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So, you've come to DCW Wiki and wish to help out but have no idea where to start or how to do it? No problem! We've gathered some pages that only need some very simple and easy editing. All you have to do is look at the example given on each category's page and follow it to edit other similar pages. Besides some copy/pasting, all you'll have to do is seek data that needs to be added (often found on other pages of this wiki).


[edit] Adding information to articles

[edit] Help Please!

  • Elena Miyano: Fact checking and copyediting. This is the next featured article starting March 1st, so please give it a once over!
  • A new profile picture for
  • Yoko Okino (low qual)
  • Sakurako Yonehara (small and jpeg artifacts)
  • Konosuke Jii (Shadowed and lower qual. Check Movie 19?)
  • Shinichi Kudo (The one we have is pretty good, but since this is a main character, we should try for the best possible. The pose and qual are great. Getting the full head so the tuft of hair is visible would be an improvement. The current is low contrast relative to background. May want to look to calendar, website, or promo image rather than an anime source.)
  • Shiho Miyano (The one we have is bluish and idiosyncratic because of her dirty face, but there have been literally no good images of current art Shiho in the anime with good art where you can also see her eyes. Chekhov has looked. The train episodes were absolutely hideous. So please keep an eye on the calendar, website, or promo images since the anime has been a major letdown.)
Please refer to the guide to profile pictures which outlines the difference between a perfect and less than perfect profile picture. Failure to do so will get your picture reverted. Detective_Conan Wiki:Manual of Style/Profile pictures

[edit] In progress

[edit] Completed