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Eri Kisaki

Eri Kisaki Profile.png

Japanese name: 妃 英理
(Kisaki Eri)
English name: Eva Kadan (anime)
Eva Kaden[1] (manga)
Age: 37-38[2][3]
Gender: Female
Date of birth: October 10
Relatives: Kogoro Mouri (husband)
Ran Mouri (daughter)
Mr. Kisaki (father)
Goro (pet)
Occupation: Defense lawyer
Status: Alive
Nicknames: Queen of the Courtroom (by her professional acquaintances)
Aliases: Eri Mouri (legal name)
The Teitan Queen
First appearance: Manga: File 105
Anime: Episode 32
Appearances: Chapters: 59
Chapters: 11
Episodes: 61
Movies: 7
OVAs: 2
Specials: 2
Openings: 20
Closings: 7
Cases solved: 5 cases and 1 case (via Conan)
Keyhole number: Volume 11
Japanese voice: Gara Takashima
English voice: Julie Mayfield (FUNimation)
Mari Devon (Bang Zoom!, episode ONE)
Jane Alan (Bang Zoom!, movie 22)
Drama actor: Nene Otsuka

Eri Kisaki (妃 英理 Kisaki Eri?), known as Eva Kadan in the English Funimation dub, is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan. Her real name is Eri Mouri (毛利 英理 Mōri Eri?). She began to use her maiden name again after she began living separately from her husband Kogoro Mouri. She also runs her law practice under her maiden name. In a recent hospitalization, her name was displayed as "Eri Mouri" on the door. She has one daughter, Ran Mouri.



Eri and her childhood friend, Yukiko Kudo.

The separately-living wife of Kogoro Mouri, Eri is a defense lawyer who often gets tangled in Kogoro's cases, usually serving as an extra pair of eyes when it becomes time to investigate a crime. Although she does not like Kogoro's attitude and personality (especially his drinking and skirt-chasing habits), she still deeply loves and cares for him, often testing him to see if he still cares about her as well.

Eri and Kogoro, like Shinichi and Ran and Heiji and Kazuha, had been best friends since childhood, falling in love in their teens. Ten years before the Detective Conan storyline starts, however, Kogoro and Eri separated and took different paths in their lives.[4] Ran had believed that Eri had separated from Kogoro because he had shot her in the leg to get her away from a crazed serial killer, when in fact Eri had completely respected Kogoro for his decision, which she also believed was the correct one. She had left him when she had cooked him a gratitude dinner afterwards, which Kogoro assessed (perhaps rightfully) to be completely inedible.[5] After this, Eri focused full time on her duties as a lawyer and has since become a highly respected (and feared) member of her profession, which in time even resulted in a movie based on her performance in court.[6]

In high school, Eri and her schoolmate and close friend, Yukiko Kudo, was involved in a "Miss Teitan High School" pageant and were tied in the number of votes, due to the lateness of Kogoro.[7] He had forgotten to vote, and by the time he had come to vote, it was too late.[7] It was later discovered that due to his clumsiness, he thought that the "Miss" meant "mistake" and was going to vote for Eri as a result of that misconception, much to her anger later on.[7]


Eri's pet cat, Goro, whom she named after Kogoro.

Eri is considered incredibly attractive. Various men of different ages have pined for her, but she always turns them down, mostly due to her feelings for Kogoro.[8][9][10] She and Yukiko were considered the two most beautiful girls at Teitan High School back when they were students.[7] Even though the result ended in a tie, the two remained very close friends, often letting little Shinichi and Ran play together and have playdates.[11] Shinichi remembers often how Eri would give him a big scolding for starting trouble.[8]

Eri's personality suits her occupation as a lawyer. She is often very questioning and gets herself involved in the investigation of cases along with Kogoro, much to his chagrin. She is also tactical and has high moral ground, generally avoids accepting requests from people with clear criminal act[12] unless she believes that there is something behind the scene or the request is related to the case she and/or Kogoro are investigating in.

She has a cat, a Russian Blue named "Goro," whom she cares for very deeply; in fact, Goro's name comes from "KoGORO" of Kogoro Mouri, since to her the cat and Kogoro both act very similar in some ways.[13][9] Eri is also very close friends with her secretary, Midori Kuriyama.

