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Many main and minor characters have been linked to the Black Organization.

This list excludes major organization members and characters with jobs investigating crime generally, like the police. Characters who are part of an agency targeting the organization like the FBI and CIA are also excluded unless their connection to the organization goes beyond their work.


This is a list of people who are known to have collaborated with the organization, voluntarily or involuntarily. Some of these collaborators became assassination targets later. Those whose collaboration with the organization is not clearly confirmed are listed with targets below.

Weapon smuggler

Weapon Smuggler.jpg

Gin and Vodka blackmailed a company owner who had been smuggling guns for over 100 million yen in cash. After Vodka received the briefcase of cash, he returned the film evidence of the business' gun smuggling. Vodka may have intended to kill the man when the transaction was complete as he began to draw his gun, but it could also have been in response to the company owner's remark the organization does even worse things than gun smuggling. The man escaped when Gin assaulted Shinichi who had been spying on the transaction and Vodka was distracted. He appears in Roller Coaster Murder Case.

Kenzo Hirota

Kenzou Hirota.jpg
Shirou Kaizuka.jpg

Kenzo Hirota (広田 健三 Hirota Kenzō?), age 48, was a former taxi driver, who Akemi Miyano hired to be the get-away driver, likely due to his profession would make him the one to know the best escape route. However after the robbery, Hirota backstabbed his partners and went into hiding with the money. Akemi and her other partner, a giant, hired each a detective to search for Hirota, posing as relatives. First Akemi's detective, Kogoro, found him. When Akemi stood face to face with him, he became terrified, but couldn't do anything in front of Kogoro, Ran, and Conan. The giant killed Hirota for his betrayal. There isn't known much about him expect that he plays on horses and owns four cats. He appears in ¥1,000,000,000 Robbery, but The Black Organization: One Billion Yen Robbery Case replaced him with Shiro Kaizuka.

Akira Hirota

Akira Hirota.jpg
Guard Kishi.jpg

Akira Hirota (広田 明 Hirota Akira?), age 28, was the giant Pachinko parlor guard hired by Akemi to be a part of her robbery gang due to his strength. After Kenzo betrayed them, he hired a detective to search for him, posing as an elder brother. After Kenzo was found, the giant killed him. Akemi who happened to also have tracked him down gave him her watch, which had Conan's tracker on. He and Akemi hide in a hotel room, and while the giant was counting the money, Akemi slipped cyanide pills into his drink in the belief that they were just sleeping pills, hence killing the giant. He appears in ¥1,000,000,000 Robbery, but The Black Organization: One Billion Yen Robbery Case replaced him with Kishii.


EP5 Woman near window.jpg

A corrupt career-woman from Tokyo exchanged 400 million yen for information about gold worth even more money with Gin and Vodka on a bullet train's dining car. Instead of information, the organization packed the case they were giving her with explosives to kill the woman because she was no longer useful. She was saved by Conan and arrested by the Kyoto police. She appears in Shinkansen Bomb Case, but the anime version replaced Gin and Vodka with look-alike criminals.

Hideaki Nakajima

Hideaki Nakajima.jpg

Hideaki Nakajima (中島英明 Nakajima Hideaki?), age 27, worked for Mantendo corporation's game development section and designed a mystery video game about Kogoro. He was in a university boxing club and has issues with creditors. He made an exchange with Tequila, giving him a list of some of the world's most highly skilled programmers in exchange for a large amount of money. One of his two co-workers wanted to kill him for revenge, but Tequila was killed instead by accident. The organization then immediately blew up the Daiko Building's Cocktail Bar where Hideaki and Tequila had meetings. He appears in Game Convention Case.

Suguru Itakura

Suguru Itakura.jpg

Suguru Itakura was a famous CG graphic designer/games system engineer who also worked on special effects for films. Three years before the current timeline, he stopped developing CG and a particular program due to poor eyesight. Two years ago Tequila showed up at his office to say he was interested in the particular "system software" he stopped developing. One year later, he was later forced to finish the program with a year deadline. He didn't want to complete the program "not only for his eyesight but for the sake of humanity." He stayed in New Beika Hotel where he was killed by an old friend. He kept a diary and noted Vermouth had a cat around when he talked to her. Conan pretending to be him was told to put the disk in locker 0032. He also helped provide many special effects for films and plays Vermouth and Yukiko were in. This is presumably how Vermouth hired him for the organization's research as she was seen arguing with him on sets, something she never did with anyone else.

