morikawa
Mary Sera 60px.jpg Mary Sera Atsuko Tanaka 60px.jpg Atsuko Tanaka


Character Voice actors
Picture Name Picture Name Notes
Kaitou Kid 60px.jpg Kaitou Kid Kappei Yamaguchi 60px.jpg Kappei Yamaguchi
Yusaku Kudo 60px.jpg Yusaku Kudo Hideyuki Tanaka 60px.jpg Hideyuki Tanaka
Yukiko Kudo 60px.jpg Yukiko Kudo Sumi Shimamoto 60px.jpg Sumi Shimamoto
Yoko Okino 60px.jpg Yoko Okino Yuri Amano 60px.jpg Yuri Amano First voice actress
Miki Nagasawa 60px.jpg Miki Nagasawa Second voice actress
Kiyonaga Matsumoto 60px.jpg Kiyonaga Matsumoto Seizo Kato 60px.jpg Seizo Kato
Misao Yamamura 60px.jpg Misao Yamamura Toshio Furukawa 60px.jpg Toshio Furukawa
Inspector Yuminaga 60px.jpg Inspector Yuminaga Natsuo Tokuhiro 60px.jpg Natsuo Tokuhiro
Tomoaki Araide 60px.jpg Tomoaki Araide Hideyuki Hori 60px.jpg Hideyuki Hori
Makoto Kyogoku 60px.jpg Makoto Kyogoku Nobuyuki Hiyama 60px.jpg Nobuyuki Hiyama
Heizo Hattori 60px.jpg Heizo Hattori Takehiro Koyama 60px.jpg Takehiro Koyama
Shizuka Hattori 60px.jpg Shizuka Hattori Masako Katsuki 60px.jpg Masako Katsuki
Goro Otaki 60px.jpg Goro Otaki Norio Wakamoto 60px.jpg Norio Wakamoto
Saguru Hakuba 60px.jpg Saguru Hakuba Akira Ishida 60px.jpg Akira Ishida Detective Conan and Magic Kaito Special
Mamoru Miyano 60px.jpg Mamoru Miyano Magic Kaito 1412
Akemi Miyano 60px.jpg Akemi Miyano Sakiko Tamagawa 60px.jpg Sakiko Tamagawa
Jodie Starling 60px.jpg Jodie Starling Miyuki Ichijou 60px.jpg Miyuki Ichijou
Shuichi Akai 60px.jpg Shuichi Akai Shuichi Ikeda 60px.jpg Shuichi Ikeda
James Black 60px.jpg James Black Iemasa Kayumi 60px.jpg Iemasa Kayumi
Andre Camel 60px.jpg Andre Camel Kiyoyuki Yanada 60px.jpg Kiyoyuki Yanada
Hidemi Hondou 60px.jpg Hidemi Hondou Kotono Mitsuishi 60px.jpg Kotono Mitsuishi Also voiced Sayaka Mine in OVA 1
Chianti 60px.jpg Chianti Kikuko Inoue 60px.jpg Kikuko Inoue
Korn 60px.jpg Korn Hiroyuki Kinoshita 60px.jpg Hiroyuki Kinoshita
Sumiko Kobayashi 60px.jpg Sumiko Kobayashi Yuko Kato 60px.jpg Yuko Kato
Jirokichi Suzuki 60px.jpg Jirokichi Suzuki Ichiro Nagai 60px.jpg Ichiro Nagai From episodes 356 to 725
Kosei Tomita 60px.jpg Kosei Tomita From episodes 746 onwards
Midori Kuriyama 60px.jpg Midori Kuriyama Asako Dodo 60px.jpg Asako Dodo
Reiko Kujo 60px.jpg Reiko Kujo Rica Matsumoto 60px.jpg Rica Matsumoto
Azusa Enomoto 60px.jpg Azusa Enomoto Mikiko Enomoto 60px.jpg Mikiko Enomoto
Kansuke Yamato 60px.jpg Kansuke Yamato Yuji Takada 60px.jpg Yuji Takada
Yui Uehara 60px.jpg Yui Uehara Ami Koshimizu 60px.jpg Ami Koshimizu
Taka'aki Morofushi 60px.jpg Taka'aki Morofushi Sho Hayami 60px.jpg Sho Hayami
Sakurako Yonehara 60px.jpg Sakurako Yonehara Sakura Tange 60px.jpg Sakura Tange
Momiji Ooka 60px.jpg Momiji Ooka Satsuki Yukino 60px.jpg Satsuki Yukino
Muga Iori 60px.jpg Muga Iori Daisuke Ono 60px.jpg Daisuke Ono
Rumi Wakasa 60px.jpg Rumi Wakasa Fumi Hirano 60px.jpg Fumi Hirano
Kanenori Wakita 60px.jpg Kanenori Wakita Shigeru Chiba 60px.jpg Shigeru Chiba
Shintaro Chaki 60px.jpg Shintaro Chaki Nobuo Tanaka 60px.jpg Nobuo Tanaka
Yuya Kazami 60px.jpg Yuya Kazami Nobuo Tobita 60px.jpg Nobuo Tobita

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