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Detective Tomokawa Profile.jpg

Japanese name: 友川
Age: unknown
Gender: Female
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: unknown
Occupation: Policewoman
First appearance: Anime: Episode 111
Appearances: Episodes: 8

Movies: 0

Japanese voice: Mikiko Enomoto (episode 111)
Mari Tomokawa (episode 150)
Fumiyo Miyashita (episode 250)

Tomokawa (友川 Tomokawa?) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Tomokawa is a policewoman officer in uniform from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Division One Investigations. According to Sato, she is typically the sketch artist for the department, very good at this, but in the manga it isn't specified if male or female.

Her interview with a bombing witness allows Conan to identify the bomber, and her ultra realistic sketch by itself is able to prove murderous intent by getting correct details other sketch artists may have missed. This alone allowed Conan to fully establish an otherwise impossible to prove intent.



Tomokawa is almost always seen in a police officer uniform, except when she was undercover in the stadium threathening case, where she was in civilian clothes. She is not tall and has black-brownish hair. She is often seen with her sketchbooks and pencils, and sometimes wears glasses.


Plot overview[edit]

The Indiscriminate Stadium Threatening Case (Manga: 190, Anime: 131)[edit]

The Celebrities' Secret (Manga: 323, Anime: 249-250)[edit]

The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love (Manga: 805, Anime: 681)[edit]

Sato and Tomokawa interrogating the Detective Boys.

Tomokawa accompanied with Sato both ask the Detective Boys' if they recognize the sketch she had done of the man which proves again the realistickness of her sketches. Then, Chiba enters the room and leave with Sato leaving Tomokawa with the Detective Boys.

Non-canon plot overview[edit]

The Mysterious Shooting Message Case (Anime: 14)[edit]

Cooking Classroom Murder Case (Anime: 111)[edit]

The Truth Behind the Car Explosion Case (Anime: 150-151)[edit]

The Big Investigation of the Nine Doors (Anime: 182)[edit]

The Rainy Night Menace (Anime: 666)[edit]

Different looks[edit]

Episode 111
Episode 131
Episode 150
Episode 666


  • She and her voice actress in episode 150 share the same family name "Tomokawa".

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