Rumi Wakasa

Rumi Wakasa.jpg

Rumi Wakasa (若狭留美 Wakasa Rumi?), age 37, is the new deputy homeroom teacher for class 1-B of Teitan Elementary School. Her real identity is Rachel Asaka (レイチェル·浅香 Reicheru Asaka?), the missing bodyguard of Amanda Hughes after Kohji Haneda's murder seventeen years ago.


This is a list of people involved in an organization plot, either as victims of crime, intended victims, or intelligence targets. Targets who are known to have collaborated with the organization are listed above.

Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa

Conan Edogawa.jpg

Shinichi Kudo has been involved in many organization plots over the course of the series. For a full account of these events, please see the Black Organization timeline.

APTX 4869 victims

APTX 4869 victim list 1.jpg
APTX 4869 victim list 4.jpg
APTX 4869 victim list 2.jpg
APTX 4869 victim list 3.jpg

The organization keeps a record of people who were poisoned with APTX 4869. According to Haibara they were all confirmed "dead" (死亡), except for Shinichi Kudo (工藤 新一) who was listed as "uncertain" (不明). Haibara says she changed Shinichi's status to "Dead" while she was still in the organization, which was first shown in the version of the list that Rumi Wakasa looks at on her laptop in file 1005. The list doesn't seem to be in chronological[1] or alphabetical order. Haibara said it could be blood type order. At least ten people are shown listed, and there may be more victims if the list is longer than shown.

Plus, Mary Sera should now be on the list, somewhere, as well. Probably, placed on it, after Holmes Revelation, when Vermouth administered it to her. Amanda Hughes too.

The following people are known to be on the list

  • 樽井 英成 (Status: Dead)
Possible surname: Taru, Tarui
Possible given name: Akishige, Eisei, Hideshige, Hidenari
  • 新岡 芳江[2] (Status: Dead)
Possible surname: Araoka​, Shin'oka​, Nioka​
Possible given name: Yoshie, Fusae, Masae
  • 松坂 宗男[3] (Status: Dead)
Possible surnames: Matsusaka, Matsuzaka[4]
Possible given names: Muneo[5][6], Norio
  • 武石 良雄[7] (Status: Dead)
Possible surnames: Takeshi, Takeishi
Possible given names: Yoshio[5][6], Ryoyu, Nagao
  • 工藤 新一 (Status: Unknown)/(Status: Dead)
Surname: Kudo
Given name: Shinichi
  • 豊田 稔[8] (Status: Dead)
Possible surnames: Toyoda[6][9], Toyota[9]
Possible given names: Minoru[6], Toshi, Minori, Jin, Jinji, Nen, Yutaka
  • 羽田 浩司 (Status: Dead)
Surname: Haneda[5][10]
Other used surnames: Hada[6] (Anime's first APTX victims list)
Given name: Kohji[10] (Also written Koji[5][6])
  • 野本 昌治[11] (Status: Dead)
Possible surnames: Nomoto[5][6], Yamoto
Possible given names: Masaji[5], Shoji, Masaharu, Yoshiji, Yoshiharu
  • 五島 淳実[12] (Status: Dead)
Possible surnames: Goto, Goshima, Gojima, Itsushima, Itsujima
Possible given name: Atsumi
  • 上園 孝也 (Status: Dead)
Possible surnames: Uwazono, Uematsu, Uesono, Uezono, Kamisono, Kamizono
Possible given names: Takaya, Koya

Amanda Hughes

Amanda Hughes.jpg

Amanda Hughes was an elderly wealthy American who was killed by Rum seventeen years prior to the current timeline, when she was 81-year-old. Ai Haibara has yet to confirm whether she saw Amanda's name on the list or not. Amanda apparently had contacts to two American intelligence agencies, the FBI and CIA. She died while staying at a hotel which was also occupied by shogi champion Kohji Haneda whom Amanda was a big fan of, and who was killed the same night. It was proved that she visited his hotel room.

