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Irish Profile.jpg

Japanese name: アイリッシュ
English name: Irish
Age:  ? (deceased)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Black Organization member
First appearance: Anime: Movie 13
Appearances: Movies: 1
Japanese voice: Yuji Mikimoto

Irish (アイリッシュ Airisshu?) is a Black Organization member who appears as the main antagonist in The Raven Chaser.


[edit] Background

Not much is known about Irish, except that he had a lot of respect for Pisco. It is unknown whether he ever killed anyone, but it is assumed that as a member of the Organization, he has in the past.

[edit] Personality and skills

Irish seems quite smart, and endowed with deduction skills, as he manages to find out that Conan is actually Shinichi relatively quickly when he has only met him once. He also becomes suspicious about Conan only from hearing a few comments from other officers. However, he is far from being as shrewd as Conan in case solving, as during the police investigation, he is limited to recording the facts without suggesting any useful ideas.

He has been shown to be skilled in disguising himself, although his large stature constrains him to play only characters of that body type. He is also not as skilled as Vermouth in this practice. Despite these setbacks, he manages to remain undiscovered until the end of the movie.

Irish fighting against Ran.

Irish is a capable martial arts fighter whose strong body can count on well-mastered battle techniques. He single-handedly knocks out six police officers and a security employee, although it is very likely he hit them from behind. In addition, he is able to stand up to Ran in a hand-to-hand fight, defeating her after a balanced confrontation, though his winning strike may have relied on the element of surprise. This does not mean that Irish always benefits from advantages during his fights, as it has been shown that, unarmed, he could defeat a criminal carrying a stun gun with a single punch. He is just as precise when he uses guns as when he fights with his fists. For instance, he disables all of Conan's gadgets by firing at them without hurting him in any way.

Irish shows no hesitation at using lethal and ruthless force. He seems to enjoy challenges and appreciates Ran's karate skills. Confrontations appear to be enjoyable for him, continues to hunt Conan after beating him down.

As other Organization members, he has a high pain tolerance, staying conscious after a very bad fall down metal stairs and after having been shot with a sniper.

His rank in the Organization has not been revealed, but the way that the other members act with him would imply that he does not benefit from a high position. Gin scolds him like a subordinate and does not hesitate in giving the order to kill him. He appears to take this decision without deliberating, without fearing any consequences and, above all, without an order from the boss - whereas he needed a direct order to eliminate the executive agent Pisco. Nevertheless, Irish declares to Conan that he is going to bring him to his boss, which could suggest that his rank is high enough to directly contact him.

[edit] Plot overview

Irish disguised as Kiyonaga Matsumoto to infiltrate the Tokyo Metropolitan police and retrieve a missing data card with information on the Organization's Non Official Covers. This data card is possessed by the culprit of a large-scale serial murder case. While following the investigation, Irish becomes curious about Conan, researches him, and eventually discovers that he is actually Shinichi.

The evolution of the investigation leads all the police inspectors to the Tokyo Tower. Knowing that he is going to catch the culprit there, Irish knocks the other detectives out, helps Conan to defeat the criminal, and recovers the data card. But he then has to fight against Conan himself, and against Ran, who was looking for him and finally found him in the tower. After getting rid of her, he chases Conan until the roof of the tower. At the very moment that Irish gains a decisive advantage over him, he is found by the Organization's helicopter. Gin, recording that he has the data card in his possession, and that his cover has been undisclosed - as Vermouth had signaled to him that the real superintendent had been found - orders his death. He is shot by Chianti, but is not fatally wounded. Conan then tries to carry him to a safe place, but Gin, noticing this attempt, asks Chianti to fire again.

Irish protects Conan from the sniper's bullet with his own body, a movement that causes his death. His last words are "Shinichi Kudo...keep coming...after us."

[edit] Appellations

[edit] Relationships analysis

[edit] Black Organization

[edit] Pisco

Irish admires Pisco and considers him to be like a father. He is therefore devastated when Pisco is cold-heartedly executed by Gin.

[edit] Gin

Irish holds a deep grudge against Gin for having killed Pisco, and having left his body to turn into ashes. He sees him as a cold-hearted bastard and searches for a way to take him down in the Organization. To do so, he desires to show his boss the mistake Gin made when he did not kill Shinichi - to provoke his disgrace. This even leads him to act against the Organization's projects since he does not reveal Shinichi's true identity for this reason. Besides, Irish's enmity is mutual. Gin talks coldly to him, scolds him, and exhorts him to do the job he has been assigned correctly. This job is the only reason Gin even speaks to him, and after the task is completed, he immediately orders Irish's death.

[edit] Vermouth

While their relationship is unknown, Vermouth is the only member to show sympathy or respect to Irish. This is given when she reveals his codename to Conan, adding that Irish whiskey is nicely distilled, with a mild taste. Furthermore, at the end of the movie, Irish refers to Vermouth's opinion about Conan, something that she generally hides from other members.

[edit] The Boss

[edit] Chianti

Chianti does not hesitate to execute Irish, displaying her usual smile after the kill.

[edit] Korn

Korn is usually silent, but when Chianti fires at Irish, he declares that he would have liked to shoot, showing a lack of compassion towards the other member.

[edit] Vodka

After Gin has given the order to kill Irish, Vodka is the only one to protest against it, though he likely fears consequence from the Organization. He later keeps quiet.

[edit] Masaaki Okakura

Irish and Masaaki were both NOCs of the Black Organization.

[edit] Others

[edit] Conan Edogawa

As an opponent, Irish seems to enjoy hunting Conan. However, he ends up using his own body to protect him from Chianti's line of fire. His last words, telling Conan to keep chasing the Organization, suggest that he eventually gained confidence in Conan. Beside Vermouth, Irish is the only non-undercover member of the Organization to show respect to him. Conan tries to carry Irish's body out of Chianti's range, telling him he will get medical treatment. This is probably because he wants Irish to supply information about his boss' location, and though Conan/Shinichi is known for saving lives.

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