Yui Uehara

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Yui Uehara

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Japanese name: 上原 由衣
(Uehara Yui)
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Relatives: Yoshiro Torada (husband, deceased)
Naonobu Torada (father-in-law)
Shigetsugu Torada (brother-in-law, deceased)
Mrs. Torada (mother-in-law, deceased)
Tatsue Torada (mother-in-law)
Occupation: Police detective
Status: Alive
Aliases: Yui Torada (married name)
First appearance: Manga: File 613
Anime: Episode 516
Appearances: Chapters: 32
Episodes: 21
Movies: 2
OVAs: 0
Specials: 0
Openings: 3
Closings: 1
Keyhole number: Volume 66
Japanese voice: Ami Koshimizu
English voice: Ghia Burns (Macias Group)
Alisha Todd (Macias Group, episode 984)

Yui Uehara (上原 由衣 Uehara Yui?), formerly known as Yui Torada (虎田 由衣 Torada Yui?), is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Yui Uehara grew up together in a village somewhere in Nagano prefecture. She was close to Kansuke Yamato and to the popular village policeman Kuroto Kai. Inspired by him, Yui joined the police force in her early twenties. Soon after that, Officer Kai died under mysterious circumstances, prompting Yui (and Yamato, who was also close to Officer Kai and became a policeman following his example) to investigate the case. They were not able to make much progress during the next five years (presumably), until Yamato heard that a thief that Kai had arrested two years before his death broke out of jail. Yamato, believing that the thief had something to do with his death, went after him personally, but he suffered a deadly accident while on the chase, and subsequently went missing. As Yui believed that Yamato was dead, she thought that she must do more to get to the bottom of Officer Kai's death. As a result, she resigned from the police force and married Yoshiro Torada (changing her surname as a result), a man whose family might have had something to do with Officer Kai’s death. Yui did not really love her husband, although his feelings for her were genuine.

Yui spent the next year at the Torada household, but she was not able to gather sufficient information to find the truth, and the story behind Officer Kai's was revealed only when another string of mysterious murders occurred (with her husband winding up as the first victim) and that case was solved. Yui contributed to solving it, and Yamato (who had survived the accident), Conan and Heiji also were able to figure everything out.

Soon after the resolution of the string of murders, and with the urging from Yamato, Yui rejoined the police force, and changed her surname back to “Uehara” (she did feel badly for her husband, however). She is now an assistant police inspector working under Yamato at Nagano’s prefectural police headquarters.


Yui is a friendly and considerate person, which offsets Yamato's harsh appearance and behavior, complementing the two so different personalities. It is frequently hinted by her behavior that she is in love with him, but his professionalism has as yet prevented any serious personal engagement, although Yamato himself seems not reluctant to it.

Yui, just like Yamato, is very aware of Conan's intelligence, telling Conan about how Yamato believes that he is more intelligent than Kogoro Mouri, sneakily trying to get Conan involved in investigating the crime.[1]


Plot overview

Furinkazan Case (Manga: 613-618, Anime: 516-517)

  • Yui makes her first appearance in this case. Her husband has just died a few days ago, and her surname is still “Torada”.
  • When Yamato calls her “Uehara” and orders her to tell him the time (as he needs to know when exactly they discovered the body), Yui does so without thinking twice, and it is only after she answered that both suddenly realize that she is no longer his subordinate. Yamato apologizes, as Yui says that it is ok.
  • Yui, knowing that Kazuha likes Hattori, advises her to not follow her path: Yui waited for too long, and before she was able to confess her feelings he was already gone, resulting in irreversible and immeasurable losses to her.
    • Here, Yui is probably regretting over the fact that as she hesitated and did not confess to Yamato in time, he went missing, which (indirectly) drove her to marry Yoshiro Torada, which eventually resulted her current status as a widow.
  • Yamato announces that Yui (and six other people, including some from the Torada family) are suspects, and orders them to go home and pray before he makes an arrest. Yui, hearing Yamato’s cold words, says “Kan-chan, you no longer call my name as you did before” with some sorrow on her face.
  • Yamato replies that due to the case, instead of treating her as a childhood friend or as a former subordinate, he needs to see her as a suspect and as the widow of a victim.
  • Yui is later shown to be looking at a photo taken with Yamato and Officer Kai when they were both still kids. Yui recalls asking Officer Kai to marry her, and remembers that he replies, amused: “Spare me of this, please! Kansuke would loathe me!”
  • Yui is able to solve the case and predict that the culprit’s next target is Akira Tatsuo. She thus goes to his household to protect him, but is not anticipating the culprit to bring subordinates. Yamato, Conan and Heiji, who are anticipating this, are able to save her and Akira Tatsuo and defeat the culprit and her men.
  • After the case concludes, Yui tells Yamato why she married Yoshiro Torada, adding that she feels sorry for him. Yamato tells that she should rejoin the police force once she feels ready, and jokes that their superintendent misses the coffee that she makes (despite it being terrible).