Kohji Haneda

Kohji Haneda.jpg

The victim Kohji Haneda is Shukichi Haneda's non-blood older brother. He was murdered by Rum seventeen years ago along with Amanda Hughes. In file 947, Shukichi quoted his brother Kohji as saying "one should stick with one's original plan" (初志貫徹 shoshi kantetsu?). During "Let's Talk with Gosho Aoyama-sensei Day 2016", Gosho mentioned there was "red herring" in volume 18, the same volume this list appeared in.

Mary Sera


Mary Sera, an unknown child whom Masumi calls sister outside the territory, was revealed in file 972 to be the mother of Shuichi Akai, Shukichi Haneda, and Masumi Sera. Before Holmes' Revelation, she possessed an adult body. She was forced to take the APTX 4869 by Vermouth in London, which caused her body to shrink. She currently lives in various hotels, switching locations often as if pressured by a sense of threat. Mary and Masumi were forced to go back in Japan in hopes of finding an antidote to bring back her adult body, and she saw such hope in the boy they met ten years ago, Shinichi Kudo.

Masami Hirota

Masami Hirota.jpg

Masami Hirota (広田正巳 Hirota Masami?), age 61, was a Nanyo University professor who lived in Shizuoka with his wife Toshiko. Akemi had contact with and was probably close to him because she borrowed his name, for the same pronunciation and the same spelling of surname, when coming up with an alias. When Shiho returned Akemi's vacation pictures to her, she had accidentally mixed in disks containing information about APTX 4869, which were saved by him.[13] The organization intended to kill him, but he was first killed by one of his students. Vodka disguised his voice and left a message on his answering machine pretending to be from "Kuro Life Insurance" so he could try to set up a meeting. He appears in Murdered Professor Case.

Shigehiko Nomiguchi

Shigehiko Nomiguchi.jpg

Shigehiko Nomiguchi (呑口重彦 Nomiguchi Shigehiko?), age 56, and a lawyer, was bribed by someone who was never clarified (possibly by the organization), and was going to be arrested and divulge information. Their head decided to eliminate him. Pisco, with the unwilling help of Vermouth was ordered to perform the assassination. Pisco managed to successfully kill him by dropping a chandelier on him, but due to Conan's interference, the police discovered it was a murder and not an accident like the organization hoped it would be ruled. His family disappeared soon after, but it's unknown if the organization got rid of them or if they went into hiding to escape them. Haibara did not react to his presence while she was watching him with Conan. He appears in Hotel Party Murder Case.

Araide family

Tomoaki Araide.jpg

Vermouth attempted to kill the Araide family so she could disguise and take the place of Tomoaki Araide. He was targeted for his job as school nurse at Teitan Elementary and Teitan High which allowed Vermouth to get close to Haibara, Conan, and Ran. The FBI caught on to Vermouth's intentions before she could act and used disguised stunt doubles to make it appear that the Araide family were all killed when their car ran off a cliff into the ocean. After Vermouth was unmasked, Araide has been able to come out of hiding and continue his job as school nurse where Vermouth left off. At this time, Vermouth was acting without the approval of the organization, so it is doubtful whether Tomoaki was of any interest to the rest of the organization.

Masahito Yoshioka

EP230 BO victim.png

Masahito Yoshioka (吉岡昌仁 Yoshioka Masahito?), age 42, was a Ministry of Foreign Affairs general summary in OK Trading Co., Ltd. who lived in Haido City. Gin and Vodka set up that man to be killed the night they met with him at the "Polestar", a jazz club. Vodka remarks that he seemed happy even though "he didn't even suspect that that drink would be his last." He was never shown in the manga, but was shown stepping into a taxi in the anime. He appears in Bus Hijacking Case, and in the anime added a non-canonical business card which lists his name, the real-life chief producer of many related films and episodes from the anime studio Tokyo Movie Shinsa, appeared also on the party registry in Captured in Her Eyes and on the visitors' of Matsue Castle in Sword of the Eight-Headed Serpent, where he lives in Nagasaki. His name is also in the anime list of APTX 4869 victims in The Girl from the Black Organization and the University Professor Murder Case.

