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Title: Black Iron Submarine
Japanese Title: 名探偵コナン 黒鉄の魚影(サブマリン)
(Meitantei Conan: Kurogane no Sabumarin)
Original airdate: April 14, 2023
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Ai Haibara
Shiho Miyano
Ran Mouri
Shinichi Kudo
Kogoro Mouri
Hiroshi Agasa
Detective Boys
Sonoko Suzuki
Subaru Okiya
Shuichi Akai
Jodie Starling
Andre Camel
James Black
Juzo Megure
Miwako Sato
Ninzaburo Shiratori
Hyoue Kuroda
Yuya Kazami
Rei Furuya
Hidemi Hondou
Renya Karasuma
Ethan Hondou
Akemi Miyano
Case solved by: Kogoro Mouri (via Conan)
Director: Yuzuru Tachikawa
Screenplay: Takeharu Sakurai
Storyboard: Yuzuru Tachikawa
Iwao Teraoka
Jiro Kanai
Technical Director: Yuzuru Tachikawa
Katsuya Shigehara
Kenji Takahashi
Kazuki Yokoyama
Takahiro Hasui
Ryuta Kawahara (asst.)
Animation director: Masatomo Sudo (chief)
Yoshiharu Shimizu
Nobuyuki Iwai
Nariyuki Takahashi
Hiroyuki Notake
Iwao Teraoka
Jiro Kanai
Kyoko Yoshimi (asst.)
Hirona Okada (asst.)
Ayu Imoto (asst.)
Keiko Sasaki (asst.)
Michitaka Yamamoto (asst.)
Kentaro Kawajiri (asst.)
Ken Araya (asst.)
Yuki Tsugihashi (asst.)
Yusuke Shingu (asst.)
Takashi Yokoyama (asst.)
Rei Masunaga (asst.)
Tomoko Fukunaga (asst.)
Makiko Hayase (asst.)
FALCO Suzuki (asst.)
Mina Otaka (asst.)
Mari Saito (asst.)
Kayo Onizawa (asst.)
Yoshitsugu Hatano (asst.)
Kana Aoki (asst.)
Chihiro Nishikawa (asst.)
Nayuta Inoue (asst.)
Takashi Hashimoto (effect)
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo
Design Works: Hiroshi Ogawa
Theme song: Utsukushī Hire
Soundtrack: Detective Conan "Black Iron Submarine" Original Soundtrack
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Black Iron Submarine is the 26th movie in the Detective Conan franchise and the fourth about the Black Organization. It was released in Japan on April 14, 2023. The pre-story is The Cameras Targeting Haibara.





In Frankfurt, an Europol agent is being chased by Kir and Gin. Gin eventually murdered the agent. Some time later, Conan, Ran, the Detective Boys, Agasa, and Kogoro are invited to the resort at Hachijo-jima, owned by Sonoko's family. Conan later received information from Subaru that an Europol agent is being murdered and a Black Organization agent known as Pinga is making the move.

Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Victim: Nina Balmer
Cause of death: Gunshot wound
Culprit: Gin

Having discovered Shiratori and Kuroda, Conan sneaked after the two to an Interpol underwater facility known as Pacific Buoy. The facility hosts the new system that allows connection to all surveillance camera in Japan, Europe, and eventually worldwide. Headed by Yosuke Makino, four other engineers (Ed from India, Grace from France, Leonhardt from Germany, and Naomi Argento from United States) also worked in the facility. Also available is the "All-Age Recognition" system, which uses facial recognition and AI reconstruction of facial structure to identify individuals whose age may have differed from the source material.

Bourbon and Vermouth infiltrated Pacific Buoy and arranged for the kidnapping of Naomi Argento, holding her captive in a submarine. Vodka and Kir then discovered from Naomi's flash drive necklace that the All-Age Recognition system is able to identify Haibara as Shiho Miyano.

Location: Pacific Buoy, Hachijo-jima, Japan
Victim: Naomi Argento
Culprits: Vermouth and Bourbon

The same night, Chianti, Vodka, and Pinga kidnapped Haibara from Sonoko's resort. Conan and Agasa tried to chase after them, but discovered that Vodka and Pinga plunged the vehicle with Haibara into the sea to board the submarine underwater. The incident was reported to Kuroda, and Conan asked to have the Buoy's surveillance capability to check the security camera on the route of the chase and the presence of the submarine, but they discovered that no submarine or vehicles were caught on the camera, seemingly indicates that the system has been tampered.

Location: Hachijo-jima, Japan
Victim: Ai Haibara
Culprits: Vodka and Pinga

Leonhardt tried to confront the culprit, but was drugged and later shown to have suffered poisoning to death in the Buoy's Cafe. The confession letter apparently written by Leonhardt also mentioned that he is responsible for the backdoor in the Buoy's system.

Location: Pacific Buoy, Hachijo-jima, Japan
Victim: Leonhardt
Cause of death: Poisoning
Suspects: Grace, Ed, and Yosuke Makino

Meanwhile, Vodka tried to force Naomi to rewrite the All-Age Recognition program, and when she refused to do so, he arranged for her father, a member of European Parliament that proposes the surveillance system, to be killed.

Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Victim: Mario Argento
Cause of death: Shooting
Culprit: Korn

Later on, Vermouth informed Gin that after running the All-Age Recognition system once again, she discovered that the system is able to pick up the image of the person with similar faces, but not necessarily the same person, indicating that the system is flawed. Frustrated by this development and following order from Rum, Gin decided to use the submarine to destroy the Buoy. However, when he tried to confront Haibara and Naomi, he discovered that the two have escaped from the submarine under the clues provided by Kir.


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    The soundtrack is directed by Yugo Kanno, who took the role from Katsuo Ono in the previous movie.

    The ending theme is titled Utsukushī Hire, song by Spitz.


    • Many scenes are reprised from The Fourteenth Target and Reunion with the Black Organization.
    • The movie made 850 million yen on its opening day and 3.1 billion yen in the first three days, breaking the previous record by The Scarlet Bullet. The movie also become the first Detective Conan movie to earn more than 10 billion yen, making the movie the highest grossing film of the franchise.
    • The movie also grossed 106.5 million dollar worldwide.[1]

    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan (Catalan dub) Detectiu Conan: Black iron submarine Detective Conan: Black iron submarine
    Flag of Republic of China Chinese (Traditional) 黑鐵的魚影 Black Iron Submarine[4]
    Flag of France French Le Sous-marin noir The Black Submarine
    Flag of Germany German Das schwarze U-Boot[5] The Black Submarine
    Flag of India India Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine
    Flag of Spain Spanish Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine El Submarino de Hierro Negro (Black Iron Submarine)
    Flag of Thailand Thai มฤตยูใต้น้ำทมิฬ Deadly Fierce Submarine
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Tàu ngầm sắt màu đen Black Iron Submarine



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