Ran often goes to Eri for advice, especially on Ran's relationship with Shinichi.[14] Eri has often half-jokingly said that her best advice for Ran is to never get involved with a detective.[8] In chapter 985, it's revealed Lawyers like Eri use Western-style comma (,).

Eri is shown to care for those she knows and loves, like in movie 4, she came and stayed with Kogoro, because Ran had amnesia. In episode 474, she worried about her cat goro so much that she cried. She said she doesn't care about Kogoro. But in reality, however, she still loves him and said if he wouldn't flirt, she would return. In an episode, she pretended to not hear him because she isn't ready.


Eri is a fairly tall and light-skinned woman. She has long and wavy brown hair reaching her lower-back with shorter bangs framing the sides of her face, most of which she usually keeps done up in a bun. Slender yet very curvaceous in built, she is shown to be very beautiful and admired by most men, using her wedding ring despite the separation as a deterrent to would-be suiters (while secretly also because she still loves Korogo). She has been well-known for her stunning beauty since high school, where she was only ever rivaled by in looks by Yukiko Kudo. She wears simple black glasses and is commonly seen wearing business suits.



Eri is highly intelligent and skilled at solving cases, as in her first appearance she was able to find out the identity of the culprit and how culprit did it. In other cases she was able to find clues faster than Conan and give it to the officer in charge. With her sharp eye for details, she has proven on more than one occasion that she can lend a big helping hand in cases, and her deductions are almost always accurate.[7][10]

Martial arts

Eri has advanced skilled at judo, being taught by her Kogoro. Her normal technique is ippon seoi-nage (one-arm shoulder throw) which she uses when facing criminals. She is shown to be fast and precise in her performance, able to quickly react to assailants much bigger than her and just as easily counter their attacks.

Other skills

She is considered to be a skilled lawyer, while Ran considers her best. In movie 2, she was said to be horrible at cooking and Gosho Aoyama said in super digest book that her bad cooking is also part of canon. She is revealed to be a talented knitter, having made several sweaters for her family.


Plot overview

Coffee Shop Case (Manga: Wrong episodes, Anime: 32)

Eri is a customer visiting a certain coffee shop where she is meant to meet up with Ran. As she waits for her daughter, she becomes involved in a murder case, and with the help of Conan, they solve the mystery and point out the culprit. It is only after Ran arrives does Conan realize that Eri is Ran's mother, the one who used to scold him when he and Ran were children.

Magician's Suicide Case (Manga: 131, Anime: 96)

Scuba Diving Case (Manga: 163-165, Anime: 114-115)

Blackout Murder Case (Manga: 237, Anime: 171)

Cruise Ship Murder Case (Manga: 225, Anime: 174)

Murderer Kogoro Mouri Case (Manga: 264-266, Anime: 199-200)

Old Photograph Murder Case (Manga: 276, Anime: 220)

Kogoro's Choice (Manga: 374-376, Anime: 305-306)

Child Star Case (Manga: 401, Anime: 354)

Eri vs. Yukiko (Manga: 413-416, Anime: 333-334)

Baseball Player Case (Manga: 463-465, Anime: 371-372)

Missing Classmate Case (Manga: 507, Anime: 427-428)

Group Date Kidnapping Case (Manga: 511, 513, Anime: 431-432)

Cat Sitting Case (Manga: 528-529, Anime: 445)

Shinichi's Childhood Adventure (Manga: 571-572, Anime: 472-473)

Secret Eri Kisaki (Manga: 574-575, Anime: 474)

Her worrying about Goro has once caused a big misunderstanding with Ran, thinking that a veterinarian was trying to go out with Eri when he was only trying to help her cat, although it is shown in the end that he was hoping to get involved with her.

The Fugitive (Manga: 594, Anime: Fugitive: Kogoro Mouri)

Witness Eri Kisaki Case (Manga: 610-612, Anime: 505-506)

Judo Champion Case (Manga: 643-645, Anime: 528-529)

Eri's Birthday Murder Case (Manga: 709-711, Anime: 589-590)

White Day Murder Case (Manga: 727, Anime: 609)

Target on Tape (Manga: 776, Anime: 657)

Private Eye (Manga: 793, Anime: 667)

Steamy Relations (Manga: 856, 858, Anime: 740-741)

Taii's Owner (Manga: 865, Anime: 751)

Eri was at Fukuoka to work on a client's report and left Goro at Mouri Detective Agency with Ran. When the Detective Boys when upstairs to see if Kogoro will want to solve the case for them about Taii, they see Goro and play with him as Genta asks if it's the scary old hag's cat making Ran feel he's rude.