Starling family

Jodie Starling.jpg

Vermouth killed Jodie Starling's parents twenty years ago and burnt down the Starling house. Vermouth's primary aim was to kill the FBI agent Mr. Starling and destroy his investigation files that involved Vermouth. Jodie survived because she left the house before it burnt down. After hearing that only two bodies were discovered, Vermouth desperately searched for Jodie, but to no avail. Jodie had been placed into the witness protection program by her father's colleagues. Jodie became an FBI agent to seek out Vermouth.

Senzo Fukuura

Senzo Fukuura.jpg

Senzo Fukuura (福浦 千造 Fukuura Senzō?), movie producer of "The Haunted Ship" series, was killed by a man wearing a werewolf costume whom Vermouth had blackmailed. His death was part of Vermouth's plan to lure Shinichi away from Haibara, so it is unclear whether Vermouth had a particular reason for wanting Senzo Fukuura dead or if she only selected him as the target because he was convenient. Since she's an actress, she most likely used her connections in the movie business to gather information about the party in order to cocoon the murder plan. At this time, Vermouth was acting without the approval of the organization, so it is doubtful whether this man was of any interest to the rest of the organization. He appears in Halloween Party Case.

Werewolf man


Vermouth blackmailed this man into killing Senzo Fukura. After this man posted in a murder forum about wanting to kill Fukura, Vermouth replied back using her codename and asked if he would do so if she provided the tools and the strategy. The man revised his thoughts and refused, so Vermouth blackmailed him with a letter threatening his family and a box full of recordings of his family, tapped phonecalls, and detailed notes of his and his family's daily schedule. Blackmailing the werewolf man was part of Vermouth's plan to lure Shinichi away from Haibara, so it is unclear whether Vermouth had a particular reason for blackmailing this man, or if she chose him because he was convenient. At this time, Vermouth was acting without the approval of the organization, so it is doubtful whether this man was of any interest to the rest of the organization. He was found out by Heiji and arrested by the Tokyo police. He appears in Halloween Party Case.

Yasuteru Domon

Yasuteru Domon.jpg

Yasuteru Domon (土門 康輝 Domon Yasuteru?) is a politician hard on crime whom the organization attempts to assassinate after the events of the Ding Dong Dash. The FBI believed their head ordered the assassination of him who wasn't even part of the Diet yet because he is hard on crime and had a chance of becoming the next Prime Minister. The organization ordered Kir to arrange an interview with him in exchange for suppressing information that his father was under suspicion of having an extramarital affair twenty years ago. The organization planned the timing so that it could be blamed on female gang leader who had been accused of hiring a hitman to kill him before. The assassination plot was called off because he decided to stop running for office when the affair information was about to come out anyway. The organization had not realized that this information was enough to get him to stop running for office. He appears in Black Organization vs. FBI.

Kogoro Mouri

Kogoro Mouri.jpg

Kogoro Mouri temporarily became an assassination target when Gin mistakenly thought that the detective planted a tracking and listening device on Kir's shoe. With their head's permission he, Vodka, Vermouth, Korn and Chianti went Beika city to silence the detective. As the organization snipers, Korn and Chianti, prepare to fire at Kogoro, they are interrupted by Conan kicking a soccer ball into Kogoro's window and Akai's sniper shots. Thus, Kogoro is saved at the last second by a double effort from Conan and Akai, and the organization is made to believe the FBI planted the tracker. Despite Vermouth's prompting, Gin does not believe that Kogoro is completely innocent. Amuro investigates and then apprentices himself to Kogoro because Amuro suspected the detective may be connected to Sherry. Kogoro was previously suspected of being linked to Sherry because the tracker, microphone, and gum combo Gin found on Kir's shoe after the Ding Dong Dash case was the same style as the one Gin discovered in his car that Sherry supposedly planted. When Gin heard that Gaito Hotta, someone who had information on the Kohji Haneda case, had been killed and that Kogoro had been involved, his suspicions rose again. The he says "Its like encountering a demon in the darkness... If that guy is the demon, then we've got to finish him off while he sleeps."

Toji Funemoto

Toji Funemoto.jpg

Toji Funemoto (船本 透司 Funemoto Tōji?), age 8, is a boy who bore witness to Rena's motorcycle accident. Vermouth confronted and interrogated him to figure out how much he knew. Gin noticed he was taken into witness protection by the FBI, but Vermouth told Gin he was irrelevant.

