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Suguru Itakura

Suguru Itakura Profile.jpg

Japanese name: 板倉 卓
(Itakura Suguru)
Age: 45 (deceased)
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
First appearance: Manga: File 377
Anime: Episode 307
Appearances: Chapters: 6
Episodes: 5
Openings: 1
Cases solved: 0
Keyhole number: N/A
Japanese voice: Ryūzaburō Ōtomo

Suguru Itakura (板倉 卓 Itakura Suguru?) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Suguru Itakura was a very famous CG graphic designer and games system engineer when he was still alive. Twenty years ago, when was still an unknown game creator, together with Ryusuke Soma, an employee from a game company, he had once dreamed to create the best shogi program. However, this project had been postponed for many years and was never completed.[1]

Later at some point in time, he became very well-known with his work as a CG designer, especially to actresses like Yukiko Kudo and Sharon Vineyard. His studio often appears on movie credits for special visual effect.[2] However, due to the fact that his vision has begun to turn worse, he quit being a CG graphic designer three years prior to the current timeline, and has only focused on system developing since then.[2] Even as a game programmer, he was still very famous and was usually hired to cooperate with different game companies.

He had a serious heart disease and was required to take medicine three times a day.[3] This is also the direct cause of his death.


He was described as an extremely neat person, even to the point that when a pen on his desk was moved only for 10cm, he could become furious.[4] He was able to discover that there had been someone sneaked into his office just by noticing that his pen had been moved for 5cm.[5] He also hates having people around his workplace.[4] He was also interested in watches.


Plot overview

Conflict with Sharon Vineyard

Itakura and Sharon arguing.

Yukiko Kudo stated that she heard a rumor from her actor friends, that at some point prior to three years ago, when was still a CG graphic designer for films, he and the actress Sharon Vineyard had a serious fight during a film set, and their relationship had been very tense ever since then.[11] However, the exact cause of this conflict was never revealed.

Request from the Black Organization

Two years prior to the current timeline, Tequila arrived at his office and asked him about an unknown system program that he had been working on in the past. However, he had cancelled that program because his vision was getting worse. Some days later, he figured out that his working office and his home had been broken in by somebody, but nothing was stolen or damaged, so he couldn't get the police to take him seriously. Depressed and worrying about his own safety, he had no choice but to agree with the Black Organization's request in order to avoid further intimidation. He left a note saying "I agreed to your demands". He followed the phone number left for him on a piece of paper, he got as a reply, and made a call. A mysterious woman, who is later revealed to be Vermouth[11], answered the phone and demanded him to finish the project that he had given up on, with the deadline being one year from the time of the call. She also stated that she would pay a high price for it. Because of this, he came to the conclusion that this woman and the giant man were working together.

For some unknown reasons, he stated in his diary that he didn't want to finish this program, not for the sake of his vision, but for the sake of humanity.[5] He then decided to the leave the disk with the incomplete program and a check with the amount of money he had been paid at his cottage in the Gunma district, then took on as many game projects as possible to get enough money to escape to another country. However, he was murdered by his old acquaintance Ryusuke Soma before he can do so. Soma was angered that he invested twenty years worth of money and time into Itakura to build him the shogi program, yet had made no development throughout the years.

It hinted that the Black Organization intended to kill him, once the program was finished and delivered.

Mysterious program

Conan holding the CD with the program in it.

Not much is known about the program that he was creating under the order of the Black Organization, except that it was something he stated wouldn't want to complete for the sake of humanity.[5] The incomplete program itself was stored inside a CD and left at his cottage, but was later acquired by Conan. However, the content of the CD and the reason why the organization ordered it was never discovered, as the program had been protected with password that only Itakura himself and the Black Organization know how to unlock. It was also programmed to block copying.[12] At the moment the incomplete program is in the hands of the organization.


His diary

The floppy disk that was used to store his diary.

He wrote his entries and stored them inside a floppy disk labelled "Diary" (日記 Nikki?). Fearing that the disk would be brought back to the police headquarter for further examination, after having tranquilized Kogoro in order to arrest his murderer, Conan tricked Megure and Takagi into copying the content of the disk and paste it into another empty floppy disk. He later read it using the copied version instead of the original one.[1]

His diary contains entries from the last five years.[3] Only some entries from two years ago, since Tequila first appeared at his office, to the present timeline were revealed to the readers. Open spoiler box to read it.

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