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Azusa Enomoto

Azusa Enomoto Profile.png

Japanese name: 榎本 梓
(Enomoto Azusa)
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Relatives: Sugihito Enomoto (older brother)
Occupation: Café Poirot worker
First appearance: Manga: File 438
Anime: Episode 152
Appearances: Chapters: 38
Chapters: 34
Chapters: 1
Episodes: 25
Episodes: 5
Movies: 3
Specials: 1
Openings: 7
Closings: 1
Keyhole number: Volume 43
Japanese voice: Mikiko Enomoto

Azusa Enomoto (榎本 梓 Enomoto Azusa?) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Azusa is a kind and young worker at the Café Poirot, the coffee shop that is directly under the Mouri Detective Agency. Kogoro often goes there for a quick coffee break. Azusa sometimes gives Kogoro a case to solve, mostly involving missing cell phones and cell phone messages.


She has a kind personality. She's devoted to people she is close with, like her brother, and is willing to defy authority for them. But she is also willing to help the police in their investigation.


Plot overview

Forgotten Cell Phone Case (Manga: 438-440, Anime: 350-351)

Cellphone SOS Case (Manga: 523-524, Anime: 438)

Mysterious Job Case (Manga: 553, Anime: 462)

Genta's Shoot Case (Manga: 569, Anime: 477)

The Fugitive (Manga: 594, Anime: Fugitive: Kogoro Mouri)

Azusa's Brother Case (Manga: 641-642, Anime: 526)

Kaitou Kid and the Iron Tanuki (Manga: 674, Anime: 537)

Following Holmes (Manga: 743, Anime: 616)

Delivery Service (Manga: 841-843, Anime: 722-723)

Taii's Owner (Manga: 855-856, Anime: 751)

In the beginning, the Detective Boys ask her questions about the recent interview that came with her and Taii and that it was cool she was featured in the newspaper with Taii. Azusa was pleased with the journalist's coming and was happy but didn't expect the article to be that big about them. The journal then mentionned she was beautiful but she just said that she wasn't that so as Conan said that journals do make false reports making Azusa feel awkward. She then tells she's been keeping Taii for at least a week at her home making the Detective Boys jealous. She said that the reason was because Taii was always injured after coming to Poirot because of cat fights so she decided to keep him. She nevertheless decided to put a publicity to make Taii's owner come out. In fact, three owners turned up and Conan had to figure out who was the real one.

Scarlet Showdown (Manga: 897, Anime: 783)

Girls Band Murder Case (Manga: 936, Anime: 836)

Bourbon's Mission (Manga: 954-957, Anime: 866-867)

Vermouth had disguised as her.

Murder inside Café Poirot (Manga: 981-983, Anime: 885-886)

Missing Maria Higashio Case (Manga: 1008, Anime: 942)

Policewomen Serial Murder Case (Manga: 1015, Anime: 972)

Kaitou Kid and the Queen's Bangs (Manga: 1076-1078, Anime: TBA)

Non-canon plot overview

The Mysterious Old Man Disappearance Case (Anime: 152)

Azusa's introduction into the anime.

The Deduction That Was Too Good (Anime: 207)

Azusa's second appearance in which she even provided assistance in helping Conan solve the case.

The Client Full of Lies (Part 1) (Anime: 220)

Azusa was inserted into this manga canon episode despite still being an anime original character.

Mysterious Man Following Amuro (Anime: 813)

Azusa was working in the cafe with Amuro but a mysterious client was there eating sandwiches instead of the ordinary breackfast and wasn't even dressed as a salaryman ready to work. He also came in the evening and in the afternoon which rose up Amuro and Conan's suspicion for him. Conan asked Azusa who was the man and Azusa just replied he came a lot recently but that she didn't know his name as she was flowering the plants. Earlier, Kogoro, Ran and Conan watched the man order at Azusa but he didn't even look at the menu which made them think it was weird. Kogoro thought the man was there since he thought Azusa was beautiful which meant Kogoro really thought that too. Azusa, the Detective Boys and Conan were all astonished to see that the mysterious man was in fact a baker trying to get Amuro's secret sandwich recipe. Amuro gave him the recipe but azusa told him he should have the Cafe Poirot's manager's permission before doing it as Rei received a phone call from Vermouth.

Zero the Enforcer (Movie: 22)

Azusa accompanied Amuro shopping for products and merchandise for the cafe at Cosdoc Wholesale. Later, Amuro is seen leaving her for a few minutes to go talk secretely with Yuya Kazami.

Relationships analysis

Kogoro, Ran, and Conan

Azusa has been on good terms with the three. All three live in the two floors above her workplace at the cafe.

Sugihito Enomoto

Her older brother Sugihito, age 27, was a suspect in a murder case, however with all her thoughts she believed her brother was not the killer. Later she goes to find him at a warehouse, but is attacked and knocked out. The real killer then tells Sugihito that if he wants his sister to survive, he must write out a final confession and then hang himself. Before he is forced to do so, Detective Sato arrests the real killer and Sugihito is proven innocent.

Rei Furuya

After Rei Furuya, under his alias Tooru Amuro, comes to work at the Café Poirot, he and Azusa develop an simple professional friendship. Azusa has no knowledge about Amuro's actual identity or his position as a double agent in the Black Organization, she also only see him as an ordinary colleague.

Name origin

She and her voice actress share the same family name "Enomoto". She was also named after Kei Enomoto, a character created by Yusuke Kishi, famous writer. She is a detective and a locksmith who solves locked room mysteries. It is written with the kanji for "hackberry" (榎) and "origin" (本).

The Azusa and Super Azusa are trains which run between Shinjuku and Matsumoto. The name Azusa is taken from the Azusa River in Matsumoto, Nagano. Azusa (梓) stands for "catalpa tree".

In other languages

Language Given Name Family Name
Flag of France French Azusa Enomoto
Flag of Germany German Azusa Enomoto
Flag of Spain Spanish Azusa Enomoto
Flag of Catalonia Catalan Azusa Enomoto
Flag of Italy Italian Azusa Enomoto
Flag of Thailand Thai อาสึสะ เอโนโมโตะ

Different looks

Azusa is a character that has gone through numerous significant changes. Her first appearance look was only used once, as a throw-away character in The Mysterious Old Man Disappearance Case at the end, still working in Café Poirot, which also looked different.[3] However, after this appearance, the character received a big makeover, as did the Café. This version of the character was used in two different episodes, and in one she even provided assistance in helping Conan solve the case.[4] in the other appearance, she appeared in the new look Café, asking for orders from Conan, Ran, Kogoro, and Shizuka Hattori.[5] After these appearances, Azusa received one last final makeover, as did the Café, in a look that is still used today.[6][7]The voice actress, Mikiko Enomoto, has not changed throughout all of her makeovers.

Episode 152
Episode 207
Episode 526
Zero's Tea Time Episode 1


  • Azusa is a big fan of Kaito Kid to the point she changed her blogging name to "The Water under the Moon".

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