Volume 100

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Volume 100

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Release date: October 18, 2021
Chapters: 1059-1069
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-09-850717-7
Publisher: Shogakukan
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Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)
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Volume 100 was released on October 18, 2021.




Yusaku Kudo's TV Show Case

File 1059 - Pre-Show Briefing

File 1060 - The Show is About to Begin


  • FBI Serial Murder Case

    File 1061 - The Bloodstained ID

    An FBI agent is seen waiting for another agent, named Tony. Vodka approaches him with agent Tony’s blood-stained ID. Seeing him, he tries to flee only to be stopped by Gin, who asks him the FBI hide-out location and shoots him to death.

    The Detective Boys are strolling one day, talking about the recent murders of unknown foreigners in their city. Then suddenly, they hear a loud thump across an alley. Conan rushes and notices a man fallen to death. He looks up at the building’s roof-top, from which the man fell, and spots Vodka standing there. Conan rushes towards the dead man’s body. Kir spots his presence.

    Conan finds the dead agent’s ID and a strange code on his mobile phone. He rushes quickly to the Kudo Residence, only to find the FBI team hiding there. James Black gives a rundown on how they have been losing agents to the organization. Jodie explains the reason for the code, to which Conan surprises them by having solved the code easily.

    File 1062 - The Trap at the Street Corner

    Conan explains the method of cracking the code. The FBI appears surprised at him, for having cracked the code without any specialised tools. The code was made by a pair of the dead agents, to prove that it was undecodable. Camel suggests using the code again, but this time to lure in the BO. Having lost the agents who knew how to make the code, Jodie decides to code it herself. Camel and Mark decide to go together. Akai hands over his knit cap as a measure to hide Camel's face for his identity exposure. The BO intercepts this code as well. They go over their plans, but Rum interjects them.

    Camel and Mark wait in a parking lot for the BO. Meanwhile, the two agents outside, scouting the place, are shot from behind. Upon learning this, Camel and Mark start to leave the parking lot, when suddenly they are shot by Gin. Meanwhile, Yusaku and Yukiko, arrive at the Mansion. Yusaku looks at the code, and remarks about Jodie’s Japanese usage, and seems to understand the situation.

    File 1063 - Dramatic Pursuit in the Dark of Night

    Yusaku explains how Jodie’s code tipped off the BO that it was a trap. He points out the differences in romanization used in the previous code made the two agent and the current one that was made by Jodie.

    Meanwhile, Camel and Mark are being chased by Chianti and Korn. Camel manages to shake them off, and drops off agent Mark, who is injured, at a safe spot. Gin and Vodka get on Camel’s tail in their Porsche. Camel heads off to the Umibotaru tunnel, in an attempt to escape, but is cornered by Vermouth and Kir from the other side. Kir shoots him on his shoulder. Camel runs the car off the bridge and into the river. He manages to escape from the sinking car and resurfaces away from the bridge. Akai advises him to swim to a shore nearby.

    File 1064 - A Light in the Darkness

    Camel reaches the shore of an island. Based on the brick patterns, Yusaku figures out the location to be Umizarujima island. Conan and Akai relay all the instructions to Camel on how to stay alive. Camel starts a fire to warm himself up. But it catches BO’s attention. Akai tells him to put out the fire and hide, as the BO approach the island in their cruiser. Upon arriving, Gin orders the rest to split up and search. Meanwhile, Akai, disguise as Subaru, and Conan are on their way. They get a call from Kir, who tells them that she won’t hesitate to aim for Camel's face.

    File 1065 - Hunter and Prey

    Camel gathers stuff that Akai tells him to. He is about to leave the café, where he is hiding but overhears Vodka talking about Rum. He gets spotted and barely manages to escape. He buries himself underneath the soil using the tools he gathered for his aid. Gin notices this plan and orders everyone to search, but Rum has other plans. Akai and Conan arrive at a park, with a clear view of the Umizarujima island. Upon arriving, they notice the island burning. As the BO is about to leave, they spot Camel running towards the pier. He reaches the end and locks the gate between them. At Akai’s command, he runs towards the edge and gets shot by Chianti in the back.

    File 1066 - RUM

    Camel falls into the sea. Akai gestures to Conan that the plan was a success. Gin decides to throw a grenade into the sea to ensure his death. But Akai thwarts his plans, by shooting at the grenade in mid-air. He shoots at them as well. Soon the fireboats arrive, forcing the BO to retreat.

    Vermouth mentions that the agent was Camel, and shows a picture of him. Korn remembers being told by Rum, two years ago, to kill Akai and Camel on sight. He was told to keep an eye out on a warehouse, where a meeting was supposed to take place. Rum hears this and acknowledges their effort to kill the agent and also says that they stood out too much.


