Toshio Moroboshi

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Toshio Moroboshi

Deputy Toshio Moroboshi.jpg

Japanese name: 諸星 登志夫
(Moroboshi Toshio)
English name: Toshio Moroboshi
Age: Middle 60s
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: Hideki Moroboshi (grandson)
Mr. Moroboshi (son)
Mrs. Moroboshi (daughter-in-law)
Occupation: Deputy Superintendant General
First appearance: Anime: Movie 4
Appearances: Chapters: 0
Episodes: 0
Movies: 2
OVAs: 0
Specials: 0
Openings: 0
Closings: 0
Cases solved: 0
Japanese voice: Ryuichi Horibe (movie 6)
English voice: unknown

Toshio Moroboshi (諸星 登志夫 Moroboshi Toshio?) is a character in the movie franchise Detective Conan.


Toshio Moroboshi is the second-in-command of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, then Hakuba's senior deputy and the one in charge when his head is not in function. He is one of the most influencial people of the Japanese police like many other influencial people, a system that is disapproved by many people in the country. About Sleeping Kogorou, he thinks it's because his wife left while he was sleeping that he's stuck with that nickname and Hideki, his sixth grader grandson, used that thought to sully the famous detective.


Toshio Moroboshi is a serious man with a strong built body and a grave expression. He talks loudly and is suggested to be corrupted like many other Japanese important people. He is a person who can not feel dignity, such as not to be very careful of Hideki who continues to take an arrogant attitude, causing inconvenience to other people, but later this nuisance led to the resolution of the murder case. He really likes bronze statues.


He is an almost retreated man with black laid-back hair and a tan skin. He has a moustache and wears a black bow tie on his suit, and is a bit chubby.


Plot overview[edit]

Captured in Her Eyes (Movie: 4)[edit]

Conan suspects the MPD: Hakuba, Moroboshi, and four high policemen.

He makes a brief background appearance, even if he wasn't introduced, when Conan suspects a mass murder staged by the MPD. He is the man at the top of the picture on the right, the one with the second highest police rank as insigna, but without mustaches.

The Phantom of Baker Street (Movie: 6)[edit]

He was invited by Thomas Schindler, like many other important people, to have his grandson be a tester of the new virtual game system at Beika City Hall. He is also here to have a friendly chat with old friends and make new aquaintances. He is disappointed when the artificial brain Noah's Ark start to control the game because it might endanger his grandson's life and watched the situation from the audience seat.

Relationship analysis[edit]

Hideki Moroboshi[edit]

Hideki Moroboshi, age 12, is his favorite grandson and future successor as important member of the police, an arrogant, sassy and respectful boy due that birth who has no manners or morals, such as playing mini-games of soccer at party venues. When the ball kicked hit the bronze statue, causing the dagger to be discharged, he came lecture the boy to stop kicking the ball around in here. Hideki then picked the dagger up and returned it to the bronze statue's hand, so later Yusaku Kudo uses it as evidence against Thomas Schindler, who had murdered his college friend Tadaaki Kashimura, the one in charge of game's development. As his paternal grandfather, he loves Hideki more than anything else in the world and told him much about the police, then he is disappointed when the artificial brain Noah's Ark start to toy with his life. Fortunately, to his great relief, including Hideki and Conan, there are only two left at the game's end, so his grandson's life was saved and he is very proud of him. However, because Noah's Ark/Hiroki Sawada used his body and slipped into the game, Hideki doesn't remember what just happened.

Tetsunosuke Emori[edit]

Takizawa, Kikukawa, Moroboshi, and Emori: from left to right.

Tetsunosuke Emori, an important financial group and bank president, is his best childhood friend. Akira, his sixth grader grandson, is a Hideki's one-year-junior classmate, an arrogant and sassy boy who does not possess manners and morals like him, but the root is cowardice. They discuss a lot together and said the bronze statues of President Schindler's prized collection are quite magnificent, emanating the rarely-seen combative spirit. It's only because of his bank that Kashimura could finish the game, that's why they were invited together. They are both disappointed when Noah's Ark start to control the game because it might endanger their grandsons' lives.

Kikukawa & Takizawa[edit]

Kikukawa, a famous comedian, and Takizawa, a ruling party politician, are two of his important friends. Seiichiro and Shinya, their respective sixth grader children, are Hideki's one-year-junior classmates and, like him, arrogant and sassy boys who have no manners or morals, but Seiichiro is timid and rely, while Shinya seems more obedient. They are both disappointed when Noah's Ark start to control the game because it might endanger his grandson and their sons' lives.

Name origin[edit]

His full name comes from Ataru Moroboshi, the main protagonist in Urusei Yatsura, and Toshio Furukawa, the actor that voices Ataru.


  • His character design is the same used for Colonel Sebastian Moran in the game.

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