Tohei Benzaki

Tohei Benzaki.jpg

Tohei Benzaki is a single man who inadvertently became a random target in one of Bourbon's plans to further investigate Conan and the FBI. Needing to use his appearance to approach Jodie at a cherry blossom viewing place, Bourbon made Tohei unconscious and disguised as him with Vermouth's help. Unfortunately for Bourbon, Tohei had just been pickpocketed by a female thief and he got caught up in a murder case where she's the victim. After the case is over, Bourbon returned the stolen purse to Tohei's unconscious body and left him to eventually wake up. Some point later, the police arrived at Tohei's apartment to question him about the pickpocketing case but he declared he did not know anything regarding the murder of the pickpocket. At this point it appears that Bourbon and the organization have no further interest in him. It is very unlikely that the real Tohei Benzaki had any involvement in the Teito Bank Heist, instead this backstory was fabricated by Bourbon.

Natsuko Shibuya

Natsuko Shibuya.jpg

Natsuko Shibuya is a Japanese friend of Jodie's whom she helped in a case while she was studying abroad in America. Tooru Amuro was hired by Shibuya because she was being stalked and they met multiple times. One of these times, Amuro stole her phone and texted Jodie while pretending to be Shibuya, asking Jodie to go out for drinks. Jodie contacted Shibuya back via Camel's phone. Bourbon then planned to have Shibuya get into an accident, possibly by running her over with his car. Before Amuro could attack her himself, another person attacked Shibuya first. When the police came to the accident, they contacted Camel because it was one of the most recent phone numbers used. Vermouth copied Jodie's clothing while Amuro participated in solving the case. Vermouth then lured Jodie and Camel to the hospital by pretending to be a nurse calling in to report that Shibuya's condition had become critical. In the end, Amuro and Vermouth were able to trick Camel into revealing that Rikumichi Kusuda killed himself. Shibuya was fine in reality and recovered without incident. It is unclear how Amuro found out she was connected to Jodie. Although since he was investigating Conan at the time, and found out that he was involved in some FBI plans, he probably was investigating Jodie, since she was the FBI agent, who was speaking with Conan at the shrine. He also may have had his Japanese Secret Police friends dig up that information for him.

Gaito Hotta

Gaito Hotta.jpg

Gaito Hotta (堀田凱人 Hotta Gaito?) was a TV-personality, who claimed to solve cases by connecting with the spirits of the dead. He was exposed as a fraud at one point in connection with a case of a missing person. He then decided to make a comeback by using the mysterious murder case of Kohji Haneda and Amanda Hughes. He made research and discovered that Asaka, the missing bodyguard, had been seen holding a small mirror. He then concluded that Asaka was a woman and wanted to use that in his show. But he was murdered by the director before it could happen. It is not known if the organization wanted to kill him, but they were keeping an eye on him. He appears in Soul Detective Murder Case.

Rokumichi Hado

Rokumichi Hado.jpg

Rokumichi Hado, age 39, is a Japanese rock musician who took a hiatus seventeen years ago and was investigated by Bourbon and Vermouth because his new single was to be named ASACA, and to finish him if it was. However, he committed suicide for personal reasons. His single "Asaca" was entirely unrelated to Kohji's death seventeen years ago or Asaka. Despite the lack of clues about Asaka or Rum, the case proved that the organization is aware of the decoding of Kohji's dying message and is paranoid about it.

Tsutomu Akai

Tsutomu Akai.jpg

Tsutomu Akai somehow became involved with the Kohji Haneda case and made enemies which resulted in him having to leave his family behind and send them into hiding. While he is believed to be dead, his body was never actually found.