Dangerous Couple Case (Manga: 680-681, Anime: 557)

  • Yui and Yamato, on their way to Tokyo, encounters Agasa and Ai (they do not know that they know Conan) stranded in the forest of Yamanashi. They offer them a ride to Tokyo, which Agasa and Ai accept gracefully.
  • After getting on the car, Ai senses that something is not right: Yui and Yamato talk suspiciously, there are bloodstains and bullet holes everywhere in the car, and their faces are hidden behind sunglasses. Ai's conclusion is that they might be from the Black Organization; Conan clears up the misunderstanding eventually.
  • Yui reveals that she has rejoined Nagano’s police force already and that just a few months into the job, both she and her car are already bruised.
  • It is revealed at the end of the case that they are coming to Tokyo to ask Kogoro for help on a difficult case. In order to convince him to go to Nagano to assist them, they have brought him some local snacks.

Red Wall Case (Manga: 682-686, Anime: 558-561)

  • Yui tells Conan secretly that it seems that Yamato went to Tokyo to seek Kogoro's help just for Conan to come along as well. She believes that Yamato has gone to such length to seek help because Morofushi is investigating the case as well, and since they have been rivals since childhood, he does not want to lose to Morofushi under any circumstances.
  • Later, Yui seems to realize that the real purpose for Yamato to head to Tokyo is that he wants Conan to assist Morofushi, so that Morofushi can figure out the case more easily (and be promoted and come back to the Nagano Prefectural Police Headquarters).
  • Yui expands on the accident that made Yamato lose his left eye: after he went missing for a few days, most people in the police headquarters thought that he was dead. But Morofushi did not give up, and decided to pursue the escaped thief that Yamato had been chasing, although this was going against his superiors' orders.
  • In the end, after crossing prefectural borders, Morofushi managed to track down and arrest the thief, who revealed that Yamato had gone missing in an avalanche. But it turns out that Yamato was not dead, as Morofushi was later able to find him in a hospital.
  • Yui is ordered by Yamato to follow Morofushi closely as he investigates the case. This ends up saving Morofushi's life when he is struck unconscious by the culprit and the mansion that he is in is set on fire.
  • Near the end of the case, in order to fool the culprit and facilitate arresting him, Yui and Yamato are disguised as a couple.

Eye for an Eye (Manga: 783-784, Anime: 653-654)

  • Kazuha, following Heiji's request, calls Yui to ask her about the case that Yamato, Morofushi and she are investigating, as that case has a lot to do with the one that Heiji and Conan has on hand.
  • Yui agrees to share information about their case, saying that since they are detectives that have done favours to the police, she will break the rules for them. Later, Heiji is able to get crucial information from Yamato.

The Red Woman (Manga: 873-875, Anime: 754-756)

  • As both Yamato and Morofushi are occupied, she comes to the investigate the murder case without them. She is not able to make much progress on the case, and the truth is finally revealed by Sera, Conan, Yamato and Morofushi.

Kawanakajima Murder Case (Manga: 913-917, Anime: 810-812)

  • Since Yui cannot figure out the truth behind the case, she is misled to believe that Yamato is in grave danger and that his feud with Morofushi is real.
  • After the case is solved, Yui is relieved, but thinks that Yamato could have told her about their plans to mislead the culprit beforehand to not make her worry.
  • Yamato thinks that she is talking way to much and shouts at her to make her shut up, which prompts her to say bitterly that she will not be so concerned with him anymore, as he does not want attention from a widow anyways.
  • In a rare act, Yamato smiles and replies warmly that the huge scar on his face puts him in a similar situation. Yui blushes after hearing this.

Nagano Snowy Mountains Case (Manga: 1027-1031, Anime: 1003-1005)

  • Yui appears at the end with Yamato and Morofushi to investigate the crime scene.

Nagano-Gunma Prefectural Border Murder Case (Manga: 1082-1084, Anime: 1123-1124)

  • At the end of the case, the protagonists are at the hut that Yamamura and Hiromitsu built together when they were kids. Yamamura discovers that Hiromitsu left him a message, and Yui is curious about it and wants to know what it says. Knowing that Morofushi and Yamamura are trying having a discussion about the message and want some privacy, Yamato changes topic to distract Yui.

Non-canon plot overview

The Raven Chaser (Movie: 13)

Movie 28

Relationships analysis

Yoshiro Torada

Yoshiro had been Yui's husband before he died in a tornado. She married him in order to investigate his family's connections to the death of Kuroto Kai, a police officer that she admired. He loved her, and while this was not reciprocated, Yui does seem to feel bad about her motives for marrying him and his death.

Kansuke Yamato

Kansuke Yamato cares very deeply for his subordinate and childhood friend Yui, although, superficially, this does not seem to be the case at all, due to Yamato's short-tempered and serious personality. Yui cares for him in return and seems to have feeling for him, always affectionately referring to him as "Kan-chan" (he always scolds her for doing so while on duty). In the LOVE PLUS Super Digest Book, it reveals that Yui likes inspector Yamato for his passion and kindness.

Name origin

The two kanjis for the name "Yui" (由衣) is derived from Princess Yu (由布姫 Yū-hime?) and Princess Koi (湖衣姫 Koi-hime?), the two names used in novels for the daughter of Suwa Yorishige, head of the Suwa clan. Her last name, Uehara, comes from Uehara castle, the main stronghold of the Suwa clan.

Different looks

Episode 516


  • Her car is a 2008 Blue Honda Inspire [CP3], with the license plate number 新野 300, ま • 2-15 (Niino 300, Ma • 2-15).

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