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Japanese name: Taii (大尉 Taii?)
Age: Under 1 (baby)
Gender: Male
Relatives: Teishi Masuko (owner)
Azusa Enomoto (friend)
Occupation: Pet
Aliases: Soseki (real name)
First appearance: Manga: 841
Anime: Episode 722
Appearances: Chapters: 7
Chapters: 3
Episodes: 4
Closings: 1
Cases solved: 0
Japanese voice: Aya Fujita

Taii (大尉 Taii?), also known as Soseki (漱石 Sōseki?), is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Taii, aged under 1, is a kitten stray cat that lives in the streets of Beika City. He usually settles up in Beika 5-chome near Mouri Detective Agency and likes to lure around Cafe Poirot. He used to have an owner though but because Teishi Masuko, his master, was moving, Taii alias Soseki went walking a bit everywhere in their apartment and got lost. Too lazy to write panels for people to search for him, he decided to move alone and to forget it but since Taii saw him get in the Cheetah Delivery Company truck, he tried to chase it but lost track of it. He tries to spot his master every time he sees a similar truck and being a baby, he isn't pretty well-trained to follow tracks and his master. He eventually found his master when Azusa and the Cafe Master decided to write a notice in the journal about them having found a stray cat but it wasn't that easy to find his master because they had to deal with three eventual owners instead of one. Using his intelligence Conan helped Taii to distinguish the good owner and Taii happily returned with him. His return wasn't long with Teishi since he was struck by an unknown culprit who resented him and finished in the hospital. He therefore returned to Poirot with Azusa, the Cafe owner and Amuro. Being a calico male cat, he is pretty rare because of certain influencial facts making it possible to find male calico cats in only 1 in a thousand of them. A specimen like him can be sold at thousands of dollars to tens of thousands. Its revealed in File 868 hat Rinpei Urushiya used to own Taii when he picked up Taii when Taii was a stray while it was a kitten for about half a year which he gave to Teishi Masuko when his wife was suffering from an animal loss. Afterwards after the case involving Teishi getting bludgeoned though he survived Taii went around for a bit and ended up with Azusa.


Taii is a pretty curious cat since he likes to go to wherever he wants and likes to go to places where he spotted interesting things. He is also a wise cat since he can memorize places by heart and remember the looks of objects like cars or street lamps although he didn't remember well the correct truck of his owner. He is and affectuous cat who likes others' presence and doesn't get aggressive or weird. In most cases, people will fall in love with Taii's cutenesss at first sight.


Taii is a male Calico kitten who's young and unwounded. He is healthy and energic. He seems to have been well treated by his owner Teishi who regularly brushed his pays and washed him or his late wife did; as it is shown that when he moved alone, he wasn't really organized with Taii. He is short, with orange and black fur separated in equal proportions making it a rarer specimen of Calico cat. He also has small whiskers and eyes.


Plot overview

Delivery Service (Manga: 841-843, Anime: 722-723)

The Detective Boys are playing in a soccer field in Beika when a cat comes and pushes the ball. They gather around him and Conan presents him as Taii, a stray cat that likes to lure around the detective agency. As Taii rip Haibara's shirt and runs into a delivery truck with him, they decide to follow him to retrieve him and stop Haibara's sweatshirt from falling apart. The door quickly closes and they are stuck inside. Before starting the ask the deliverymen to open the door, they find a dead man and try to find another way to get out. They finally succeed and later go to Cafe Poirot to see Azusa and Taii.

Taii's Owner (Manga: 865-868, Anime: 751-752)

After a journalist came to Cafe Poirot to publish an article about Taii, numerous people had came over to claim they where its owner. With Conan's deduction, they arrive to tell Teishi Masuko is the owner. Happily, he returns home with his cat but it didn't last long. The next day, as the Detective Boys go to visit Teishi and Taii, a neighbor and the building manager are waiting in front of his door. They said they heard a loud sound. Panicked the DBs open the door and find Taii which's paws were bloody. In fact, his owner had been bludgeoned but hopefully didn't die. Finally, the case is solved and to thank those Samaritans, he gave Taii back to Cafe Poirot.

Relationships analysis

Family and friends

Teishi Masuko

Teishi Masuko is Taii's owner and a pretty forgetful man. Although he likes him, he doesn't really want to assume all the risks of having a pet and decides he need to have it back to give it to a friend.

Azusa Enomoto

He appreciates Azusa and quickly became attached to her coming regularly in the mornings to beg her for food. She likes him also and thinks he's cute.

Cafe Poirot Master

Upon seeing Taii's regular coming-ups at the cafe, he decided to give him a nickname and gave him the nickname Taii since he liked Mystery Novels and Taii means captain like Captain Arthur Hastings, Detective Poirot's comrade.

Detective Boys

Ai Haibara

Ai Haibara didn't really know Taii until she met him while she was playing with the DBs in the soccer field[1] and she couldn't resist to see him. She is careful with him ansd appreciates him like she does with many animals.

Name origin

His name comes from the Japanese word Taii (lit. Captain) which the owner of Cafe Poirot gave him. It was in honor of Capt. Arthur Hastings the loyal companion of Detective Hercules Poirot, a famous detective created by Agatha Christie whom the cafe was named after. His real name's origin is unknown, but probably comes from famous novelist Natsume Sōseki, known to have been featured on the 1000 yen note.

In other languages


Language Name Notes Translation
Flag of Japan Japanese 大尉 Taii - Captain
Flag of Catalonia Catalan Hastings / Taii "Hastings" in the Delivery Service Case, "Taii" in the Taii's Owner Case  


Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese 漱石 Soseki
Flag of Catalonia Catalan Soseki


  • Male calico cats are extremely rare in the world because of a DNA anomaly making that only one in 1000 calico cats are male Prices for those cats are extremely high ranging from 10 million Yen (around 100 000$ USD) to 20 million Yen.

Different looks

Episode 722
Episode 751
Closing 66


  1. ^ Episode 722

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