Mikoto Shimabukuro

Mikoto Shimabukuro.jpg
Kimie Shimabukuro.jpg

Kimie Shimabukuro (島袋 君恵 Shimabukuro Kimie?), age 27, assumed the identity of her late great-grandmother and matriarch of the family Mikoto Shimabukuro (島袋 弥琴 Shimabukuro Mikoto?), an elder from the solitary mermaid island in the high seas off Wakasa Bay, Fukui Prefecture, claimed to be 130-year-old and rumoured to be immortal, when her mother died in a fire three years ago. The elder is the host in an annual festival on the island shrine, with her great-granddaughter as the priestess, and in a raffle gave three people a dugong arrow each, said to give its owner a long life and protection against demons. Because of the elder's supposedly long life and a mysterious legless body corpse found in the fire, who was actually her mother disguised, it has garnered interest of many people around Japan, even from high-up and celebrities. The organization was also interested, sending Gin, Vodka, and Sherry to investigate. After the famous Sleeping Kogoro solved her case along with Heiji, she is arrested by the Fukui police for having killed three childhood friends avenging her mother's death, who was burned alive to prove her immortality. She appears in Mermaid's Curse Case.

Acquaintances of individual organization members

This is a list of people who are acquaintances of organization members, but were never part of the organization themselves. Former organization members are listed on the main Black Organization page.

Hiroshi Agasa

Hiroshi Agasa.jpg

Hiroshi Agasa is a distant acquaintance of Atsushi Miyano and Elena Miyano. Agasa had met them at conferences, and Atsushi complimented Agasa on his inventions.

Toichi Kuroba

Toichi Kuroba.jpg

Toichi Kuroba taught Vermouth, who was disguised as Sharon Vineyard at the time, the finer arts of disguise.

Yukiko Kudo

Yukiko Kudo.jpg

Vermouth, as her alias Sharon Vineyard, and Yukiko Kudo had a friendly relationship between the time they met under Toichi Kuroba's tutelage until the time Sharon "died". Yukiko had no idea Sharon was leading a double life as an operative in the organization. Yukiko and Sharon seemed to have kept in contact with one another because Yukiko and Sharon both know about events in each others' lives that occurred after Toichi's lessons. Sharon was the one who got tickets for Yukiko, Shinichi, and Ran to the Golden Apple play on Broadway in New York City one year prior to the current time line. Yukiko also attended Sharon's funeral. Yukiko is currently aware that Sharon and Chris are the same person and a member of the organization who had tried to kill her son earlier.

Shinichi Kudo

Shinichi Kudo.jpg

Vermouth, as Sharon Vineyard, knew Shinichi Kudo since he was young through her friendship with Yukiko. After Shinichi helped Ran save Vermouth's life in New York while she was disguised as a serial killer, she nicknames him "Cool guy". Vermouth later becomes one of the few characters who know Conan is Shinichi.

Ran Mouri

Ran Mouri.jpg

Vermouth, as Sharon Vineyard, met Ran Mouri through the Kudo family. After Ran saved Vermouth's life in New York, Vermouth nicknames Ran "Angel".

Sohei Dejima

Souhei Dejima.jpg

Sohei Dejima (出島壮平 Dejima Sōhei?), age 54, was Atsushi Miyano's childhood playmate. They hadn't seen for twenty-five years and he had lived in the house that Atsushi inherited from his father. Atsushi and his wife Elena stopped by after Akemi was 4 or 5 years old, and they were in the organization, to tell him something important, but his friend was out so he never got to say what it was. He was being watched by the organization at that time. Akemi came back as an adult to hide tapes left by her mother for Shiho in the toilet, and afterwards the organization came to investigate secretly. He was killed by one of his three office designers. He appears in Bathroom Murder Case.

Wataru Date

Wataru Date.jpg

Wataru Date was a close friend of Rei Furuya while they were in police academy together. Rei was the top-ranked student, while he held second place. While he went on to become an officer, Rei went somewhere else, probably the Secret Police or the organization, and fell out of contact with him. His last text to Rei asked him where he was and chided Rei to communicate once in a while. After discovering his old friend was dead, Rei visited his grave, and left a toothpick out of respect for him.

