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Glasses Modification (Spy Microphone/Bug)

Microphone Profile.jpg

Japanese name: メガネ型盗聴器
Romaji name: Megane-gata Tōchō-ki
Created by: Professor Agasa
Used by: Conan Edogawa
First appearance: Manga: Volume 4 - File 4
Anime: Episode 5
Appearances: Chapters: 10
Episodes: 11
Movies: 3
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The microphone/bug (as part of a modification to Conan's glasses) is the third gadget created by Professor Agasa for Conan.


Agasa altered Conan's glasses to include a miniature hidden microphone, enabling Conan to hide a microphone/bug somewhere and listen in to conversations by matching the frequency on his glasses. The science behind the microphone is that the glasses emit vibrations that stimulate Conan's eardrums. This technology exists in real life.


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Source Character(s) spied on Information Gained
Episode 5 Gin and Vodka or their look-alikes, Ueda & Shimoda, in the anime The Bomb in a man's briefcase would blow up the bullet train at 3:10.
Episode 176 Gin and Vodka Pisco's assassination of someone.
Episode 306 Kogoro Mouri Kogoro's deduction with Ruri Ujou.
Episode 425 Kir Used to listen to the sound outside during door-bell prank, later used to spy on Black Organization. Found by Gin.
Episode 783 Jodie Starling, Subaru Okiya and Andre Camel Used to listen to the conversation the FBI is having in Shinichi's house.
Movie 13 The police officers Used to listen to the conversation between the police officers.
Movie 15 The police officers Used to listen to the conversation between the room contorol agis

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