Aquarium Murder Case (Manga: 882, Anime: 772)

Tea Poisoning Murder Case (Manga: 888, Anime: 770)

Ran & Shinichi – First Contact (Manga: 921-922, Anime: 853-854)

Eri Kisaki Abduction Case (Manga: 984-986, Anime: 901-902)

Non-canon plot overview

Courtroom showdown! Kisaki vs. Kogoro (Anime: 264-265)

The Fourteenth Target (Movie: 2)

Captured in Her Eyes (Movie: 4)

Magician of the Silver Sky (Movie: 8)

This marks the only case that Eri gets knocked out by Conan's stun gun wristwatch and performed the deduction show. Conan originally aimed at Kogoro, but air turbulence caused the dart to hit Eri instead.

The Private Eyes' Requiem (Movie: 10)

Zero the Enforcer (Movie: 22)

Kogoro Mouri's Grand Lecture (Anime: 962-964)

Relationships analysis

Family and friends

Eri's father

Kogoro and Eri speaking to Eri's father.

Eri's father has only been mentioned once, but it's noted that he cares a lot for his daughter and is very overprotective.

Kogoro Mouri

Kogoro and Eri.

Even though Eri is separated from Kogoro, and has been for quite some time, she still cares for him and loves him. She often mentions that she would go back to him if he would just be a little bit nicer and not act immaturely to her.[8] Very often, she sees Kogoro treat her nicely and gets hope, but then he does something stupid that angers her again, ruining any hope she has of them being back together. She remembers many very important dates in their relationship, and it is found out that she and Kogoro share many things in their minds, including the idea of wearing the outfits both, wore on their first date on its anniversary (each of them made this decision independently).[9] Very often, their daughter, Ran, tries to get them to hook up with each other by planning out ways for them to see each other out of the blue.[15] Ran also tries getting Eri to help give Kogoro clients.[16]

Eri with her hair down while getting a hair cut.

In The Fourteenth Target, Eri and Kogoro are shown having a great time eating dinner, but it ends when Kogoro looks out the window and sees the very attractive owner of the bar that he visits.[5] This makes Eri turn angry and act how she normally acts to Kogoro. In the two-part episode, Scuba Diving Murder Case, Eri accidentally loses her wedding ring on the beach, but pretends to have left it at home to see if Kogoro noticed.[15] She gets visibly angry when Kogoro doesn't appear to notice it, especially when he leaves their lunch early to go back to the beach.[15] Later, it is discovered that Kogoro had always known that she wasn't wearing her wedding ring, and had gone back to the beach to look for it.[15] This left a visibly shocked Eri to drive home speechless, but pleased.[15]

In another episode, Eri captures a confession from Kogoro saying that he misses her and wishes she would come back to him on a minidisc, replaying it over and over again afterwards.[10] However, even though they both miss each other, both of them still pretend not to care, and even become incredibly nasty to each other.[15] Kogoro even goes on the opposing side of a case that Eri is working on, in a plan done by her professional rival Reiko Kujo to try and get under Eri's skin.[17] However, her plan fails, as Kogoro's testimony can help out Eri's case instead of Reiko's.[17]

Ran Mouri

Despite having a rocky relationship with Kogoro, Eri continues to have a very loving and nurturing relationship with their only daughter. Ran has been trying to get her parents back together ever since they started living separately when she was 6 years old[18]. When they can find the time, Eri and Ran like to meet up so they can catch up on what's been happening in each other's lives and during those moments together Ran tries to convince her mother to come back home to live with them as a family again[19]. Ran was determined to save Eri from her kidnappers in Lawyer Kisaki's SOS.

Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa

Shinichi/Conan and Eri share a somewhat equal level of intelligence when analysing crime scenes. Eri's deducing skills were more notable in Kogoro Mouri, Suspect, where she was able to submit a string and a piece of metal before Conan could bring it to Inspector Yamamura's attention. She considers Conan a big help in murder cases. At first, Eri seemed slightly suspicious of Conan, but later she concludes that he is simply a boy who is very smart for his age, even helping him in showing off deduction shows. Eri respects Shinichi/Conan's and his deducing skills and vaguely accepts Shinichi and Ran's relationship. She has also told Ran to "choose her man carefully," indicating not to make the same mistake she did (most likely referring to her current unstable relationship with Kogoro jokingly).

On the other side, although Conan respects Eri, he is also afraid of her because he got scolded so many times by Eri in the past that he developed a negative reaction just from seeing her. Conan forgot her face when Eri was first introduced in the anime since he hasn't met her for ten years.

Yukiko Kudo

Yukiko Kudo is a close friend of Eri, and (unlike Eri) finds her daughter Ran Mouri, a perfect match for her son. Yukiko and Eri competed in a "Miss Teitan High School" contest, which ended up being a tie because Kogoro did not show up in time to cast his vote.


Reiko Kujo

Reiko Kujo is a prosecutor and rival of Eri Kisaki. They compete in several anime-only episodes called variations of "Courtroom Confrontation".

Character popularity

  • eBookJapan held a character popularity poll from April 12, 2011 to May 12, 2011 in which readers of Detective Conan (international included) could vote for their favorite character. Eri placed 21st in the poll with 28 votes out of the 5,883 that were cast.[20]

Name origin

Eri's family name comes from Ellery Queen (the kanji of her last name, Kisaki, means 'queen'(妃) ), this also suggests why is she called the 'Queen of the Courtroom'.

Her given name comes from the Kanji 'E' and 'Ri' The first character, 'E'(英) means English, while the second one(理); means 'Justice', pointing to her excellent service at the court.

Cases solved by Eri Kisaki

  1. Episode 32: Coffee Shop Murder Case
  2. Episode 199-200: Kogoro Mouri, Suspect
  3. Episode 333-334: The Similar Princesses
  4. Episode 505-506: Lawyer Eri Kisaki's Testimony
  5. Episode 528-529: Might Over Mystery

Conan has put her to sleep and used to solve cases.

  1. Movie 8: Magician of the Silver Sky

Different looks

Episode 32
Episode 334
Episode 607
Live action drama

In other languages

Language Given Name Family Name
Flag of Japan Japanese 英理 Eri 妃 Kisaki
Flag of Arab League Arabic ماري/أري Ari/Māry[21] كيساكي Kīsāki
Flag of Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia Eri Kisaki
Flag of Catalonia Catalan Eri Kisaki
Flag of ChinaFlag of Hong Kong Chinese
(Simplified and Traditional)
英理 Yīnglǐ 妃 Fēi
Flag of US English Eva Kadan
Flag of Philippines Filipino Eri Kisaki
Flag of Finland Finnish Eri Kisaki
Flag of France French Eri Kisaki
Flag of Germany German Eri Kisaki
Flag of Italy Italian Eri Kisaki
Flag of North KoreaFlag of South Korea Korean 애리 Ae Ri 노 Noh
Flag of Spain Spain Eri Kisaki
Flag of Thailand Thai เอริ Eri คิซากิ Khi-sāki
Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Eri Kisaki


  • Eri likes Zigoba, a brand of Swiss chocolates. These chocolates were also the present that Kogoro gave her when they first dined at the French restaurant, La Fleur. In a later movie, The Fourteenth Target, her love for the chocolates are used against her in an attempted murder, which they were poisoned. However, she survived.
  • Eri's original hair colour is black. However, she likes to dye her hairs with brown colour and tie them up.
    • Some old episodes show that Ran's hair colour is brown, which is confused with the hair colour of Eri, as her mother. However, it has been coloured black in the later episodes.
  • Its revealed that in File 921 that Eri and his family used to lived in a apartment.
  • According to Gosho in LOVE PLUS Super Digest Book Eri-san call Kogoro before her marriage, Gorô-chan.
  • Eri is a fan of Toshizo Nose as revealed in A Course Without Protest.
  • According to Super Digest Book 100+ Eri-san never managed to hand over the necktie she tried to give Kogoro on their wedding anniversary.



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