Kyosuke Senma

Kyousuke Senma.jpg

Kyosuke Senma (千間 恭介 Senma Kyōsuke?) was an archaeologist of a village in Tokyo[14] who Renya Karasuma invited to his Sunset Manor forty years ago, wanting him to find the treasure before he died of old age. It was a very well-paid job. His wife and 23-year-old daughter Furuyo received large sums of money, along with a letter from him, almost every day. But after six months, the money and letters suddenly stopped coming. He, who had never given them his address, vanished forever. His daughter, now a famous detective, only found out the truth when she held his last letter, which she had kept as a memento, against a light. He had written a secret note by poking tiny holes in the paper left for her with a needle. He recorded the riddle of the treasure and wrote that many other scholars had been invited to the manor, that Karasuma had begun to kill them, one by one, as a warning to the others, and that even if he found the treasure, he too would be killed. She didn't tell the police about it because it was twenty years ago, when Karasuma had already died. A victim of Karasuma's treasure hunting fanaticism, he did solve the riddle and left a clue about it in a note letters written in blood on the piano. After Conan has finally solved that old case, his daughter, who hasn't ever met Karasuma[15] but hated him after learning it, is arrested by the Tokyo police for murder. He appears in Kaitou Kid and the Murder.

Extended canon




Yakub (ヤクブ Yakubu?) is Princess Latoona's ambitious uncle. The organization had corrupted him through "UCAR Inc." (ユーカル社 Yūkaru-sha?), a company they run. He appears in The Wish Put on the Airship.


Eric Gamelan

Eric Gamelan.jpg

Eric Gamelan (エリック=ガムラン Erikku Gamuran?) is the Minister of Commerce of the Republic of Cecilia. He appears in The Great Deduction of Three People.

Kazuki Honjou

Kazuki Honjo.jpg

Kazuki Honjou (本上 和樹 Honjō Kazuki?) is a certified public accountant who lived with his parents in Funabashi, Chiba, and the serial killer who murdered their minor agent Masaaki Okakura before them for revenge of his younger sister's death. Without knowing it, he has taken away the amulet bag with a memory card listing their complete agents that have infiltrated various organizations, which Masaaki obtained possibly as insurance. Irish must retrieve it before the police catch him and look into the database. He was found out by Conan and defeated by Irish, disguised as Matsumoto. His sister's boyfriend and Conan confirmed he'll get a death sentence anyway. He appears in The Raven Chaser.

Kiyonaga Matsumoto

Kiyonaga Matsumoto.jpg

Kiyonaga Matsumoto, as a superintendent of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, was kidnapped by the organization, so Irish could disguise as him and infiltrate the police department.



Latoona (ラトゥーナ Ratūna?) is the Princess of Panasunugara, a poor country in the African Savannah. She appears in The Wish Put on the Airship.

Eva Port

Eva Port.jpg

Eva Port (エヴァポート Eva Pōto?) is a foreign child idol. She appears in Protect the Luxury Liner from the Virus.

Nina Balmer

Nina Balmer.jpg

Nina Balmer (ニーナ・バルマー Nīna Barumā?) was a Europol agent and Jodie's friend. Her life was threatened by the organization from a certain incident. After locating her in Frankfurt, Kir tried to let her escape, but she is shot to death by Gin. She appears in Black Iron Submarine.

Naomi Argento

Naomi Argento.jpg

Naomi Argento (直美・アルジェント Naomi Arujento?), age 19, is an engineer of "Pacific Buoy" in Hachijo-jima. She wants to create a world without racism, so she develops the "old and young authentication system" called All Age Recognition, which can match the same person of different ages. She met Shiho when they were elementary school's classmates from the US, and is still looking forward to seeing her again. Under Karasuma's order, she is kidnapped by the organization. She appears in Black Iron Submarine. At the end she figures out Haibara was Shiho.


  1. ^ Shinichi is the first victim according to Gin: "We'll use this, the new poison the organization developed. You can't find any signs of poison on the body with this stuff. We haven't tested it on humans yet, so this'll be our little guinea pig". However, Haneda was killed seventeen years ago.
  2. ^ Later anime episode version of the list provided the first three characters and showed the name as "佐藤 和江". This was contradicted later by the manga in file 1005, where the first three kanji were replaced.
  3. ^ Muneo Arimune (有宗 宗男 ?) in episode 129 of the anime only, this was fixed in a later episode.
  4. ^ Later anime episode version of the list provided the first character. The manga showed the first character had a less-than-full-height 厶 radical thus making the name ?-saka, ?-zaka (e.g. Hirosaka/Kosaka 広坂, Matsusaka/Matsuzaka 松坂, Densaka 伝坂).
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