  • Shintoist Temple Case

    File 1067 - A Secret Visit to the Shrine

    The news of the killings and the fire on Umizarujima island is on the news. When the news mention the identity of victims to be possibly members of the FBI only the debunk the rumor Conan ponders on it noted how many FBI agent return to HQ to regroup and wonders what Akai and his father meant by the Tea party. Also on what Camel overheard about Rum. Kazuha drops by to go to a love shrine in Haido along with Ran. Conan tried to find Heiji only to learn that he did come along today and they decide to take Conan along.

    When arrived at the shrine when Ran asked how Kazuha know much about the shrine. Kazuha explained she once saw Heiji look up on it on his phone the other day and she decide to look up on it and found out it was very popular shrine but believe Heiji was look up something. However Conan suspect otherwise considering his action from before he wouldn't be surprise that Heiji want a love amulent.

    Conan finds Heiji in the shrine as well, secretly waiting for his good luck charm with a mask to hide his face. Conan used Kazuha's voice with his voice changer bowtie to scared Heiji afterward Conan was surprised that Heiji would defer to the gods Heiji respond he can't help it because too many interference kept happening every time. Heiji then tell Conan that he realize that what he lacking wasn't a beautiful view or romantic atmosphere but luck wanting to improve his luck with a Love Amulent, but Conan believe that Heiji should get a amulet that ward off his bad luck. Conan then attaches his voice-changing bowtie onto the Mask that Heiji wearing to hide his identity.

    Kazuha and Ran end up meeting him but mistake him to be an idol. Just then, they hear a scream, only to find out someone has fallen down the stairs. Heiji, under disguise, declares it a murder. Takagi and Sato arrive at the crime scene. They manage to find three suspects.

    File 1068 - Wanted Criminal Investigation

    The victim is an assistant police detective, Soushi Hidaka, from the Wanted Criminal Investigation Squad. The three suspects are the three wanted criminals, the victim was after. Tsurumi Shamoto, a shoplifter, was caught by the victim and hand-cuffed to a pole. Torahiko Kawano, a hit and run driver, was indulged in a fight at the shrine’s entrance. Kyouma Jinnai, a marriage fraud perpetrator, was looking for his lost wallet. The three suspects are connected via the crimes committed. Conan and Heiji, get the grasp on the case when they hear the sound of something falling on snow.

    File 1069 - Snowman


  • Major events

    • Conan ponders about the case's events, while the news report about the murders of the foreigners and the fire on Umizarujima.
    • Yusaku Kudo and Shuichi Akai talk about the "tea party" they had with Rei Furuya in Conan's flashback - and which the latter didn't know about so far.
    • Conan remembers two instances proving Heiji Hattori would rather need a love amulet, one of them the moment he and Kazuha Toyama stood atop the stairs at the end of that case, watching the sunset and the ships. Heiji also mentions that day, saying that Muga Iori ruined it.
    • The other instance Conan remembers was when Heiji almost accidentally kissed Kaitou Kid (who was disguised as Kazuha during this case). Heiji remembers this moment too, saying that Conan and Ran Mouri actually saved him that time.
    • Heiji reminisces about the moment he wanted to propose to Kazuha at Kurogane Lake, when the self-defense forces suddenly appeared and interrupted him.
    • Heiji also remembers this case, saying that it ruined his plan to see the Christmas lights at the fourth block of Kinza.



    Settings featured in this volume:


    Haido Shrine

    The Haido Shrine appearing from file 1067 onwards is based on the Shibuya Hikawa Shrine, which in real life is located in the Higashi district of Shibuya in Tokyo. Gosho Aoyama personally visited the place to shoot the reference photos.[2]

    Namikaze Park

    The Namikaze Park (なみかぜ公園, "Wave Wind Park") Subaru Okiya and Conan Edogawa to help Andre Camel is modeled after the real Umikaze Park (うみかぜ公園, "Sea Wind Park").


    Umibotaru, the place Andre Camel gets confronted with the Black Organization on, is directly based on Umihotaru, an artificial island on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, which connects the Chiba and Kanagawa Prefectures. Umihotaru connects an underwater tunnel and a bridge, offering parking space for people crossing the Aqua-Line.


    Umizarujima ("Sea Monkey Island") is based on Sarushima ("Monkey Island"), an actual island inside Tokyo Bay, also located off the coast of Kanagawa Prefecture and used as an artillery battery in the past, as Yusaku Kudo explained. There also actually was a fire on the real island a while ago, similar to the one in the manga, destroying several of the facilities at the beach.

    Covers in other countries

    • China
    • France
    • Germany
    • Indonesia
    • Italy
    • Korea
    • Republic of China (Taiwan)
    • Spain (Spanish, Volumen 2)
    • Thailand
    • Vietnam


    1. ^ Jack in the anime.
    2. ^ AC Hints (January 18th, 2021) Pic 1:"I went to a nearby temple as--->"
      Pic 2:"First prayers of the year as well to take references-->"
      Pic 3:"It was pretty empty and silent but--->"
      Pic 4:"My lottery was "pretty good luck"!"
      Translation by Spimer.

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